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					Culinary Arts Degree

Although we normally do not look at cooking as an art form, it truly is. In fact, it is one of the worlds
oldest art forms. In many cultures, the art of making food look attractive is second only to the taste of the
food. Most chefs who graduate with a Culinary Arts Degree know that the presentation of the food is half the

If you enjoy working with food and are adventurous in the kitchen, you may enjoy getting a culinary arts
degree. A culinary arts degree will not only teach you safe preparation of food, which is really the most
important aspect of cooking, but also how to cook certain food and how to make them appear palatable when set
upon a table.

Most chefs have a culinary arts degree from an accredited institute. After obtaining their degree they then
apprentice in a kitchen under the guide a head chef who has years experience working in the restaurant.
Another person with a degree in culinary arts may decide to work for a smaller restaurant where they can have
more control over the kitchen. Still others may choose to work for themselves and open their own restaurant.

You may not even choose to work at all after receiving a culinary arts degree. You may just be the type of
person who enjoys preparing food for guests and family and wants to be known as the best cook in the family.
Or you may decide to enter into a cake making or catering business. There are many different avenues
available for someone with a degree in culinary arts.

Degrees in culinary arts come as either a two year associates degree or four year degree. A person is always
better off getting a four year degree in this field, however, a person with a two year degree can begin
working in the field, gain experience and continue their education at night. It is a very versatile field and
there is always room for a person who is qualified to work in a kitchen.

In addition to the proper preparation of food, you will learn all about food safety, how to run a kitchen in
an efficient manner, proper hygiene standards needed for a commercial kitchen, presentation of different
foods, desserts, baking and different cooking methods. This is one field that is always changing and one in
which your own creativity can be put to good use. Where would we be if people had not experimented with
different types of food to create some of the best loved foods and desserts we now enjoy today?

Once you learn the basic concept of the culinary arts, you can use your own imagination to create your own
niche in the culinary world. Find an area in which you truly excel and tap into a market. The Cheesecake
Factory is a prime example of someone who found a niche in the culinary world and decided to exploit it. The
Cheesecake Factory has upscale restaurants all over the country and is known for having the best cheesecake.
Rather than just open up an ordinary restaurant, the owner of this chain decided to capitalize on his vast
knowledge of making terrific cheesecakes and a chain of restaurants was born.

If you like experimenting with different recipes, whether it is baking or cooking, a culinary arts degree may
be a perfect way for you to find a rewarding career that can combine your love for food with your creative

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