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                                   Reading the Bible

       “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever
believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” 1. This was written by an
Apostle of Jesus Christ John, and he was explaining God’s love to the people on that
time. So you need to know that we have a God that loves us and he wants the best for
us , so that’s why I’m going to explain more about God’s word or legacy(the bible).
       The Bible has been a very controversial book, because a lot of people think that
this book is confusing and it is a contradictory book. But through the years more and
more people are reading the Bible to answer some questions in their life.
       Goodrich mentions that subversive literature has led to Governments (from the
16th Century English monarchy to the Communist Soviet Union) to prevent the Bible
printing and distribution. But with all the efforts of these governments, they could not
restrict or prevent that the Bible arrived to our   times (3).
       Goodrich states that the Bible is the most popular book ever printed, because no
other book has been translated in so many languages, there are 5,000 languages
spoken in the world and it has been translated into 1,946, as a result no other book have
had such an impact in people and society (Goodrich 3).
       The bible is a book of books. The bible is divided in two big parts. The Old
Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament recounts the creation of the
universe and the history of the people of Israel, in this testament there are a lot of
books, since the Genesis written by Moses, through the book of the Malachi prophet.
The New Testament tells the story about the life of Jesus Christ and why does the Son
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of God came to the World, it starts with the book of Matthew and it ends with the
Revelation (1).
      What can be inferred from this information is that years ago the Bible was
something forbidden, and it was really difficult to got one, but yet it has outlasted its
enemies and as stated before the bible is divided in two parts and it has a lot of books,
but the really amazing thing is that it has changed the life of many people.
      In other words, Wyatt made a report and some surveys about the Bible’s role in
American Society, and he concludes “42 percent of the people think that the Bible is
God’s Word. 17 percent of the people read the Bible daily”. With these numbers
according to the ones in 1990, it had grown a little, but Wyatt also states “Unless we are
growing nor decreasing that numbers”(2).
      Wyatt also states that 93 percent of Americans have a Bible in their home, but
also from all the collection of books that the Americans have at their houses ,the Bible is
the most unopened book.(Wyatt 2).
      People around the world excuses themselves saying that the Bible is a very
difficult book to understand, and also that it has a lot of weird words. But here is an
example, when we read a Physics book            or a Biology book at the first time, we
understand everything , I think we do not, we have to read it carefully, searching for
something, reading because you want, and I also know that there are some verses that
are difficult to understand, but that is why we have to know the basis of the verse, to
really understand the Bible (Wyatt 2 ).
      The Bible has changed a lot of lives from their face, word, conversations and
work through their relationships. A lot of people think this can be truth, but like Goodrich
says the number of people that is reading the bible is increasing, although you can say
this has nothing to do with life, but it has because now more people believe (3).
      This two authors state something really interesting about the Bible , that it has
overcome many situations and finally we can read it and we excuse ourselves because
we do not understand it at the first time, maybe we have to wait for wise ness and do not
quit (Wyatt and Goodrich 2-3 ).
      As a personal experience, I started to read the Bible when six months ago I was
at my car after a football game, and I started to pray and I was complaining and feeling
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really bad because I played really bad , and I said why She cannot be my girlfriend, why
nobody cares me, then I stared at my Bible and I opened and the first thing that I read
was “Do not fear, because I am with you, Do not be dismayed, because I am your God, I
will strengthen you and, I will help you and I will uphold with the right of righteous”. Since
that day, my life changed, I was a different person, I started to read the Bible everyday,
and I never say to God Why again.
       So as a conclusion “Let no man despises because you are young; but be an
example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity”1,
1st of Timothy 4:12. With this research paper I am not telling you what to do or what to
stop doing, or to change your religion, I am just telling you that you have a God and any
time you need something or you are feeling bad, you can find something in the Bible that
can change that moment for a better one.
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