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					      Title              Series               Skills            Sample Lessons                   Notes
                    Grow: Matters         FINANCIAL,            math, banking
Make Your Money Moneya guide to savings plans money,Filling Out the Deposit Slip, Reading Your Bank Statement
                    Money Matters         FINANCIAL, money,Finding Prices Per Unit, How Long Will It Last?
More for Your Money: a guide to comparison shopping             shopping, math
                    Money Matters                               math, Use Coupons, Shopping for Clothes
Be Ad-Wise: a guide to reading ads FINANCIAL, money,How to media, shopping
                    Family                LIFE, shopping, financial
                                                               Home                         Two Copies
Buying Guides Revised Development Series: About YourGood Buys in Beef Cuts, Clothing Labels to Know, Furniture Styles
                    Money credit
Be Credit-Wise: a guide toMatters                               math
                                          FINANCIAL, money,Understanding Easy Credit, Using Lay-Away Plans
                    Money Matters
Master Your Money: a guide to budgeting                         math, Important
                                          FINANCIAL, money,What's banking to You?, Your Fixed Monthly Expenses, Where Do
                    Money insurance FINANCIAL, planning Your Home is Robbed or Damaged, If You Get Sick or Injured, Kn
Insure Yourself: a guide toMatters                            If ahead
                    Money Matters
Pay By Check: a guide to checking accounts                    Why Use Checks?, Which Bank is Best?, Balancing Your Check Re
                                          FINANCIAL, math, money, banking
                    Your Employability FINANCIAL, job, banking, planning Your Paycheck, Paying Income Taxes, Planning and
Payday! Managing JanusPaycheck            Skills Program      Understanding ahead           Four Copies
Managing Stress: A Quick and Easy Guide                       Taking Control of Your Time, Eating Healthy Food
                                          HEALTH, stress management
Need a Doctor? On Your Own                HEALTH              Making an Appointment, Meet the Intake Nurse, How to Choose a D
                                          HEALTH, substance abuse, Effects,
Kids and Alcohol: Facts and Ideas About Drinking and Not Driving parentingDrinking Problems
                    Topics for Parents PARENTING/FAMILY, communicating
Let's Work It Out: Communication                              What Would You Do?, Feelings: Showing Them, How I'm Doing
                    Janus Survival Guide EALTH, parenting It's Not Hot, But It Burns (Chemical Burns), Stings and Bites, Stop th
Help! First Steps to First Aid            H
                                          JOB, Plus            vocabulary
Hospital Words Janus Career Awareness career choice, X-Ray Clerk, Orderly, Food Service Worker
                     Sanitation           HEALTH, parenting Home
Health, Safety, andFamily Development Series: About YourHome Safety Plan, Knowing the Signs of Illness, Home Sanitation
Your Family                               PARENTING/FAMILY, Others in Marriage, Understanding Family Members, Guiding
                                                              Getting Along
                    Family Development Series: About You andcommunication
Family Planning Follett Coping Skills HEALTH                  The Menstrual Cycle, Contraceptives, An Unplanned Pregnancy
Tenant-Landlord Handbook                  HOUSING                                           A legal guide, not
                                                              Housing Discrimination, Condtion of Apartmentsa workbook, from 1
                    Fannie Mae LiteracyHOUSING, financial, planning
                                           and Basic          Do You                        Two Copies
How to Buy Your Own Home: Student Workbook Adult Education Want to Buy A Home?, What you should know about mortg
Sharing an Apartment Your Own                                 Space Wars, Who
                                          HOUSING, communication, reading Does the Housework?, It's My Food
Housing                                   HOUSING, reading, Igrammar
                    Choices: An ESL Lifeskills Series for AdultsNeed a New Place to Live, I Like This Neighborhood, It's Against th
Bank Accounts and Consumer Rights FINANCIAL, money,Savings Accounts, Debit Cards versus Credit Cards, Bankruptcy
An Illinois Consumers Guide to Investments                                                  Not ABE level reading
                                          FINANCIAL, moneyBefore You Invest, How to Spot Fraud or Abusive Practices
                    Life Skills
Opening a Bank Account                                          banking                     Two Copies
                                          FINANCIAL, money,Choosing a Bank, Checking Accounts, Importance of Bank Account
                    Life-Skills Literacy FINANCIAL, money,Your Credit Card, Using Credit Cards Wisely, Information and Spelli
Stop and Think About Credit Cards                               vocab
                    Janus Survival Guide  F                     vocab
Credit Language: A Survival Vocabulary INANCIAL, money,Down Payment, Credit Cards, Words and Meanings
                    The                   FINANCIAL, shopping,Counting                      Two Copies
Consumer Economics IAPL Series: Coping in Today's Society math and Currency, Comparison Shopping, Catalog Ordering
                    The APL Series: Coping in Today's Society
Consumer Economics II                                         Income
                                          FINANCIAL, banking, math Tax, Social Security and Insurance, Banking Services
                    The APL Series: Coping in Today's Society
Consumer Economics III                                        World Resources, Housing and Utilities, Advertising Techniques
                                          FINANCIAL, math, economics                        Two Copies
                                          JOB, reading         Success, Literacy Level
Put English to Work: Interaction and Competencies for Job It's Time, Home, Jobs             Pre-Literacy skills, technically ESL bu
                                          JOB, reading         Success, Level 2
Put English to Work: Interaction and Competencies for Job Help Wanted, Appointments and Interviews, Payday
                    Janus                 L
Entertainment Language Survival GuideIFE, vocab               Buying Tickets, Finding Seats
Clothing LanguageJanus Survival GuideIFE, shopping, vocab     Bargains, Washing Instructions
Restaurant Language                       L
                    Janus Survival GuideIFE, vocab            Menu, Please Wait to Be Seated, Reservations
Drugstore Language                        L                   Health and
                    Janus Survival GuideIFE, health, shopping, vocab Safety, Shoplifting, Store Hours
                    Janus                 L
Supermarket Language Survival GuideIFE, shopping, vocab       Manager, Express Lane, Aisle
                    English ASAP          JOB, vocab, communication, writing Messages, Understand Schedules, Follow Safety I
Connecting English to the Workplace, Studentbook 2            Take Telephone                Two copies
                    English ASAP          JOB, vocab, communication, writing
Connecting English to the Workplace, Literacy Level                                         Pre-Literacy excercises
                                                              Understand a Simple Form, Identify Unsafe Working Conditions, Giv
                    English ASAP          JOB, communication, vocab, writing Duties, Respond Positively to Customer's Compl
Connecting English to the Workplace, Student Book 4           Describe Your Job
                                          COMPREHENSION, reading
                                                              Main                          High Interest Low
LifeScenes LifeSkills: Reading and Writing for Comprehension Ideas and Details, Compare and Contrast Level stories with fo
Time ManagementWhat Every StudentSTUDY KnowShould             What is Time Management?, Know What's Important, Control Interr
                                          STUDY               Plans and Schedules, Health and Study, Reading Level
How to Study: Improve Your Reading, Thinking, Memorizing and Note-Taking                    Advanced The Physical Enviornment
                                          COLLEGE PREP, writing, Your Audience, Danger: Sleepy
                                                              Know at the
On Writing the College Application Essay: The Key to Acceptanceessays College of Your Choice Prose Ahead,Exhibits: The Q
                    Specific Skill Series COMPREHENSION, reading Candy, Pan for Gold, Use Fingernail Polish
Following Directions F                                        Make Rock                     ?
                    Specific Skill Series COMPREHENSION, reading Broken Table Leg, Make Pillows, Bathe Your Dog
Following Directions Book H                                   Repair a
Following Directions Advanced                                 Directions
                                          COMPREHENSION, reading That Say Too Much, Where Do I Go Next?, Map a Route
                    Janus Survival        C                   One-Step
Reading and Following Directions Guide OMPREHENSION, reading Directions, Using Appliances, Reading Labels
Insights: Reading as Thinking             STUDY                                             Advanced Reading Level
                                                              Preview-Question-Read, Major and Minor Ideas, Studying Textbook
Learning to Study Book E                                       reading charts Maps, Taking Tests
                                          STUDY, test taking, Finding Things,and graphs
                    Critical Thinking Books and organization
                                          Planner                                           Photocopiable
Organizing My Learning: Daily Student STUDY,Software Can You Solve the Mystery? Missing Vowels Daily Planner
Thirty Lessons in Outlining Level 1                            U
                                          STUDY, organization ses of Gold, Ancient Ways to Tell Time
                    Skillbooster                               Beginning, Middle, or End?, Table of Contents, An Alphabet Puzzle
High Action Reading for Study Skills STUDY, comprehension, reading
                                                               War Diaries, Using Context Clues, Skimming for Information
Reading Skills for Adults Brown Book COMPREHENSION, study, reading
                    Follett               Series               A Car                            Things Legal,
Owning an Automobile Coping Skills LIFE, planning, financial for Your Needs, MakingThree Copies How Car Insurance Wo
Using References Skillbooster             STUDY, comprehension Fingerwalking an Index, Where to Look, Lost! In the Library
                                          STUDY,               Dictionary Entries, Circle or Pie Graph, Calendar
Let's Look it Up Practice in Survival Reading reading charts and graphs
Spellex Thesaurus                         STUDY, reading                                       Thesaurus for Adult New Readers
Following Directions C                                         Are You
                                          COMPREHENSION, readingReady to Order?, Before or After?, Looking for Things in Co
                    Specific Skill Series COMPREHENSION, reading
Following Directions: Picture Level                                                            Pre-Literacy
                                                               Do Not Run, Help the Girl, Paint the Car
                    Specific A                                 Put an X                        Almost From the Grass to the Road
Following Directions: Level Skill Series COMPREHENSION, reading on the Big Bed, Make a LinePre-Literacy
                    Specific B                                 Circle the
Following Directions: Level Skill Series COMPREHENSION, reading picture of something good to eat, Put a checkmark after th
                    Specific C
Following Directions: Level Skill Series COMPREHENSION, readingMore complex sets of instructions, such as circle the squares that sp
                    Specific E
Following Directions: Level Skill Series COMPREHENSION, readingFix a Clogged Drain, If You Are Lost, Rise to the Surface
                    Specific Skill Series COMPREHENSION, readingthe Children - Which Picture is Right?, Work in the House -
Following Directions: Preparatory                              Read to
                    Work Guide
Work Tales - Curriculum Tales                                  Plot Summary, Vocabulary, What Did You Read?Tales books
                                          COMPREHENSION, reading                               Use with the Work
Filling Out Forms                         LIFE, writing                                        Two Citizenship and Voting
                                                               Personal Information, Health Care, Copies
Facts and SourcesLife-Coping Skills SeriesSTUDY, life                                          Two Copies
                                                               Books and Libraries, Radio, TV, and Other Media, Getting Informati
Using Transportation                      LIFE
                    Follett Coping Life Skills                                                 Two Copies
                                                               Street Signs, Route Maps for Buses, Transfers and Special Fares
                     One: Charting Activity Based Employment Program
                                           Career Path                                         Two Copies
You're Hired! BookContemporary'sYourJOB, career choice What Do You Value?, What Are Your Everyday Skills?, What Jobs S
                    Working in the World of Work Book 2 Personal Information, Reporting Absence, Observing Safety
Beginning Language Skills for English JOB, communication                                       ESL, Teacher's Guide
Improving Work HabitsSkills               JOB                                                  Taking Breaks
                                                               Punctuality, Being Organized, Six Copies
                                          JOB,                                                   Personality
Home Health Aide Careers Without College career choice What the Job is Like, Training,Four Copies Traits
                    Ahead                 LIFE, comprehension, reading Jury Duty Notice,Two Copies
Caution: Fine Print Practice in Survival Reading 2             Income Tax,                      Lease
Basics of Banking                         FINANCIAL, banking                                   Four Copies
                                                               What is a Bank Statement?, How Can I Check My Account?
Budgeting and Your Credit                 FINANCIAL, moneyEmergencies, Savings, Why Do People Use Credit?
Checking and Savings                                            banking                        Two Copies
                                          FINANCIAL, money,Withdrawing Money, Making Deposits, Saving My Money
                    Careers Without College career choice What the Job is Like?, Training hree Copies
Occupational Therapy Guide                JOB,                                                 T
                                          LIFE,                Traffic Signs, Library Signs, Labels Copies
Signs and Labels Life-Coping Skills Series reading, comprehension                              Two on Food
Essential Foundational Employment Skills  JOB                                                  Ten Copies
                                                               Customer Service, Interviewing Strategies, Computer Basics and th
                                          STUDY, life          Goal Setting in Adult Tutors,
Go for the Goal: A Winning Approach to Learner-Centered The Role of Staff andLiteracy Short-Term or Long-Term Goals, The
                    Practice              COMPREHENSION, reading
Read the Instructions First in Survival Reading                                                Utility Bill
                                                               Copy Machines, Laundromat, Two Copies
                    On                                                                         Four Copies
Taxes, Taxes, Taxes the Job Series LIFE, job, financial Filling Out Form W-4, Filling out Form 1040EZ, Post Test
Signs Around Town                         LIFE, comprehension, reading Store, Bus Stop, Employment Office, Donut Shop
                    Practice in Survival Reading 2             Department                      Two Copies
Label Talk                                LIFE, shopping
                    Practice in Survival Reading                                               Two Copies
                                                               Clothing Care-tags, Aspirin, Antifreeze, Bleach
                    English ASAP          JOB, communication, vocab, writing Duties, Solve Customer's Problems, Adjust to Ch
Connecting English to the Workforce: Workbook 4                Describe Your Job               Use with Student book 4
                    Working in the World of communication, writing                             ESL, three copies
A Picture-Based Approach for English JOB,Work Book 1 Personal Information, Asking for Help, Time Clocks and Schedules
The Complete Get That Job!                                     Cover Letters, References, Tips forCopies
                                          JOB, writing, communication                          Two Your New Job
Finding a Job                             JOB,                 Fill in the
                    Adult Reading Collection spelling, writing, readingBlank, Crosswords Book of stories about getting a job, no
Working with Others                       JOB, communication   Addressing                       to Act at the
                    Family Development Series: About You and Others an Envelope, HowTwo Copies Interview, Adjusting to a
                                          HEALTH,              Calling for a
Personal Health Life Skills for Today's World vocab, communicationMedical Appointment, Completing a Medical History Fo
                    A Guide to Consumer Protection
                                          LIFE, communication omplaining in Person, Knowing When to Sue, Avoiding Consumer
Know Your Rights: Janus Money Matters Guide                    C
                    Citizen Revised       LIFE, community, citizenship
Being an Informed Family Development Series: About YourYour Rights as a Citizen, Citizen Responsibilities, Information and O
                    a guide to consumer Guide
                                          LIFE, financial, shopping,
                                                               Understanding Warrenties, Complaining in Person, Complaining by
Know Your Rights: Janus Money Mattersprotection (New Edition) communication
It's Your Right                           LIFE, Series for communication in the United States, The Three Levels of Governme
                                                               Marriage Laws
                    Choices: An ESL Lifeskillscitizenship,Adults
                     to See, What to Do LIFE, communication     Community                      Two Copies
Where to Go, WhoFamily Development Series: About YourSocial Services, Health and Medical Services, Legal Services
Families and Schools                      PARENTING/FAMILY,    Prenatal Care, Figuring Out
                    Choices: An ESL Lifeskills Series for Adultscommunication, vocab the US: Choosing Daycare, Disciplining
                    On to Community Services
Getting Help: A Guide Your Own                                 F
                                          LIFE, communication inding a Lawyer, Handling Family Problems, Finding a Doctor
                    Follett Coping Skill Series communication sing the Telephone Book, How the Telephone Book Can Help You
Using Community Resources                 LIFE,                U
Responsibility      The Values Library LIFE, reading           What is Responsibility?, Family Responsibility, Responsibility Yester
Your Attitude is Showing, Excercise Guide communication        Hold on to Your Positive Attitude, Releasing Your Frustration Positiv
                                          LIFE, vocab
Driver's License Language: A Survival Vocabulary               Motor Vehicle Bureau. Words and Meanings, Missing Vowels
Reading Survival Skills                   LIFE, reading        Functioning in the Household, Telephone and Postal Skills, Entertai
                    Janus Towns           L
Getting Around Cities andSurvival GuideIFE, maps               Getting Around a Building, Looking for an Address, Reading a Stree
                    Life-Coping Skills LIFE,                   Signs and                        Use with Signs and Labels
Signs and Labels, Teacher's Edition Series reading, comprehension Labels in Grocery Stores, Signs in Schools, Sales Signs
                    Essential Skills for the Workplace
                                          JOB,                 Completing a Telephone Message Form, Scanning for Information,
Obtaining Information and Using Resources communication, math, writing
                    Know About Skills Seriesreading, comprehension
                                          LIFE,                Advertisements, Warrenties, Dictionary Skills, Using the Library
What You Need to Essential LifeReading Ads, Reference Materials, and Legal Documents
Machine-Age Riddles                       LIFE, reading, comprehension
                    Practice in Survival Reading               Washing Machine, Bus Signs
                                          LIFE, financial, shopping Money When Buying Food, Choosing a Place to Rent, Healt
Thrifty Living: Consumer Tips and Information                  Saving
                    Janus                 L                    P
Using the Phone Book Survival GuideIFE, communication laces with Many Numbers, Finding Government Numbers, What's
                                            World              Money in reading                 ESL
Access Reading 1: Reading in the RealLIFE, comprehension, vocab, Your Pocket, Fun and Relaxation, Personal Safety
Lifeskills 2                              LIFE,                Job Interviews, Transportation, Food
                    New Horizons in English communication, vocab, grammer                       ESL
                                          LIFE, communication, Forms and Tests, Reading Directions, Reading and Writing Notes a
Lifeline: Communication Competency in Reading and Writing writing. comprehension, reading
                                          JOB, life, communication, andand Book One
                                                               Speaking Work
Communication Skills That Work: A Functional Approach for Life writing Listening, Giving Directions, Writing, Labels and Lists
                                          LIFE, reading, comprehension
                                                               Help Wanted, Predicting Words, Are You What You Eat?, Compare
Reader's Choice Insights: A Reading and Critical-Thinking Program for Today's World
                                          JOB,                                                  Two Copies
Nurse Assistant Careers Without College career choice What Nurse Assistants Do?, Training, Where the Job Can Lead?
Domestic ViolenceFamily Issues                                 Please Help Me (story), Domestic Violence High Interest, Low Vocab
                                          PARENTING/FAMILY, health                              Five Copies, (article), Your Turn
Getting Married Family Issues                                  What's Going On?(story), Getting Married (article), Your Turn Vocab
                                          PARENTING/FAMILY, communication                       Two Copies, High Interest Low
Where People LiveCommunity Issues HOUSING                                                       Five Live (article), Your Turn
                                                               Going Home (story), Where PeopleCopies, High Interest, Low Vocab
                    Community Issues PARENTING/FAMILY, citizenshipor Two? (story), Rich and Poor Schools (article),Vocab
Rich and Poor Schools                                          One Country                      Two Copies, High Interest Low Your
                    Community Issues LIFE, citizenship
Who Are the Homeless?                                                                           Two Copies, High Interest (article), Y
                                                               Not in My Neighborhood (story), Who Are the Homeless?Low Vocab
Equal Pay           Work Issues           JOB, citizenship                                      (article), Your Turn
                                                               It's Not Fair (story), Equal Pay High Interest Low Vocabulary
Teacher's Guide Family Issues, WorkLIFE                         Issues                          it Out - Work Issues, Writing About H
                                            Issues, CommunityTheme-Based Instruction, Act Two copies, to be used with the variou
                                          JOB,                                                   Where the
Retail SalespersonCareers Without College career choice What the Job is Like, Training,Six copies Job Can Lead
                     a Job
Networking to FindLooking at Work         JOB, communication                                    Two Copies
                                                               Benefits of Networking, Overcoming Shyness, Using the Telephone
                                          JOB, career choice Important Skills, A Technician's Tasks
Getting Ready for a Career as a Computer Technician
                    Glencoe Occupational Adult Learning Series
Health Occupations Reading                                     Reading to Do, Changing Text to Pictures, Locating Information in B
                                          JOB, comprehension, reading, charts and graphs Missing Textbook
                    What Job
Charley the TV Repairman for Me? JOB, reading, comprehension                                    High Interest Low Vocabulary
                                                               Where I Teach My New Boss a Lesson, I Find Out About TV Dogs,
                     Reading              JOB, career choice, Locating Information in Books,Worksheets Do, Reading to Learn
Automotive TradesGlencoe Occupational Adult Learning Series     comprehension, reading           Reading to to be used with Automoti
                     Knowledge Base JOB, career choice, Working in the Automobile Trades, Dealing with Customers, Engine
Automotive TradesGlencoe Occupational Adult Learning Series     comprehension, reading          Reading to go along with Automotive
Basic Plumbing Illustrated                                     You'll
                                          LIFE, household repair Need to Know, Pipefitting Know-how, Plumber's Language
Setting Career Goals Skills               JOB, life            Discovering Skills, Finding Help, Career Goals and You
150 Ways to Keep Your Job                                      Looking Right on                 Two Copies
                                          JOB, communication, life, vocabulary the Job, Speaking Skills, Using the Telephone at W
The Reality of Work and Promotion                              Dealing with Your Co-workers,Two Copies
                                          JOB, communication, life, comprehension, reading Unions, Changing Jobs
                                          JOB, comprehension, Work Book Two
Reading Skills That Work: A Functional Approach for Life andreading When You Read, Causes and Effects, Reading to Perfor
Working Too Slowly! Skills for Job SuccessJOB, communication   Sam's Choice, Think Skills, Say Skills, Accepting Criticism
                                           Job                 Be On                            High Interest, with Vocabulary
Don't Get Fired! 13 Ways to Hold Your JOB, communication, life Time, Follow Directions, Don't Aruge Low Your Boss, Leave
Keeping a Job       Pacemaker             JOB, communication                                    High Interest Low Job
                                                               Getting Started, Problems on the Job, The RightVocabulary
How to Get a Job and Keep It                                   Preparing
                                          JOB, communication, writing for the Job interview, Why People Lose Their Jobs, Adjus
                    Essential Skills for JOB, reading, math, comprehension, Agenda, Complete a Bank
Improving Workplace Performance the Workplace (LevelCreate a Meeting communication, writing, life Transaction, Select a N
                    Essential Skills      JOB, communication, reading, life, math
Building Workplace Competenciesfor the Workplace (LevelFind and Correct Mistakes, Calculate Depreciation, Schedule Servin
                    Working in the World of Work Book Two
Beginning Language Skills for English JOB, communication                                        ESL, two copies
                                                               Personal Information, Reporting Absence, Observing Safety
Time ManagementWorkforce: Building JOB, study, life, reading   Setting Goals, Adjusting to a Change in Priorities, Managing Time D
                                          JOB, reading, comprehension, writing, vocab Getting and Giving Instructions
Attitudes for Work: Going Places with Your Personality         Getting Along with Others,       Great for low level
Job Search Techniques and Stress Managementjob                 What is Rejection Shock, When to Get Help for Stress, Developing
                                          JOB, citizenship      Enforce Them
Hiring and Firing: Your Rights and the Agencies Created to What is Illegal Discrimination, Do I Need a Representative?, What A
                                          JOB, career choice How to Identify Companies You May Wish to Work For, What is the
Employer Research: Tactics Required to Identify the Employer Market
Careereach                                JOB, career choice Personal Ground Rules, Self Inventory Chart, Narrow Your Career L
Finding Work                               Series              Finding and
                    Follett Coping Skills JOB, comprehension, reading Reading Help Wanted Ads, Checking Your Qualification
Getting a Job                             JOB                                                   For use with a Job Application, Work
                                                               Getting A Social Security Card, Completinga missing audio cassette
Finding a Job                             JOB,
                    Adult Reading Collection reading, writing  New Words, Fill in the Blank Worksheets
                     Two: Getting the Right Job
                                          JOB, career choice Finding Available Jobs, Your Personal History, Before the Interview,
You're Hired! BookContemporary's Activity-Based Employment Program
Reading Want Ads                                               Help Wanted, Salary, Part-Time, Mon.-Fri.
                                          JOB, reading, comprehension, writing, vocabulary Great for low level. two copies
                    J                     L                    What are the Want Ads?, Looking for an Apartment, Writing Want A
Using the Want Adsanus Survival GuideIFE, job, reading, comprehension
                                          JOB, reading comprehension
Looking for a Job Follett Success Skills Series                                                 High Interest Low Vocabulary
                                                               Broken Leg, Letter of Application, New Year's Night
Job Planner                       JOB,
                Janus Career Planning career choice Work Experience Inventory, Dreams, Wants, and Needs, Work Inte
The Career Box Worksheets                                                            Designer, Locksmith
                                  JOB, career choice Bus Driver, Hotel Clerk, Floral To be used with the Career Box
The Job Box Worksheets                                                               To be used with the Job Box
                                  JOB, career choice Parking Lot Attendant, Waiter/Waitress, Library Assistant, Dishwash
                                  JOB, writing, communication
                                                     Find out
The Damn Good Resume Guide: A crash course in resume writing what skills are needed,Action Verbs, Formatting an Electro

Adult Employability Portfolio            JOB, communication  Assesment: Going for an Interview, Community Treasure Hunt, Tea
                    Cambridge            JOB,
Communicating in Business Professional communication         Small Talk, Cultural DIversity and Socializing, Using the Telephone,
Advertising: Principles and Practice                          communication                 101 Coursebook
                                         JOB, career choice, Advertising Foundations and Environment, Integrating Marketing Co
                                         JOB, a lexical approach
                                                              vocabulary, comprehension 101 Coursework, 4 copies
New Busines Matters: business matters with career choice, Cultural Awareness, Mergers and Acquisitions, FInance and Credit
Store Words                              JOB, Plus            vocabulary
                    Janus Career Awareness career choice, Store Clerk, Custodian, Package Pick Up Clerk, What's the Story?
Restaurant WordCards Awareness Plus      VOCAB, job          Receipt, Waiter, Garbage       vocaulary flashcards
Store Wordcards Career Awareness Plus    VOCAB, job          Copy Machine, Ticket, Errand vocabulary flashcards
Retail Sales                             JOB,
                    Communicating at Work communication                                     Great for low level
                                                             Responding to Praise, Handling Irregularities,Responding to Custom
InforJob 7: Sales Careers                JOB, career choice Insurance Agents and Brokers, Real Estate Salesworkers, Automob
                                         JOB,                 reading, comprehension        Two Copies
Restaurant Jobs Career Awareness Plus career choice, Waiter/Waitress: Meet the Workers, Busperson: Meet the Worker
                                                             It Happened                    High Interest Low Vocabulary
Phil the File Clerk What Job for Me? JOB, reading, comprehension a Minute Ago, Apples Before Bananas ,Six Ambitious K
                    On the Job Employability Skills Program References and Job Applications, Interviewing, Job-Keeping Skills,
Program Administrator's Manual           JOB, communication, career choice
InfoJob 6: Office and Clerical           JOB, career choice Hotel Front Office Clerks, Bank Clerks, Claim Adjusters
                                         JOB, Plans           vocabulary
Restaurant Words Janus Career Awareness career choice, Host/Hostess, Busperson, Cashier
Decisions for Health Book Two            HEALTH, parenting Living with Your Family, Growth and Development, Alcohol and Hea
Decisions for Health Book One            HEALTH                                             Two for Your
                                                             Emotional Health, Nutrition, Caring Copies Teeth, Safety and First-
Medical Language Survival VocabularyHEALTH, vocabulary ords and Meanings, Scarmbled Letters, Same Words
Medical Language Survial Vocabulary HEALTH, vocabulary ords and Meanings, Scrambled Letters, Crosswords
                                         HEALTH, parenting Signs Chemical Dependency, Eating Disorders and Abuse
HELP for: Addictive Diseases/Compulsive Behaviors, Alcoholism,and Symptoms of Drug or Alcohol Abuse, Drinking Problems
Staying Healthy Janus Life Skills        HEALTH              Keeping Physically Healthy, Keeping Mentally Fit, Good Grooming, F
Health and You Book Two                  HEALTH              First Aid, Safety Outdoors, Germs Can Make You Sick, Dating
                                         HEALTH              Mouth
Red Cross CPR Model Respiratory and Circulatory Emergencies to Mouth Breathing, The Check Stop, Jutting the Jaw
Self-Esteem         Globe Health Program HEALTH              Self-Esteem and Mental Health, Living with Stress, What is Mental I
                                         HEALTH              What
Chemotherapy and You: A Guide to Self-Help During Treatment is Chemotherapy?, What if I don't Feel Like Eating?, Coping W
Be a Friend: Children Who Live With HIV Speak                                               Two Copies
                                                             I Often Wonder, Family, Friends, and AIDS
Staying Well                             HEALTH
                    Information for Better Living            How Healthy Are You?, A Balanced Diet, Knowing When You Need
Health II                                HEALTH
                    The APL Series: Coping in Today's SocietyUnderstanding Yourself, Child Rearing, The Adolescent
Diabetes            Savon Diabetes       HEALTH                                             Two Copies
                                                             The Skinny on Sucralose, Helping Your Young Ones with Diabetes
Health I                                 HEALTH
                    The APL Series: Coping in Today's Society                               Maintenance,
                                                             Preventative Care and Health Two Copies Nutrition, Drug Abuse
Basic Nutrition and Diet Therapy         HEALTH                                             101 College Textbook
                                                             Community Nutrition and Healthcare, Gastrointestinal Problems, Re
The Human Body in Health and Disease EALTH                                                   Lymphatic textbook
                                                             Cells and Tissues, Blood, The101 collegeSystem
The Human Body in Health and Disease EALTH                                                   Lymphatic System
                                                             Cells and Tissues, Blood, TheStudy guides to be used with textbook
                    Urbana Adult         HEALTH              The Cost                       Labelled 6th grade reading level, Pho
Preventing Addictive Behaviors Education Health Education Series of Tobacco, Know the Effects- Know the Dangers, Other A
                    Urbana               HEALTH              Healthy                        Labelled 6th
Preventative Health Care Adult Education Health Education SeriesChoices, Women's Health Issues grade reading level
g Your Bank Statement

 ay-Away Plans
ed Monthly Expenses, Where Does Your Money Go?
 d, If You Get Sick or Injured, Knowing Where to Buy Insurance
Best?, Balancing Your Check Register

 Healthy Food
ntake Nurse, How to Choose a Doctor

owing Them, How I'm Doing
Burns), Stings and Bites, Stop the Bleeding!

ns of Illness, Home Sanitation
 nding Family Members, Guiding Children
 s, An Unplanned Pregnancy
al guide, not a workbook, from 1989

work?, It's My Food
his Neighborhood, It's Against the Law
us Credit Cards, Bankruptcy
BE level reading

ds Wisely, Information and Spelling Recall
 s and Meanings

 urance, Banking Services

iteracy skills, technically ESL but will work for anyone working on job skills
erviews, Payday

iteracy excercises
  Positively to Customer's Complaints, Confirm Information Before You Take Action
 nterest Low Level stories with follow up worksheets
 What's Important, Control Interruptions
nced Reading Level
py Prose Ahead,Exhibits: The Quick and the Dull

 illows, Bathe Your Dog
ere Do I Go Next?, Map a Route
ces, Reading Labels
nced Reading Level

 copiable Daily Planner
 f Contents, An Alphabet Puzzle
Skimming for Information

ook, Lost! In the Library
ph, Calendar
aurus for Adult New Readers
 After?, Looking for Things in Common

st Pre-Literacy
d to eat, Put a checkmark after the sentence that goes with the picture
 uch as circle the squares that spell the same across and down
t, Rise to the Surface
e is Right?, Work in the House - Which Picture is Right?
with the Work Tales books

Teacher's Guide

ople Use Credit?

 Term or Long-Term Goals, The Feedback Loop

with Student book 4

 of stories about getting a job, not job skills exactly

Completing a Medical History Form, Health Emergencies
hen to Sue, Avoiding Consumer Problems
sponsibilities, Information and Opinion
 ning in Person, Complaining by Mail
 The Three Levels of Government, Letters to the Editor

 Choosing Daycare, Disciplining Children, A Report Card
Problems, Finding a Doctor
e Telephone Book Can Help You, What You Can Find in the Yellow Pages
 ponsibility, Responsibility Yesterday and Today
eleasing Your Frustration Positively, Beware of the Rumor Mill
Meanings, Missing Vowels
phone and Postal Skills, Entertainment and Travel, Jobs, FInances, and Commitments
for an Address, Reading a Street Map
with Signs and Labels
Form, Scanning for Information, Finding Sales Tax, Weights and Measures
 ary Skills, Using the Library

Choosing a Place to Rent, Healthy Tips for Eating Out
 Government Numbers, What's in the Yellow Pages?

ns, Reading and Writing Notes and Letters
 ctions, Writing, Labels and Lists
e You What You Eat?, Compare and Contrast

Copies, High Interest, Low Vocab
Copies, High Interest Low Vocabulary
Copies, High Interest, Low Vocabulary
Copies, High Interest Low Vocabulary
Copies, High Interest Low Vocabulary
 nterest Low Vocabulary
copies, to be used with the various Issues books

nterest Low Vocabulary
sheets to be used with Automotive Trades Knowledge Base book
ng to go along with Automotive Trades workbook
w-how, Plumber's Language
reer Goals and You

s and Effects, Reading to Perform Tasks
 ls, Accepting Criticism
 nterest, Low Vocabulary
 nterest Low Vocabulary
y People Lose Their Jobs, Adjusting to Change, Reasons for Leaving Your Job
e a Bank Transaction, Select a New Vacuum Cleaner
e Depreciation, Schedule Serving Staff

e in Priorities, Managing Time During a Crisis

Get Help for Stress, Developing Employer Contacts
Need a Representative?, What Are some of the Wage Protections?
y Wish to Work For, What is the "Hidden Labor Market"?, Other Employer Research Resources
ory Chart, Narrow Your Career List, Set Your Goals
Ads, Checking Your Qualifications, Making Comparisons
se with a missing audio cassette tape

nal History, Before the Interview, Your Rights
 for low level. two copies
or an Apartment, Writing Want Ads
 nterest Low Vocabulary
s, Wants, and Needs, Work Interest Inventory
 used with the Career Box
 used with the Job Box
on Verbs, Formatting an Electronic Resume

 Community Treasure Hunt, Teamwork
 ocializing, Using the Telephone, Meetings

Coursework, 4 copies
 ck Up Clerk, What's the Story?
ulary flashcards
bulary flashcards

 l Estate Salesworkers, Automobile Salesworkers

 nterest Low Vocabulary
nterviewing, Job-Keeping Skills, Transferable Skills
 ks, Claim Adjusters

  Development, Alcohol and Health, Communicable Diseases, AIDS and STDs

 etters, Same Words
 etters, Crosswords
 ohol Abuse, Drinking Problems and Families, Abuse Statistics, Unspoken Cry of the Addictive Personality
g Mentally Fit, Good Grooming, Finding Good Medical Care
Can Make You Sick, Dating
 ck Stop, Jutting the Jaw
 ng with Stress, What is Mental Illness?
 on't Feel Like Eating?, Coping With Side Effects, Paying for Chemotherapy

 Diet, Knowing When You Need Help, Talking With Your Doctor
 ng, The Adolescent

College Textbook
 ollege textbook
  guides to be used with textbook
 led 6th grade reading level, Photocopiable worksheets in a binder
 led 6th grade reading level

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