How to Use Google Sites to Capture Real Estate Leads

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					How to Use Google Sites to Capture Real
Estate Leads
Google has a lot of great business apps you can use free but the ones I use to generate leads is
Google sites, and Google forms. When you want to generate real estate leads you can easily
and quickly create custom pages to target any specific audience. In this article I will teach
you how to quickly create some and how to target a group of consumers to capture

Step one: Decide who you want to target. You can look for investors, first time buyers,
people needing to short-sale, or a buyer in certain geographical locations. I will pick first time
buyers for this sample, and a great audience would be newlyweds. We will just create a form
with a catchy title like move in ready homes with low down payment. Underneath we just
need a paragraph describing what you will be offering which in my area would be move in
ready homes under 250K that can be financed through FHA. Maybe make a note saying you
are offering a free list of the best deals. Make sure you add your contact info and any other
items required for ads in your state.

Step two: After you have the catchy title and body you create custom fill in fields. They will
be right in front of you when you press edit and you can't miss it. Just edit what it says. I
make a box for name, then email and mark them as required. Then I make a paragraph box
asking the consumer to describe what they are looking for. Now whenever a consumer fills
out the form you will be notified of the sign up and have the info needed to give them listings
and market to them. You can just make a Google site also that has links to your social sites
and contact info that people can get to from a QR code on your business card or water bottle.

Step three: Get the form in front of people for traffic. You can generate online and offline
traffic to your form and you can create any amount of forms or sites that you need. For my
example I could create a Facebook ad that targets people in my area between 26-34 years old
that are engaged or married. (About 50% of newlyweds buy a house). This should create me a
list of good leads for very cheap as Facebook will charge me about $1.75 per click on these.
My last promo generated about 100 leads in 2 weeks. The rest is up to your sales skills to

These forms work great with QR codes also as people can scan a flyer or sign to get to your
form offering school info, comps or more listings, which will always capture consumer info.

I hope this article helps with your lead generation and gets your creative juices going when
targeting your audience. It's easy, flexible and fast plus will grow your database quickly
getting you more deals fast.

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