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More of Martin Luthers Works Now Available in English



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                More of Martin Luther’s Works Now Available in English
                Expanded series offers students of Martin Luther’s teachings twenty new volu

                09.24.2009 – Saint Louis, MO—Concordia Publishing House (CPH) announces the
                expansion of Luther’s Works: American Edition. Twenty new volumes are being               Twitter Pitc
                translated from Luther’s original Latin and German into clear, accessible, modern         More words t
                                                                                                          Luther. See th
                English, and the introductions and footnotes make significant academic
                                                                                                          the Luther’s W
                contributions to our understanding of Luther’s confession of Christ.

                The newest book, volume 69 (John 17–20) is now available at          News Facts
                or by calling 1-800-325-3040. The book is available by itself or as a subscription.         About one-t
                Each volume is currently priced at $49.99; subscribers pay only $34.99 each, a 30%          works are c
                savings. Volumes will come out once a year and will ship automatically. To learn            English.

                more about the series, the Web site also includes a prospectus for the expansion of         Editor Christ
                                                                                                            assistant pr
                Luther’s Works: American Edition.
                                                                                                            at the Scho
                “Nearly five hundred years since the Reformation began, Martin Luther’s writings
                continue to inspire the preaching and teaching of Jesus Christ in the Christian           Resource Li
                Church around the world,” says the Rev. Dr. Benjamin T. G. Mayes, managing editor         Concordia P
                of Luther's Works. “The twenty planned new volumes, under the general editorship          CPH Media R

                of Dr. Christopher Boyd Brown are intended to reflect both modern and sixteenth-          Luther's Wo
                                                                                                          CPH Profess
                century interests and to expand the coverage of genres underrepresented in the
                existing volumes, such as Luther’s sermons (showing his pastoral application of
                the Word) and disputations (showing us Luther’s theology in a systematic context).”       Tags
                The newest volume of Luther’s Works: America Edition focuses on four chapters             Luther’s+Wo
                from the Gospel of John, including Luther's exposition of Jesus' high priestly prayer     Reformation
                in John 17, as well as his preached meditations on the entire Passion and                 Luther’s Wo

                resurrection of our Lord according to John.

                Dr. Mayes continues, “The last part of our new volume is truly unique. For the first
                time, we have collected and translated all of Luther's sermons on John 20:19–31,
                where Jesus breathes on His disciples, gives them the Holy Spirit, and bestows on
                them His authority to forgive and retain sins. The sermons here in Luther’s Works 69
                show in what ways Luther's explanation of this passage changed through his
                career, and in what ways it stayed the same. In every sermon Luther's concern to
                uphold the forgiveness of sins through the word of absolution is clear and

                Luther’s Works: American Edition has been well received by scholars and church

                Mark U. Edwards, Jr., Academic Dean at Harvard Divinity School, says, “This 20-
                volume new series splendidly complements its 55-volume predecessor and offers a
                treasure-trove of writings never before available in English, writings crucial to
                understanding Luther’s life, thought, and profound influence throughout the

Carter Lindberg, Professor of Church History Emeritus at Boston University School
of Theology, states, “Volume 69, Sermons on the Gospel of St. John, 17–20, is a
superb example of what we can expect from the edition’s general editor, Christopher
Brown. Pastors, professors, and students will profit from the judicious choice of
Luther’s sermons, disputations, and exegetical works.”

Robert Kolb, Missions Professor of Systematic Theology and Director of the Institute
for Mission Studies at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, says, “The volumes are
being edited according to the highest academic standards and their introductions
and notes offer readers helpful guides to the context and content of the reformer’s
writings. Casual readers and those seeking to expand and deepen their knowledge
of the Reformation will profit greatly from these carefully translated and edited

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