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									Save Cash With These Car Rental Strategies

by Jarad Gibbs

Most people will use an agency when renting a car for business or personal travel. It can make
life much simpler than driving your own car a long distance. Yet there are many different car
rental companies, and sometimes the rates differ quite a bit. How with that in mind, can you
choose the best one? Here we will give you some helpful pointers for getting the best deal on
your next rental car.

As with anything you will rent you should always do comparison shopping first. If you run out
and rent from a company you are familiar with or the first one you see at the airport you aren't
likely to get the best rates. Almost every city has a wide range of competing rental car agencies,
call around you'll find there are many differences in price and terms. Before you make your
reservation call a few to see if any of them are offering special promotional rates when you need
to travel.

Car rental companies are offering more options to drivers. You could end up paying for services
that you don't need and won't use, however. For those traveling with children, some agencies
will offer child seats for an additional charge. You can avoid the extra fees by bringing your own.
Another common option that is offered with rental cars is a GPS system. If you are traveling in a
place you aren't familiar with, you may want this, but if you know your way around you may not
need it. Other features that may be available are DVD players and ski racks. Save some money
by refusing features that you won't use but be sure to enjoy the ones that you will.

You'll want to know ahead of time how long of a rental you will need.

You need to be especially aware of the rental car agreement as they can be difficult to read and
decipher all of the different terms and conditions regarding extra charges. You simply must read
the fine print to know what your final cost could end up being. It's is imperative that you know
your options for which car you want, what the fuel charges will be, and any other surcharges
that may pop up. When renting a car use the tips above to save you money and give you a
pleasant rental car experience.

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