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									               Report for University of Hawaii Summer Institute 2005

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                                    Report of the
                       UH High Performance Computing (HPC)
                               Summer Institute 2005
                              July 25 – August 5, 2005


The University of Hawaii (UH) HPC Summer Institute (SI) was held July 25 – August 5,
2005, in Honolulu, HI. This is the second time that UH has offered a PET SI. Sixteen
students, eight from UH, two from Maui Community College, two from the University of
Alaska, two from the University of Texas – El Paso, one from Florida ASM, and one
from Spelman College attended the SI. The UH SI was organized and managed by Dr.
Susan T. Brown.


The objectives of the SI were to give the students exposure to several aspects of HPC to
spark an interest in future careers in HPC, to build confidence in their ability to compete
in the field of HPC, and to build the basic familiarization and skill sets necessary to be
competitive as interns and job candidates in the HPC field.


The highlights of the UH SI included the following:
 Guest lectures on scientific visualization, including the use of Glut and Open GL by
   Dr. Robert Moorhead, MSU.
 Guest lecture introducing the students to parallel computing by Dr. David Cronk,
 Guest lecture giving the students an overview of the HPC Modernization Program
   Office by Myles Hurwitz, DoD.
 Tour and overview of the MHPCC, Maui.
 Tour of the Hosmer Grove Haleakala National Park and a visit to the telescope at
 Exposure to various distance technologies (Polycom and Access Grid) by using them.
 Presentation of student projects using the Access Grid.

Agenda and Activities

The schedule of the 2005 UH SI was similar to last year, with some exceptions.

Based on feedback from the evaluations from last year, we shortened the trip to Maui.
Rather than spend 2 days in Maui, we went on a 1-day field trip, visiting both MHPCC
and the telescope at Haleakala. This year’s evaluations showed an increased appreciation
of the trip to Maui.

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Similarly, the guest lectures received mixed reviews from the students last year. This
year, we limited the guest lectures to speakers that we knew would be vibrant and
interesting, and to subjects that would be very relevant. We also incorporated a thread
into the guest speaker program, whereby the students experienced various forms of
distance technology (Polycom and Access Grid) and were given short tutorials on each.
They were then asked to evaluate their experiences on them. They found that portion to
be very educational.

In 2005 we moved the Scientific Visualization segment to the first week so that the
students would work on that module before creating their clusters. In this way, each
student would have their own machine to do the exercises. This worked out better than
last year.

Sunday, July 24, 2005       Activity
                            Students arrive from off-island

Monday, July 25, 2005         Activity
9:00 AM                       Welcome, registration for Oahu students

9:15 AM                       Overview of Institute, Outline of program,
                              Expected Outcomes, Introductions, Icebreaker

9:45 AM                       Install operating system on computers

10:30 AM                      Break

10:45 AM                      Continue installation

12:00 Noon                    Lunch

1:00 PM                       Continue installation

2:30 PM                       Break

2:45 PM                       Finish installation and test machines

Tuesday, July 26, 2005        Activity
9:00 AM                       Unix tutorial

10:30 AM                      Break

10:45 AM                      C-tutorial

12:30 PM                      Lunch

1:30 PM                       C-tutorial (con’t)

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2:15 PM                       Overview of PET Program Opportunities

2:45 PM                       Break

3:00 PM                       Lecture: Intro to Scientific Visualization

3:30 PM                       Install glut and sample programs

5:00 PM                       Dinner

6:00 PM                       Lab open

9:00 PM                       Lab closed

Wednesday July 27,            Activity
9:00 AM                       Lecture: Intro to OpenGL and glut (w/ examples)

10:30 AM                      Break

10:45 AM                      Lab: OpenGL basics and options

12:00 Noon                    Lunch

1:00 PM                       Lecture: SV Enabling Technologies

1:30 PM                       Lecture: Geometrical Transforms and Viewing

2:15 PM                       Break

2:30 PM                       Lab: More OpenGL

3:30 PM                       Lecture: Scalar Vis Techniques

4:15 PM                       Lab: 2D Scalar Vis (colormapping)

6:00 PM                       Lab open

9:00 PM                       Lab closed

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Thursday July 28, 2005        Activity
8:00 AM                       ERDC Intern Presentations

9:30 AM                       Lab: 2D Scalar Vis (contouring)

10:00 AM                      Lab: 3D Scalar Vis (isosurfaces)

10:30 AM                      Break

10:45 AM                      Lecture: 3D Scalar Vis

11:15 AM                      Lab: 3D Scalar Vis (volume rendering)

12:00 Noon                    Lunch

1:00 PM                       Lecture: Flow Visualization

1:30 PM                       Lab: Flow Vis (colorwheel)

2:15 PM                       Break

2:30 PM                       Lab: Flow Vis: (tufts)

3:15 PM                       Lab: Flow Vis: (flowlines)

7:00 PM                       Pick up snack from Jennifer

Friday July 29, 2005          Activity
9:00 AM                       Maui Tour

9:30 AM                       Introduction and Overview of Computer Floor

10:00 AM                      MHPCC Overview Visualization Center

10:15 AM                      Demos:
                                o AMOSphere
                                o TUSW
                                o Proteomics

10:30 AM                      Questions

10:50 AM                      Pick up lunches

11:00 AM                      Depart MHPCC

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12:30 PM                     Lunch

1:15 PM                      Depart lunch site

2:00 PM                      Arrive MSSS

4:00 PM                      Depart MSSS

Monday August 1, 2005        Activity
9:00 AM                      Guest Lecture: Introduction to Parallel Computing

9:30 AM                      Introduction to the MHPCC

10:00 AM                     IBM SMP Hardware Overview

10:45 AM                     Break

11:00 AM                     Introduction to the SQUALL system

11:45 AM                     Lunch

12:45 PM                     Parallel Operating Environment

1:30 PM                      Parallel Operating Environment Lab

3:00 PM                      Break

3:15 PM                      FORTRAN tutorial

4:15 PM                      Loadleveler lecture

Tuesday August 2, 2005       Activity
9:00 AM                      Guest Lecture: The DoD HPC Modernization Office

10:00 AM                     Break

10:15 AM                     Loadleveler lab

11:00 AM                     MPI lecture

12:15 PM                     Lunch

1:15 PM                      MPI lecture (con’t)

2:15 PM                      Break

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2:30 PM                      MPI lab exercises

6:00 PM                      Lab open

9:00 PM                      Lab closed

Wednesday August 3,          Activity
                             Cluster Configuration

Thursday August 4,           Activity
9:00 AM                      Sample problem solving

11:00 AM                     Guest Lecture: Low Reynolds effects on biomimetic UAV
                             wing design

11:45 AM                     Lunch

12:45 PM                     Prepare presentations

6:00 PM                      Lab open

9:00 PM                      Lab closed

Friday August 5, 2005        Activity

9:00 AM                      Final presentations

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List of Students

We recruited primarily from UH campuses, giving priority to U.S. citizens. There were
still open spots after the UH qualified applicants were accepted, so then we looked at
applications from other MSIs, again giving priority to U.S. citizens. Then we re-
evaluated students from UH that were not U.S. citizens but contributed to work that was
done by U.S. citizens, or were students who plan to remain in the U.S. and become
citizens or get accounts on DoD computers and continue to do government work. The
following students were selected for the 2005 UH SI. All were U.S. Citizens except
where noted.

    Name                    School
    Audrey Alstrom          University of Alaska Fairbanks,
                            Kuskokwim Campus
    Nickolas Christopher    Florida A&M
    Jennifer DeLeon         Maui Community College
    Hiep Van Nguyen1        University of Hawaii Manoa
    Enoch Peter Harnisch    University of Hawaii Hilo
    Andreas Koga            University of Hawaii Manoa
    Guangxia Cao2           UH Manoa
    Tasheeta Miller         Spelman College
    Jamie Nava              University of Texas El Paso
    Aileen Ng               University of Hawaii Manoa
    Nidia Pedregon          University of Texas El Paso
    Ryan Smith              University of Hawaii Manoa
    James Sparks            Maui Community College
    Richard Stevens III     University of Alaska Fairbanks
    Jennifer Tom            University of Hawaii, Maui Outreach
    Donald Tripp            University of Hawaii, Hilo

    Citizen of Vietnam
    Citizen of China
    Citizen of Mexico

        Distribution Statement A. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.

     The evaluations are presented in unedited form. Therefore, comments are youthful and
     immature, as well as thoughtful and insightful.

UHSI 2005 Evaluation Results
1 - strongly disagree, 2- disagree, 3 - no opinion, 4 - agree, 5 - strongly agree
Statement                                   5 4       3 2 1 Ave Comments
Course Overall                                                            I enjoyed the visualization section. I was
                                                                          surprised with how (relatively) easy it is to
                                                                          create 3D applications.
                                                                          excellent depth; informative
                                                                          Very good
                                                                          I was rushed through topics and wanted to
                                                                          learn subjects more in depth.
                                                                          Should have Tests. Earn a Certificate, credit,
                                                                          or a plaque. Bonus is I'm happy to take 2 great
                                                                          books and CDs.
The UHSI Summer Institute was the
the right length (2 weeks).                 6 4       1 4 1         3.6 too short (x5)
The balance between lab and lecture                                       too much lecture (x5)
was just right.                                                           bit more lab would be good
                                           4   5     1   5   1    3.4   not enough hands on
The content gave a good introduction
to HPC.                                   12   4                 4.75
I learned a lot from the experience.
                                          12   4                 4.75

Statement                                 5    4     3   2   1   Ave    Comments
                                                                        Very good lectures. I enjoyed them very much.
                                                                        Keep up the good work, don't take it easy on us
                                                                        Materials were structured well.
                                                                        Some instructors said not to worry cause some
                                                                        lessons are not important to completely follow.
                                                                        Interactive lectures are more effective.
The instructors were well-prepared.
                                          7    6     3           4.25
They answered questions well.             8    6     2            4.4
They were easy to follow.                                               Some were really good, some a little too long &
                                          2    7     6   1        3.6   dry

          Distribution Statement A. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.
What did you like best about the                                    no response
instructors?                                                        They had a thorough knowledge of the subject
                                                                    areas in which they were teaching.
                                                                    They were all very friendly and showed
                                                                    The lab of Linux
                                                                    Their interaction w/the students
                                                                    vast knowledge
                                                                    They are experts in their fields which was great
                                                                    no response (x3)
                                                                    Willingness to share
                                                                    easily accessible
                                                                    They made the class interesting.
                                                                    Swanson is the Best! Clearly presented
                                                                    Easy going, helpful, good sense of humor,
                                                                    knowledgeable in field
                                                                    They knew a lot.

Statement                              5    4   3   2    1   Ave    Comments
What did you like least?                                            Many times the instructors went too fast
                                                                    through detailed material. It became hard to
                                                                    follow and visualize.
                                                                    Too depth of topics for such a short lecture
                                                                    time slot.
                                                                    Some of them did not seem prepared and
                                                                    rushed through a bunch of slides filled with
                                                                    We were not able to get more time with them in
                                                                    asking questions.
                                                                    more clustering
                                                                    (struck out)
                                                                    no response (x4)
                                                                    Length of lectures & density of material
                                                                    covered in such a short period of time.
                                                                    They seemed to rush through things.
                                                                    People are late, unprepared, materials
                                                                    boring - sometimes
Guest Lectures                                                      Swanson rocks!
                                                                    Some didn't allow time to try their stuff out -
                                                                    just talked.
                                                                    The Thursday's guest lecture may be put
                                                                    Always very interesting in learning new stuff.
                                                                    Interesting shit
The guest lectures were interesting.
                                       7    9                4.43
The guest lectures were a waste of
time.                                           3   2   11    1.5
The topics were well-chosen.           7    6   3            4.25

          Distribution Statement A. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.
The use of Access Grid and Polycom
taught me something about
technology.                            11   3   2            4.6

Statement                               5   4   3   2   1   Ave    Comments
Day trip to Maui                                                   It was very interesting to see the computers
                                                                   and how they used them.
                                                                   Big Iron!
                                                                   Include Maui/Hawaii history on plane/bus ride.
                                                                   I would do this next year if needed
                                                                   very good
                                                                   Nice break from lecture and lab
The trip to Maui was well-organized.                               One n/a
                                                                   It didn't seem to be organized - we sat around
                                                                   a lot. It would be nice to sleep there instead of
                                                                   travel early in the morning because that made
                                                                   a lot of people grumpy and sleep during the
                                        8   2   2   3          4   tour instead of pay attention.
I learned a lot on the excursion.       9   4   2            4.5   One n/a
The visit to MHPCC was worthwhile.                                 One n/a
                                       11   2   2            4.6   didn't see anything at MHPCC
The visit to the summit was                                        555
worthwhile.                                                        Didn't receive the email on the summit and was
                                       11   2   2            4.6   left to be cold :(
The trip should be included in the
UHSI 2006.                             12   2   1            4.7   One n/a
Student Assistants                                                 Kendra!!:)
                                                                   They were always trying to help!
                                                                   Very good and helpful. Very patient and nice.
                                                                   Needed and useful
                                                                   Sometimes they were easier to understand
                                                                   than the instructors.
                                                                   They h[unreadable]
                                                                   Kendra seemed a bit lost, Mano knew his stuff.
                                                                   Kendra is really nice and very patient and
                                                                   willing to help.
                                                                   great people
The student assistants were helpful.
                                        7   6   3           4.25
They were accessible.                   6   8   2           4.25
They were never rude.                   6   7   3            4.2
They were knowledgeable.                7   6   3           4.25

Statement                              5    4   3   2   1   Ave    Comments

          Distribution Statement A. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.
Are you willing to work as a student                               Yes - Nickolas Christopher:
assistant next year?                                     
                                                                   no response (x2)
                                                                   yes (x2)
                                                                   yes - Donald Tripp,
                                                                   Yes! Richard Stevens
                                                                   N (x4)
                                                                   Y, Ryan N. Smith
                                                                   yes -,
Housing                                                            :(
                                                                   barely passing
The dorms were acceptable.                                         The dorms were in the worst condition
                                                                   compared to the other dorms on campus.
                                                                   Some students aren't used to living in such
                                                                   conditions and it was very hard to adapt.
                                                                   It would be great to have nicer dorms.
                                                                   Everything else was GREAT!
                                                                   The dorms are not very nice.
                                                                   The dorms were not very clean.
                                                                   Roaches are cool
                                                                   N/A (x2)
                                                                   The dorms are overridden with roaches, and
                                                                   very noisy.
                                                5   5   4    2.1   Dorms Very Very Very Bad.
The cafeteria was acceptable.                                      It would be nice to have an Aloha BBQ on
                                                                   Sunday before to meet everybody. Thought
                                                                   the Thursday BBQ went well and allowed a bit
                                                                   of closure on the whole course.
                                       4    5   7   1        3.7   Cafeteria was good.

          Distribution Statement A. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.

The PET UH SI 2005 was successful and an improvement over the 2004 experience in
the following aspects:
           o The Maui trip was more valuable for the time and effort spent, as
               exhibited by the student evaluations. A 1-day trip is adequate for our
           o The Scientific Visualization segment was held before the clusters were
               built, which engaged the students more.
           o The guest speakers talked on topics more engaging to the students, and we
               had fewer of them.
           o We incorporated different technologies into the program.

       Areas of improvement for next year:
          o The students are still dissatisfied with the dormitory accommodations.
              These are the only affordable choice near campus during this time period,
              and we are not convinced that other accommodations would be much
              better. When there are not enough applicants to fill the slots from UH
              campuses, we want to accept students from other MSIs. If we put them up
              in a hotel, that would not be possible. We choose, therefore, to continue
              with the dorm housing.
          o One of the instructors moved too quickly through his material and used
              some outdated material. The material will be updated before the next
              summer session, and we are working with the team on the pace of the

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Some photos taken during the Institute are presented as follows:

   Figure 1. Dr. Moorhead lectures the students.    Figure 2. Dr. Moorhead & Dr. Brown help
                                                    students during lab.

   Figure 3. Group Photo of UH SI 2005 students.

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