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					DePaul University 2010

 Compensation and Benefits
                    Today’s Agenda
DePaul’s Compensation Philosophy
•   A Total Compensation Philosophy and Salary Structure Grounded in
    Organizational Values and External Marketplace

Health and Welfare Programs
•   Health and Welfare Programs that support wellness and security

403(b) Retirement Plan
•   Administered by Fidelity or TIAA-CREF providing tax-deferred retirement

Work/Life Benefits
•   Work / Life Benefits that support the balance between your work and
    personal life
Compensation Philosophy
                Respect for individual
                dignity, a central
                teaching of St.
                Vincent DePaul, lies
                at the heart of the

Total Compensation Philosophy
• Mission Driven
  Align compensation policies and procedures to support DePaul’s long-term
• Sustainable
  Manage compensation programs efficiently and effectively to meet
  competitive goals and maintain financial viability.
• Competitive
  Establish levels of compensation that compete well with those of similar
  universities and appropriate external benchmarks.
• Just
  Respect individual dignity by recognizing the relative value of every job
  function to the University and by equitably rewarding individual
• Compliant
  Ensure that DePaul’s compensation policies and procedures are in
  compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations.
       The Compensation Program supports
           VISION twenty12 Objectives
• To become a leader in the recruitment and retention of a diverse
  faculty and staff;

• To manage the financial resources allocated to total compensation
  for its faculty and staff in a consistent and disciplined manner;

• To compensate faculty and staff competitively, fairly, and efficiently;

• To ensure that HR functions, university business practices, and
  internal communications are responsive to the needs of faculty and

Health and Welfare

      Health and Welfare Overview
• Eligibility
   – You are eligible to enroll in benefits coverage upon your date of

   – Some benefits may be extended to spouse, children and 2nd
     domiciled adults (see Benefits Enrollment Page for details).

• Choices
   – Three Medical Plan options

   – Dental, Vision and Flexible Spending Plans available

   – Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment options

   Health and Welfare Overview
• Enrollment
   – Enroll through Campus Connection with your user name and

   – Your chosen coverage will be effective on the 1st of the month
     following your date of hire (or on the actual date of hire if you are
     hired on the 1st of the month) provided you enroll correctly.

   – Your paycheck deduction will begin on your first paycheck after
     you have completed your enrollment.

   – Your next opportunity to make changes to your benefits
     enrollment is during the annual Open Enrollment or within 31
     days after a qualified family status change.

    Health Benefits: CDHP, PPO, HMO

 Consumer Driven Health Plan           Preferred Provider Organization              Health Maintenance
         (CDHP)*                                    (PPO)                           Organization (HMO)

       Blue Cross Blue Shield                 Blue Cross Blue Shield                Blue Cross Blue Shield
        Blue Edge HSA Plan                          PPO Plan                             HMO Illinois
Use any provider                      Use any provider                          Use network providers only
Generally, referrals not required     Generally, referrals not required         Generally must use PCP
Can go out-of-network but greater     Can go out-of-network but greater         Must use in-network providers or
benefits when in-network providers    benefits when in-network providers used   no benefits will be paid
                                                                                Referrals may be required for
                                                                                specialist care
Deductibles and coinsurance apply     Deductibles and coinsurance apply as      Generally, no deductibles or
                                      well as office visit co-pays              coinsurance apply. There are
                                                                                office visit co-pays
Employer contributions to Health
Savings Account
Please read the Health Plan SPD on the University’s Human Resources website before finalizing your
enrollment decision.

    Health and Welfare Overview
• Waiving Medical Coverage
   – You may actively waive medical coverage at the enrollment site
     via Campus Connection if you have coverage elsewhere. If you
     elect to waive medical coverage, you must also provide a copy
     of your medical card to HR.

   – You will receive an additional $30 of taxable compensation per
     month if you actively waive medical coverage.

• If you do not take action
   – If you do not enroll or waive medical coverage within 31 days of
     your hire date, you will be defaulted into the Blue Cross Blue
     Shield PPO plan for individual coverage.

Health Benefits: Blue Care Dental PPO

                                                                    In-network               Out-of-network
                                                                   $50 per person              $50 per person
Annual Deductible1                                                 $150 per family             $150 per family
Annual Maximum                                                    $1,500 per person          $1,500 per person
Preventive Services:
•Oral examinations (two per year)
•Dental x-rays (bitewing x-rays twice per calendar year, full           100%                   100% of U&C2
mouth or panoramic x-ray once every 36 months)
•Cleaning, scaling and polishing of the teeth (twice per year)
Primary Services:
•Fillings                                                               80%                     80% of U&C2
•Simple Extractions
Major Services:
                                                                        50%                     50% of U&C2
•Inlays, onlays, and crowns, bridges
Orthodontics3                                                           50%                     50% of U&C2
Orthodontic lifetime maximum                                      $1,500 per person          $1,500 per person

1.     Deductible does not apply to Preventive Services.
2.     Only usual and customary (U&C) charges are considered; excess fees are the employee’s responsibility.
3.     Orthodontic services are available to dependents under the age of 19 only.
              Additional Benefits

Paid by Employer
• Group Basic Life Insurance (1½ times Base Salary)
• Long-Term Disability

Paid by Employee
•   Vision Service Plan
•   Supplemental Life Insurance
•   Dependent Life Insurance
•   Accidental Death and Dismemberment
•   Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account
•   Health Care Flexible Spending Account

                     VSP Vision Plan
                                   Benefit Schedule
     Eye exams                                        Once every 12 months
     Prescription Eyeglasses or Contacts (not both)   Once every 12 months

VSP Coverage          In-Network                 Out of Network (Reimbursements)
Routine Eye Exam      $10 Co-Pay                 $25 Reimbursement
Eyeglasses (Lenses & $20 Co-Pay
Frames, certain
exclusions may apply)
Frames                $150 dollar allowance      $45 Reimbursement
                      after the $20 Co-Pay
                      (if your frames are over   Single-vision lenses $30 Reimbursement
                      the plan allowance VSP     Lined bifocal lenses $35 Reimbursement
                      will provide a 20%         Lined trifocal lenses $45 Reimbursement
                      discount off your out of   Tints                  $5 Reimbursement
                      pocket costs)
Contacts              $150 allowance             $105 Reimbursement               13
    Life Insurance
     Group Basic Life Insurance
 1½ times Base Salary Paid for by DePaul

     Supplemental Life Insurance
  1 - 5 Times your base salary up to $300,000

Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  1 – 5 Times your base salary up to $300,000

      Dependent Life Insurance
       $20,000 Spouse / $10,000 Child
       $10,000 Spouse / $5,000 Child

Flexible Spending Accounts
    Health Care Flexible Spending Account
             $100 - $5,000 per year

  Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account
             $500 - $5,000 per year

    Illness, Disability and Leaves

• Sick Pay

• Short Term Disability

• Long-Term Disability

• Family Medical Leave Act

To learn more about FMLA go to:

             Time-Off Benefits

Paid Vacation
  Exempt Staff :
   1-10 Years of Service=             3 weeks
   10 plus Years of Service=          4 weeks

  Non-Exempt Staff:
   1-3 Years of Service=              2 weeks
   3 plus-10 Years of Service=        3 weeks
   10 plus Years of Service=          4 weeks

                   Time-Off Benefits

Two Floating Holidays per year
  In the first year of employment, six months of service is required as
  a prerequisite.

Paid Holidays

Summer Hours

Flexible Work Options
                Enrollment Procedures
1.      Select the plans in which to
        participate                          are
2.      Determine who is eligible and
        whom you will cover                  are
3.      Inform HR of dependents and          Complete the Add / Change Dependent
        beneficiaries                        Form and if applicable a Declaration of Tax
                                             Status Form both available at:
4.      Enroll in the selected plans
5.     Don’t wait, enroll ASAP               If you do not enroll or waive medical within
                                             31 days, you will be defaulted into the PPO
                                             plan with individual coverage

     Call the Benefits Help Line if needed   (312) 362-8232

            Enrollment Resources
Available in the Benefits section of the HR website

• The Consumer Driven Health Plan Web Page: detailed plan
  information, enrollment instructions, contribution rules and more
• Benefits Enrollment Information Page: links to summary plan
  descriptions, plan premiums, enrollment instructions, and to Campus
• Summary Plan Descriptions: eligibility rules, benefit levels, ERISA
  rights and more
• Benefits Summary: Campus Connection: For Employees, Self-
  Service, Benefits Summary
• Benefits Help Line: (312) 362-8232

403 (b) Retirement Plan
• Plan Overview
• Enrollment

               403(b) Retirement Plan

A tax-deferred retirement plan for DePaul Faculty and Staff

•   Participation: In general, most regular staff and faculty employees may
    participate in the Plan.

•   Deferrals: Participants may elect to defer a percentage (up to 100%) of
    their earned eligible compensation to the Plan on a pre-tax basis,
    subject to IRS limits. No after-tax contributions may be made to the

• Matching: Employees who have completed one year of service(as
  defined by the Plan), attained age 21 and deferred at least 5% are
  eligible for the University 8% matching contribution.

               403(b) Retirement Plan

• Credit for Service at Another Post-Secondary Educational Institution:
  New full-time faculty and staff who were employed on a full-time basis at
  another post-secondary educational institution within 120 days prior to
  starting work at the University may have their prior continuous service
  credited toward the one-year service requirement for the University
  matching contribution.

•   Vesting: Salary deferrals and matching contributions are fully and
    immediately vested.

•   Investments: Two Plan Fund Sponsors are available:
        • Fidelity Investments
        • TIAA-CREF

  403(b) Retirement Plan Enrollment Steps

• Step One: Complete the Contribution Election Form
  available at

• Step Two: Set up your account with one or both of the
  investment plan providers

• Step Three: Select investment mix directly from the
  investment plan provider’s website

Work Life Benefits

              Educational Benefits

Tuition Waiver
   Employees, spouses and dependents have access to tuition
   assistance based on eligibility guidelines. Details are found in the
   University Tuition Waiver policy.

Tuition Exchange Program
   Dependents of employees that are seeking an undergraduate
   degree also have access to a tuition exchange program with partner

                 Adoption Benefit

• Maximum of $2,000 per adoption

• Benefit to help defray the costs of legal fees and administrative
  expenses associated with an adoption

Transportation Tax-Savings
• Mass transit ticket fares

• Eligible commuter parking expenses

• See the Transportation page on the HR website
  for enrollment instructions.

• See the PayFlex website
  for details

  Employee Assistance Program
Fee-free Resources For
• Family and Care Giving
• Emotional Wellbeing
• Health and Wellness
• Working Smarter
• Daily Living

A perspective counselor can be reached at 1-800-456-6327.
Click on Online Services.
Username: DEP500 Password: perspectives

Back-Up Care Advantage Program
Provides temporary care during a lapse or
  breakdown in normal care arrangements.

• 3 Types of Care:
   – In-home well or mildly-ill child care
   – In-home adult care
   – Center-based child care
• Registration and Reservations
   – 1.877.BH.CARES or

                   Voluntary Benefits*
Long-Term Care
   – CNA Insurance - 800-528-4582 (must enroll within 31 days)
   – Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, "MetLife" 630-875-1394
   – Assists with costs associated with extended long term care such
      as home care, assisted living facilities, and nursing home care
   – Discounted Rates
   – Portable Coverage

Auto/Renters/Home Insurance
    – Contact MetLife at 800-GETMET8 (800-438-6388)
    – Enroll at any time
    – Discounts for payroll deductions

  * The individual insurance policies being represented through this voluntary insurance program
  are not part of the DePaul University group benefits program. DePaul does not subsidize,
  sponsor nor administer these policies. All service, claim, premium and benefit issues / questions
  are strictly between the policy owner and the applicable insurance carrier.

To Learn More About Your Plans
DePaul University Health Plans (Medical, Dental, and Vision)
– General Information Section (eligibility, coverage begin and end dates)
– Administrative Section (Claims Filing, Appeals, ERISA and COBRA)
– Medical Plans Details, Dental Plan Details, and Vision Plan Details
DePaul University 403(b) Retirement Plan;
DePaul University Group Life Insurance;
DePaul University Group Total Disability Insurance; and
DePaul University Flexible Spending Program

Summary Plan Descriptions can be found on the HR website at


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