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Sarong and good luck

You know that old Balinese maxim, don’t you? —You’ve gotta go along to gamelan. Umm … sorry. Anyway, Kennedy Theatre is out to prove that point with their
production entitled A (Balinese) Tempest. Guest director Larry Reed has created a dreamy performance piece melding a bit of the Bard with Balinese gamelan music, shadow
puppets, avant-garde projection techniques, plus a cast of real live actors. Call it cast-ral projection.

Umm … sorry.

Reed’s street cred comes from his work as founder and artistic director of ShadowLight Productions, based in San Francisco. He’s spent years learning and experimenting
with shadow and projection techniques, striving for a new, nearly cinematic style of performance. Guiding the UH Balinese gamelan ensemble for the production is I Nyoman
Sumandhi, himself a master Balinese puppeteer (dalang). A dalang is a highly skilled solo performer, manipulating an army of ornate puppets, creating dozens of individual
voices, all the while controlling an orchestra of gamelan players by tapping codes with his feet. A wayang kulit (shadow puppet) performance could start in the evening and
go until daybreak. Makes for dalang night.


Two special pre-show talks have been planned: director Reed on his shadow casting method on January 26th and Professor Kathy Foley on Southeast Asian theater, like
wayang kulit, and its influence on this production on February 2nd. Both are set for 7pm. —Steve Wagenseller

Kennedy Theatre, UH-Manoa, 1770 East-West Road, 1/25– 2/3, Fri.–Sat. at 8pm, Sun. at 2:00pm, $16 general, $14 seniors/military/UH faculty & staff, $11 non-UH students,
$5 UH students with valid ID, [etickethawaii.com], 956-7655

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