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									Jewelry Making Art Degree

There is a lot more to jewelry making than stringing beads along wires or sting or using jewelry glue to fix
stones to the backs of earrings. Jewelry design is an art form - an ancient art form and should be treated
with respect. If you are serious about a career in jewelry design, you should seek out a jewelry making art
degree from an accredited art school.

When learning the art of jewelry making you will learn how to work with both precious metals and stones so
that you can make exquisite, one of a kind pieces of priceless jewelry instead of simple costume jewelry.
Like the art of accessory making, jewelry making can be something a person can "pick up" along the way, but
that person will never really understand all of the aspects of jewelry making as someone who actually studies
this art form. You do not normally get a four year degree in jewelry making; a two year degree is more than
enough to get you started.

While some people may opt to get a job with a jewelry design company after getting a jewelry making art
degree, others may choose to work on their own designing jewelry. Because they will have learned how to work
with precious metals and even how to solder metal together and work with gemstones, they will be able to
create some unique pieces. Again, art galleries and boutiques will most likely be only too glad to take
quality merchandise on consignment from someone who has something truly unique to offer.

If you are going to make a career in jewelry design, you may as well put your creative instincts to the best
use and sell your items in upscale boutiques and high end department stores rather than flea markets and craft
shows. With the knowledge that you gain in attending art school and learning about jewelry design, you will
have moved on from simple techniques that craft artists use to make simple earrings and bracelets that are
sold at virtually every craft market for a dollar.

By learning to work with precious metals, you can create some truly unique pieces that will require a bit more
time and effort but can command a higher price. If you continue to create unique items, you may be fortunate
enough to be recognized by someone famous and have them endorse your product. Usually, when a famous person
begins wearing a certain designer, be it a clothing, jewelry or accessory designer, the fans of that person
follow suit and the designer receives instant fame and recognition.

While few of us can aspire to pander to the Paris Hiltons of the world, the rest of us can be happy to have a
steady clientele that appreciates our talent for jewelry making and may even ask you to make a piece of
jewelry especially for them. There are many upscale clients that are not famous celebrities but who still
have many friends and associates.

A good jewelry designer with a steady clientele can have the dream career. They can work from their home
creating designs that they love and sell them for profit to clients who truly appreciate their talent.
Getting a jewelry making art degree from an accredited art college is the first step in making this dream a

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