YLM Annual Meeting Minutes Sunday November 6_ 2011 Burnsville by pengxuezhi


									YLM Annual Meeting Minutes
Sunday November 6, 2011
Burnsville City Hall

  YLM Board introduced itself.
  Chuck Friedbauer appointment to YLM Secretary approved. JenniLorsung motioned
approval and was seconded by Tom Kelly, Chaska/Chanhassen association.
  Matt Dempsey reviewed rules of the meeting to follow Robert’s Rules of Order.
Particular points were each person not speaking more than twice on one topic and not
for more than two minutes at a time; speakers for and against a topic will be alternated
and if there are no more speakers on a opposite side of an issue, no more than two
additional speakers will be allowed.

MLA stance on US Lacrosse (USL) changes.
  MLA President Matt Myers stated he believes it will be advantageous for Minnesota to
adopt the USL changes. Myers stated the YLM board and the MBSLA board were
taking the USL proposals to their respective memberships for a vote.

Treasurer’s Report
 YLM Treasurer Deb Mau presented the past years revenue were approximately
$26,400, expenses were approximately $27,900 with a resultant loss of $1,500.

Operational Policies
 YLM President Jenni Lorsung presented reasons for operational polices. The YLM
membership has grown 20 percent over the past year. As a result, the YLM must evolve
from the “handshake” league it used to be and should put its operational policies on
paper. Developing the operational policies now is important because many of the
current YLM board members have terms coming due in the next year and a significant
turnover in board membership is expected over the next few years.
 This timing also coincides with the USL push to develop consistent youth rules. While
USL would like each member association to adopt the new youth rules, USL has
stopped short of making many of its changes a requirement because member
associations would have to conform to everyone to qualify for USL insurance.
Section I - Board Operations
a. Centralize game scheduling, ref assignment and ref payment
b. Provide stipends to scheduler, ref assignor and webmaster. Motion to hire individuals
and provide stipend for game schedule, ref assigner and webmaster by Eagan,
        Discussion: Lorsung said the board would like to provide a stipend to one
individual for each of the stated positions. Rob Graff (Bloomington Youth Lacrosse
Association, former UMD coach) asked while he sees the benefits of one game
scheduler, has the board negotiated a rate for this position. Lorsung responded no
negotiations had been made at this time. Matt Dempsey (YLM board member)
responded the amounts of the association fees should cover what the assigner fee will
be. Jeff Taylor (Lakeville Association) stated this practice is similar to that of MSSLAX
and the referee cost seems very low for the YLM.
Section II - District Operations
a. Coaches can receive YLM certification by attending MBSLA training - MOTION
       Discussion: Lorsung stated currently coaches must attend training with MBSLA
and again in summer for YLM. Matt Myers (YLM Board member) stated MBSLA
representative Harold Buck and YLM representative Matt Dempsey have worked very
hard at getting most of the rules to be similar between the programs. Wayzata asked if
coaches cards would be similar between both leagues and Myers said the logistics for
that would be worked out. Minneapolis asked if attending the training each year was
redundant and if there would be a way around that. Myers responded each coach would
have to go through the training this year due to the number of USL changes.

b. New procedure for cancelled/rescheduled games - submit a request to the ref
   assignor. MOTION APPROVED.
        Discussion: Lorsung said a form and procedure will be designed. Ideally, both
teams involved with cancelled game would develop two or three proposed dates and
fields to reschedule d notify the ref assignor and game scheduler. St. Michaels asked if
there would be an open week included in the schedule to allow for rescheduling games.
Lorsung responded the most likely situation would be to have no games scheduled
during the Fourth of July week along with the final week of the season for that purpose.

c. & d. Three-hour window for no ref payment and 45 minute window for referee half
        Discussion: Lorsung stated if an individual team cancels a game within three or
more hours before a game, referees would not be paid for that game. If a team cancels
a game between three hours and 45 minutes before a game, the referees will be paid
half their game rate. Myers stated items such as heat advisory’s are the YLM
responsibility to call the games. Wayzata was concerned this rule turns associations
into individual meteorologists.
Section III - Association Responsibilities
a. Association fees increased from $100-$150 per year. Motion by Graf, seconded by
        Discussion: Additional $50 team fee for centralized scheduling.One question
asked anonymously was for an explanation of the year deficit. Scott Hugdahl (YLM
board member) responded the year-end state tournament costs were higher than
expected. Minneapolis asked why this tournament cost was so high. Various individuals
responded as the reasons were expenses not typical for regular season games such as
costs for EMT’s, field rentals, balls, referees and toilets.

b. Team fees paid in one payment by May 15 to include officials, assigning fees, refpay
   fees and/or state tournament fees. Motion by Rosemount, seconded by Bloomington.
       Discussion: Lorsung stated combining and consolidating all an associations
various payments would make an associations summer payment requirements easier.
Dempsey stated the assigning fee is $2.50 per game. Myers stated while the team fee
date is May 15, May 1 is the hard date for associations to commit their number of teams
for the YLM summer season. Moundsview was concerned with requiring all payments
by May 15 for new/struggling associations with low cash flow. Lorsung suggested
associations should publish summer registration ASAP to accumulate registration costs
before May 15. Moundsview requested the YLM provide information on what other
associations charge per season to help other associations determine optimum
registration fees.

c. Age vs. grade eligibility. Motion to maintain current grade-based league eligibility vs.
    adopting USL-recommended age-based eligibility. Motion by Delano, seconded by
    Farmington. MOTION APPROVED, 29 VOTES FOR AND 18 AGAINST.(Vote record
    included with attendance sheet at end of minutes.)
         Discussion: Hugdahl provided background information. YLM has learned it is one
of the leading chapters of the USL in terms of growth. It is one of the fastest growing
chapters and one of the few to hold a year-end state tournament. While USL does not
require chapters to adopt age-based eligibility, the YLM would need to adopt if wish to
continue the leadership status. Waconia asked why USL is suggesting the change.
Lorsung responded USL has done a lot of medical research on developing youth and
their mental and peripheral vision development and the impact that has on items like
concussion-related injuries. Their research indicates youth should participate with those
at their same age versus grade to lessen these injuries.
         Rosemount stated the age-based eligibility would negatively impact the YLM
leadership position in growing the youth sport in Minnesota by discouraging new kids
from participating. Rosemount suggests kids want to play with those in their grade and
older kids would have to play with kids they do not know. Minneapolis said the number
of kids impacted by this change is a very small number and that kids in third-, fourth- or
fifth-grade could become disinterested in the sport if they can’t play with kids from their
own grade. Stillwater said their annual parent survey states parents appreciate the
ability for their kids to play with others from their same grade.
         Bloomington said the number of youth the change impacts is small and while
there are a few good reasons for making the change, there are several bad reasons
based on youth skill development. First, the change would add ninth-grade players into
the YLM membership. Second, the YLM and its associations are not mature enough to
properly police verification of player birth certificates. Third, the change is bad for
MInnesota because it would result in each association losing two or three kids each
year because they want to play with friends in their grade.
         St. Michaels was in favor of the change because a U15 league of primarily
eighth- and ninth-grade players would give their players more opportunity to play and
develop their skills.
         MInneapolis was not in favor of a U15 league because they would have to pull up
seventh-graders to field a team because they would not have enough ninth-grade
         Todd Blake, YLM board member, said he was for the change because at the 3/4
level, he has seen young kids having to compete against those who had been held back
and should have been in fifth-grade.
      Eagan stated they wanted more time to digest the impact of the change and that
the motion should be tabled and revisited next year.

d. Ninth-graders rostered on any high school team in the spring are not eligible to play
   in YLM. This request was deleted due to results of vote on motion in part c.

e. 5/6 “A” and “B” teams. Motion to form 5/6 A and 5/6 B divisions by Tom Kelly with
   Chaska/Chanhassen, seconded by Woodbury. Motion amended by Hal Goldstein
   Minneapolis to include if an association has three or more 5/6 teams, one must be an
   “A” team unless the YLM accepts a submitted waiver, seconded by Graf of
        Discussion: Prior Lake was not in favor of “A” and “B” division because having
high-ability players on the same team as low-ability players provides valuable
        Farmington said it was not against the motion but said a mandatory “A” team,
regardless of the number of teams in an association, would be hard on the newer
        Minnetonka was in favor of the separate “A” and “B” divisions because the
commitment level varies between kids at that age.
        Bloomington said it had been against the idea for a number of years but has
changed with one caveat: putting all the eggs into the “A” basket is a dangerous
concept because better athletes may not always be the best lacrosse players at that
time for forming teams.
        Woodbury said it was in favor of the separate divisions because teaching
fundamentals are required at all levels and doing so is different for experienced versus
inexperienced players.

f. Methods for determining team composition. Motion by Rogers to use YLM operational
   policies as guidelines, seconded by Anoka. Motion amended by Prior Lake and
   seconded by Delano as outlined below. AMENDED MOTION APPROVED VIA HAND
         Discussion: Group discussion led to the use of YLM team composition
procedures as guidelines as follows:
         * “A” teams not required to be balanced.
         * Multiple “B” teams in an association must have balanced team composition
           intent. The YLM has the right to evaluate an associations procedure. If an
           association can provide documentation it followed the team composition
           procedures in the YLM operational policies, the YLM will assume that
           association’s attempts to balance their “B” teams was appropriate. If an
           association does not follow the YLM team formation guidelines, they must
           provide proof it did attempt to balance the teams.

g. Failure to comply.Motion to approve by Graf of Bloomington and seconded by Prior
h. Good standing criteria. Motion to approve by Armstrong, seconded by Graf of
   Bloomington with removal of point six (mandatory 7/8A team) to vote on separately.
       Discussion: Graf of Bloomington said the arbitration agreement won’t keep an
individual from suing YLM. Lorsung responded the intent of the arbitration agreement is
just between the YLM and each association.

i. Mandatory 7/8A team. Motion to require an association to have a 7/8 A team only if it
   has three or more 7/8 teams by St. Michael and seconded by Oakdale. MOTION

Motion to adjourn the YLM Annual Membership meeting by Monsson of Bloomington,
seconded by Chaska/Chanhassen.

2011 YLM Annual Meeting Attendance and vote record for motion in Section III c.
                                                     Vote on staying same age-
                                                     based rules vs adopting
                 Voting Member Present          USL U15/U13 etc. setup
Association             (Other members present)      (Yes=stay same)
Apple Valley            None present
Armstrong               Julie Carpenter                    No
Andover                 Todd Holt                          No
Anoka                   Jeff Kocovsky                      No
                        John Saccoman
Blaine                  Wendy Johnson                      Yes
Bloomington             Brian Johnson                      Yes
Burnsville              Alan Childs                        No
Chaska/Chanhassen       Tom Kelly                          Yes
Centennial              Doug Will                          Yes
Cottage Grove           None present
Coon Rapids             None present
Delano                  Dan ???                            Yes
Duluth                  Jerry Consie
Eagan                   Jan Johnson                        Yes
                        Cory Powell
                        Rich Mills
Eastview                Terry Johnson                      Yes
                        Kevin Morrison
Eden Prairie            Mike Gengler                       Yes
                        Jay Derkacz
                        Chris Neuharth
Edina                   Jacqui Bidgood                     No
Elk River               None present
Farmington              Ginny Bauman                       No
                        Pat Carey (sp?)
                        Troy Grengs (sp?)
Forest Lake               Kathy Tillman
Hastings                  Branson Nickel                         Yes
Hopkins                   Don Zastrow                            Yes
                          Mike Huston
Hudson                    Jeff McNamara                          Yes
                          Roger Heath
Inver Grove Heights       None present
Lakeville                 Jeff Taylor                            Yes
                          Michael Weinstein
Mahtomedi                 Mark Rutkiewicz                        Yes
Maple Grove               None present
Mendota                   None present
Minneapolis               Hal Goldstein                          Yes
                          Tom Harmon
Minnetonka                Joe DiFrancesco                        Yes
MoundsView                Jeanne S???                            Yes
NWLC                      Lisa Bierker                           No
Oakdale                   Peter Koller                           Yes
Orono                     Gregg Sampson                          Yes
Osseo                     None present
Prior Lake                Hugh Gilpatrick                        Yes
Rogers                    Paul Pryzbilla                         Yes
                          Tom Daly
Rosemount                 Mike Alberts                           Yes
Roseville                 John Galle                             Yes
St. Louis Park            None present
St.Michaels/Albertville   Craig Cusick                          No
St. Paul                  Patrick Gallagher                     Yes
Stillwater                John Uppgren                          Yes
Waconia                   Dave Olson                            Yes
Wayzata                   Paul Kroening                         No
White Bear Lake           Kevin Dunnigan                        Yes
Woodbury                  Michelle Okada                        No
YLM Board                                                 3-Yes; 8-No

                                              Total = 29 Yes; 18 No

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