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First Aid Training using Scenarios


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									First Aid Training using Scenarios

Often when people are attempting to teach another person something they often rely on role playing or the use
of what if scenarios. These types of learning work out well because they force a situation and then rely on
the person's learned knowledge to be applied for a desired result. These are generally practical scenarios to
reinforce already learned skills.

These are actual courses that can be taken and are set in an environment that is equipped for all types of
situations to make the emergencies seem as real as possible. Usually there is nearby access to water, rugged
terrain, water, and woods. Props are used as well as fake wounds and blood.

This course is designed to be a positive experience and also gives you a good idea of exactly where your
weaknesses and strengths lie. Various scenarios will be played out for different types of first aid emergency
response situations. One might be how to handle an open and bleeding wound; another might be exposure to
extreme elements with hypothermia, heat exposure, seizures, and so on.

These classes offer a unique spin to learning and understanding exactly how to react in a necessary first aid
emergency. Others are involved so even if you are not able to contribute in every scenario you are still able
to see how the other person reacted, the outcome, and what might have been done a little different to change
the outcome. This method has been proven to work more effectively because it creates a vision in your mind
that you will retain much longer than you will retain information from a lecture or pamphlets.

To add an even more unique spin to this, you can actually make it a weekend get away if you are interested in
various first aid training scenarios, especially those that involve wilderness situations. You and a group of
family or friends would chip in and sort of rent the instructors and the location which is then prop prepared
and not only is it a learning experience but also fun too.

There are a lot more of these types of courses popping up all around the country that are dealing with various
issues and medical related emergency and trauma situations. Again, these are all pretend situations but
clearly give a much better definition of how the event might pan out.

The key to excellence is practice and it is even suggested that these practice first aid scenarios are not
only a one time event but rather something that is practiced regularly. There is more truth than fiction to
the old cliché if you don't use it you are going to lose it, the same holds true with anything including first
aid training.

What makes this subject even a bit more complex is that unless you are in the medical field, you probably
rarely are around medical emergencies, hence why you may not retain the knowledge necessary to one day save a
life. First aid training using scenarios is truly an up and coming way of spending quality time together with
friends and family while learning life saving skills.

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