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									                                             REINSURANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

                                             MEDICAL INSURANCE

                                             GENERAL INSURANCE

                                             LIFE INSURANCE


Insurance Applications by Insurance People
                                                           General Insurance System (GIS)

General Insurance System (GIS)

The General Insurance System (GIS) caters for the full range of non life
and medical lines of business. This includes Motor, Marine, Fire, Property &
Casualty, Liability etc.

The embedded Product and Process Generator tools allow users to rapidly
design and introduce new products as well as the ability to control the screen
format and screen flows for the various processes.

Some of the available functionality are Product Set Up, Offer and Policy
Processing, Endorsements, Integrated Claims, Reinsurance and Accounting.
The system also includes a parameter driven General Ledger interface to any
third party GL system.

The latest version of the system uses forefront technology and it is fully web

                                      …….insurance applications by insurance people.

                                                              General Insurance System (GIS)

System Features
The GIS system caters for the end to end processing of General Insurance and
includes the following:
•   Product Definitions
•   Process Generator
•   Quotation Module
•   Policy Module
•   Auto load facility for Fleet Motor
•   Integrated Claims management module
•   Full Reinsurance Module
•   Integrated accounting module
•   General Ledger interface
•   Powerful reporting and on line enquiries
•   User & Security Maintenance
•   Commission Scheme
•   Agency network setup
•   Comprehensive Endorsement processing
•   Table Maintenance (For the reference data i.e. currency, Exchange rate)

                                         …….insurance applications by insurance people.

ProducT adMInISTraTIon
                                                            General Insurance System (GIS)

Plan/Product administration

The GIS system includes tools that allows for the rapid creation of new products.
This includes the facility for the power end users to design their own screens for
the capture of the required data for the specific line of business.

Users are also able to amend the premium calculations and to upload the new
calculations into the system without the need to revert back to ARIMA.

Various product rules are maintained that control Policy and Claims

                                       …….insurance applications by insurance people.

ProducT GEnEraTor
                                                          General Insurance System (GIS)

Product Generator

The GIS system includes a Product Generator that allows the client to define
and parameterize the design and validation of the item screen. These include:
• Adding database fields
• Apply Script based validation, and calculation formulas.
• Changing the properties

                                     …….insurance applications by insurance people.

ProcESS GEnEraTor
                                                         General Insurance System (GIS)

Process Generator

The GIS system includes a Process Generator that allows creation of various
processes. These include:
• New Policy (Company/Individual)
• New Client (Company/Individual)
• Claims handling
• Various Endorsement Types

                                    …….insurance applications by insurance people.

                                                           General Insurance System (GIS)

Quotation Processing

Quotes can be produced with automatic production of Quotes advice.

Additional discounts and loading can be applied to the quote subject to the
product rules defined.

When a quotation is accepted, the data is transferred to the policy record
which reduces the amount of administration work.

                                      …….insurance applications by insurance people.

                                                              General Insurance System (GIS)

Policy Management
The policy module caters for Group (i.e. Fleet) and Individual business. The
same module is used for all lines of business. The data capture for the specific
line of business is defined in the Product Generator.

E.g.    Motor             Car Registration, Make, Model, Engine size etc.
        Marine            Vessel Registration, cargo type, destination etc.
        Property          Address, Building type etc.

Different Coverage’s are defined for the line of business:
E.g.    Motor             Third Party
                          Travel Assist

An automatic load facility is available for
the loading of Fleet Motor details and
members for Workman Compensation.

Policies are input on an initial status
of pending acceptance and when
the status is changed to accepted,
the applicable premium is raised,
the reinsurance transaction created and the required policy documentation/
schedules produced.

On line wizard processing assist the user with the policy creation.

                                         …….insurance applications by insurance people.

                                                           General Insurance System (GIS)

Integrated                  claims                    Management
An integrated claims module makes use of the Product and Policy rules to
ensure the correct amount is processed.

Claims are recorded against the insured item as well as the applicable covers.

Initial Claim Reserves are recorded and the amount approved prior to any
payments being released. Reserve Increase or Decrease is controlled via
separate transactions to maintain a full history.

Claim settlement can be either via Credit Notes, Cash or using an additional
Automatic Cheque Production facility.

                                      …….insurance applications by insurance people.

                                                            General Insurance System (GIS)

reinsurance Processing
The GIS system includes an integrated Comprehensive Reinsurance Module
that caters for all types of reinsurance:
•   Quota Share
•   Surplus
•   Excess of Loss

At policy acceptance, the reinsurance Treaty limits are validated against the Sum
Insured and the system automatically flags if Facultative cover is required.

The inward policies are then linked to the applicable reinsurance contracts
that are identified by a reinsurance program. Reinsurance transactions are
automatically generated from the inward Premium and Claim transactions.

Periodic Reinsurance Accounts
are generated when due and are
split based on the Participant
percentages. Details of the
underlying    Securities     are
captured to allow full review of
any exposures.

For XOL covers the M&D
premiums are maintained and
released when due.

                                       …….insurance applications by insurance people.

                                                             General Insurance System (GIS)

accounting Processing

The GIS system includes an integrated Accounting module that caters for the
financial processing of the General Insurance Business. This includes:

•      Receipt Processing
•      Credit Debit Notes
•      Claims Settlement
•      Refund Premiums
•      Post Dated Cheques
•      Reconciliation of Transactions

Trial balances can be run
on any of the General
Insurance transactions.

There is also a General
Ledger interface that allows
for the transactions to be
mapped to the relevant
GL Account codes and
Journal Vouchers (JV’s)
are automatically created
and can be imported into
any Third Party General
                                        …….insurance applications by insurance people.

                                                           General Insurance System (GIS)

The GIS system incorporates comprehensive reports that run at a range
of levels and frequencies. These include:
•   On Line   user requested reports and event driven
•   Daily     Daily control reports
•   Weekly    Weekly summary reports
•   Monthly   Monthly summary statistics and triangulation reports

On line underwriting statistics provide an overview of the history of a policy,
client or products.

                                      …….insurance applications by insurance people.

                                                         General Insurance System (GIS)

additional Modules
Documents can be scanned and attached to Policies and Claims and can be
viewed while using the GIS system via a common icon. The Policy and Claims
folders are broken into sub folders to allow easy access to the images.

Table Maintenance
A separate module allows the end user to view and update (where applicable)
reference data tables.

automatic cheque Production (acP)
A separate ACP module
can be used for the
settlement of any claim
payments via cheque.

court case
Claim transactions can
be marked as under
litigation and details of
any hearings; decisions
etc are recorded in a
separate court case

                                    …….insurance applications by insurance people.

                                                            General Insurance System (GIS)

access & controls
role Based
User roles are defined which control the access to the various modules available.
New users are allocated to their specific role. In addition to the Insurance
company staff, users can be clients, agents, providers with specific system

authority limits
There are several user defined limits which include:
• Underwriting Limit
• Claim Limit

override approvals
Based on specified business rules,
manager override may be required
to process various transactions
(e.g. Discount percentages etc).
Users with this authority are
defined and maintained.

audit Trail
All transactions are retained in the
database and are stamped with
details of the user and date/time
created as well as user and date/time last updated.

                                       …….insurance applications by insurance people.

                                                           General Insurance System (GIS)

ARIMA have developed a Takaful version of the GIS system.

The system includes all of the processing requirements for the particular line
of business:-

•   Specification and Creation of Insurance Pools

•   Mudaraba and Wakala terms

•   Surplus Calculation

•   Surplus Distribution

                                      …….insurance applications by insurance people.

arIMa TEaM
                                                          General Insurance System (GIS)

arIMa TEaM
ARIMA have a dedicated team of professional software developers with a
strong business background. The team includes qualified Project Managers,
Business Analysts and skilled Technical personnel.

In additiona a Help Desk is available to all clients which includes a 24hr x7
emergency contact/support number.

contact details
For more information on ARIMA and it’s range of products please contact:

Customer Services Manager
ARIMA Insurance Software
ARIG House, Diplomatic Area
PO Box 15642, Manama
Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel:    +973 17544111
Fax: +973 17918111
e-mail: arima@arima.com.bh

                                     …….insurance applications by insurance people.


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