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					. (TCO 4) Lacy uses undue influence to induce Mina to sign a contract to invest her National Education
Fund student loan money in Overseas Bank. Mina may (Points : 2)

        avoid the contract.

        do nothing after Mina signs the contract.

        recover from National for a failure to monitor Mina's money.

        recover from Overseas for a failure to undo Lacy's influence.

2. (TCO 4) Dale files a suit against Eve, alleging that she used fraud to induce him to enter into a contract
with her. Proof of an injury is required (Points : 2)

        to recover damages.

        to rescind the contract.

        to undo Eve's influence.

        under no circumstances.

3. (TCO 4) Handy Hardware Store agrees to hire Ilsa for one year at a salary of $500 per week. When
Handy cancels the contract, Ilsa spends $100 to obtain a similar job that pays $450 per week for a year.
Ilsa is entitled to recover (Points : 2)

        the amount of the wages that Handy promised only.

        the difference between the wages at the two jobs only.

        the difference between the wages at the two jobs plus $100.

        $100 only.

4. (TCO 4) Pete, the owner of Quality Orchards, contracts to sell fruit to Ripe Produce, Inc. When Pete
refuses to perform, Ripe Produce files a suit to enforce the contract. To defend successfully on the
ground of unconscionability, Pete must show that enforcement of the contract would be (Points : 2)

        economically meaningless.

        legally worthless.

        manifestly unfair or oppressive.

        undeniably valuable.

5. (TCO 4) Dom, a salesperson for Excel Autos, promises Fern that a certain car will give her a "smooth
ride." Dom offers a test drive, which Fern declines. She buys the car but soon realizes that its suspension
is in poor condition. Fern (Points : 2)

        can rescind the contract on the ground of fraud.

        can rescind the contract on the ground of misrepresentation.

        can rescind the contract on the ground of mistake.

        was not defrauded.
6. (TCO 4) Clay buys an MP3 player for $200 and a pair of stereo speakers for $600 from a Discount City
store, and downloads $300 worth of digital music from To be enforceable, the contract that
must be in writing is the purchase of (Points : 2)

        the digital music, the MP3 player, and the speakers.

        the MP3 player and the speakers only.

        the MP3 player only.

        the speakers only.

7. (TCO 4) Kirk Custodial Service and Green Energy Company enter into an oral contract under which
Kirk agrees to provide custodial service for Green's facilities for two years. This contract is enforceable
by (Points : 2)



        any interested third party, such as a janitorial supplies provider.

        None of the above.

8. (TCO 4) Tia signs a lease that states that any change in the zoning law that affects the lease will cause
its termination. Union City's zoning board adopts a new zoning classification that affects the lease. This
adoption satisfies (Points : 2)

        no condition.

        the condition precedent.

        the concurrent condition.

        the condition subsequent.

9. (TCO 4) Lyra induces Moe to enter into a contract for the sale of an apartment about which Lyra
fraudulently misrepresents a number of material facts. Lyra tells Moe that her commission is 6 percent,
but their signed, written contract states "12 percent." The Statute of Frauds governs (Points : 2)

        contracts that are induced by fraud.

        contracts that must be in writing to be enforceable.

        the admissibility in court of oral evidence.

        the reformation of oral and written statements into one contract.

10. (TCO 4) Timber, Inc., and Wood Corporation enter into an oral contract for the sale of a lumber mill
and the land on which it is situated from Timber to Wood. Under the Statute of Frauds, this contract is
enforceable by (Points : 2)

        the seller.

        the buyer.

        any interested third party, such as the mortgagee or title company.
None of the above.

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