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									Recognizing the Warning Signs to Debt Problems

This article will give you a few quick tips on possible signs you may be struggling with debt or about to
reach that point. The key to any financial situation is to be able to learn as much as possible so that you
can make sure you are living your life and financial life as fully as possible. Credit comes into play with
this because you have to have credit in your life.

Think about buying your first house. Will you have enough cash to purchase it outright? The answer is probably
no as there are few people with an extra two hundred thousand dollars in their savings account. If you have
worked that hard to build that money up, you do not want to put all of it into a house because the money is
not as productive as it could be. See how important credit will be whether you want to buy a house or a car?
Debt is a two edged sword and causes many people to struggle and not be able to make ends meet.

The first warning sign to debt problems can be seen if you keep a budget. If you do not keep a budget, you
should work on doing this as soon as possible. Keeping a budget will allow you to see if your income is
meeting expenses. Most people do not know if their income is meeting their expenses. How would you know if you
are spending an extra hundred dollars a month to make ends meet if you did not do a budget? Keep track of your
expenses using a budget. Most people are amazed how much money they spend when they actually keep track of it.

The second warning sign to debt problems is if you decide to pull out your credit cards even when you have the
cash on hand. You know that you will pay it back later and it also allows you to spend the cash on something
else you want. You have just increased your expenses without even thinking about. This goes back to the first
warning sign. If you do not pay off your credit card bill every month, you are costing yourself finance
charges for what you have already used by pulling out your credit card instead of using the cash that you
already had on hand.

The third warning sign to debt problems is a continual transfer of balances from one card to another. Don't
use your credit card to pay off other credit cards. Many people will keep moving balances from one card with
zero percent APR to another to avoid paying any fees. This often is done without looking for a way to solve
the problem. If you have debt, it is essential to think about a plan of attack to solve the issue and get the
debt paid off.

These three warning signs to debt problems may not seem obvious when you think about it. Keeping a budget
allows you to see clearly if you are making ends meet while watching when you pull out your credit cards and
how you will pay your debts off shows you are on top of your finances.

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