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									Example Letter. Edit at will.

Dear ____ (inbounder to District 5450):                                    May 6, 2011

        This cover letter will explain the contents of this package. We are approaching the
end of your placement process with us. I am now sending to you information that you
will need to complete this process.
        First, I have enclosed several informational sheets regarding this next year. You
should look them over before coming in the fall. There is a form announcing the 3
mandatory meetings for next year. These meetings are for all of the inbound students and
you MUST attend them, no excuses! I am also enclosing a sample description of a
southwestern bus trip at the end of your exchange year. The approximate cost for this is
$1800 and includes all meals, hotels and park and amusement park entrance fees. It is
indeed a great end to your exchange year.
        Second, I have enclosed one form that applies to travel while here in Colorado.
This next year is a school exchange year. You will be here on a student visa and expected
to go to school. Travel is not forbidden but we must know what your travel involves. If
you will be traveling WITHIN the State of Colorado, all you must do is inform your club
youth exchange officer and your country contact (which is me) and give us all your
contact information. If travel is OUTSIDE of Colorado, the Travel Permission Form must
be completed. As you can see from that form, signatures of your mother and father are
required for this type of travel as well as permission by your Rotary club and your
country contact. Therefore this type of travel requires a great deal of advanced planning.
You will not be able to accept an invitation from a friend’s family to go with them to
New York (for example) without planning ahead. The signatures of you parents MUST
be original, that is you can fax them the form to sign and they can either scan and e-mail
or fax the travel form back to you. You must fill out one form for each travel, that is to
say you may not have a blanket permission for all travel signed by your parents ahead of
time. For ANY travel OUTSIDE the United States (Mexico for example) there are very
special visa requirements that MUST be met before travel. It is best to ask about travel
well in advance. These policies are very important since we are responsible for your
welfare while you are with us in Colorado.
        Third: I have enclosed a copy of our Handbook for inbound exchange students.
This handbook is very informative and I invite you to read through it as you have time
before coming to Colorado.
        Fourth: I would inform you that our district requires an emergency fund of $500
(dollars) that is kept in a bank account here in Colorado. This money is for
EMERGENCIES only and this does not include shopping for jeans. If this money is not
needed through the year, it will then be returned to you. If this money is used for some
Example Letter. Edit at will.

emergency, such a visit to a doctor, then it MUST be replaced by your parents
         Fifth: This next item is VERY IMPORTANT. You will be required to have
insurance for health and liability while with us in Colorado. This is a requirement of
Rotary International. Each Rotary district is allowed to set its policy regarding insurance.
The requirement for our district is a health and liability policy issued through CISI-
BULDOC. I have enclosed a brochure and application for this insurance in this package.
You may visit their web site at www.cisi-buldoc.com and investigate them. You may also
apply for the policy and pay for it on line. OUR REQUIREMENT IS FOR PLAN B and
LIABILITY at a total cost of $675. You will need to know your departure date for the
policy to be activated when you leave your home. WE ASK THAT ALL STUDENTS
         THE LAST AND MOST IMPORTANT ITEM, which I will be sending directly
to Frau Ingrid Zeller, is your Guarantee form and the J-1 visa form (Form DS-2019). You
will use this form to apply for your student visa. BEFORE you apply for your Visa, you
will need to go on-line and apply for an I-901 form from Sevis (the governmental agency
that tracks foreigners in this country). If you go to the following site:
www.ice.gov/sevis/i901 you will see a link to “file the Sevis I-901 on-line”. Click on this
and it will take you to “Student and Exchange Visitor Program: Sevis I-901 Fee. Then
click on “Proceed to I-901 Form and Payment. This will take you to the next page where
at the bottom it asks I-20 or DS-2019. You must check DS-2019 and then you enter and
are at the form to complete. You will have to enter the DS-2019 number which you find
at the top right corner of the form. It begins with N. Once you have completed this form
and entered the information, you will have to pay a fee of $180. You may pay with a
credit card. YOU MUST PRINT OUT YOUR PAYMENT RECEIPT. You will need this
receipt along with the DS 2019 as you begin the process of applying for your student
visa. This process will take some time so DO NOT DELAY. Contact Ingrid Zeller, your
district youth exchange chairperson, to begin the process of applying for your Visa. You
may be required to appear in person for an interview at the US consulate to obtain your
visa. As I said above, this application process can take some time so do not delay in
         And now to the important information about this next year! You will be placed
with the Castle Rock High Noon Rotary Club in Castle Rock, Colorado. This is a
community about 30 minutes south of Denver. As you can see from the Guarantee Form,
school begins on August 8, 2011. You must plan on arriving one week before school
starts, by August 1st at the latest. Your registration for school will take place after your
arrival. Your arrival airport is Denver International Airport (DIA). Your first host family,
as listed on the guarantee form, is Brendon and Christina Brigham. They are excited to
welcome you to their home. Christina will be the President of your hosting Rotary club
during your year here. Their Email address is; c.brigham@msn.com. . I would encourage
you to begin communicating with them.
Example Letter. Edit at will.

This has been a long letter with a great deal of information. Some of the information may
be confusing. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!! I hope the
remaining months between now and when you leave for your year with us in Colorado go
smoothly. We are planning a welcoming BBQ for all our inbound students sometime
after August 13th. We have asked all our inbound students to arrive in Colorado by
August 13th. This year we will be hosting 26 students from 18 countries in our Rotary
District 5450. I look forward to welcoming you at that time.


Peter Ewing MD
District 5450 Youth Exchange Committee
Outbound Program Chair
Country Contact for Austria, Germany and Switzerland
Placement Coordinator
Youth Protection Officer

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