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					                                 CEREAL BOX PROJECT
                 Your marketing consulting firm has been hired by General Mills to create the packaging
                 for their new cereal campaign. Your job is to create the marketing plan which includes
                 the theme and packaging for the new cereal that will be on the shelves from May
                 through November.

Step 1         Decide on your target market. Will you market your cereal to health conscious
               people, athletes, men, women, or children?

Step 2         Analyze and organize market research with your target

Step 3         Complete Market Research

Step 4         Create the product. Decide on a name for the cereal that you will be presenting.
               You will also have to decide on the ingredients and nutritional values. Be able to
               define the 4 P’s. (Be creative)

Step 5         Come up with logo, a catchy slogan, and colors/theme for your project. These
               should remain constant throughout your project. (Be creative)

Step 6         Decide on a good design for a business card and then design them. Must have a
               printout of 10 cards on the sheet. The business card should include company
               name and logo.

Step 7         Create a Promotion Campaign for your cereal by creating an advertisement (flyer).

Step 8         Design the cover for your cereal box or package. This includes front, back, and
               sides. You must also include a nutrition panel, label, brand, upc symbol, etc. (Be

Step 9       Using PowerPoint prepare a slideshow with the following information:
  INTRODUCTION- Introduce yourself and new cereal (ingredients, taste) __/5pts
  Explain the 4 P’s of your product
        Product: (completely describe the product-include features and benefits) __/5pts
        Place: (where is the product being offered specifically and why) __/5pts
        Price: (what are the price ranges for the products offered and why) __/5pts
        Promotion: (how is the company letting the consumer know about their products, specifically how and
         why) __/5pts
  Explain what Market Research you completed, include a chart __/5pts
  Rationale explaining why you chose the design and theme that you chose including Logo,
     Slogan, and Cereal Name and any other details__/5pts
  Rationale explaining why/how you chose your Target Market __/5pts
  Explain your Target Market(what purchasing actions/power/trends) __/5pts
  Rationale explaining what makes your cereal better than other cereals. __/5pts
                          CEREAL BOX

Due Dates:
             April 20th         Complete steps 1 &2
             April 26th         Work on Steps 3-5
             April 28th         Need to be done with 3-5, Work on Business cards and
             May 10th           Business cards and Advertisement Due, work on box
             May 12th           Cereal Box due at the end of the hour!
                                Work on PowerPoint’s
             May 16th           Senior Presentations
             May 18th           Underclassmen Presentations
             May 20th           Team Building Activity

Points Possible:

      10 pts.      1 sheet of 10 business cards (Must be in color)
      30 pts.      Advertisement (Flyer) (Must be in color)
      50 pts       PowerPoint from step 9
      10 pts       Cereal box brought to class – Due May 5th ---(5 points subtracted for each
                   day thereafter)
      100 pts.     Cover for front, back, and sides of cereal box (Must be in color)

______200 points

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