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									Different Student Credit Cards

This article will give you a few different indications of student credit cards which you can look into. There
are many companies which will work with you being a student and having new credit should not be an obstacle.
Most credit card companies will not work as readily with potential customers who don't have a credit history.
If you apply for store credit cards and do not have any credit, you will most likely get turned down. When you
look into different student credit cards, there are certain features which you will want to look into.

The first factor when looking into different student credit cards is the annual percentage rate. Any credit
card which you do not pay off every month will charge you a finance charge every month. The amount which you
will be charged for finance charges is based off of the annual percentage rate which is included in the
disclosures you receive when first opening the credit card. Look to get the lowest interest rate that you can
possible receive. One possible option which you can receive is six months with zero percent APR.
This means that you will not be charged for the first six months of interest. If you need to get your car
fixed and do not have all of the money right at the time, you may want to think about this as a possible
option. If you are carrying a balance on a different credit card, you may be able to transfer it to the zero
percent APR potentially.

The second factor to consider when looking into different student credit cards is whether there is online
account management. This feature can be particularly helpful if you live out of state or have a really busy
life. This allows you to check your balance along with your card usage whenever you get a chance to look. You
can often make payments online instead of having to mail a check to the credit card company. You have more
freedom to manage your finances.

The third factor to consider for student credit cards is what type of credit the credit card company you are
applying for is looking for. If you read up on different websites, there are different credit cards and the
different cards may need no credit, good credit, or bad credit is okay. If you have no credit experience
whatsoever, you will want a card with limited or no credit history.

Hopefully this article on different student credit cards has given you insights into the different features
you should think about when getting a credit card. Taking the time to look at your different options will
allow you to find the best card for you. What works for you will not always work for someone else because of
differing financial circumstances. The person who prepares and finds a card best suited for him or her will
start off their credit history in a great manner. Building good habits is a conscientious effort and taking
the steps described in this article will help with that.

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