Cosmetic_Surgery by huangyuarong


									               Cosmetic Surgery: not all that glitters is gold

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all? In fashion stores these days, it is most
likely that your image will be attached to a computer capable of influencing your features to
produce ideas of you at your fairest. This is a biased image, falsified by computer and video
technology, which is altered more easily than frying sausage in batter. This cannot be
compared to the actual work done by cosmetic surgeons, who spend hours in operating
theatres trying to perfect the imperfection our brains continuously point out to us.

Media plays an important role in the promotion of beauty among today's youth. Now don't
get it twisted, external beauty is a lovely asset to possess. However, searching the heart it is
obvious that beauty is not everything that a person should aspire to have even at the cost of
ones life. Saeko Kimura was a shy eighteen year old, sleepy eyed university student-until she
discovered a secret weapon: if she applied a strip of glue to her eyelids, her eyes became
wider, rounder and prettier. "Men noticed me," she says. "I became outgoing. Suddenly I had
a life." But Kimura collapses with an ice pack on her face and moans, "oh the pain."

The story of a lady who was misinformed about breast implant surgery and suffered horrific
after effects. She thinks back... "The day I was implanted, I remember there was no mention
of the possibility of breast implants leaking or that they could cause illness and diseases.
Reading the internal medical research memos, which talk about silicone implant causing
severe autoimmune illness and cancer in rats, made me furious. I feel I have given my health
and life so that these companies could use me as a guinea pig, a lab rat to be sacrificed so that
they could make a buck."

The    cases    mentioned      maybe     fictional.   Nevertheless,     many     people     who
undergo cosmetic surgery come out worse due to unforeseen complications that occurred
during operations, or side effects that manifested days, weeks, months or even years after the
initial operation. It's funny how we are always shown the "before and after" but never the

Be wise about the choices you make in life, as it is better to be a “plain Jane” than
a “beautiful Cinderella” with cosmetic surgery induced disease. Realize that beauty comes
from within, that you are beautiful if you think, act and believe it.

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