; ICS 200 Class Checklist
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ICS 200 Class Checklist


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									ICS 200 Class Checklist:
 1. 2 Points of Contact – Hospital and PH - Tim

 2. Identify then schedule dates and location. Tim coordinates with Earl, Bill, Suzie.
    Bill coordinates with his instructors.

 3. Check schedule/calendar to see what trainings are scheduled and ensure print
    order has been placed. Place student manual and handout print order. Suzie (See
    specific instructions).

 4. Create electronic flyer for distribution by POC’s and MBTP. Include Syllabus
    and Agenda and forward to POC’s and anyone else that you might think of.

 5. Arrange catering for course. (ensure that all participants have gotten lunch
    especially if they are taking the test and miss out – all of us) Suzie

 6. Determine registration method and coordination. Tim/Suzie

 7. Pre-print name tags for pre-registrants. Ensure additional blank name tags are on-
    site. Suzie

 8. Arrange lodging. Suzie

 9. Ensure follow through for functional or full scale exercise planning for Phase 3.

 10. Changes to course content and site specific handouts. Earl

 11. Teaching course. Earl/RTS

 12. If class size exceeds 25 and/or is in one of the bigger cities (GF, Missoula,
     Bozeman, Billings, etc.) then we will need some on site logistical support.

 13. Supplies/Equipment Needed – Earl/RTS
         Printer/Certificate Paper
         Projector
         Computer
         Flip Charts
         Markers
         Sign in sheets
Specific Printing Instructions for ICS – 200
Estimate number of students that will be attending the course and add 5 – 10 to that
number. (e.g. If we expect 35 people attending the class have 40 – 45 Student Manuals
and handouts ordered.)

Ensure that the print order is finished at least two weeks prior to course. If for some
reason the order is delayed and print materials are needed to be shipped by FEDEX and
are needed right away, ensure that FEDEX sends them “NEXT DAY” not “next business
day”. (e.g. If we have a class scheduled at 0800 on a Monday and the print materials get
shipped on Friday, they won’t show up until around noon on Monday unless we specify

About half the printing for the course will consist of the “Student Manual”. The SM can
be a 1 inch 3 ring binder with tabs separating the units or sections of the SM or spiral
bound with clear plastic covers and tabs.

All pages in the Student Manual that have slide images must be printed in “PURE
If the slides are printed in grayscale then they blur out so the student cannot read them.
This has been a recurring complaint on the course evaluations from the students.

Whenever possible documents in the SM or other handouts should be printed front to
back, black and white. Handouts should be stapled.

The electronic folder titled “ID ICS 200 COURSE MATERIALS” has two sub-folders:
One is titled “Student Manual”. This folder has all of the material necessary for the SM.

The other folder is labeled “Other Printing” This folder has all of the additional handout
material necessary for the course. There are two sub-folders labeled “Norovirus” and
“Pandemic Tabletop”. In the Pandemic Tabletop folder there are two Power Point files.
These files need to be printed as handouts, two slides per page, pure black and white,
double sided and stapled.
Ensure print order has been done correctly (black and white – no grayscale) and that
everything is there.

Deliver or mail print order to site or one of the instructors that will be at the site.

If you have any questions please call Earl Hall, 243-4698 (ofc) or 670-8288 (cell).

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