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									Napa Valley Wine Tour is Incredible Gift

If you want an outstanding gift for that special wine lover, perhaps you should think about combining a gift
of travel with their love of wine. A wine tour to the Napa Valley in California would fit the bill very
nicely. With it's enjoyable weather and gorgeous scenery, the Napa Valley is a beautiful place to visit any
time of the year. There are many wineries located in this region of California which makes it an ideal
vacation spot for a wine enthusiast.

Although the region is renowned for producing many fine wines, the Napa Valley is only about 30 miles long.
Concentrated in this small area are over 200 wineries. Many of these have been family-owned for several
generations and produce some excellent wines. Because of the abundance of small wineries, there is a huge
variety of wines produced in this area.

Wine tours were originally created more as a promotional tool for the small wineries to call attention to
their wines. These tours grew in popularity over time and have resulted in a significant sideline and
business for the wine growers. It has grown to a huge industry with millions of tourists visiting each year.

Wine tours give wine lovers a chance to see the wineries from all aspects, from the growing grapes to the
production of the wines. Most of the wineries offer individual tours but there are also organized tour groups
that visit several wineries across the valley. These tours not only let the wine enthusiast see some of the
finest wineries, they also often are able to purchase the wines at bargain prices right at the wineries.

Napa Valley tours give wine lovers a chance to observe the wine making process from beginning to end and are
sure to be very educational. Many of the wineries also have wonderful eateries tucked away where you are
served excellent meals that you can enjoy with your wines. Fantastic scenery, sunny skies, gourmet meals and
fine wine... truly a wine lover's dream gift.

Many tours can be arranged through your local travel agents, whether you live in New England or Florida.
Before seeing your travel agent, you will need to decide on a budget for your wine tour gift. Once you know
that, then you can make decisions on what your gift will include.

Often you can get a great rate on inclusive packages that cover the flight, hotel and tour all in one package.
 Price will be determined by what you include in your wine tour gift. Hotel and transportation are two things
to consider when choosing the package. By doing a bit of research, you may find it is less expensive to pick
a hotel just outside the actual valley but provide transportation to the wine tour's starting location.

If you truly want to give a very special gift, consider giving a Napa Valley wine tour. Anyone getting this
as a gift will be getting a chance to experience world class wines while enjoying lovely scenery and fine
foods. The memories created by these experiences will last a lifetime and they will always appreciate you for
giving this incredible wine gift.

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