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 • Introduction to CareAccord Direct
   Secure Messaging service
 • Benefits of Direct Secure Messaging
 • Using Direct Secure Messaging for
   better health, better care and lower
 • Explanation of the different types of
   Direct Secure Messaging accounts
 • Instruction on registering for Direct
   Secure Messaging
• Secure, encrypted email service available to health care
  organizations and providers within the state of Oregon.
• Common uses:
   - Communication within larger organizations.
   - Communication between practices and providers within the medical
     community for referrals, transfer of care, receiving tests/results,
     clarifying e-prescription information, etc.

• Uses will differ based on the workflow and IT tools available
  to a particular provider.
Overview, cont’d.
• For communication between registered users for patient
• Accessible only to individuals with Direct Secure Messaging
  email accounts
• Can configure your account so that you get a notification in
  external email account when incoming mail arrives
• Read receipt shows when message is opened
• Can establish personal address book
• Can designate a delegate
Overview, cont’d.
• Accessible via an internet connection
• Easily fits into your workflow where a fax machine or
  phone is being used today
• Implementation follows HIPAA guidelines
• Audit log tracks the sender, receiver, date and time an
  email is sent
• No electronic health record (EHR) required
• Most major EHR vendors planning for Direct compatibility
• No special software required
• No cost to the provider
•Easily inserted into the workflow of any office
•Replaces fax, phone, or courier service for transmitting
 information in common provider scenarios:

 Referral:                 Transition of Care:        Request Response:
 A primary care            A family physician         A cardiologist needs a
 provider sends a          sends a Direct Secure      more detailed history
                           Messaging email with a     than the patient can
 Direct Secure
                           treatment summary of a     provide. In response to
 Messaging email with a    patient to a hospital or   the cardiologist’s
 referral along with any   long-term care facility    request, the patient’s
 necessary patient         when the patient is        primary care provider
 information and lab       admitted.                  sends the history via a
 results to a                                         Direct Secure Messaging
 nephrologist.                                        email instead of the
                                                      previous multi-page
                                                      paper fax method.
After this webinar you will:
• Be able to navigate to the CareAccord website
• Understand the different types of CareAccord Direct Secure
  Messaging accounts
• Be able to determine what types of accounts are appropriate
  for your organization
• Register your organization, sub-organizations, and affiliated
  users for Direct Secure Messaging
• Understand the basic functionality of CareAccord Direct
  Secure Messaging
Types of Accounts

 Organization: For health care organizations e.g., a medical
 practice, hospital or local health system and for an individual
 practitioner with a solo practice.

 Sub-Organization: For a health care organization's different
 functions or departments e.g., hospital radiology or emergency
 departments. Requires your organization to already have an active
 organization Direct Secure Messaging account.
Types of Accounts, cont’d.

 Individual User: For 1) an individual health care provider or staff
 person who registers as an employee or who is affiliated with an
 organization, or 2) for a provider with a solo practice and is not
 affiliated with an organization with other providers. Requires your
 organization or you as a solo practitioner to already have an active
 organization Direct Secure Messaging account.

 Delegate: For a non-licensed individual such as an office manager
 or administrative support person authorized to use a provider's
 Direct Secure Messaging account on behalf of an organization or
 individual. Requires the organization to already have an account.
Registration Process
• Registration is available
  through the website at
Getting Started
 Verify Information: Prior to registration, verify the
 information contained in the NPPES database is correct.

 Establish Authorized Contact: Identify the authorized
 contact who will manage the registration of the
 organization and affiliated users. This person must have the
 authorization to sign legal agreements for the organization.
 He or she may choose to designate an organizational point
 of contact to be the primary CareAccord contact.
Registration Process
• Authorized contact navigates to the CareAccord website and begins the registration process.
   - The organizational account must be created first.
   - After an organizational account has been established, affiliated
     accounts can be created.
Getting Started
• Navigate to
• Locate information on the Registration Process on the
  “Getting Started” Tab (under construction)
• Locate information about Direct Secure Messaging on the
  “Direct Secure Messaging” Tab
• Decide to register for Direct Secure Messaging to use in your
  organization’s workflow
• To begin the registration process, click on “First Time Users
  Start Here” in the upper right-hand corner of any page
Getting Started, cont’d.
• Remember that the Organizational Account must be created
  before individual providers can register to use the service
• Determine how the service will be integrated into your
Implementation Considerations
Determine how you will use Direct Secure Messaging in your
 practice or organization before determining who should have
 accounts. For example:
   – If you have a larger organization with many sub-organizations
     (labs, pharmacies, etc.), consider which of those sub-
     organizations will need Direct Secure Messaging accounts
   – If there is a lab affiliated with your organization whose
     technicians need access to Direct Secure Messaging they could
     be set up as delegates to a licensed provider in the lab.
        - If these technicians are set up as delegates, then an internal
          process for notifying other delegates should be established.
Implementation Considerations, cont’d.
•   If a provider doesn’t currently use a computer in performing
    tasks, there are two options:
    - Set up a delegate for the provider’s account who monitors and responds to
      incoming mail or sent mail for the provider.
    - Have one inbox for the practice and establish either the Authorized Contact
      or someone with an individual account to monitor and respond to incoming
      mail or send mail. In this case, you would not set up an individual account
      for the provider.
Organization or Sub-Organization Registration
   Navigate to                                            Select “an
                          Select “Login” in the                                 Select “Sign-up”                                  organization account”
                               top banner
                                                      in the pop-up box

              Click on the link to       Select the checkbox
               the Participation            indicating your         Select “I Agree”
             Agreement and read               acceptance

                            Complete form that
                            appears to establish
                                                        Select “Create”
                              username and
Organization or Sub-Organization Registration
For Organizations with NPI Number:

   Add authorized           Enter NPI Number for            Review the
                             Organization when         information retrieved       Confirm information
organization rep and
                            prompted and select           from the NPPES                is correct
account information
                                  “verify”                   database

            If retrieved data is
                                               If retrieved data is
             correct remaining                incorrect enter data          Select “Submit”
                forms will be                  on remaining forms

   Email sent to                                         Have identity            Mail notarized form to
                           Verification form sent
authorized contact’s                                    verification form         registration authority
                           to authorized contact
   regular email                                            notarized
Organization or Sub-Organization Registration
For Organizations without NPI Number:

                               Complete                                        Email sent to
  Select “Submit”            organization            Select “Submit”        authorized contact’s
                         information on forms                                  regular email

                                           Have identity
              Verification form sent                            Mail notarized form to
                                          verification form
              to authorized contact                             registration authority
Affiliated Individual Registration
• Authorized contact for the organization is responsible for
  collecting information for individual users and registering
• Process is similar to Organization registration except:
   - Select “Individual” as type of account
   - Must add affiliated organization information
   - Once data is entered and confirmation email is sent, the Oregon Health
     Authority will send notification to the registration authority that the
     accounts are approved
   - Individual accounts are then activated
   - Email is sent to the individuals notifying them of account activation
Unaffiliated Individual Provider Registration
• Process is similar to Organization Registration except:
   - Provider registers himself or herself
   - Must first register as an organization
   - Once organization account exists, then the person can register as
     individual provider
Individual Registration
   Navigate to                                            Select “an
                          Select “Login” in the                                 Select “Sign-up”                                  organization account”
                               top banner
                                                      in the pop-up box

              Click on the link to       Select the checkbox
               the Participation            indicating your         Select “I Agree”
             Agreement and read               acceptance

            Complete form that
            appears to establish                                 Receive confirmation
                                          Select “Create”
              username and                                              email
Individual Registration cont’d.

        Registration request     Registration Authority
       is sent to Registration          validates         Account status set to
              Authority             organizational              active

                                     Individual is
Delegate Registration
• Process is similar to Individual registration except:
   –   The person registering must select “Delegate” as the type of account

   –   The person registering does not enter the organizational affiliation in
       the same manner

   –   After entering identifying information, the person registering must
       click on “+Add Request”

   –   A pop-up window is opened. The person must “choose an
       organization” and if applicable select a provider or sub-organization to
       be a delegate for.

   –   Then click on “Save changes” to return to the previous window

   –   Then click on “Create Account”
Delegate Registration
                                                      Select “an delegate
   Navigate to            Select “Login” in the      account” in the pop-             top banner                                        Select “Sign-up”
                                                             up box

              Click on the link to       Select the checkbox
               the Participation            indicating your          Select “I Agree”
             Agreement and read               acceptance

            Complete form that
            appears to establish           Select “+Add
                                                                  Select Organizational
              username and               Request” in Step 2

                Select sub-
              organization or               Select “Save             Select “Create
               individual if                 Changes”                   Account”
Direct Secure Messaging Main Icons
   Mail             Opens the Mail Message option. Allows user to compose a message.

                    Opens the Address book. User can look up current contacts,
   Address Book
                    populate mail messages with contacts.

                    Opens Settings feature which provides several options for the user
   Settings         to customize webmail preferences, folders, identities, password,
                    delegation, and notification settings.

                    Invokes a Logout screen for user to sign off/log out of web mail
                    client server.

                    User Webmail Address - Displays current user who is logged in to the   webmail of all the accounts the current user is assigned to as a
                    delegate (if any are assigned).
Thank you for participating.
For questions regarding this program or general questions about health
       information exchange (HIE) in Oregon, please contact the
    Oregon Health Authority at or 503-373-7859

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