Credit card dispute scores by huangyuarong


									To: Scores of Las Vegas                                                          5/24/08

From: Richard T Light

Attention: Suzan

I writing this letter to dispute charges that were placed on my Visa cards on Friday May 24th. I had taken
clients to entertain at the club and had order a bottle of Grey Goose with red bulls on the side. The
cocktail waitress that had served me asked for my Credit Card ( Providian / visa last 4 numbers 9771)
and ID. She returned to explain that the $500.00 authorization would not go thru and would need
another card. I asked a security guard to walk me outside to my car so I could grab another card. His
name I do not remember but he was about 5’10 Bleach Blonde hair. We I returned to my table I hand
another card to the cocktail waitress. (US Bank Visa Last four 3321)

After leaving the club that night I had received a call the next day from both credit card companies
wanting to know if I had approved the charges. The Providian card had three separate charges that total
$737.50. This is the card that was rejected. The US Bank card had totals of just over $2500.00.

What I’m disputing is that I did not authorize anything but drinks (bottle of Grey Goose) for $500.00. The
entertainer that was with me was paid cash for her time! There were other girls hanging at the table
that were trying to get me to pay them and I refused~! My thought is that the girls told the cocktail
waitress that I was paying for their dances on my card.

This is very shocking to me! I truly believe that these girls and cocktail waitress had a plan and charge my
card for something I did not approve! I have taken clients too scores for over 8 years and have spent
thousands of dollars and never had this problem, never! I would like to continue to take clients to
entertain at Scores in the future but would ask you to please refund the 737.50 to my Providian /9771
and 2550.00 to my US Bank Card / 3321 less the 500.00 that I owe for drinks.

Your help is much appreciated. I will include my signature for you to compare on my license and the
credit slips that I never received a copy off. Thank you for your time and understanding!

Best Regards,

Richard T Light

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