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					                                                                                            Tampa Bay Downs Feb. 18-19, 2012
                                                                                                  Friday & Saturday 9am-4pm

                                                                                                    Tampa Bay Downs Golf Facility
                                                                                              11225 Race Track Rd., Tampa, FL 33626


November 2011

Dear Exhibitor,
         Thank you for being a part of Golfweek’s Golfest Tampa. This letter serves as your confirmation to exhibit at our
event. Your exhibit space will be presented to you once on site. Volunteers will be on hand to assist with your equipment
upon your check in at the facility. Please follow signs for parking and unloading.

Set Up Hours: Friday, Feb. 17: Noon-5pm / Saturday, Feb. 18: 7-8:30am. We highly recommend at least taking a site visit on
Friday, as our staff will be less inclined to make major adjustments for you on Saturday morning due to time constraints.

Tear Down Hours: Sunday, Feb. 19: 4-6pm. All displays must remain intact until Golfest officially closes at 4pm on Sunday. A
$75 fee will be charged to exhibitors who breakdown before Golfest closes on Sunday, 4pm.

Parking: Please follow signs for exhibitor parking. Vehicles (except those designated) will not be permitted onto the exhibit
areas during the event. Golf manufacturers with equipment trailers and tech vans, please contact us to make arrangements: or 407-563-7024.

Security: Golfweek personnel will be on site during set up. While guard service will be provided overnight on Friday and Sat-
urday, we still recommend that you secure your valuables. Golfest and Tampa Bay Downs Golf will not be responsible for lost
or stolen items. No unauthorized personnel will be permitted at the exhibit areas after hours.

Exhibitor Staff Identification: No exhibitor badges will be provided. We highly recommend that EVERYONE who will staff your
booth wear a shirt with your company logo. Please provide a list of staff who will work your booth to

Shipping / Handling Of Exhibit Materials: Packages should arrive no earlier than Tuesday, Feb. 14. Ship to: ATTN: GOLFEST.
In Care Of: TBD Golf, 11225 Race Track Rd., Tampa, FL 33626. Please mark clearly the number of shipments with your com-
pany name. We recommend that you have on hand your UPS/FedEx tracking numbers. Golfest and Tampa Bay Downs Golf
staff are not responsible for any shipping mishaps, but will assist in any way to expedite the process.

Return Shipping: It is each exhibitor’s responsibility to schedule any return shipments. Have on hand your own shipping
labels and packing material. Schedule pickup for Monday, Feb. 20 at the above address from the Pro Shop and indicate
“Golfest PickUp.” All items must be picked up by Tuesday, Feb. 21—no exceptions.

Hookups: Electrical hookups will be provided for those who have made prior arrangements with their sales reps. If not, con-
tact immediately. There will be no phone hookups. Exhibitors will be responsible for their own credit
card merchandise services via cell phone or the manual process.

Exhibit Arrangements: These should be arranged so as not to obstruct the view or hide the exhibit of others. Plans for
specially built displays should be submitted to Golfest management before construction is ordered:
Management reserves the right to prohibit an exhibit or part of an exhibit.

Exhibit Appearances: Exhibitors who are selling shoes, apparel, accessories and equipment must pay strict attention to the
appearance of their area. It must be clean and professional in appearance, and should avoid the “flea market” look. Tattered
signs or cartons, unattractive drums, tubs and garbage must not be visible to the public.
Signage: Golfest is an outdoor festival, and hanging or posting of your banners and posters will be your responsibility. Sig-
nage must be confined to your designated area, not outside your booth or off the facility premises. Signage must not intrude
on a fellow exhibitor or block traffic. In some instances, your company may be listed on official Golfest promotions and
events signage.

Exhibitor Handouts: Distribution of promo materials must be confined to your booth.

Food & Beverage: Exhibitors will be able to purchase food and beverages on site from vendors designated by Golfest man-
agement. Exhibitor distribution of food and beverages for consumption is prohibited unless approved by Golfest.

Restrictions: Golfest management reserves the right to restrict exhibitors who—because of method of operation, noise, ma-
terials, or for any other reason—become objectionable in the solid judgement of Golfest management. Exhibits may be also
prohibited or evicted for detracting from the general character of the exhibition as a whole. This reservation includes persons,
objects, printed matter or anything of a character that the management determines is objectionable to the exhibition. Golfest
management prohibits the sharing or partnering of an individual booth by multiple vendors.

Accommodations: These are the nearest hotels to the Tampa Bay Downs Racetrack and Golf Center: Courtyard Tampa Olds-
mar / (813) 925-8887, Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Oldsmar / (813) 854-5080, and Hilton Garden Inn Tampa Northwest/Oldsmar
/ (813) 891-9990.

For assistance with car rental or air travel, contact Golfweek’s Travel Services for assistance: 888-897-5238 / travel@golf-

Driving Directions:
From I-275: Take Tampa Airport exit. Follow signs to Veterans Expressway. Take Expressway to exit # 4 (Hillsborough Ave).
Turn West on Hillsborough Ave. Approximately 10 miles to Race Track Rd. Make right on Race Track Rd. 1 mile to Tampa Bay

From Pinellas County: On Route 19, go to the intersection with Route 580 at Countryside Mall; go east on Route 580 six
miles to stoplight at Race Track Road; go left on Race Track Rd. one mile to Tampa Bay Downs.

From St. Petersburg: Take the Bayside Bridge north to McMullen Booth Rd.; go east on Rte 580 four miles to stoplight at
Race Track Rd; go left on Race Track Rd. one mile to Tampa Bay Downs.

From Pasco County: On Route 19, go to the intersection with Tampa Road (Route 584); go east on Tampa Road seven miles
to the stoplight at Race Track Road; go left on Race Track Road one mile to Tampa Bay Downs.

From New Tampa: Go west on Bearrs Avenue. Bearrs Avenue turns into Ehrlich Rd. after Dale Mabry Highway. Make a left
onto Gunn Hwy. (going southbound); then right onto Linebaugh Ave. Travel west on Linebaugh for approximately 9 miles;
then make a left onto Race Track Road.

Please take the time to review the attached Terms Of Contract. If you have any questions, contact us any time. We look for-
ward to working with you at Golfest!

Best Regards,

Cherry Masih, Golfweek Events

407-563-7024 /
Important Exhibitor Information

1. If you have not already received it, operations details will be sent immediately upon receipt of registration.
Please include a CERTIFICATE OF LIABILITY with your registration form. This must be an original certificate
signed by the insurance carrier’s agent, in the amount of $1,000,000 for each occurrence. Certificate Holder
named shall be:
         Turnstile Publishing
         DBA Golfweek’s Golfest
         1500 Park Center Dr.
         Orlando, FL 32835

2. Please notify us immediately of any changes in your participation so that we can make operational adjust-
ments. As a reminder, our payment and cancellation policy will be enforced for the event(s) that your company
will participate in:

Payment & Cancellation Policies
50% of payment due upon signing. Full balance due 45 days before each event. Full refunds will be provided on
cancellations 45 days before each event. A 50% refund for each event cancelled up to 30 days in advance; no
refunds honored thereafter. No refunds will be made due to inclement weather, acts of nature or acts of terrorism.
Exhibitor packets containing information regarding loading, booth location and regulations are attached. Con-
tract takes effect upon signing. Booth space will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Space is limited.

Early Dismantles
All exhibitor breakdowns before the designated time will be charged a $75 penalty.


Cherry Masih
Sales & Marketing, Events, Golfest
407-563-7024 /
                                                              TERMS OF CONTRACT

“Golf Shows” in this document refers to Golfweek’s Golfest. “Facility” in this       shipment charges, are the exhibitor’s.
document refers to Tampa Bay Downs Golf Facility.                                    6. Use of Space and Pathways
1. Exhibitors                                                                        All pathways must be kept clear. Interviews, demonstrations and distribution
All exhibitors shall be bound by the rules and regulations set forth herein and      of literature must be done inside the exhibitor’s booth space. Aisles will be
by such amendments or additional rules and regulations which may by estab-           cleaned each day by Facility personnel. Exhibitor must keep his own free of
lished by the show management.                                                       debris and garbage including packaging/shipping material, etc.
2. Payments and Termination of Contract                                                  Exhibit must by staffed during all show hours. No loud speaker will be
If the terms of booth payment as set forth on this contract are not met, the         allowed on the exhibit premises. Small sound amplification systems may be
rights of exhibitor to the space shall cease and terminate. Space can be reas-       used, but the sound must be inoffensive to neighboring exhibitors.
signed – no refunds will be issued 45 days prior to the event. Full refunds will         Lotteries, drawings, guessing games or prize contests of any kind spon-
be honored up until 45 days prior to the event.                                      sored by individual exhibitors are subject to Golf Shows’ approval and sched-
3. Compliance with Laws & Regulations                                                uling. No company can exhibit, pass out literature or put up a sign unless he
Exhibitor agrees to obey all laws, ordinances and regulations governing th           has a contract for space with golf shows.
 use of the Facility and to abide by the rules and regulations of the City Fire      7. Sub-Leasing: Sharing
and Police Departments, and such other public officials whose duties may             Exhibitor shall not sublet or assign its exhibition space or any portion thereof
regulate exhibits.                                                                   under any circumstances whatsoever. Exhibitor shall not share its exhibit
    All decorative materials used in displays must meet the flame-proofing           space with any other person or entity without prior written consent of Golf
regulations of the Fire Departments. No tacks, nails or screws may be driven         Shows, which may be withheld for any reason. If Golf Shows agrees to permit
into the walls or floors of the Facility. No tape, adhesives or pressure-sensitive   such sharing, such person or entity shall be required to execute a copy of this
stickers may be placed on the Facility walls or pillars. No signs may be taped       agreement.
to walls. No stickers, pressure adhesive, etc., or helium balloons may be            8. Rejection of Applicants & Exhibitors
distributed.                                                                         Golfweek’s Golfest reserves the right to reject any applicant for space at an
    Exhibitor cannot distribute food, including popcorn, and beverages in            time and reserves the right to regain possession of any space by refunding to
the Facility unless approval has been obtained from Golf Shows. Failure to           the applicant or exhibitor the amount he has paid for said space.
comply with any show regulations may result in exhibitor not being invited to        9. Changes in Booth Location
participate in future shows.                                                         Golf Shows reserves the right to make such booth location changes as it
4. Booth Construction & Equipment                                                    deems absolutely necessary for the good of the show.
Golf Shows will provide an exhibitor’s identifications sign and number for           10. Liability & Insurance
each exhibit space and where applicable 8-foot back drapes and 3-foot side           Exhibitor is held responsible to insure his own exhibit, personnel display
drapes. Exhibitor shall arrange his exhibit so as not to obstruct the general        and materials from any damage or loss through theft, fire, accident or other
view nor hide the exhibits of others. No signs, apparatus, construction, etc.        cause. Exhibitor is charged to maintain liability insurance with respect to both
may extend more than 8 feet above the floor in exhibitor’s booth space. The          property damage and personal injury, doing business with companies of sound
exhibit may extend forward four feet from the rear wall at the 8-foot height,        responsibility authorized to do business in the state where show is held.
but further extension must be limited to a 3-foot height.                                Security guards will be on hand during the show and move-in and move-
    Deviations from the 8’x 3’ regulations as outlined above may be permitted        out periods, and Golf Shows and Facility personnel will take all reasonable
with Golf Shows’ approval in cases where exhibit space floor where it will not       precautions to safeguard exhibitor’s property; however, neither Golf Shows
obstruct or interfere with other exhibits.                                           nor Facility will assume liability for loss or damage, through any cause, of
    With prior approval of Golf Shows, exhibitor with a 4-booth (or more)            equipment, products, goods, exhibits or other materials owned, rented or
island may hang a sign with company name and/or logo to a maximum height             leased by exhibitor. The exhibitor shall indemnify Golf Shows and Facility,
of 16’. Signs must be set back from the back of the booth a distance equal to        and hold them harmless from, any complaints, suites or liabilities resulting
at least 25% of the booth’s width.                                                   from negligence of the exhibitor in connection with the exhibitor’s use of
    The exhibitor must finish or drape the back of unfinished or unsightly           exhibit space.
structures at his own expense. No homemade signs may be displayed. All                   Exhibitor is responsible for damage to Facility walls and floors, including
tables must be professionally skirted. All booths must have carpet or other          labor charges to remove stains or adhesives from the walls or floors. Exhibi-
floor covering approved by Golf Shows. Electricity, gas, water and special           tor will be billed for such damage with the dollar amount determined by the
cleaning service are at exhibitor’s expense.                                         Facility or Golf Shows.
5. Show Set Up/Tear Down                                                             11. Shipments/Freight
Exhibitor set up times may vary in each show. All exhibitors must be set-up at       See exhibitor information letter for shipping dates, times and proper location.
least one (1) hour prior to the opening of the event. Exhibitor move-out times       Golfweek’s Golfest is not responsible for any items that are not shipped to the
will vary from show to show; however, all exhibits must be removed from the          designated facility. Insurance of items is responsibility of each vendor.
facility three (3) hours after the completion of the event unless prior approval     12. Cancellation of Show
for an extension is granted by Golf Shows. No displays are to by dismantled           If any other event or circumstance not caused by Golf Shows prevents an
prior to the official closing of the event. All early dismantles will be assessed    exhibitor from erecting or staffing his exhibit for all or any part of the show
a $75 penalty. All shipments of materials must be sent to official general           period, the contractual responsibility between the exhibitor and Golf Shows
service contractor (see exhibitor information kit). Exhibitor is liable for all      shall be considered to be satisfied and there shall be no refund to the exhibitor.
storage and handling charges resulting from failure to remove exhibit material           Golf Shows is released from any and all claims which might arise in
as and when required. All costs for freight movement, set up/tear down, and          consequence thereof.

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