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   […Opening Prayer ]

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   [Chapter Leadership ]
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[…Introductions ]

 [ Who are you ? ]
Acknowledgement and Role of
Advisory Team

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                      […Our Sigma Story ]

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                      […Our Role in America’s

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Our Role in America’s Communities
[National Programs]

Bigger and Better Business
        - Project S. E. E. D.
        - Project S.E.T.
Social Action
What Phi Beta Sigma Offer the Professional
 Minded Person?
• Personal Growth
• Professional approach to organizational
• Progressive, innovative, and dynamic
• Leadership development programs
• First-Class social functions
What Does Sigma Expects of Its
• Leadership Qualities
• Scholarship
• Positive Image
• Talent
• Sophistication
• Progressive Attitude
            Growing Membership……..
                    What is M.I.P.

The Fraternity has introduced and established
  several strategies that promote membership
  growth with the purpose of continuing to
  produce leaders and leadership.
• Continuous stream of growth for the organizations
  positive values
• Establish the principles of Brotherhood, Scholarship,
  and Service
[… Alumni Requirements]

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    Alumni Membership Requirements
    Proof of successful completion of at least 2 years
     (60 hours) of a full program at recognized college
     or university.
    Must pass the interview process
    Must complete Intake Process
    Investment of $ (includes initial application fee)
[Collegiate Requirements]

       [Insert Presenter]
Collegiate Requirements
   Must be enrolled in school and have earned at
    least 12 credit hours
   Must currently have a 2.5 cumulative GPA
   Must pass the interview process
   Must complete Intake Process
   Investment of $ (includes initial application fee)
[…The Application Package ]

[Insert Presenter ]
The Application Package
   An official transcript
   2 letters of recommendation
   Sigma sponsorship letter
   $100 non-refundable application fee
   Completed application
   Non-hazing document (reviewed and signed)
   An updated resume
[…Non-Hazing Organization ]

        [ Insert Presenter]
Abusive Behavior
• The fraternity will not tolerate or condone any form of
  abusive behavior on the part of its members or
  prospective members, whether physical, mental, or
  emotional. This is to include any actions directed
  towards members or non-members.
• Violations of this policy may result in suspension or
  expulsions of the member(s) involved and prosecution
  to the full extent of the law.
National Headquarters:
Executive Director
145 Kennedy Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20011
Phone: (202)726-5434
E-mail: headquarters@pbs1914.org
[…Time line]

 [Insert Presenter]
Date                Task

       Application Package Due
       Status Letters Delivered

       Initial Investment Due
       Critical Knowledge Sessions
       Begin ·
[…Question and Answers ]


[ Do you have a question? ]
   [… Closing Remarks]

[ Closing Remarks]
Sigma Beta Club Program Goals
•Sophistication or Maturity
•Development of potential talents
•A sense of brotherhood
•Commitment to service
•Develop one’s spirituality
The Sigma Beta Club

 A Youth Affiliate Organization
 Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
This Youth Mentor Program was established in the early
1950’s by Dr. Parlette L. Moore. The Sigma Beta
Programming include promotion of Social and Economic
Justice, Financial Literacy, Health and Well Being.

Our Sigma Beta Club Program also nurtures creativity,
promotes academic achievement and reinforces social
How Often Do We Meet?
•Every First and Third Tuesdays

What Is The Age Focus?
•Ages 9 to 18
•Two Learning Tracks

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