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  “Marketing & research on IT products”

Research Objectives
The objective of this project is to know the level of brand loyalty in the each product category.
And the market share of different brand The study evaluate the number of brand loyal and
potential switchers in the different product category and try to find out whether the present
users of HCL product are satisfied from HCL services.

Research Design
The objective of the problem is the main focus of research design and to ensure that data
collected is relevant to the objectives. The right source of data collection, sampling and data
trimming is pivotal to the research. The design is descriptive and as well as exploratory in

Sampling involves procedures that use a small number of parts of the population to make
conclusion regarding the whole population.

     Sampling Method               Non Probability Sampling(Judgmental sampling)
     Sample Size                   120
     Sample Unit                   Industries, Government offices, Institutes
     Geographical Location         Dehradun .
Sources of Data
The data is collected by primary source through the structured non-disguised questionnaire that
focuses on:
                 Knowing respondent’s level of brand loyalty
                 Decision making attributes
                 Respondents profile
The questionnaire used for the study is enclosed in annexure.

The data was collected by survey method in Dehradun

The study was conducted as follows:

1) Understanding the theoretical aspects of market research.

2) Understanding the functioning of the organization as a whole            application of the

   Market Research as a function in particular.

3) Understanding the computer market the          products, competitors, customers, customer-

   behavior and customer satisfaction.

4) Collecting the data from the market using direct contact by questionnaire survey


5) Analyzing the data collected and arriving at conclusion.

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 Objectives & Scope of the study
            1.1    Objectives of the study                ………………… 04
            1.2    Scope of the study                     ………………… 05

Chapter 2 About Company
            2.1   A snapshot of the HCL Infosystems Ltd   ………………... 07
            2.2   Company profile                         ……………….. 09
            2.3   Company history                         ……………….. 11
            2.4   Vision and Mission of HCL               ……………….. 18
            2.5   Company products                        ……………….. 22
            2.6   Company Quality policy                  ……………….. 29
            2.7   Company alliances & partnerships        ……………….. 37

Chapter 3 Research Methodology
            3.1    About Research                         ………………..   40
            3.2    Research Design                        ………………..   42
            3.3    Method of Sampling                     ……………….    45
            3.4    Sample Size                            ………………..   46
            3.5    Data Collection                        ………………..   47

Chapter 4   Analysis of data collection
            4.1    Market analysis                            ……………… 50
            4.2    Different Brand share analysis             ……………… 52
            4.3    Customers views on different brand analysis ……………… 58
            4.4    Customer buying behavior analysis           ……………… 61
            4.5    HCL products analysis                       ……………… 65

Chapter 5   Findings & Limitations of the study
            5.1    Findings of the study                   ……………… 70
            5.2    Limitations of the study                ……………… 71

Chapter 6 Conclusion & Recommendation
            6.1   Conclusion of the study                  ……………… 73
            6.2   Recommendation                           ……………… 75

 Bibliography                                             ...…………. 76
 Annexure 1                                               …………… 82
 Annexure 2                                               …………… 84

S. No   TABLE NAME                                PAGE NO

01      Sampling Table                            45

02      Table of present market share             53
03      Table of new procurement                  56
04      Customer views on performance             59
05      Table of the Brand that were part of my   64


S. No    FIGURE NAME                                    PAGE NO

01      Market Share Figure                             53

02      New procurement Figure                          56

03      Customer views on performance of present        59
04      The figure of different factors for customers   62

05      After sales service on different Brand          64

06      Customer views on HCL                           65


Objective of the study are-

1) To get an idea about market condition as well as competition among different brand

      of Computer.

2)    To find out the market share of different Computer brand.

3)    To ascertain customers views on their buying behavior and the image of different

     brand in the market through customers.

4) To know about the customers satisfaction level from their present computer.

5)    To find out the factor which affect the customers buying decision.

6)    To ascertain the importance of different factors in customers buying decision.

7)    To find out which one brand is best in it’s after sale service.

8)    To find out the customers future buying behavior.

9)    To find out the customers perception towards HCL.

10) To get an idea what should HCL do to improve customer satisfaction Level and its market


Scope of study

This also includes the study of various brands available in the market of computer. It is a

continuous process rather than a time bound process, from time to time the company should

have to go for extensive study at the market as well study in their direction.

It helps in analyzing the factors affects any company’s sales and what should a company do to

improve customer satisfaction level and also the various field where HCL need to give more

emphasis to improve its sale and gaining more market share.

A Snapshot of HCL Infosystem Ltd

India’s leading IT Company.

HCL Infosystems Ltd was established in the year 1976. It is one of the pioneers the Indian

IT market. Since its establishment its main objectives are to provide PCs tothe

customers at lowest prices, to satisfy their customer by providing them proper after

sales services, to become the top IT Company in the Indian IT market.

HCL Infosystems Ltd is the India’s largest information technology (IT) transnational

conglomerate. With its in-depth expertise in developing solutions spanning diverse in

Technologies. HCL Infosystems Ltd aims to propel its course on to the high growth path

Total Technology Integration (TTI)Towards capturing two ends of the market

Spectrum enterprise solutions and PC.HCL Infosystems Ltd has made the significant

strategic infrastructure investments in the Professional Service Organization (PSO) the

Support Services Organization (SSO) and its manufacturing plant at Pondicherry and


Thus it is the manufacturer unit of general purpose computers and provides services in

the areas of IT Consultancy, System Integration, Software Development &Training. It

makes true technology integration possible across multiple platforms, this was possible

Because of the in-depth expertise in developing state-of-the-art     indigenous hardware

solution thorough understanding of networking technology:

Design capabilities in product engineering: knowledge of writing drivers and Operating

systems; integrating diverse hardware components and finally their access to specialized

technology for turnkey project through partnerships through world class players.

As a part of its plan to market more and more technology integration services world-wide,

HCL Infosystems has already taken a step in the direction of exports by globalizing its services

comprising software hardware design and development value added support services,

networking and repair services and overseas integration projects to meet the demands of the

global clients.

Company’s continuous and consistent anticipation of the requirements of the IT Industry has

led it to undertake the acquisition of the business of HCL Infosystem solutions Limited (now

known as Frontline Division),      HCL     Peripherals Limited (now known as Peripherals

Division) and the acquisition of Customer Support Organization (CSO) activities of HCL

Office Automation Limited (now known as Office Automation Division).


HCL Infosystems is India’s premier information enabling company. Levering its 3 decades of

expertise in total technology solutions, HCL Info system offers valueadded services in key

areas such    as system integration, Networking consultancy and a wide range of support


HCL Infosystems Ltd is the leading player in all the segments comprising the IT products,

solution and related services, which include, Servers, PCs, Imaging, Voice and video

solutions,   Networking,     Products,    Communication solutions, System Integration, ICT

education & training, Digital lifestyle Solutions.

HCL has a direct sales,      channel sales and retail sales network pan India.Contenioously

meeting the ever increasing      customer expectations   applications, its focus on integrated

enterprise solutions has strengthened the HCL Infosystem capability in supporting installation

types ranging from single to large, multilocation, multi-vendor & multi-platform spread across


HCL Infosystems Ltd today has a direct support force of over 3000+ members Operational

360+ locations across the country and is the largest such human resource of its kind in the

IT business in India. HCL Infosystems has pan India presence across metros and nonmetros.

HCL Infosystems manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified and adhere

to stringent quality standard and global processes. With the largest installed PC’s base in

the country, four indigenously developed and manufactured PC brands - 'Infiniti', 'Busybee'

'Beanstalk'and ‘Ezeebee’

The Infiniti line of business computing products is incorporated with leading edge Products

from world leaders such as Intel. Constant             innovation     to meet the customized

requirement of its customers has enabled. HCL Infosystem Ltd            create the trusted   ICT

infrastructure platforms, powerful value adds like HCL embedded Control & Continuity (HCL

,EC2) technology and the future generation of digital lifestyle enablers.

The Imaging, Voice and video solutions segment has strategic alliances with the Industry

leaders to provide services in various domains which include Audio Video system integration

solutions, broadcasting solutions, imaging products and solution.HCL Infosystems Ltd has

strategic alliances with world leaders for voice and video conferencing solutions, TV and

FM Broadcasting solutions and for Imaging products and solutions to provide documentation

products like copiers, MFDs, printers, laser printers and large format printers.

The channel Business of HCL Infosystems Ltd has an extensive network of over 3000+

resellers across 900 locations. It has actively promoted the penetration of PC’s in the home

and the small office/home office segments.HCL ‘Infiniti’ Ltd, 100% owned subsidiary of

HCL Infosystems Ltd. is a class A ISP focusing on providing the corporate networking

services. Like Virtual Private Network, Broadband Internet Access, Internet Telephony

Hosting and Colocation services, designing and deploying Disaster Recovery Solutions and

Business Continuity solution, Application Services, and Managed Security Services .


In the early 70’s, a group of young, enthusiastic and ambitious technocrats Embarked

upon a venture that would make their vision of IT revolution in India a reality.

Shiv Nadar and five of his colleagues got together and in 1975 set up a new company

called Micro computer. To start with, they decided    to capitalize on their   marketing

skills. The returns     from the venture   were to go towards   setting up a computer

company. Microcomputer marketed calculators and with in a few months of starting a

operation, the company was out selling its major competitors. In 1976, Micro computer

approached Uttar Pradesh State Electronic Corporation (UPSEC) for help to set up a

computer company. Impressed by their technical & marketing competence, UPSEC agreed

to setup a joint venture.

On 11th August 1976 Hindustan Computers Limited was incorporated as the joint venture

between HCL and UPSEC.

The highlights of the HCL are summarized below:

       - Foundation of the Company laid.
       - Introduces micro computer-based programmable calculators with wide
       acceptance in the scientific / education community.
       - Launch of the first micro computer based commercial computer with a
       ROM -based Basic interpreter.
       - Unavailability of programming skills with customers results in HCL
       developing bespoke applications for their customers.

1978   - Initiation of application development in diverse segments such as textiles
       sugar, paper, cement , transport .
1980   - Formation of Far East Computers Ltd., a pioneer in the Singapore IT
       market, for SI (System Integration) solutions.

1981   - Software Export Division formed at Chennai to support the bespoke
       application development needs of Singapore
       - HCL launches an aggressive advertisement campaign with the theme to
       make the usage of computers popular in the SME segment
       - HCL develops special program generators to speed up the development of

       - HCL sets up core team to develop the required software - Advanced
       Ledger Posting Machines (ALPM). ALPM becomes the largest selling
1985   software product in Indian banks.

       -HCL designs and launches Unix- based computers and IBM PC clones.

       - HCL promotes 3rd party PC applications nationally.

       -Purchase specifications demand the availability of RDBMS products
       on the supplied solution (Unify, Oracle).HCL arrange for such products
1986   to be ported to its platform.

       - HCL assists customers to migrate from flat-file based systems to RDBMS.

       - HCL enters into a joint venture with Hewlett Packard .

       - HP assists HCL to introduce new services: Systems Integration, IT consulting,
1991   packaged support services (basicline, teamline)

       - HCL establishes a Response Centre for HP products, which is connected to the
       HP Response Centre in Singapore.

       - HCL acquires and executes the first offshore project from IBM Thailand
       - HCL sets up core group to define software development methodologies.
       - Sets up the STP ( Software Technology Park ) at Chennai to execute software
1996   projects for international customers

       - Becomes national integration partner for SAP.
       - Kolkata and Noida STPs set up
       - HCL buys back HP stake in HCL Hewlett Packard
1998   - Chennai and Coimbatore development facilities get ISO 9001 certification

       - Acquires and sets up fully owned subsidiaries in USA and UK.

1999   - Sets up fully owned subsidiary in Australia.

       - HCL ties up with Broad vision as an integration partner.
       - Chennai and Coimbatore development facilities get SEI Level 4 certification

       - Becomes the 1st IT Company to be recommended for latest version of ISO
2000   9001 : 2000

       - Rated as No.1 IT Group in India.
       -Launched Pentium IV PCs at below Rs 40,000

2001   - Launched RP2 systems to overcome power problem for PC users

       -IDC rated HCL Info systems as No. 1 Desktop PC Company of 2001.
       Declared as Top PC Vendor by Dataquest

       -HCL Infosystems and Sun Microsystems enter into a Enterprise Distribution
2002   Agreement

       -Realigns businesses increasing focus on domestic IT Communication & Imaging
       products, solutions & related services
       - Became the first vendor to register sales of 50,000 PCs in a quarter

       - First Indian company to be numero uno in the commercial PC’s market

       - Enters into partnership with AMD

       - Enters into partnership with Port Wise to support & distribute security &
       VPN solutions in India
       - Launched Home PC for Rs 19,999

       - HCL Infosystems Ltd Info Structure Services Division received ISO 9001
       :2000 certification

       - Launched Infiniti PCs, Workstations & Servers on AMD platform
       - 1st to announce PC price cut in India, post duty reduction, offers Ezeebee
         at Rs. 17990

       - IDC India-DQ Customer Satisfaction Audit rates HCL as No.1 Brand in
       Desktop PCs

       - Maintains No.1 position in the Desktop PC segment for year 2003

       - Partners with Microsoft & Intel to launch Beanstalk Neo PC
       - Becomes the 1st company to cross 1 lac unit milestone in the India Desktop
       PC market

       - Registers a market share of 13.7% to become No.1 Desktop PC company
       for year 2004

       - Crosses the landmark of $ 1 billion in revenue in just nine months
       - Launch of HCL PC for India, a fully functional PC priced at Rs.9,990/-

       - Rated as the No.1 Desktop PC company by IDC India -Dataquest

       - IT Hardware Category by The Economic Times -Avaya Global Connect.

2005   - Top 50 fastest growing Technology Companies in India' & 'Top 500
       fastest Growing Technology Companies in Asia Pacific' by ' Deloitte &
       ‘Touche'. By 'Deloitte & Touche'

       - 7th IETE -Corporate Award 2005' for performance excellence in the field
       of Computers & Telecommunication Systems by IETE.
       - Best Bhoomi Brand 2005' by 360 magazine
          -in the PC category
          -in the LCD Monitor category.

       - Toshiba’ Super Award 2005 towards business excellence in distribution of
       Toshiba Multifunctional products,
       - 'Most valued Business Partner' Award for projectors by Infocus Corporation
       in 2005

       - 75,000+ machines produced in a single month

       - HCL Infosystems Ltd in partnership with Toshiba expands its retail presence
       in India by unveiling 'shop Toshiba'

       - HCL the leader in Desktop PCs unveils India's first segment specific   range
       of notebooks brand - 'HCL Laptops'

       - IDBI selects HCL as SI partner for 100 branches ICT infrastructure rollout

       - HCL Infosystems Ltd showcases Computer Solutions for the Rural Markets in

       - 'The Most Customer Responsive Company 2006'

       -HCL Support wins the 2006 GOLD Award for Best After Sales Service on a
2006   nationwide customer satisfaction survey conducted by IDC

       - HCL Infosystems Ltd First in India to Launch the New Generation of High
       Performance Server Platforms Powered by Intel Dual Core Xeon 5000

        - HCL Infosystems Ltd rated as number one Desktop PC Company by IDC,
       sixth year successively

       - HCL Infosystems launches India's first High Performance Enterprise Server
       Platforms powered by dual core Intel itanium processors

       - HCL creates Dual Core Xeon Server at a price point of RS. 43,900/-

       - HCL completes 30 years in India

       - Enters into partnership with Casio

       - HCL establishes its manufacturing facility at Uttaranchal
       -HCL Infosystems Ltd launch ‘datacenter in a box’ - a simplified IT
       infrastructure solution in a ‘box’ targeted at small and medium enterprises.

       - HCL launches India’s first multilingual POS printer HCL star - TSP 700,
       designed exclusively for the needs of rural retailers

       - HCL unveils enterprise class 16 core server -India’s first server with 16
       computing cores in a 7- inch (4u) form factor
       - Launches a new range of eco-efficient desktop PCs, complying with ROHS

       - HCL launches NETMAX; suite of networking products and solutions expands
       its portfolio for emerging enterprises

        - HCL announces launch of its workstation 2008 series for MCAD and DCC

       - HCL unveils the future of personal computing. Launches next generation, ultra
       portable, Sub Rs. 14,000/- laptops MiLeap Series for the first time in India
       - HCL strengthens its BFSI System Integration Portfolio Acquires a niche
       Banking Software Product Company -

Today HCL Infosystems is setting up over seas subsidiaries. Leveraging its expertise in

total technology solutions and services. It will offers value added services worldwide in the

key areas such as SAP implementation software applications, networking consultancy and

management a whole range of support services, among others. These international offices

will be in the countries including the US, UK, Singapore and Malaysia. With this,

HCL Infosystems will further strength its position and become a dominant player. In the

global services market. In fact, in the next phase, HCL will open its subsidiaries in countries

such as other European and Far East Asian countries as well as Australia and New

Zealand. HCL have already done an extensive work in these countries in terms of

identifying specific business opportunities.



                           "Together we create the enterprises of tomorrow"


   "To provide world-class information technology solutions and services to enable our
                         customers to serve their customers better”



“To fuel initiative and foster activity by allowing individuals freedom of action and

innovation in attaining defined objectives”


“To help people in HCL Infosystems Ltd. share in the company's successes which they

make possible; to provide job security based on their performance to recognize their individual

achievements; and help them gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from their work”


  ● We shall uphold the dignity of the individual

  ● We shall honor all commitments.

  ● We shall be committed to Quality, Innovation and Growth in every endeavor.

  ● We shall be responsible corporate citizens.


     Ability to understand customer business and offer right technology.

     Long standing relationship with customers.

     Pan India support & service infrastructure.

     Best-vale-for-money offerings.

.Using their own R&D HCL have:

     Created our own UNIX & RDBMS capability (in 80s).

     Developed firewalls for enterprise & personal system security.

     Launched our own range of enterprise storage products.

     Launched our own range of networking products.

Technology Leadership

HCL Infosystems is known to be the harbinger of the technology in the country. Right

from our inception we have attempted to pioneer the technology introductions in the

country either through our R&D or through partnerships with the world technology leaders

HCL strives to understand the technology from the view of supporting it. Post installation

as well. This is one of the key ingredients that go into our strategic advantage.

HCL Infosystems has to its claim several technology pioneering initiatives. Some of them are:

    Country's first Desktop PC - Busy Bee in 1985.

    Country's first branded home PC - Beanstalk in 1995.

    Country's first Pentium 4 based PC at sub 40k price point.

    Country's first Media Center PC.

6   S     Offerings for Business Empowerment (to the power n)


The one stop shop solution center for all your IT needs, customized to meet and scale

with your unique Business Needs.


A range of value added services in IT infrastructure operations and management.


Pan-India footprint of support and logistics locations. Over 260+ Direct service support

locations. Technically sound work force of over 1700 + certified professionals.

World Class Quality standards maintained for PPP (People, Processes and Performance).

Alliance with global technology leaders.

We help you find new ways to reduce costs & "do more with less" by maximizing the value of

your technology and personal resources, thereby reducing your total cost of ownership(TCO).


Complete Satisfaction for the customers through the HCL 6S offering that enables one to

maximize system uptime through rapid response and resolution services, thereby optimizing

your IT investments.


HCL Infosystems portfolio of products covers the entire spectrum of the (IT)Information

technology needs of its customers.

By virtue of the immense diversity of market and customers that it addresses HCL Infosystems

Ltd products offerings include everything from high end enterprise level servers for mission

critical applications to multimedia home Computers.

You may be a       large multi-location    company     exploring solutions to e-enable Your

organization or you may be a new born rising star looking for someone for IT Planning or

setting up your IT Infrastructure, HCL Infosystems has a solution tailor made for you. Today

HCL Infosystem Ltd is country's premier information enabling . It offers one-stop-shop

convenience to its diverse customers having an equally diverse set of requirements.

Be it a large multi-location enterprise, or a small/medium enterprise, or a small office or home

,HCL Infosystem has a product range, Sales and support capability to service the need of the


Last 30 years apart from knowledge and experience have also given us continuity in

relationship with the customers, thereby increasing the customer confidence in the company.


     Business PCs
     Home PCs
     Business Notebooks
     Home Notebooks


      Infiniti Challenger Workstations

   WINBee Thin Clients

         o   WINBee 3000VX
         o   WINBee 4000BV
         o   WINBee 5000VX


         o   HUTS-8000 V2

  Terminals

         o   Turboterm 2000
         o   Turboterm 2000E
         o   Turboterm 2020C


Overview of Servers

Intel Servers
   Back-end Datacenter Servers
   HCL Datacenter in a Box
   Rack Optimized Server Solutions
   Pedestal Server Solutions
   Entry Level Servers

Infiniti Xcel Line Servers

  Infiniti Xcel Line 1200 PR with NVIDIA geforce
6150 chipset
  Infiniti Xcel Line 2200 YA with NVIDIA MCP 55
Pro chipset
 Infiniti Xcel Line 2200AT with AMD 8131/8111
 Infiniti Xcel Line 2200SY with NVIDIA nForce
Professional 2200 chipset
     Infiniti Xcel Line 4200TL with AMD


        HCM 580M
        HCM 985RFM
        HCM 510LSA
        HCM 582


 HCL Passive Products

 HCL Active Products

 HCL Wireless Products

 HCL Gateway Products

 HCL DSL Products

 HCL Media Converters


    Info structure Services

    Networking Services

    Security Services

    Facilities Management Services

    Domestic Hardware Services


 HCL InfoWall
 HCL InfoSecuAccess
 HCL InfoVPNe
 HCL Info Surveillance
 HCL InfoSecuDesk -Biometric Logon
 HCL InfoSecuDesk - Smartcard Logon
 HCL InfoLoadBalancer
 HCL Info Attendance
     • HCL Info Attendance Biometric BNx Series
     • HCL Info Attendance - Smart Card SNx
   • HCL Info Attendance -Biometric BNx-SC
 HCL Info VMS
 HCL Smart Library Management System
 HCL Asset Management
 HCL Electronic Article Surveillance System
 HCL Stand Alone Door Access Solution -
(NDL 600)
 HCL Stand Alone Door Access Solution –
(NDL 100)
 HCL Smart Card Reader
 HCL Dual Interface Smart Card Readers



HCL Storage Solutions

     HCL FDA 1500
     HCL NAS 2700 SO
     HCL Infostor SCSI JBOD

Quantum Storage Solutions Library

     Px 502 Tape Library
     Scalar 24
     Scalar i500
     PX720
     LTO Gen III

      Superloader3

Standalone Drivers
      LTO Gen II
      LTO Gen III

Qlogic Storage Solutions(HBA Cards)
   QLA 2460
   QLE 2460
   QLA 2462


HCL Infosystems, India's premier technology integration company has the capability to deliver

end-to-end implementations for its clients across regions and segments.

To provide end-to-end solutions to the customers, HCL has partnered with many leading

companies to provide software licenses like:

      SAP
      Broad Vision
      Microsoft
      Novell
      Linux/SCO
      Computer Associates
      Citrix
      Verites
      Oracle

Besides, HCL Infosystem can support these products and develop solutions on these products.


           “We shall deliver defect-free products, services and solutions to meet

the Requirements of our external and internal customers, the first time, every time"

To exist as a market leader in a globally competitive marketplace, organizations need to adopt

and implement a continuous improvement-based quality policy. One of the key elements to

HCL's success is its never-ending pursuit of superior quality in all its endeavors.

HCL Infosystem Ltd believes in the Total Quality Management                   philosophy as the

means for continuous improvement, total employee participation in quality improvement and

customer satisfaction. Its concept of quality addresses people, processes and products.

Over the last thirty years, HCL have adapted to the newer and better Quality standards

that helped us effectively tie Quality with Business Goals, leading to customer and

employee satisfaction.


The history of structured quality implementation in HCL Infosystems began in the late

1980’s with the focus on improving quality of its products by using basis QC tools and

Failure Reporting and Corrective Active Systems. HCL has also employed concurrent

engineering practices including design reviews, and rigorous reliability tests to uncover latent


In the early 90’s, the focus was not merely on the quality of products but also the process

quality systems. Our manufacturing unit at NOIDA was certified Initially to ISO

9002:1994 by Bureau Veritas Certification in 1994 and later on to ISO 9001:1994 in

1997. As of now, all          our    manufacturing units        are certified   by Bureau Veritas

Certification as per ISO 9001:2000 and ISO- 14001:2004.

In the early 1995, a major quality initiative was launched across the company based

on   Philip   B. Crosby's     methodology         of    QIPM     (Quality   Improvement Process

Management). This         model     was    selected    to   because   it considered the Need   and

commitment     by    an     organization     to   improve but more important the individual's

need towards better quality in his personal life.Under our Quality Education System

program, we train our employees on the basic concepts and tools of quality. A number of

improvement projects have been under taken by our employees, where by the process

deficiencies and bottlenecks are identified, and Corrective Action Projects (CAP’s)

are undertaken. This reduces defect rates and improves cycle times in various processes,

including personal quality. HCL have     received MAIT’s Level II recognition for Business

Excellence ' for the initiatives in the IT Industry, adding another commendation to our

fold.MAIT 's Level IIrecognition is based on the 'European Foundation for the Quality

Management (EFQM), for gaining the quality leadership and business competitiveness. Our

certifications/awards in 2003 include ISO 9001-2000 by Bureau Verities Certification for

our Info Structure Services and award of First rice by ELCINA(Electronic Component

Industries Association) for Quality, in 2002-03. The ELCINA award criteria considers two


(1) Enablers (Leadership & Management commitment, Resource Management, Product

    Realization, Measurement Analysis & Improvement)

(2) Results (Product Quality, Customer / Stake holder satisfaction, Business results).

The trust for the continuous quality improvement is never ending in HCL Infosystems.

We always strive to maintain high quality standards, which help Us fulfill our mission to

provide world-class information technology solutions and services, to enable our customers to

serve their customers better.


HCL Infosystems draws it's strength from last thirty years of experience      in handling the

ever changing IT scenario, Strong customer relationships, ability to provide the cutting edge

technology at best-value-for-money and on top of it , an        excellent service & support


Staying competitive in today’s dynamic business environment means find new ways to

reduce costs      while maximizing the value of your technology and personal resources.

More than ever, your ability to” do more with less" determines how successful your

organization will be.

That’s way HCL Infosystems Ltd helps you achieve. By channeling our in-depth expertise

gained from over thirty years of IT Domain experience We provide a full bandwidth of

services specifically designed to meet your complete IT needs and as single window for

completing        business    solution    wherever      the     product      are     located.

We make IT possible to save money......WE TELL YOU WHERE
         as well as time ......WE SHOW YOU HOW

The HCL Seal of Assurance of Quality & Standard on all the products / services. Company

offer to their customers




                         At HCL, you can be assured of
                       Quality after-sales services & support


 HCL PC’s are manufactured specially to withstand unique Indian conditions

 HCL PC’s are drop tested from a height of 5 ft to ensure that they can Endure

  tough Indian terrain and rough transportation conditions.

 HCL PC’s are made to withstand temperature as high as 45 degree C and as low as

  5 degree C such that they perform relentlessly irrespective of location.

 HCL PC’s tested for voltage fluctuations to withstand varied Indian power conditions.

                   So they are ready to work the way you work.


   In HCL PC’s you get motherboards that are made by top international

    manufacturers only as per HCL’s stringent quality norms.

   With HCL PC’s you get brand new monitors fitted with best quality picture tubes and


   With HCL you get genuine OS that is backed by reliable support which Supports

    your applications and environments.

   All HCL PC’s come equipped with a SMPS that is specifically designed for Indian

    Power conditions.

   In HCL PC’s you get genuine & reliable processors, that are sourced directly from the


   In HCL PC’s you get brand new, best category hard disk drives that come directly

    from the leading international manufacturers.

   With HCL PC’s you get the memory modules sourced directly from the world leaders.


 Beware of assemblers that offer annual maintenance contract at lower rates.

 Most assemblers take your PC into maintenance contract & cannibalize by pulling out

   the branded parts and return your PC with spurious parts.

 Unauthorized AMC vendors usually replace the genuine components of your Machine

   with substandard / fake components like CPU, HDD, Monitor, Printer etc.

 HCL is a leader in customer service & support.

 HCL’s Direct Service Support infrastructure is one of the widest in the country with a

   presence in over 300 locations

 HCL has the largest skilled manpower in the country to service the customer’s hardware

   servicing needs; 2800+ direct service engineers on field.

 Established Automated Call Management Systems

         HCL has a defined escalation mechanism to be
               responsive to customer demands


To provide world-class solutions and services to all our customers, we have formed

Alliances and Partnerships with leading IT companies worldwide.HCL Info systems has

alliances   with global technology   leaders    like Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Bull, Toshiba,

Nokia, Sun CISCO, Microsystems, Ericsson, Duplo EMCNVEDIA, SAP, Scansoft, SCO,

Veritas, Citrix, Oracle, RedHat, Infocus Computer, Associates, , Samsung and Novell.

These alliances on one hand give us access to best technology & products as well

enhancing our understanding of the latest in technology. On the other hand they enhance

our product portfolio, and enable us to one shop for our customers.

Recent Updates:

   HCL is a certified partner of Oracle for Technology and Application products.

   HCL       is   also   one    of    five     ATS   Renewal     Partners   of     Oracle.

   HCL and Nokia decide on longer term strategy to further penetrate of Indian market.

   Gist of Q&A with callers investor/shareholders on the announcement relating to the
    long term Agreement with Nokia.

   Toshiba in partnership with HCL Infosystems Ltd expands its retail presence in India
    by unveiling 'shop Toshiba'.

   HCL forms a strategic alliance with Bull to launch a new range of Scalable Enterprise
    Class Servers on Open Architecture.

   AMD & IT Ministry unveil affordable computer to promote 50x15 vision in India.

Research Methodology

“The purpose of methodology is to describe the research procedure. This includes overall

research design, the sampling procedure, the data collection method, the field method and

analysis procedure.”

Stage 1:

Familiarization with area of survey and formulation of objectives.

Stage 2:

In this stage the method of survey area for survey in city instrument of the survey i.e. the

questionnaire was prepared and respondent and simple size of respondent was finalized.

Stage 3:

The questionnaire was modified and finalized under the guidance and consultation.

Data tabulation analysis and interpretation

In the final stage of study the work of coding, editing and tabulation of data collected was

done. After the data tabulation it was analyzed and interpreted in the light of the

objectives. And finally the conclusion and suggestions were given for the improvement of

the distribution activities of the company on the basis of analysis & interpretation of data


Research means search for knowledge. It is a pre-requisite for a dynamic organization.

Precisely, research is a more systematic activity directed towards the discovery and

development of organized body of knowledge. Some of the characteristics of the research

methodology are as follows:

  Research is directed towards a solution of problem. It may attempt to answer a

     question or to determine the relation between two or more variables.

  Research involves gathering new data from primary of first hand source or finding

     existing data for new purpose.


Research design is the conceptual structure within research would be conducted. In other

words, the function of research design is to provide for the collection of relevant evidence, with

minimal expenditure of effort, time and money. The formidable problem that follows the task

of defining the research problem is the preparation of the design of the research project,

popularly known as the research design.

According to Claire selling and other

“A research design is the arrangement of conditions for collection and analysis of data in a

manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purposes with economy in procedure”.

Research design constitutes the blue print for the collection, measurement and analysis of data,

more explicitly, the design decisions happen to be in respect of:

1.     What is the study about?

2.     Why is the study being made?

3.     Where will the study be carried out?

4.     What type of data is required?

5.     Where can the required data be found?

6.     What techniques of data collection will be used?

7.     How will the data be analyzed?


 Exploratory research

 Descriptive research

 Experimental research

 Exploratory Research

 Exploratory research studies are also termed as formulate research studies. The main purpose

 of such studies is that of formulating a problem for more precise investigation or of developing

 the working hypo dieses from an operational point of view. The major emphasis in such studies

 is the discovery of ideas and insights.

 Descriptive Research

 Descriptive research studies are those studies, which are concerned with describing the

 characteristic of particular individual, or of a group. When the purpose happens to an accurate

 description of a situation or of an association between variables, the suitable design will be one

 that minimize bias and maximize the reliability of the data collected and analyzed.

Experimental Research

Experimental research studies generally know as the hypothesis testing researcher those

where the researcher tests the hypotheses of carnal relationship between variables. Such

studies require procedure that will not only reduce bias and increase reliability, but it will

permit drawing inferences about casualty.

My research design of        the “Customer       Preferences and Satisfaction       level towards

different Brands of Computers”            is based on the descriptive method. This study is

basically descriptive in nature objective guided the design of the study.

The study was designed to get an overall view of the situation and to facilities and in inference

building through established relationship between variable.

The descriptive research design was considered appropriate for the following reason:-

1.   Its quality to describe the characteristic of the certain group of interest to the researches.

2.    It is through descriptive research design we can develop influence whether variables are

     associated or independent.

The advantage of this method is that it is not based on judgment and intuition as in the case

study but an actual data collected and is therefore more accurate in general.

Research instrument:

    Mainly the data is collected by door-to-door survey and asking them the set questionnaire in

order to study the market. The questions followed are given in Annexure. The data was also

collected from some magazines, periodicals, published material and the reports of company.


As the study was conducted in dehradun and the duration of the project is very short in a short

period of time and by a single person it is not possible to survey the entire city. So to overcome

from this Sampling plan was designed in which decisions were taken about universe, sampling

unit, sampling procedure sampling units and sampling technique.

There are several different method to select a sample. For my research process a sample was

selected by using NON-PROBABLETY SAMPLING Techniques

        Sampling Method              Non Probability Sampling(Judgmental sampling)
        Sample Size                  120
        Sample Unit                  Industries, Government offices, Institutes
        Geographical Location        Dehradun .


The universe for the present study is the people from the Dehradun. The universe consisted of

people from the different sector.


This answered the questions regarding who has to sample in the universe.

       A. Consumers           B. Dealers /Retailer    C. Institutes/Collages


The data was collected by a through survey. As it was very difficult to make survey of entire

city by one person, the city was divided equal parts. The methodology used to analyze he

project is mainly based on survey.

Incase of study is to customer and dealer method through questionnaire and direct contact

with retailers, wholesaler, industries and government departments in Dehradun.

For survey I took the sample size of –

    Forty industries at selaqui in Dehradun.

    Forty Retailers, Dealers and wholesalers of Dehradun.

    Twenty Various Institutes / Collages / School of Dehradun.

    Twenty Governments as well as private offices in Dehradun.

The samples were taken by the method of judgment sampling in order to study the Computer

market. This study is almost important for any company that is really looking for its products

and wants to improve on what it is exercising currently. This study again will help in other

research and will prove to be a milestone. The objective of the survey was to determine

whether the communication target had been met in terms of changes in consumer attitudes to

and perceptions of HCL market.


All marketing researchers can type two sources of data for investigation;



SOURCES OF DATA COLLACTION: The data are collected from Both

Primary and secondary data sources.


    Direct interview with retailers, distributors and customers.

    Gathering the information through questionnaire

    Direct observation.


Secondary data means data that are already available i.e., they refer to the data Which

have already been collected and analyzed by some one else. In this case the researchers

is certainly   not confronted with the problems that are usually associated with the

collection of original data. Secondary data may either be Published data or unpublished data.

Usually published data are available in:

     Various publication of the central, state and local government.

     Technical and trade journals.

     Newspapers and magazines.

The data was collected by a through survey. As it was very difficult to make survey of entire

city by one person, the city was divided equal parts.

The data was collected by the survey called every dealer survey (EDS) and every retailer

survey (ERS). In this we were supported to go to each and every outlet irrespective of their size

and try to assess what they really need and what company can provide them. During this

survey we were supposed to find out exact position of the market. Exact position of the market

means to find out the exact number of computer in the market, their per day sales, annual sale

and the growth of computer market of Dehradun each day. Apart from this we were also given

the task to find out what problems the retailers are having and try to eradicate it.

Another aim of the survey was to find out requirement of present markets, for our products.

After the collection of data, analysis is most important part because no data is sufficient is or

relevant if it is not properly interpreted.

Present status of market:

Retailer’s Perception

A survey was conducted to study the retailer’s views on the present market, future trend and

the consumer behavior patterns. The findings of the survey are as follows:

      Retailers stated that the consumers are loyal to the particular segment of the Computer

i.e. HР, HCL, DELL, LENEVO are the major players. But as far the loyalty for the brands in

each segment is concerned, it is not very significant.

      43% of the retailers surveyed told that advertising is the key component in driving

 sales. While 32% stated promotional schemes and 25% brand loyalty as the reason.

      There is continuously growth in computer market. The market, which was witnessing

4-5% growth in the early‘90s. Presently the market growth has gone up with growth rate of 16-

18% per annum.

      The market is slowly moving from Desktop to Laptop and configuration is the major

key to change the customer buying decision.

      As consumers are very brand loyal where the purchase of computer is concerned. But

the retailers also push a critical issue. They usually sell the product in which they get the

maximum benefit. For this, the companies try to offer them higher margins.

     The retailers, Dealers are not very happy with the margin on selling companies

product. To over come this problem the companies should offer different schemes to their



              Computer             Percentage
              Branded PC            86%
              Assembled PC         14%



           Branded PC             Assembled PC


           S. No         Company Name        Percentage
            1             HP                  26%
            2             HCL                 25%
            3             DELL                16%
            4             IBM                 10%
            5             LENOVO              10%
            6             ACCER                9%
            7             ZENITH               3%
            8             CHIRAG               1%

                          6%   1%





           1 HP          2 HCL          3 IBM       4 DELL
           5 LENOVO      6 ACCER        7 ZENITH    8 CHIRAG


 According to my study 14% people are using Assembled Computers where as 86% are

  using Branded computer.

 In the present market of dehradun HP, HCL, IBM and DELL are the major players

   covering the maximum market share in Branded computers.

 In the combination of both Desktop and Laptop HP covering the maximum market

   share of Dehradun. Presently HP having a market share of 30% in Dehradun.

 HCL is also having a large market share of 21%.

 14% market is covered by the IBM.

 DELL is having a market share of 12%.


          ASSAMBLED               8%
          BRANDED                92%



                ASSAMBLED             BRANDED


            S. No         Company Name       Percentage
             1            HP                  26%
             2            HCL                 25%
             3            DELL                16%
             4            IBM                 10%
             5            LENOVO              10%
             6            ACCER                9%
             7            ZENITH               3%
             8            CHIRAG               1%

                              3% 1%





            1 HP          2 HCL          3 DELL      4 IBM
            5 LENOVO      6 ACCER        7 ZENITH    8 CHIRAG


   According to my survey 91% respondent said they in their next purchase they will like to

    buy Branded computers while 9% respondent said they would like to buy assembled


   For the Branded computer 27% respondent said that in their next purchase they will like

    to buy HP computers.

   25% of respondent said they will prefer HCL computer in future.

   15% of respondent voted for DELL for their next purchase.

   14% of respondent said they will prefer IBM computer for their next purchase

   People who voted for there next purchase for companies         like LENEVO,      ACER,

    ZENITH and CHIRAG are 9%, 8% 4% and 1%

The objective was to find out customers views on their buying behavior and the image of

different brand in the market through customers and finding are as follows:

      Customers are very loyal for a particular brand in Laptops where as there decisions are

       flexible in buying Desktop.

      Consumers prefer convenient and economy products.

      Brand awareness plays a crucial role in customers buying decisions.

      Availability in the market of different brand affects the purchase decision. This has

       made both the companies to push its sales and to increase its retail distribution.

      Product differentiation is very low, as all the products are same. But brand loyalty is

      very high in the case of Professional people in the age group of 25-35 yrs.

      Due to the high cost of Branded computers lot of times costumers prefer assembled

       Computers also.

      Customers are loyal for the particular segment of the Computers i.e HР, HCL, DELL,

       LENEVO are the major players. But as far the loyalty for the brands in each segment is

       concerned, it is not very significant

      According to the most of the customers DELL ,TOSHIBA and LENEVO are the

       Market leaders in Laptops where as HР and HCL having a good brand name in the

       Desktop market.


                 S. No              Grade                                No of respondent in %
                 1                  Poor                                  4%
                 2                  Unsatisfactory                        8%
                 3                  Satisfactory                          28%
                 4                  Good                                  41%
                 5                  Excellent                            18%









                                     to   ry                     r   y             o   d                nt
         P                        ac                         cto                Go                e lle
                            isf                   ti   sfa                                  Ex
                       at                      Sa
                  U ns


To find out the customers satisfaction level from their present brand of computer we

give them five different categories and there responses are as follows:

    According to my survey there are only 18% customers who have not any complain

     from their present brand of computer. According to them the performance of their

     computer is Excellent.

    Where as 41% people voted good for the performance of their preset computer.

    28% customers are satisfied from the performance of their computer.

    Some customer are not satisfied from the performance of their computer there are

     8% customers who are not satisfied from the performance of their computer and

     4% customers voted poor for the performance of their present computer

The objective was to find out the factors affecting customers buying behavior and the findings

are as follows:

Computer comes under the category of products purchased for a longer period of time and as

the market is marred by the different brand the purchase decision itself a high involvement

decision. There are various things on which today customers focusing while buying computers.

This attitude of buying change by the various factors Like:

Price, Brand Name, After sales service, Warranty period, Design, Color, Verities, Performance,

Credit Facilities. All these factors have there own importance for the Customers. Each factor

play a different role for the different customers.


Graph Lines Denote the Following things

S. NO    Factor
 1        Brand Name
 2        After sale service
 3        Warranty period
 4        Price
 5        Designs
 6        Color
 7        Varity
 8        Performance
 9        Credit Facilities


   Consumers are given importance to the Brand Name but they are not very rigid

    for a particular Brand.

   Three things on which consumer’s emphasis more and which are extremely important in

    there purchasing decision are Performance, After sale service and Warranty period.

   Now Consumers are given less importance to the Different Colors and Verities most

    probably they prefer Black color only.

   Consumers are very sensitive for the Price. Price itself has its own importance for the

    customers but more than today that they focus on other things like After sale service,

    Performance and Warranty period .

   Credit facilities by the retailers are also Important up to some extent in there buying



The various Brand were the part of my study-

              S. No      Brand Name          S. No   Brand Name
              1 HРgdf    HP                  5       LENEVO
              2          IBM                 6       ZENITH
              3          HCL                 7       ACCER
              4          DELL                8       CHIRAG


Graph Lines Denote the Following things :

2       VARITY
3       BRAND NAME
5       РRICES
6       DESIGNS


The objective was to find out customer perception on HCL and to find out what should HCL

do to improve customer satisfaction level and their market share. The customers views are as


    According to the customers HCL have a good brand name in the market

    Most of the customers prefer HCL only for the DESKTOP.

    In Laptops HCL have a less models and verities as compare to the other brand like

      DELL, HP, and LENEVO etc.

    Customers said that HCL have a good customer service center.

The objective was to find out what should do to improve customer’s satisfaction level and

attain the more market share.

To gain the more market share HCL should do the following things:

     Today customers are not very price conscious but with that the thing they look while

     buying computer are Performance, Warranty period, After sale service and configuration.

    HCL having a good brand name but most of the customers prefer HCL only in


 In laptops HCL have a less models and features as compare to the other branded

    computers. So to over come from this HCL should give more emphasis on their LAPTOPS

    and its advertising.

 Dealers are the major key in changing the customers buying decisions to gain the

    More market share HCL should give different kinds of schemes to the dealers to push

    there products sale.

 The one thing which play a major role in customers buying decision is the warranty

    period and some of the customers are not very much satisfied with the present warranty

    period on HCL computers so company should give some more Warranty period on their

    products to attract more customers.

 Some of the customers are not very much satisfied from HCL designs of LAPTOPS.

   According to them HCL has a very simple design in LAPTOPS as compare to HP and


Findings of the study

   The availability of HCL desktops in comparison to its traditional rivals was very


   HCL Laptop were found only in a few outlets whereas HP products had its presence all

    over the city.

   Absence of regional offices of the other companies from uttaranchal can be advantage

    for the company      other companies do there business only through their dealers

    which is an advantage for the HCL.

   The distribution of HCL products in Dehradun is not very complex. Mostly it is a matter

    of few hours between productions to ultimate customers.

   Target customer of the company are from the age group of 20 to 35 years.

   HCL Company has         an advantage     in   uttaranchal as HCL is the only OEM in

    uttaranchal and It is also available on DGSND rates. So HCL Computers are fully

    supported    by   the uttaranchal    government   and     almost   all   the   government

    departments are covered by HCL computer3

Limitations Of the Study

     This project is limited only to Dehradun market of HCL and some other brands

      available within the city. It does not study any other market. But Dehradun being

      itself responsible for 60% of total annual sales of the company from uttaranchal this

      project is of some significance and can be said to be somewhat representative of the

      whole uttarnchal.

     Moreover, this study relates only to the Industries, Government and cooperate

      consumer and as such as no relevance to the home consumer. As such this project is

      limited only to the professional users of Computer.

     The study is limited only to the HCL computers it does not study any other HCL

      products like Networks, Server, Workstation Etc.

     This project covers the distributors and retail outlets under the company in Dehradun



With more and more people becoming computer users and due to the advancement

of technology and internet, the Computer IT market has start to develop at a rapid

space. It has got a lot of potential for the growth as very few players offer services

like HCL infosystem . Due to the transparency of commitment and the power with the

people to manage their trust them -selves, people are getting attracted towards HCL

products. Emergence of the new players in this sector is quite easy as few players are

currently in the market and there is vast untapped area .

Emergence of the new players in market will lead to the healthy competition. So a

company providing better service and features at comparatively lower price would be

demanded. As a result companies have to constantly think and improve their services,

features, marketing strategies etc. in accordance with the changing market scenario.

Almost 60% of computers sales in dehradun held between April and August. and it is

during this period that the Dehradun market goes dry from time to time.70% of computers

sales in dehradun is held through dealers i.e. the consumer comes to the retail outlet without

any intention to buy computer. To promote this purchasing two factors are very

important. They are:

    Availability

    Visibility

If even one of these factors is lacking then a big chunk of sales can be lost. In dehradun

market the following deficiencies need to be rectifies by HCL to retain and increase its

present market share:

It is rightly said that ‘customer is the king’ and in the current scenario, as compared to

other companies, HCL is able to attract customers by providing good services and

features like linkage of technology , quality etc. which are really helpful to the customer. In

comparison of After sale services HCL attracts the customers in regard to easily selection

of computer and to attach with a particular brand for a longer period of time.

There is a huge potential for the HCL to grow as few users are not much satisfied by

their present computer service      providers. HCL by giving much better services and

facilities to its customers like, providing every end to end solution of IT, carrying out

marketing activities at a larger scale and providing much better customer care facilities to

its client and quick registration of new problems etc. can surely become the market leader

in not in much time.

HCL company has to pull its stock to make a mark in this field because of many

companies are taking quick steps in this field, so they have to be more careful. As

compared to other players, HCL have to still devise many better competitive strategies

and carry them out effectively to increase its market share.


  The company should focus on more grater production capacity and more customization.

  Company should create awareness about the latest HCL technologies Like EC2 and the

    latest products in HCL through local advertisement.

  HP and DELL are the latest competitors therefore the performance of HCL In term of

    product Varity, Growth Rate, accessibility and grater awareness should be monitored.

  Grater potential target customers are from the age group of 25-35 years customized

    product for this class should be devised & offered.

  Company should focus on their Laptops and more model should be made for different


  Dealers are the major key in changing the customers buying decisions to gain the

    More market share HCL should give different kinds of schemes to the dealers to

    push there products sale.



Adrain Payne, The Essence of Services Marketing, Printice-


   Marketing Management

                  By Philip Kotler

   Marketing Research – Text and Cases

                  By H. W. Boyd, R. Westfall & S. F. Stasch.

   Research Methodology

                  By C. R. Kothari


   Business India

   India Today

   Statical Hand Book

   The Times of India




Dear Sir/Madam
I student of IMS ,Dehradun, conducting a market research to know the Market Share and
customer preferences and satisfaction level towards different brand of COMРUTER . Kindly
extend your cooperation in filling this questionnaire and enable me in doing my research

Demographic Profile

INDUSTRY              GOVERMENT OFFICE                 SCHOOL
INSTITUTE             PRIVATE OFFICE                   SHOPS
NAME:         ________________________________________
Below 20        20-24        25-34             35-44           45+
MALE                         FEMALE
4. CONTACT NO.        ______________________________________
5. E-MAIL             ______________________________________

1. Do you have computer?
     Desktop                          laptop

2. Which brand of computer you are using right now?

    LENEVO                  HP                         IBM
    CHIRAG                  ZENITH                     HCL
    DELL                    ACCER                      ASSEMBLED

3. Since how long you have been using computer.
   Less than 1 year
   More than 1 less than 2 years
   More than 2 years

4. What were the reasons to buy only that one brand .

  Availability            Price                Warranty                Brand Name

  Design                   Color               Configuration           Related Offer
5. How is the performance of your present computer.

   Poor           Unsatisfactory              Satisfactory        Good             Outstanding

6. Please rate each of the following characteristics in terms of their relative importance to you in
  selecting a brand .The more important the characteristic, the bigger the number you should give it.
                                             Not so important               Extremely Important

                 1.      Performance                1        2     3        4       5
                 2,      Variety                    1        2     3        4       5
                 3.      Brand                      1        2     3        4       5
                 4.      After Sale Services        1        2     3        4       5
                 5.      Prices                     1        2     3        4       5
                 6.      Color                      1        2     3        4       5
                 7.      Warranty Period            1        2     3        4       5
                 8.      Design                     1        2     3        4       5
                 9.      Credit Facilities          1        2     3        4       5

   7. How would you rate the following factor on scale 1 to 5 in respect to your satisfaction with
       your Present computer. Where, (1= Poor, 2= Unsatisfactory, 3=Satisfactory, 4=Good, 5=Excellent)

                                                   Poor                         Excellent
             . 1.        Performance                1        2     3        4       5
                 2,      Variety                    1        2     3        4       5
                 3.      Brand                      1        2     3        4       5
                 4.      After Sale Services        1        2     3        4       5
                 5.      Prices                     1        2     3        4       5
                 6.      Design                     1        2     3        4       5
                 7.      Warranty Period            1        2     3        4       5
                 8.      Credit Facilities          1        2     3        4       5

8. Please Give Rank to all these Factors according to their importance in your buying
   decision of computer.

    Performance                 Variety             Brand Name
   Warranty Period              Design              Color
   Credit Facilities            Prices              After Sale Service

9. In near future if you are planning to purchase laptop/Desktop which one you will
   prefer. Give your rating as per your preferences.

     LENEVO                         HP                          IBM
     CHIRAG                         ZENITH                      HCL
     DELL                           ACCER                       ASSEMBLED

10. How would you rate the following in respect to HCL on the basis of your
    past experience Or perception. . Where, ( 1= Poor, 2= Unsatisfactory, 3=Satisfactory,
   4=Good, 5=Excellent)

                                         Poor                       Excellent

       1.       Performance               1     2       3       4        5
       2,       Variety                    1    2       3       4        5
       3.       Brand                      1    2       3       4        5
       4.       After Sale Services        1    2       3       4        5
       5.       Prices                     1    2       3       4        5
       6.       Design                     1    2       3       4        5
       7.       Warranty Period            1    2       3       4        5
       8.       Credit Facilities          1    2       3       4        5

 10. According to you which one brands of computers are the most рoрular.

   IN DESKTOР ………………………………………………………………………………………
   IN LAРTOР ………………………………………………………………………………………

11. What should HCL do to improve your perception or satisfaction level towards its
    Products? Suggestion if any.



Dear Sir/Madam
I student of IMS ,Dehradun, conducting a market research to know the Market Share and
customer preferences and satisfaction level towards different brand of COMРUTER . Kindly
extend your cooperation in filling this questionnaire and enable me in doing my research

    1. Name of the Retailer/ Shopkeeper /Dealer.

     Address: _____________________________________________

     Contact No : ___________________________________________

    2. How much quantity of computers/laptop you sellout in a month.

       Less than 100
       Between 100 and 200
       Above 300

    3. Give your rank to the different brand as per you sellout the quantity of computer.

         LENEVO                     HP                         IBM
         CHIRAG                     ZENITH                     HCL
         DELL                       ACCER                      ASSEMBLED

    4. Give your rank to the brand as per you receive minimum complain.

         LENEVO                 HР                   HCL             DELL

         CHIRAG                ZENITH                IBM             ACCER

    5. Give your rank to the brand according to best in their after sale service.

        LENEVO                 HР                    HCL              DELL

       CHIRAG                 ZENITH                 IBM              ACCER

6. Please rate each of the following characteristics in terms as customer give importance while
     selecting a brand .The more important the characteristic, the bigger the number you should
     give it.
                                          Not so important                   Extremely Important
                1.      Performance               1          2   3       4        5
                2,      Variety                   1          2   3       4        5
                3.      Brand                     1          2   3       4        5
                4.      After Sale Services       1          2   3       4        5
                5.      Prices                    1          2   3       4        5
                6.      Different color           1          2   3       4        5
                7.      Warranty Period           1          2   3       4        5
                8.      Design                    1          2   3       4        5
                9.      Credit Facilities         1          2   3       4        5

7. In your view which one brand of computers are the best and why?

8.     How would you rate the following in respect to HCL on the basis of your experience
       Or perception. Where, (1= Poor, 2= Unsatisfactory, 3=Satisfactory, 4=Good, 5=Excellent )
                                                Poor                            Excellent

                1.      Performance                1         2   3       4        5
                2,      Variety                    1         2   3       4        5
                3.      Brand                      1         2   3       4        5
                4.      After Sale Services        1         2   3       4        5
                5.      Prices                     1         2   3       4        5
                6.      Design                     1         2   3       4        5
                7.      Warranty Period            1         2   3       4        5
                8.      Credit Facilities          1         2   3       4        5

9. What should HCL do to improve your perception or satisfaction level towards its products?
   Suggestion if any.





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