The reasons why so many people die from cancer by andika00


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									The reasons why so many people die from cancer

When a person is diagnosed with cancer in shock and is easy to apply to
the victims of the current treatment of surgery, radiotherapy and
chemotherapy. Over the years there have been numerous false statements
about the disease, and these false allegations have been designed so that
all the ignorant, that convinces us of our system of orthodox treatment
is the only way to solve this problem.

The growth of cancer throughout the body just a sign of the body that
something is wrong, simply remove the growth will not stop its spread in
other areas. If the growth of cancer seems to say that you're doing
something wrong, so it's time to make some changes, especially with food
choices. Despite what they say, all the tumors caused by the spread and,
if not eliminate the reasons why the first ascent.

What we see today is a toxic treatment destroys the body and weakens the
immune system that worsens the condition, and does not address the
reasons why the cancer first grew. All cancers are the result of the
immune system is weakened, and therefore suppress the immune system to
such abuse, it makes no sense. The key to success is to strengthen the
immune system and has nothing in common sense solutions to achieve it.

Money, of course, plays an important role in the three procedures used
today, and everything is good advantage, since no one can make money, the
decision causes the growth of cancer appeared. While our health care
system is very good diagnostic problems, treatment is not effective in
stopping the spread. Growth, metastasis, or moved to another location, it
becomes dangerous.

We have all the repair system is called the immune system keeps us
healthy, and it is only because this system has been weakened by the
facts of modern life, which allowed these foreign cells develop and form
a cancerous tumor of the weakness in the body. Thus, common sense should
tell you that your first priority is making changes to strengthen the
immune system again.

Only one way to heal the body and cancer ever stop doing what caused it
and start doing things that heal. Is not it logical? We live in a world
of money-oriented and no one can use natural methods of cancer treatment,
so we talked about them.

Natural methods of food in its natural state, and not a diet product with
a high degree of processing is much more demanding.

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