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Villa Information - 2 Bedroom House in Spain


									                             Villa Information

Welcome to Campoamor! We trust everything is to your satisfaction and hope
you have an enjoyable stay. To help your stay run smoothly we have compiled
these pages of information that you may find of use.

Contact Information
If you experience any problems at the Villa during your stay please contact
Tony and he should be able to assist. Please note that, depending on the nature
of the call, a callout fee may apply – particularly if regarding lost keys!!

            Your local - Mark Platt: 0034 634 367 192
                        Judy’s Home: 0044 1789 720 407
                       Judy’s Mobile: 0044 7711 156 951

Welcome Packs
Should you require a few essentials to be ready and waiting for you at the villa
before you arrive, please let us know. Money is payable to our agent in Euros.

If you require any additional extras we can arrange for these to be added to
the appropriate pack and charged at market prices.

Please note that this is a Non-Smoking property and No Animals/Pets are

The villa is located in a quiet area which is regularly patrolled by the
community’s own security vehicles.
Code for Alarm

Metal Shutters
The villa has metal shutters over the windows and we would suggest that
you close these when you leave the villa for security reasons. They are also
good for keeping the sun out and the villa cool!
Please open and close the shutters with care.

The Alarm key pad is behind the door as you walk in. You just need to tab in
the alarm code to disarm it and put the code in when arming it. Please make
sure that no fans are on or any windows open as this can activate the alarm.
If the alarm should be set off then the Villa will get a visit from a CRAC
Security patrol vehicle.

To provide added security for your valuables there is a safe in the first
single wardrobe on the right hand side in the double bedroom.

Communal Pool
There is a key for the pool on the hook above the sideboard in the
living room and also on your key bunch.

The pool is open from 10am – 10pm. You need keep a key with you at the pool
to prevent yourself getting locked in the pool area!

Please make sure the gate is locked behind you when leaving the pool area.
Please note Lilos are illegal in pools in Spain

There are green bins at the end of the road for disposing rubbish in.
They are emptied regularly at night.


Please check that it is not running too high as this will cause it to frost too
much & cut out. Sometimes when removing food the temperature dial will be
accidentally turned up.

Please feel free to help yourself to any of the food/sauces in the
cupboards and replenish it when it has run out.

Please replace bottles of water and beers in the fridge so that new
guests can have a drink when they arrive. Please dispose of any
perishables in the bin at the end of your stay.

Please clear any broken glass away carefully so the cleaner is not injured.

Towels & bed linen
Linen & towels are provided for the number of guest booked 1 bath & 1 hand
towel per guest beds made up for the booked no of guests. If you require
more supplies then they can be provided at an extra cost please call Mark to
arrange or book before arrival.
Chair Cushions
The chair cushions for outside are kept in the cupboard underneath the
stairs. Please put the cushions back in the cupboard at the end of your stay.
Please can you use a towel when using the cushions to stop them from
getting dirty.

At the end of your stay

At the end of your stay please can you:

•     Put all used towels in the laundry basket.

•     Put outside cushions in the cupboard.

•     Make sure you have your belongings from the safe.

•     Put all perishables in the bin then take the rubbish to the green bins.

•     Rinse out kitchen bin.

•     Check saucepans are put away dry & empty the kettle.

•     Shutters are down

•     Alarm activated
                        Useful General Information


A large Supermarket Super Mercadona is just 2 minutes drive (or 5 mins walk)
away. It is a well stocked supermarket of almost everything you could need.

Turn right at the end of the close then up the hill right again, 1 left follow
road around sharp steep bend then left and left again you should now be able to
see the supermarket.

In the summer it is open 9am –9.15pm Monday to Saturday. It is closed on

LA Fuenta
The LA Fuenta commercial centre is also only a few mins walk away and has a Spar
shop (stocking many English brands) and a chemist as well as a range bars and
resteraunts (see ‘Where to Eat’ section).

Habaneras in nearby Torrevieja is a large commercial centre with lots going on
including bars, restaurant and plenty of shops for everything and everyone.

Dos Mares
Dos Mares in San Javier is a large out of town shopping centre just off exit
777 of the AP7. It has a wide variety of shops and boutiques for clothes, gifts,
treats and electrical goods. There is a large supermarket on the ground floor and a
range of bars and eateries on the 1 floor.
Where to eat
There are some great places to eat around the area. There are some business
cards in the top drawer in the dining area for some eateries that can be

Campoamor Golf club
Just a few minutes walk up the hill to the club house (or
even quicker in the car!!) It’s a great place for a light bite
to eat or just for a drink, this is a good place to sit back,
relax and enjoy the views – on a nice day you can see
as far as La Manga and beyond!! They have a nice full
menu as well as serving Tapas.

                                    La Miradar, La Zenia Beach
                                    A few steps take you up to this cliff-side
                                    Spanish restaurant that overlooks the beach
                                    at La Zenia. The restaurant offers plenty of
                                    seating indoors as well as outside.

                                    Offering an extensive range of meals and
                                    light snacks this is a favourite place to go
                                    for a long lunch.

Eduardos at La Finca

A fantastic favourite of many people who visit it! It’s
just a few minutes drive or short taxi trip in the car
from the villa. Eduardo’s provide an excellent standard
of food and service that should be enjoyed and
definitely not rushed. The fantastic surroundings of the finca really add to the
experience and in the summer you can eat out on the terrace area, complete
with palm trees and a large pool!

…… If you can make it through to the wonderful range of desserts, the
homemade ice cream is recommended!

                         Eduardo’s at Villamartin
                         Eduardo’s at Villamartin is a great restaurant that
                         offers a good extensive menu of delicious meals
                         overlooking the main Villamartin plaza with its large
                         palm trees and nesting paroquites.
The Bay Tree
Located on the cabo roig strip. Food again is very good here. It can sometimes
appear quiet here but don’t let that put you off.

Fairways, Villamartin Plaza
Another great restaurant that can be recommended in
Villamartin Plaza! The mussels as a starter are large
and tasty!

Italian Affair
Located in the Cabo Roig strip. This restaurant serves a good range of Italian
food at reasonable prices.

Where to Drink

There are numerous places to go for a nice drink – head towards
Caboroig strip, Playa Flamenca, or even Torrevieja for a good range of
different drinking establishments.

Being on the Oriheula Costa there are many beautiful beaches you can

If you head down the N332 there are a number of beaches signposted,
including beaches at Cabo Roig, Campoamor and La Zenia beach is one of the
most popular ones with beach bars and activities in the summer.

If you travel on the AP7 towards Murcia airport you will see signs for the Mar
Menor, which has some lovely beaches on the lagoon which is typically
10 degree warmer than the sea..

 La Pagon is a very nice and has a promenade strip to
walk along, about 2miles out towards the sea!! Taking a
       steady walk takes out 40 mins each way.

(WARNING: There are no toilets along the way at all!!)


The nearest big town is Torrevieja. This is about 20 mins drive away. (Get
there on the N332 or on the AP7 Motorway going towards Alicante There are
                               2 tolls if you go that way.)

                                    It is worth a stroll around – there are some
                                    nice areas around the marina and some good
                                    bars and restaurants. There is often a market
                                    to walk around that sells all kinds of
                                    ornaments, treats and

Being one of the region’s major cities this has many
shops, cafés and restaurants that are worth exploring.
The harbour area is also a nice area to take a
relaxing wonder around.

It takes about 45mins to drive to Alicante. Either head up through the
N332 or hop on the toll road, for a clearer run, towards Alicante.
Getting About

When driving in Spain always have your driving license, passport and car hire
documents with you. If you get stopped by the police and cannot produce these
documents then you will get a large on the spot fine.

A tip…. If you are heading south on the AP7 toll road towards San Javier,
Murcia or the airport - avoid joining at the La Zenia junction as you will have to
pay a toll charge as soon as you get on!

Instead if you use the Dhesa de Campoamor junction (just south on the
N332) you will not have to pay toll all the way down to the airport and back!

Car Hire
Holiday Autos and Europa cars are known to be fairly reliable and good value
for money.

Getting around by taxi is quite reasonable. Radio Taxis are one of the
larger firms around and you are rarely waiting for long before one arrives.

If you are requesting a taxi from the villa, ask them to pick up from
“Campoamor Golf, the 2 swimming pool.”

The area is served by two local bus routes - the nearest stop is outside the
chemist at the La Fuenta commercial centre. The routes and times are included at
the end of this pack.


Distances from the villa to some key places:

Alicante                           -      79.6 km,56 mins (via AP-7 and A-7)

Alicante Airport                   -      71.2 km,48 mins (viaAP-7 and A-7)

Murcia - San-Javier Airport        -      27.7 km,27 mins (via AP-7)

Murcia City                        -      64.9 km,55 mins (via AP-7 and Autovía

La Zenia Beach                     -      6.9 km,13 mins (via Ctra


Campoamor Beach                    -      6.0 km,14 mins (via Calle de Oeste)

Torrevieja (and water park)        -      14.2 km,25 mins (via N-332)
                                                         Bus Routes

Route 1 Campoamor - Playa Flamenca                           Route 2 Hospital Torrevieja - Playa Flamenca
(Runs in both Directions)                                    (Circular route)

Dehesa Campoamor (Chemist)                                   Torrevieja Hospital
Dehesa Campoamor (La Glea beach)                             La Ciñuelica urbanisation (Mercadona)
Dehesa Campoamor (Montepiedra restaurant)                    Los Altos urbanisation (Consum)
Dehesa Campoamor (Church - Saavedra Fajardo street)          Dream Hills I ( Via Park III shopping centre )
Centro Salud Agua Marina                                     Dream Hills II (Ontario street)
La Regia urbanisation (Isla Formentera street)               La Florida urbanisation (shopping centre)
Lomas de Cabo Roig-La Cuerda (ALDI supermarket)              La Florida urbanisation ( Escorpio street)
Lomas de Don Juan (Las Ocas urbanisation)                    La Florida urbanisation (Sagitario street)
Lomas de Campoamor (Commercial center La Fuente)             Las Piscinas (Guapiles street)
Villa Costa (Mercadona)                                      Las Piscinas (Sports city centre)
Las Filipinas (El Galán shopping centre)                     Playa Flamenca (Pintor Ribera - Nicolas de Bussy streets)
El Presidente urbanisation                                   Playa Flamenca (Mercadona)
Richard Wagner street                                        Alameda del Mar Civic Centre
Villamartín urbanisation (Golf course stop)                  Horizonte-Citrus urbanisation (shopping centre)
Rioja-Los Dolses urbanisation (Shopping centre)              La Ciñuelica urbanisation (Almorávides street - shopping centre)
La Zenia (Consum supermarket)
La Zenia (N-332 roundabout)
C2 Playa Flamenca urbanisation (Via Park I-II shopping
Playa Flamenca (Mercadona)

Bus ride price: 1,15€ (July 2010)                            Bus ride price: 1,15€ (July 2010)
(includes transfer from one line to the otrher)              (includes transfer from one line to the otrher)
Frecuency: 1 Hour approx.                                    Frecuency: 1 Hour approx.
WINTER TIMES                                                 WINTER TIMES
Monday - Friday (except Holidays)                            Monday - Friday (except Holidays)
From 7:30 h. to 14:00 h. / From 15:30 h. to 19:30 h.         From 7:30 h. to 14:00 h. / From 15:30 h. to 19:30 h.
SUMMER TIMES                                                 SUMMER TIMES
Monday - Sunday                                              Monday - Sunday
From 7:30 h. to 14:00 h. / From 15:30 h. to 20:30 h.         From 7:30 h. to 14:00 h. / From 15:30 h. to 20:30 h.
Timetable:                                                   Timetable:
Departure Dehesa de Campoamor (Chemist bus stop) from        Departure Torrevieja hospital from 07:30 a.m. to 19:30 p.m. every
07:30 a.m. to 19:30 p.m. every hour.                         hour.
During July and August there is an extra bus service until   During July and August there is an extra bus service until 20:30
20:30 p.m.                                                   p.m.

Departure Playa Flamenca (Mercadona bus stop) from 08:00     Departure Playa Flamenca (Mercadona bus stop) from 08:00 a.m.
a.m. to 19:00 p.m. every hour.                               to 19:00 p.m. every hour.
During July and August there is an extra bus service until   During July and August there is an extra bus service until 20:00
20:00 p.m.                                                   p.m.
Bus Route Map

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