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									                                 ACCOUNT OPENING FORM
Name & Address:
Title: Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. / Dr.
Last Name / Surname: ____________________________________________________________________________

First Name / Forename: ___________________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth: ______ / ______ / ___________            Sex: Male / Female      Marital Status: _____________________

Permanent Residential Address:
City / Town / Village:
District: _____________________________________         State: _________________________________________

Country: ____________________________________            Pin / Post code: _________________________________

Contact Details:
Residence Number:
Country Code __________ Area Code / STD Code _____________ Number: __________________________
Mobile Number: Country Code: ______________ Number:
Email Id:
Alternate Email Id:
Professional Details:
Account Currency: (please tick one)       USD        Euro
Telephone Password (any word or number or a combination of both) ______________________________________

(This password will be used to verify your account if you ever want to discuss your account with us)
If you have been referred by and IB, please provide his account number: __________________________________

Specify the leverage that you want to opt for:     1:100        1:200        1:300      1:400       1:500

Risk Warning:
Please understand that Forex and CFD’s are leveraged products. Trading in these products might not be suitable for
you as these products are high risks products and you can lose more money than your initial deposits. It is your
responsibility to ensure that you abreast yourself with the risk associated with trading in Forex and garner knowledge
on trading these products to suit you according to your current situations and financial positions.
Notice & Declaration:
I hereby state that I understand the risk associate and nature of trading in Forex market.
I confirm that I have read, understood and agreed to bind by the V2FX Limited Customer
Agreement, Risk Disclosure and Terms of Business.
I also affirm and declare that I am more than 18 year of age and the information provided by me during the
account opening process is true and correct. I will notify you, in writing, if there is any change to the data
mentioned in the form. I also state that I am not breaching any regulation of my country of residence by
trading with Connoisseur Investment Limited.
I use Internet frequently and agree to Connoisseur Investment Limited providing information to me about the
changes to the Customer Agreement or Terms of Business by posting such information on the company
website www.v2fx.com
Signature: ______________________________________                             Date: _________________________

Supporting Documents:

To open account, you must provide the following documents:
ID PROOF: Driving License, Passport, National ID card.
Address Proof: Bank Statement, Utility Bill (Gas, Water, Telephone or Electricity),
             Passport, and Bank Letter Certifying the address
Bank Proof: Running Bank Statement, Bank Passbook.
Please note, PDF copies of mobile phone bill, electronically generated PDF bank statement and utility
bills will not be accepted.
Please send the scanned copies of the supporting documents & the application form to info@v2fx.com

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