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HD Newsletter-January 2012


									                                                      Monthly Help Desk Newsletter
                                                                      January 2012

                                                                     TOP 5 TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS (CONT’D)

                                                       5. There may be a time when your CCS Software
                                                          folder is not allowing you access to your
                        TOP 5 TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS        software you need to function in your class or
                                                          office. Don’t fret, you must call help desk to
1. If your computer is continuously freezing,             put in a ticket to have it fixed, but in the
   having slow connections while inside of                meantime follow this step as a work around:
   applications and software, and if you have not      a. Type CCSPortal in your web browser and the
   turned your computer off, do so. Shutting              Citrix Xenapp Portal will open.
   down will always make your computer run
   more smoothly because you are giving it a                                    YOUR THIN CLIENT AND YOU:
   fresh start.
                                                               A GUIDE TO TAKING CARE OF YOUR THIN CLIENT
2. To look-up student information for the
   previous school year(s), follow the directions
   posted on the TLC website.                          Thin Clients are a type of provisioned computer;
3. Change Request Forms or new eSIS/Lotus              they are the newer kinds of computers in the
   Notes/Windows passwords forms are on the            district. Though they can be faster than the older
                                                       machines, there are a lot of new quirks to them.
   intranet also:
                                                       Here are some tips and tricks to help keep your
   a. Type CCSNET into web browser to access           provisioned computer healthy.
   b. Click Webpage
   c. Click Staff
   d. Click Resources
   e. Click Information Technology Online              Not all provisioned computers are thin clients.
        Documents                                      Thin clients are the small computers that usually
   f. From here select your form! Your user            sit on the back of a flat screen monitor. We can
        name and password will be delivered in the     also make a larger, normal model act like a thin
        inter office mail                             client by making it provisioned. You can tell if you
4. In some instances printers are lost from printer    have a provisioned computer by the small heart
   options page. You can add a printer manually        monitor icon in the tool tray next to the clock on
   to use until you have a break to call the           your computer.

     From the start menu go to printers and faxes.     Unlike the older computers or home computers,
        a. Click Add Printer                           provisioned computers do not load from an
        b. Click Add Network Printer                   internal hard drive. Instead, whenever it is
        c. In the Name Field type your school          started, it connects to the server and gets all of
           code with asterisks ex. *naa*               the information from there. This means that if
        d. Once printer list appears at the            the computer cannot connect to the network it
           bottom, click your room number and          will not even go to Windows.
           printer model on the list
        e. Click OK
     a. Highlight Yes to set as default option
                 YOUR THIN CLIENT AND YOU (CONT’D)

This also means that changes you make to the
settings or desk top will not save from one reboot
to the next. This is because when the server sends
the information to the computer everyone gets
the same information. Make sure if you have
documents to save you save them to your “My
Documents” folder (or a shared drive) and not
your desktop. Saving anything to your desktop will
cause it to disappear if the computer is rebooted.

For the most part, there is not much maintenance
to be done on Thin Clients. As frustrating as it can
                                                                                      MEET OUR STAFF
be not to be able to save your settings, that means
that every time your reboot the computer viruses       Hello, my name is Michael, and I’m a tier 2
disappear or other malicious changes. Really if        agent with the Help Desk. I’ve been working
you reboot your thin client regularly (1-3 times a     with Columbus City Schools for a year now, but
week) you’ll notice a greater improvement in your      have been in the IT game for many more. I
computer’s performance. If you start seeing            have a 2 year degree in computer
strange behavior like applications not loading or      programming and am currently working
something missing, rebooting resolves the issue        toward a 4 year degree in IT. I’ve been married
most of the time.                                      for 7 years and my wife teaches social
                                                       psychology at Ohio State University. I’m a self
Most importantly, remember to have patience. We
                                                       proclaimed amateur paleontologist with a
have all been in that situation where an important
                                                       small collection of fossils I’ve collected from
task needs to be done, you’ve rebooted your
                                                       museum shops. I enjoy reading about any
computer, and now you’re stuck in a ‘boot storm’
                                                       animal classified as a living fossil with the
that can make it take 45 minutes or longer for your
                                                       coelacanth being my favorite. I also like a
thin client to load. Or when all you wanted to do
                                                       good crypto zoology story.
was type a document and the server is down and
you can’t use the computer at all. Even when there                                              STAFF
isn’t an issue, sometimes it takes time to load. As
important as it is to reboot your computer                     Meghan Babcock, Help Desk Analyst II
                                                                      Jim Bates, Help Desk Analyst I
regularly if you continuously reboot your
                                                             Melody Boles-Ojulari, Help Desk Analyst I
computer trying to make it faster, you may slow
                                                                   Chris Hansen, Help Desk Analyst I
the process down.                                                  Alanna Smith, Help Desk Analyst I
                                                                 Michael Boyce, Help Desk Analyst II
Keep these tips in mind and we can all have a
better relationship with the computers across the              Kimberly Seifert, Help Desk Team Lead
                                                                    Help Desk Hours
                                                           Monday - Friday 6:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

                                                                  Help Desk 614-365-8425

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