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					Free First Aid Training

In an attempt to stress to communities just exactly how significant first aid training really is and how it
can actually save a life, many organizations are coming forth with free first aid training. They are often
called mini courses but these organizations are fitting in the major core lifesaving skills in a matter of
just a couple of hours. Basically, they are cutting the basic first aid and going straight to circumstances
that are life and death. They teach how to identify and react in the event of heart attacks, strokes, and
other areas where life depends on quick reaction and the ability to think level headed until medical help

These courses may not be available in your area just yet but there are sure to be soon and remember that they
are not offered year round but only during certain times. For example, classes might only be held a few times
a year and are open to anyone who pre registered. However, the response has been so overwhelming that it is
prompting more and more organizations to follow suit. Although the fees to take first aid training are not
great, it was obvious to other organizations including non profit and for profit to extend these services that
matter so much to those who are indigent.

Many online free first aid training courses are offered too as well as websites that you can directly go to
and it will give you step by step instructions on which procedures to follow. These types of websites are
great and often very resourceful however when time is of the essence and a matter of life or death no one is
going to have the time to perform a Google search for what to do in the event of a cardiac arrest.

If the time happens to come where you are in a position to save someone's life do you know what to do or do
you think you might know what to do? Many people might watch a video or read a book and think that they are
able to do what they watched. It might be a little different if you watched a video on changing spark plugs
but what happens when you are attempting to save a life and there is no room for error whatsoever?

Often the free courses would be offered by the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association, perhaps
through your local hospital, or very often by your employer. More and more employers are incorporating
employer paid first aid training as a good faith gesture and to show their concern for the community. People
are now starting to realize more so than ever the need for unity and caring within their communities.

This has been a great contributing factor to why more organizations are stepping forward with the "free"
approach to first aid training. And as more and more people show an interest in the free training the more
extensive it is likely to become meaning that more lives will be saved.

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