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					                                                                                             BOARD MEMBERS
                                                                    PRESIDENT                                       VICE-PRESIDENT
                                                                    Pat Huber                                       loeFaherty
                                                                    8012 Dayton Ave N                               POBox 104
                                                                    Seattle, WA 98103-4222                          Fox Island, WA 98333-0104
                                                                    (206) 448-4911 ext 2384                         (253) 549-2082
                                                                    patticiahuber@Grange.com                        Alfa4us@ao1.com

                                                                    SECRETARY                                       TREASURER
                                                                    Russ Huber                                      Georges Hebrant
                                                                    8012 Dayton Ave N                               6730 15OthAve.NE
                                                                    Seattle, WA98103-4222                           Redmond, WA98052-4713

   Under The Hood                                                   (206) 789-8240
                                                                                                                    (425) 881-0705

       February. Month of romance, amore, hearts,
 flowers ... an~ of course,CARS!                                                      COMMITTEE DIRECTORS
       Don't you love..... .
        · a clean car. Inside and out.                              MEMBERSHIP                                      COMPETITIONDIRECI'OR
                                                                    lonInge                                         HerbSanbom
        · a glove box that stays closed.                            9301 236th St SW                                836 NE 69th St.
        · a trunk lid that does not leak water when opened.         Edmonds, WA 98020-5637                          Seattle, WA 98115-5550
        · a parking brake that works.                               (206) 542-0506                                  (206) 525-4835
                                                                    joninge@earthlink.net                           heIb.sanbom@noaagov
        · a car that starts the first time. Or the second.
        · a person who can go around traffic circles correctly.
        · a person who knows how to merge.                          WEBMASIER
        · a person who knows how to count at a 4-way stop.          SteveScbaeffer
                                                                    9535 4th Ave. NW
        · a person who opens the car door for you.                  Seattle, WA 98117-2116
       · a person who says "go faster."                             (206) 789-9317
       · a person who offers to let you drive their ''baby.''       boIrani@worldnelatLnet
       · a person who returns the radio station to your
           selection after driving your car.
       · a mechanic whose shop is so clean you wipe your
                                                                                              INIEZIONE STAFF
           feet before entering.
       · a mechanic who doesn't take a break when you               EDITOR                                          TECDNICALEDITQR
           arrive at his shop.                                      Tom Williams                                    WesIngram
       · a mechanic's hands. (It's my column.)                      POBox 99428                                     309 S. Coverdale St. #0-5
                                                                    Seattle, WA 98199                               Seattle, WA 98108-4571
       · an owner's manual with all the pages.                      (206) 283-1056                                  (206) 938-2558
       And whatever road you travel this month, be sure your        tnt@nwlink.com                                  wing@nw1ink.com
 car heads to one or both of our special activities. "Brew,
 Books, and Buds" is our special monthly meeting: Make sure         PRODUCTION EDITOR
                                                                    Fred Russell
 you RSVP to me at (206) 448-4911, ext. 2384) by February
 5th. An~ I can't think of a better way to spend a Wednesday            NWARC Website: http://welcome.to/nwarc
 night than sipping vino with fellow car lovers. All the details
are here inside our paper.                                                                     CLUB LIAISONS
       January's meeting was a huge success. My thanks to all
the "passionate" people who spoke from their hearts. The            Pacific Coast AHa Owners Association
January Board meeting was another success. So we'll repeat          FritzDuemberger                                 (604) 988-7904
it! The February Board meeting will again be at the Huber
                                                                    AlfaRomeo Owners of Oregon
home on the 20th. ''Marie Callander" was chef at the last one
and will perform the same function for the next one, so call                    The Iniezione is the monthly newsletter of the Northwest AHa
me at work (206) 448-4911, ext 2384, if you plan to attend.         Romeo Club, anon-profit organization of AHa Romeo enthusiasts. NWARC is a
                                                                    regional chapter of the national Alfa Romeo Owners Club (AROC). Chapter
       Get under that hood with someone you love this month!
                                                                    meetings are held the second Tuesday ofevery month except December.
                                                                    Membership dues are $48 per year, which includes subscriptions to the Iniezione
                                                     Pat Huber      and the national publication, Alfa Owner. For information about joining the club,
                                                                    contact the membership director.
                                                                                Deadline for the submission ofartides ordassified ads is the third
          On The Covers                                             Friday of the month prior to the issue month. Opinions expressed in the
                                                                    lniezione are strictly those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those ofthe
                                                                    club. Publication ofarticles describing technical procedures does not constitute an
Front: Steve Schaeffer (r) with his GTA and the car's former        endorsementby the club,its officers, or AROC. It is the responsibility ofthe person
owner. Back: GTA, up close and personal.                            performing any procedure to accept all consequences ofhis or her actions.

                                                           Page 2
FEB 16   Deadline for March Iniezione.
FEB 21   Wine Tasting at Esquin Wine Merchants.
         Taste a wide variety of excellent wines and enjoy               Red Hook Brewery
         hot and cold hors d'oeuvres prepared by Cucina
         Fresco. $25 per person. Registration must be
         received by Feb. 14. Register with your credit                "Books, Buds, and Brew"
         card by calling Tom Williams at (206) 283-1056
         or use the registration form on page 4.                 On February 13th at the Red Hook Brewery in
                                                             Woodinville the NWARC will have its monthly meeting
MAR 3    Driving School at Bremerton.                        AND a very special Valentine's event!
         This is our fIrst track event of the year. It's a
         very attractive one indeed for ladies and                6:30 p.m. No host bar
         teenagers, who get 50% off the regular price.            7:00 p.m. Pasta bar at $20 per person.
         Learn the limits of both you and your car in a                       Many, many good things to eat!
         safe, controlled environment. For more, see                          And, a special yummy dessert too!
         the article on page 4. Register now with your            7:30 p.m. General Meeting
         credit card by calling Treasurer Georges Hebrant         8:00 p.m. Guest speaker is Alex Voss, "Books4cars".
         at (425) 881-0705. Or, if you prefer, use the            He's bringing some old Alfa books to show and share!
         registration form inside.
                                                                  We are planning on 35 attendees and would appreciate
MAR 13   General Meeting, Grand Prix Carts, Fife.            an RSVP to Pat Huber at (206) 448-4911, ext. 2384, so we
         Head down to Fife and join fellow Alfisti in        can notify the caterer if more members want to join in the
         fun and spirited four-wheeled action. More          and enjoy the selection of pastas & salads !
         in the next Iniezione.
Ladies and Teenagers 50% off regular price

Drivers· School Mar. 3
       Our first track day of the year is a drivers' school at Bremerton on Saturday, March 3. It is a full-day school; there will be no
full-track lapping. The emphasis will be on learning and improving skills one can use in day-to-day driving. Lunch is included with
your registration fee.
       Spiders without rollbars are welcome, but a helmet is required for all drivers and passengers.
       We'll begin with a technical inspection at 7:30 am., followed by a ground school covering the basic physics of driving. We'll
also go over the day's activities, their methods and purpose. Each exercise focuses on a specific area that brings to life what you
learned in the ground school. In that way you slowly start to explore the car's limits and gain confidence in your as well as your
car's ability. Instructors will be available to ride with you and coach you at each station.
       Please make sure your car is in good condition. Although it will be inspected, you are still responsible for your car being safe.
       The following equipment is required:
       1. Snell 85 rated or newer helmet
       2. Three-point seat belts are acceptable. Two-point belts must be replaced by five-point systems.
       Questions: Call Herb Sanborn, 206-525-4835 evenings.

      Mail the form below with check payable to NWARC to:
                                                 George Hebrant, NWARC Treasurer
                                                         6730 150111 Ave. NE
                                                     Redmond, WA 98052-4713
      Mark your check: "Bremerton, March 3M" Or to register using your VISAlMasterCard call George Hebrant at 425-881-0705.
Cost is $70 per car and driver if paid by February 24, $80 if paid after that date. Additional drivers are $50. Ladies and teenagers,
take 50% off the above prices. All prices include lunch.

                               :==== - - - - - - - - -

Bremerton Raceway, March 3, 2001
                                                                                             Registration Form
N~:   ________________________________                                             Wine Tasting At Esquin Wine Merchants
                                                                                          Wednesday, February 21

Address:_______________________                                                  Phone registrations with credit card
                                                                              accepted. Registration must be received by
City: _ _ _ _ _ SIIlte----Zip Code:_ _ _ __
                                                                                            February 14.
PhOM: ____-J1_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - ____                                    Number in Party _____ Amount ($25 per person)____

                                                                         Check enclosed _      or VISAIMC # _ _ _ _ _ _ Exp. _ _

Year & Model Car: __________________                                     Poone __________ Emml _______________

                                                                         Please make check payable to NWARC and mail to:
                                                                                  Georges Hebrant, NWARC Treasurer
Track Experience_______________________                                               6730 150th Ave. NE
                                                                                      Redmond, WA 98052-4713, OR

                                                                             Register by phone by calling Tom Williams at (206) 283-1056.

                                                            Page 4
           NWARC Board Creates Charitable Giving Committee

    The Spirit of Adam                                                Giving Is An Attitude
                                                                                     byTess McMillan
                  by Gordy Hyde
      I would like to thank every person present at the                   To kick off this year's roster of exciting events and ne
January meeting for their individual contributions that             directions, the club's board took a step which just might be
became part of a greater effort to support some of our mem-         unprecedented in the history of the club: they created a
bers. The result was a very generous outpouring of financial        Giving Committee. As a self-appointed tooth fairy, I view
assistance for Phil and Kathleen Edwards and their son              as a wonderful event! Not only will it provide us with the
Adam. Our donation was given to people involved in the              opportunity to give back to the community, but we will all
SOVREN dinner the following Saturday and was included in            have the chance - if we want - to get our hands messy wi
an even larger, community-wide effort to help Adam's                service-related activities. Now we can do the things we love
family.                                                             doing with our cars and apply them to a broader community
      Many people know that six-year old Adam was diag-             gaining the satisfaction of having done more than just' play.
nosed last year with a brain tumor. Following initial surgery             I'm not getting sappy here. We mean business! The
and months of chemotherapy, the doctors discovered that the         business of giving. We can do whatever we want to do:
tumor had grown and he underwent further surgery Monday,            donate a portion of our income to charity, put on fund-raisin
January 8. I had an opportunity to visit Adam and his family        events such as rallies and tours, donate our time with our c s
at Children's Hospital and was very encouraged by his               to help those less fortunate experience some of our fun ...
determination. Before I left, Kathleen gave me the address of       whatever it is, we can do it. A lot or a little. The Giving
a website that people can use to get updates on Adam's              Committee will meet, elect a chairperson, put together some
progress. (http://www.caringbridge.comlwaladamedwards) If           recommendations and action plans, and present those plans 0
you have the opportunity, please visit the site and leave some      the board.
words of inspiration for the Edwards.                                     If you want to be a member of the Giving Committee,
      Also, please visit the NWARC website (http://                 please contact me with your name, phone number, and em .
welcome.to/nwarc) and click on the banner reading "Adam             address. There are a few folks who have already expressed
Edwards Relief Fund." The article tells a little about Adam         interest, and I must confess I'm very poor at remembering
and lists an address where individual contributions can be          names and I need to hear from you again. My home number
sent.                                                               is (206) 525-6153 (please, no calls after 9 p.m.), and my
      Our new president, Pat Huber, has repeatedly said that        email aliasistessmc@drizzle.com.
her involvement in the NWARC "is all about the people."
Pat's presidency could not have come at a more appropriate
time. Ancillary to the individual support displayed, Pat
appointed some members to form a committee to research
how the NWARC could donate a portion of the treasury to
non-profit causes. I volunteered to work on that committee
and welcome others to help us. My phone number is 425-483-
2350 and my e-mail addressisGordonHyde@cs.com. Please
contact me if you are interested in helping on this most
worthy endeavor. Again, and in advance, I thank you for your

                                                                 Page 5
                          Buying a GTA ....
        This entire story wasn't my fault It wasn't even my
idea One day last May I was at the racetrack between
sessions, innocently working on Turner, my beloved green
1967 Alfa Romeo GTV that r downed 11 years. Rob, a friend
of a friend, approached me. He asked if the car was for sale. I
politely answered no, as I had no previous intention of seIling
her. He asked if it were for sale, how much would you ask? I
suggested a strong figure. He reached in his pocket... now
what was I to do?
        I had owned Turner since May 1989. I started time-
triaIing her immediately, turning a 2:07 on my first lapping
day at SIR. In 1998 I started vintage racing Turner in
SOVREN events. She was a terrific track car: great brakes,
effortless handling, and yet still fully muftled. I eventually
turned a 1:47.88 with her, those 16OOcc's working overtime.
StilI, for those 11 years, I'd been faithfully reading my Alfa      tion together, and were synonymous with each other. She was
Romeo books, dreaming of the ultimate 105 series Alfa, the          a great street/track car, but the mutation to pure track car was
GTA.                                                                inevitable. I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to take this nice car
        The GTA was a homologation special. Around 497              and turn it into a full race car. I'd also noticed that nice
hand-built examples were made over a four-year period. Most         GTA's were seIling around $4Ok, so did that mean not-so-
of them were built in 1965-6, all clad in aluminum bodywork.        nice ones could be had for $30k? Between May and July I'd
They were constructed to contest the nascent European               been calling sellers and combing the Internet.
Touring Car Championship in Europe, which the Lotus                        So, with this offer, I had time to think. I would sell
Cortina was dominating. The GTA in 1600cc guise went on             Turner, and use the proceeds toward a GTA. I told Rob I'd try
to win the Touring Car Championship in 1966, 1967, and              to sell her at the 4th of July Historics for $17k, and if she
1969. The GTA also won the first Trans-Am race in the USA           didn't sell, we'd talk. She didn't sell, so after the last race on
in 1966 and took the championship that year. She had the            Monday, July 3, I told Rob I'd sell her. We agreed on the
performance, styling, and racing pedigree to steal our hearts       price the next day. I figured it'd take me six months to a year
away forever.                                                       to find a GTA at the right price.
        I'd loved Turner dearly. We'd gone through a restora-              Tuesday night a fresh GTA appeared on a French
                                                                    broker's website. There were two others for over $45k that I
                                                                    neither cared for nor could afford. But this new one was
                                                                    offered for $28k and looked highly presentable. I barely slept
                                                                    that night At 6 a.m. Wednesday, I called the French broker,
                                                                    Vincent, about the car. My first words to him were, "Is the
                                                                    car sold yet?,' He answered, ''No.'' Hot damn, ok, the ques-
                                                                    tions flew fast and furious. Why is the car priced so low?
                                                                    What hidden skeletons are there? I knew that the next person
                                                                    to call on the car would purchase it, no question. Any decent
                                                                    GTA that even runs is worth $30k. I had no choice but to say
                                                                    that this car was sold, and what was my next step? I'm
                                                                    generally an indecisive person, but this decision was as clear
                                                                    as Mt. Rainier ..... on a clear day.
                                                                           "You must wire 30% of the purchase price to this bank
                                                                    in Geneva," said Vincent. Ok, I'll get my money for Turner
                                                                    and borrow the rest. At lunch I applied for a $15k loan at
                                                                    Washington Mutual, and prayed for quick acceptance. I got
                                                                    the good news that Thursday afternoon. That evening before
                                                                    closing I signed the papers and we wired $9k to the bank in

                                                           Page 6
                    •••• (a                   two-part epic)
                                                by Steve Schaeffer

Geneva. Phew, the first hurdle was over.
      Or was it? On 1:30 p.m. Friday the bank called and said
the wire hadn't gone through. <Expletive Deleted> I
immediately emailed Vincent, and much to my amazement he
responded right away. I explained my new predicament and
pleaded with him to not sell it, as he said the calls and bids
were coming in. I didn't doubt him. He said he could wait till
Monday for the deposit.
      I drove to the bank, and re-wired the money. They were
inexperienced at this sort of thing. I asked when we'd get a
confirmation and they said Monday. GLOOM - I could see
the writing on the wall. I cancelled the wire, and quickly
formulated Plan B: I'd have to deliver the money in person.
      Turner was sold, but still in my garage. Rob lived in
Spokane. I'd have to trailer the car to him that night and
come home, a ten-hour trip. There was a chance that Rob was                When I landed in Paris Sunday morning, I phoned
already flying over to Seattle to take ownership. I couldn't        Vincent. He had reserved a room for me at the Ibis Hotel
reach him by phone, and things had to happen that night. I          downtown. We met for dinner and had a very nice chat.
explained this scenario to my boss and why I'd be gone the          races Formula 3000 cars, so he's one of us.
                                                                           On Monday morning we had to change my traveler's
                                                                    checks to French francs (the car was sold for FF200,OOO).
                                                                    Vincent saved me $1,200 by shopping around for the;best
                                                                    exchange rate. I received FF6.83/US1.00.
                                                                           We just barely caught the TGV bullet train to Bor-
                                                                    deaux, where the car was. We waited outside the train
                                                                    In just a few minutes an Alfa 164 arrived, pulling this most
                                                                    red of Alfa GTA's. It took my breath away. I never thought
                                                                    I'd own a red Alfa, but boy, she looked wonderful in red.
                                                                    piled in the 164 and drove to the dispatch trucks' parking
                                                                    area. We finished our cash transaction and unloaded the
                                                                    from the trailer. We started it up, and I drove it around the
                                                                    parking lot. All I could say was that it didn't grind 2nd
                                                                    when cold! The (now former) owner didn't speak English,
                                                                    I had Vincent tell him I'd be contacting him later to get the
next week. She laughed and said I had way too many vari-            car's history. The car was loaded onto a transportation
ables in this equation. Unprompted, she got out her personal        and taken to Le Havre, the port city up north. Vincent and
checkbook and wrote me a check for $15k. I wasn't too               grabbed the 3-hour TGV train back to Paris. We got back
proud to accept such generosity. I snatched the check from          midnight, a good long day.
her hand, thanking her profusely. She trusts me. I then                   The next morning I woke and felt a crushing desire
phoned a few travel agencies and was able to get a next day         just be back home and relaxing. The previous week had
trip to Paris for $1000 round trip; such a deal.                    among my most trying mentally. I had a week-long ticket,
       Saturday morning Rob flew in from Spokane and took a         I was not equipped to be touring. Although all flights were
cab to my place. He gave me a cashier's check for the full          overbooked, I still took a cab to the airport and milraclllOlISI)/
amount and he drove Turner back to Spokane with the street          got on stand-by.
wheels I'd lent him. At 9 a.m. I was at the bank getting
traveler's checks. I needed $30k worth, but they only had           Next month: Buying the car was an adventure. So was
$100 denominations, so I had to sign and cany 300 checks! I         it home.
purchased my flight tickets, then drove to the airport for my
12:40 p.m. departure.

                                                                 Page 7
              The Leather Man
                                                                            itself. Lexol makes both a cleaner and a conditioner. In most
                    by Tom Williams                                         cases applying the cleaner followed by the conditioner will do
                                                                            the trick. But if you have a really nasty stain, first use Lexol
       "rm the leather guy."
                                                                            cleaner, then 409 (yes, really). Follow the 409 with Lexol
       Marc Allan, with 20 years in the leather business
working on everything from couches to cars, spoke to the
                                                                                    The best way to treat any problem with the leather is get
NWARC at its January general meeting.
                                                                            to it right away. For example, if you just raked your ballpoint
       Marc said that car leather is the highest grade leather
                                                                            pen across your leather, don't wait until you get home. Go
available, because of the wear it's subjected to. It comes from
                                                                            back in the office, get some clear scotch tape and place it over
the top of the cow. It's the top part of the hide, hence the
                                                                            the offending mark. Retrace the mark with the pen, then lift
name ''top grain." A lesser quality leather is used for most
                                                                            the tape.
furniture, and a still lower quality hide is used for garments.
                                                                                    When he was in Europe Marc spent a fair amount of
       Leather is first surface-dyed, then painted. The applica-
                                                                            time working with Italian marques. He said, "The most
tion of the paint, or "pigment," is a tricky process; too much
                                                                            important thing to Italians is how it feels. They like it soft
turns the leather to a vinyl-like substance. But the pigment is
                                                                            and supple."
fragile and can be easily damaged by liquids and saliva from
drooling children and pets.
       Marc then talked about how to maintain a vehicle's
leather interior and touched on common mistakes well-                                    European Leather Repair
meaning amateurs make.                                                                       and Restoration
       First, don't use products intended for shoes on cars.
The shoe products are designed to last for a week or less.
       Second, don't use saddle soap. It's the worst possible
thing to use, because it dries out the leather. And leave the
ArmorAll for your son to use on his Civic.                                                                                                 MarcAllau
                                                                                                                                  Tel. (425) 4(16.3605
      Do, however, use high quality leather products such as                   2120S "A" BotheU·E~1I Hwy. S.E.                         (800) 460-6054
Lexol. Lexol has a ph of 5.5, which is the same as the leather                 BoIMU. WA 98012    E-mail: CUlolaabr4holcoa        fax(425)402~38

         Specializing in Cylinder Heads:                        Complete Engine Rebuilds:                                    ucb
         • Five performance stag~s of head preparation          • High performance street to full race motors                =.00
         • Silicon-aluminum bronze valve                        • Blueprinting, balandng and custom machining                -::; \0
                                                                                                                              c: _
                                                                                                                              •., lCl        u 0
                                                                                                                                             en U•
           guides with viton seals                              • Compression ratio &power band customized                   .~        X    ~
                                                                                                                             Vl «S           0
         • Diamond honed guides                                     to your needs                                              :-~           ~
                                                                                                                             ClJ •           CD
         • Radiused seat cut                                         • Forged pistons &liners,                               .3        0  >
                                                                                                                             .......   \0-
         • High performance                                             available lightened                                   ~        0\ COd
           valve springs                                              • Optional aluminum flywheel                           "O~~
                                                                                                                             c: CO ...
         • Oversized valves &                                           & race clutch                                         :::s     CO    ~
           seats available                                               • Dyno testing and break-in available               ~ ~ I"!@
                                                                                                                             Nr.::t .2
         • Order our VIDEOTAPE -                                              • Call us for other performance                co~                  -.-
                                                                                                                             N         ~          .5
           $15 plus s/h                                                         options and components

                                                                                     We recommend 45mm .
                             The right set of cams is key to
                                                                                     Webers for high-performance
                             getting the power band you
                             need. We have 3 standard                                175012000 street motors, and             .... a. ~
                                                                                                                             -.             :.J
                             profiles for street and 2 for                           48mm for full race. Order a             : OJ > ,.-
                                                                                                                             -:,, « , .
                             race, all hard-faced and                                set to complement your p,-e.
                                                                                                                                   "11 \ \
                             ground from billet stock.                               pared head and new camsl

                                                                    AI6sti-owned by
                                                                    Mac and DaD

                                                                    WE CAR FIT IIOST BB\V
                                                                    STYLES OJ' WHEELS TO
• Over 90,000 Alfa Romeo parts and accessories in                   ALMOST .ANY ALI'A
  stock, and ready to ship.
• Delivery to California, Washington & Oregon in 3 days.            "Aln' BRARD AlU) BODEL OF
• Check out our website or call today for our FREE                  TIRES YOUR LITTLE ITALlAR
                                                                    CAR DESIRES."

                          1-800-788-4435                            365 RAINIER AVENUE NORTH
                                                                    RENTON, WASHINGTON
             ®CYJ15@ ~tr~                                           425-687-0355
              Rout.: 19 N. Charlunl..'S\'iJlc. VA ~906

                                                           Page 9
  rlt t91"-~             .                                                  •

  •      o·
                             615 8t. Helens ·Tacoma, WA 98402
                   Tacoma (253) 572- ALFA   Seattle (253) 838-2531
                   Servicing The Greatest Italitm Marques S~ce 1975.
                                                                       Fax (253) 572-2533

le....apj O#a'~~
                                                        ;;=%:11/_; \!jlj;~~ ]
                                                        ALFA ROMEO SPECIAUSTS SINCE 1965
                                                            THE OLDEST ALFA STORE OF ANY SORT IN THE NORTHWEST

                                                        •    THE LARGEST PARTS INVENTORY WITH
                                                                      AND USED PARTS.
                                                              • QUALITY SERVICE AND REPAIRS


                                                                 1512 FAIRVIEW AVENUE EAST
                                                                 SEATTLE, WASHINGTON 98102

                                        Page 10
FOR SALE: 1978 Sport Sedan. $6000 recent work. Head
gasket, shocks, brakes, busings, Pirellis, hoses, Milano seats,
etc. Car has excellent paint and runs great. Color is brown!                                         AUX&:~~~~~~~~P~h:O~~
tan. 172K. $3500 oboe John Hansen, (206) 463-1956 or                                                                  206.n 13055 fax ,.
                                                                                                                      888380.92n toll tree

FOR SALE: Lots of 105 series stuff: good GTV door hinges,
                                                                                                       )              vossmotors@books4cars.com

OEM oil pressure gauge for '69 GTV, Super trim bits,
Berlina interior, '69 Berlina hood, Personal and Nardi wood
rim wheels, lots more. Jon (206) 213-0102.

FOR SALE: 1979 Sport Sedan. Totally stock, factory
sunroof, Pirellis, all records, great service, 3rd owner. Runs
perfect, great condition. $3,500. Ben Pecora, 206-780-2769.
                                                                                            .~ you help me with other
FOR SALE: '72 Spider, straight, driver, strong engine, good                                 ~pects of my car?
trans, complete, $2700.                                                     ~   .....   /     .•..

'74 Spider, project; good trim, no rust, straight, $1700.
'82 GTV6 Balocco No. 22. 88K. $4900.
'87 Milano 2.5 engine. 621{, no smoke, $1500 exchange.
                                                                            l\A& local shop. we canhelp
75-82 Spider front bumper. NEW, $450.
                                                                        .L              ~!! with anything from basic
GTV6 front bumper assy. w/impact strip, $400.                                               maintenance to race prep.
'87 Milano Platinum front seats. Excellent, $350/pair.                                      change. head gasket bushing
Call Keith at RalliRound, (206) 323-8000.                                                   replacement plus anything
                                                                                            else to keep your baby on the
FOR SALE: Car Stereo Eclipse EQZ-304: Touch Logic                                           road. Give us a call                ------......u-I
Control Cassette/CD changer controller removable head unit,
which is the identical stereo head unit to 1994-95 Alfa 164.
Includes original mfg packaging and user/installation guide.                                Ingram Enterprises Inc.
Exc. condition. Purchased new for $800, selling for $350                                    TEL: 206-762-3931
OBOe Picture available via email. (206) 440-3333, or                                        EMAIL wing@nwlink.com
                                                                                            309 S. Cloverdale #0-5
cint/yrio@alumni. washington.edu.
                                                                                            Seattle. WA 98108
                                                                                            (Just south of 1st Ave Bridge)
FOR SALE: 1991 164L, 104,500 miles, sunroof, black on
black, alloy wheels, automatic, looks and runs great. $5495
OBOe Contact via email at roxannes@artsfund.org or at
home phone (425) 558-4127.

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                                                                       17331-13Sth Ave. N.E., Suite C, Woodinville, WA

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