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                   Jansen’s Banquet & Catering

    Thank you for your interest in Jansen’s Banquet & Catering for your
upcoming event. We can accommodate private events for up to 600 guests in
 our Main banquet room. For those smaller events we can accommodate 50
                     to 100 guests in the East room.

We offer a full range of services to make sure your event is successful. Our
goal is to provide a day or evening that you and your guests will thoroughly

 In this packet you will find all that Jansen’s has to offer for your event. If
you do not see something that is fitting for you, just ask and we will do our
                            best to make it happen.

                     We look forward to serving you.

                         Jerry & Connie Jansen
            Explore All We Can Offer at Jansen’s Banquet Center

                                   Conventions - Trade Shows

   Group meetings, trade shows or conferences? Jansen’s offers the space, privacy, parking and
  support equipment required for comfortable and successful gatherings. Our central location in
    Southeastern Wisconsin is easily accessible from Milwaukee, Madison, Janesville and the
                                     Northern Illinois area.

                                            East Room

 With our East Room we can now plan events to accommodate both large and small groups. This
  flexibility allows us to adjust the facilities to meet your needs. Adaptability, through the use of
folding doors and adjustable space, makes us unique and better capable to custom design the space
                                        required for your event.


  Jansen’s offers a delicious menu, which we can adapt to your needs and budget, ranging from
                             breakfasts to complete prime rib dinners.

                                       Wedding Receptions

    Jansen’s can accommodate your wedding needs from beginning to the actual events. Our
  beautiful banquet halls can accommodate showers, rehearsal dinners and receptions. Even the
              entertainment for your listening and dancing pleasure can be provided.

 A full line of elegant invitations, announcements, bridal books and napkins is available to make
    your wedding plans complete. Catalog albums can be checked out at your convenience.
                                         Discounts available.

  Please contact us for information pertaining to your particular needs. We attempt to treat each
               event individually and make it as pleasant and carefree as possible.
     Generous portions buffet style service includes:

            Choice of Potatoes: Choose One
                 Idaho Baked Potatoes
                Fluffy Whipped Potatoes
               Parsley Buttered Potatoes
                Garlic Mashed Potatoes
                 Baked Sweet Potatoes
                   Au Gratin Potatoes

           Choice of Vegetable: Choose Two
                       Baby Peas
                    Cozumel Blend
                     Country Blend
                      Capri Blend
                  California Blended
                 Golden Corn Niblets
               Green Beans Almondine
                Honey Glazed Carrots
                     Monaco Blend
                   Normandy Blend
                     Sicilian Blend
                 Scandanavian Blend
                     Tuscan Blend
                    Venetian Blend
                       Baby Peas

                     Also Included:
Garden Fresh Lettuce Salad with Choice of Three Dressings
                 Dinner Rolls and Butter
                Coffee, Milk and Ice Tea

                   Entrée Selections:

     Choose one: $13.50 Two: $14.50 Three: $15.50
      Italian Meatballs in Marinara Sauce and Pasta
            Fettuccini noodles w/ Alfredo Sauce
                   Beef, Chicken or Pork
                          Stir Fry
                      Served with Rice

     Choose one: $14.50 Two: $15.50 Three: $16.50
            Honey Almond Baked Chicken
                    Salisbury Steak
        Honey Glazed Ham w/ Pineapple Slice
                   Baked Tilapia

  Choose one: $ 15.50 Two: $16.50 Three: $ 17.50

             Steamship Round of Beef
           Roasted Turkey with Dressing
            Roasted Pork with Dressing
                  Beef Stroganoff
          Beef Tenderloin Tips w/ Noodles

  Choose one: $ 17.50 Two: $18.50 Three: $ 19.50

          Chicken Cordon Bleu with Rice
              BBQ Pork or Beef Ribs
               Stuffed Pork Chops
                Chicken Parmesan
                 Shrimp Scampi

  Choose one: $ 20.50 Two: $ 21.50 Three: $22.50

                     Prime Rib
               Baked Orange Roughy
                  Beef Wellington
                 (At Market Price)
                    Show Crab

All pricing is plus 5.5% Sales Tax and a 18% Gratuity

                  Toasting Product

              Verdi $9.00 Per Bottle
     Other wines upon request (At Market Price)

    ½ Barrel Beer (No Hourly bartender charges)
                Domestic $185.00
                  Imports $220.00
     Mixed drink Prices Start At $3.50 and Up
               Choices for Luncheon Menu
Prices vary depending on menu selection starting at $10.50
                      Choice of one
        Croissant Sandwiches w/Assorted Fillings
                Shaved Ham Sandwiches
               Shaved Turkey Sandwiches

                     Choice of two
               Country Style Baked Beans
                     Potato Salad
                      Pasta Salad

           Soup & Sandwich Buffet      $11.50

                     Full Salad Bar
             Coffee, Tea and Milk Included

            Fresh Fruit Added at Market Price

              Continental Breakfast Menu
               Assorted Breakfast Rolls
           Bagels w/ Flavored Cream Cheeses
                   Assorted Muffins
                Assorted Chilled Juices
                      Coffee, Milk
           Fresh Fruit Added at market price.

                   Full Breakfast Menu
               Sugar Cured Country Ham
          Smoked Country Pork Sausage Patties
              Farm Fresh Scrambled Eggs
                     American Fries
           Specially Baked Thick French Toast
                    Pancakes w/Syrup
                 Assorted Chilled Juices
                       Coffee, Milk
                           Hors D’ Oeuvres

                       Assorted Vegetable Tray
                        Served With Dill Dips
                         Serves 25 – $39.95
                         Serves 50 – $75.00

                        Fresh Fruit Presentation
                          Serves 25 – Market
                          Serves 50 – Market

                   Assorted Cheese and Sausage Tray
                          Serves 25 – $39.95
                          Serves 50 – $75.00

                               Nacho Bar
Chips, Guacamole, Salsa, Cheese Sauce, Seasoned Beef and Taco Flavored,
                              Sour Cream
                          Serves 25 – $75.00
                          Serves 50 – $125.00

                         Spicy Buffalo Wings
                     Served With Ranch Dressing
                         Serves 25 – $39.95
                         Serves 50 – $75.00

                    Crispy Breaded Chicken Wings
                         Serves 25 – $39.95
                         Serves 50 – $75.00

                      Chicken Breast Tenderloin
           Lightly Breaded w/ BBQ or Honey Mustard Sauce
                         Serves 25 – $39.95
                         Serves 50 – $75.00
           Tender and Tasty Meatballs
          Choose from BBQ or Swedish
              Serves 25 – $39.95
              Serves 50 – $75.00

              BBQ Baby back Ribs
             Slow cooked and Meaty
               Serves 25 – $39.95
               Serves 50 – $75.00

        Water chestnuts Wrapped in Bacon
               Serves 25 – $39.95
               Serves 50 – $75.00

            Cheddar Cheese Nuggets
              Serves 25 – $39.95
              Serves 50 – $75.00

               Mozzarella Sticks
              With Marinara Sauce
              Serves 25 – $39.95
              Serves 50 – $75.00

          Assorted Breaded Vegetables
Onion Rings, Cauliflower, Mushrooms and Zucchini.
              Served with Dill Sauce
               Serves 25 – $39.95
               Serves 50 – $75.00

                 Cocktail Franks
          In Grape Jelly Mustard Sauce
               Serves 25 – $39.95
               Serves 50 – $75.00

                  Egg Rolls
           With Sweet and Sour Sauce
              Serves 25 – $39.95
              Serves 50 – $75.00

               Serves 25 - $35.00
               Serves 50 - $65.00
                                                         Rental Contract and
                                                         BANQUET POLICY
We at Jansen’s look forward to serving you, and wish to make your event a memorable one; therefore, we need your assistance. The following
information will help to answer questions pertinent to planning your function.

         Hall rental is $650.00 for the main banquet hall and $300.00 for the east room. A Security deposit of $650.00 for main hall and
         $300.00 for the east room. Party’s which require the entire facility a rental charge for both rooms on the same day will be $1800.00
         with a $1000.00 deposit. Party’s requesting hall rental without bar service pricing to be negotiated. Hall rental payment along with
         One half of the total bill for all services is due 14 days prior to your event . Payment is to be made in the form of cash, check,
         cashiers check or money order. Payments made by credit card must be approved prior to fourteen days and all but ten percent
         must be paid at that time. (Visa, Mastercard, Discover only) a 2.75% service charge add to credit sales. Make checks payable to
         Jansen’s Banquet LLC. Final payment is due the day of the function after all additions or credits have been calculated. The main
         banquet hall 150 person minimum dinner count, East room 50 person minimum dinner count. Maximum capacity as follows Main
         room 600, East room 100 with no dance floor or 75 with dance floor.

         All menu arrangements must be made fourteen days in advance of your scheduled event. Your final dinner count is necessary at this time.
         If you do not meet your guarantee, we do not allow you to take the extra dinners out due to state health codes, so please make sure your
         count is accurate. Jansen’s will prepare the menu for ten percent over your final count. Upon giving Jansen’s your guarantee, you may
         wish to take the ten percent over into account. You will be charged the normal dinner rate for every person over the guarantee.

         Jansen’s cannot be responsible to serve customers over ten percent of the final guarantee count.

         A eighteen percent (18%) gratuity charge and 5.5% state sales tax will automatically be added to the bill for all services.

         Prices listed on menus are subject to change. Firm food prices will be guaranteed thirty days prior to the event.

         Jansen’s adheres to the time of which you have planned to have your dinner served. We will hold food over for fifteen minutes to insure a
         quality meal. For every fifteen minutes they’re after you will be charged $10.00 per employee (wait staff, kitchen staff, and head chef).
         Please make sure your dinnertime is well planned.

         It is our policy to permit only food and beverage furnished by us to be served in our facilities. Special occasion cakes may be obtained
         through a licensed bakery. No food or beverages not furnished by us will be permitted in the premises without prior written authorization.
         Food allergies, Jansen’s does not produce food (special meals) for person with food allergies.

         The booking party itself makes orchestra or music arrangements. Music may play until 12:00 A.M. Rooms must be cleared by 12:30 A.M.
         (Exceptions can be made upon approval) Management reserves the right to maintain an acceptable sound level. A $ 35.00 service charge
         will be paid for all Bands, DJ’s requiring electrical connections. Bands or DJ’s that require excessive power (220 volt) shall pay for
         Jansen’s Electrician to do the wiring, and a $75.00 service charge will apply. Jansen’s will not provide staging or risers for bands or DJ”s
         or other performances.

         Groups requesting tax exemption must submit a tax Id number with a letter requesting such exemption, at seventy-two hours prior to the

         Jansen’s will be happy to allow table decorations and most decorations. We cannot permit the affixing of anything to the walls, floor,
         chandelier or ceiling with nails, staples, tape or any other substance. Silly string, artificial smoke, confetti, etc. are not allowed on
         premises. Excessive clean up could result in a charge. Jansen’s cannot assume any responsibility for personal property or equipment
         brought onto premises.

         If you would like Jansen’s to cut and serve your cake a charge of a thirty-five cents per slice will be charged. You are welcome to have
         someone in your group cut your cake.

         The consumption of alcohol by persons under twenty-one years of age is prohibited. There will be no exceptions to this policy.
         Consumption of alcohol outside of the main entrance is prohibited by City of Fort Atkinson ordinance. Persons found indirect
         violation of this policy will be asked to leave the premise. Signs will be posted by this entrance informing guest of this policy.

         The complete deposit will be returned to you five days after your event provided that no damages have been done to the facility. Customer
         agrees to be responsibility for any damage to the property, or equipment if made by any party or person at the event organized by customer/

         Jansen’s reserves the right to request customer to hire private security. Only Jefferson County Sheriffs Dept or Rocha Security Services, are
         acceptable security companies or agencies and must be paid fourteen days prior to event by customer. Jefferson County Sheriffs Dept and
         Rocha Security must be contracted through Jansen’s.
  Jansen’s reserves the right to inspect any large containers (diaper bags, large purses etc.). Any items brought to the facility in violation of
  this policy are subject to confiscation and will not be returned. At any event if harmful weapons of any kind are found, the event will come
  to an end and the local police will be called. Any such person bringing such devices into the facility will be referred to the local police and
  Jansen’s will request prosecution under Wisconsin Law.

  Jansen’s is not responsible for any damage or loss of any merchandise or articles left on the premises. Security arrangements should be
  made for all items left unattended for any time. After 7 days any and all items are disposed of and or removed from building.

  In case of cancellation, notice must be given in writing to Jansen’s at the address provided below. One hundred and eighty days or
  less before event no refund no exceptions. One Hundred Eighty one to three hundred days a refund shall be provided if another
  party of equal size or greater reserves facility. Three hundred one plus days full refund will be provided. Businesses and all non
  profit organizations that are not required to pay a deposit that cancel less than one hundred twenty days (120) from the event shall
  pay the current room charge for late cancellation. Large hall $650.00 east room $300.00 and $1500.00 for both rooms on the same
  day. All business Payment are due in 3 days, after 3 days a 1.5 % service charge will be applied. If the original date is canceled
  and rebooked to a new date, the deposit is moved to the new date, the deposit becomes non refundable under any circumstance.

  Jansen’s will provide Black skirting with your hall rental. A $10.00 cleaning charge per tablecloth will be added to all functions. If cloth
  napkins or other color tablecloths or shirting is desired it will be provided at an extra charge.

  In the event that your function is interrupted due to circumstances beyond Jansen’s control (power outage, or other acts of God).
  Jansen’s will not be held responsible.

  In the event that both the Main Banquet Hall and the East Room are both booked there will be no television services offered. Due to the
  excessive noise that carries into the East Room both televisions will remain off. If both groups request that the TV is on it may be
  permitted. There are no exceptions to this policy.

  When booking please send your deposit and both original pages of the contract to the address below copy’s will not be accepted. A
  copy of the contract and a receipt will be sent back to you.

                             Our staff is available to assist you with any of your banquet and/or meeting needs.

                                                     Thank you for considering Jansen’s
                                                      We look forward to serving you.

           Our Facility Can Be Viewed Anytime A Private Function Is Not Being Held Appointments Are Greatly Appreciated

     I have read and reviewed Jansen’s Banquet & Catering Policy. I understand and agree to such policy as stated.

     Company:________________________________ Title____________________________________________
     Print Name_______________________________________________________________________________
     Signature _____________________________       Event Date: ______________________________________
     Large Hall______ Estimated # of Guest_______________ East Room_____ Estimated # of Guest__________

Jansen's Banquet & Catering, Inc.____________________________________________

                                                 Jansen’s Banquet & Catering.
                                               1245 Whitewater Ave. PO Box 83
                                                    Fort Atkinson, WI 53538
                                             Voice 920-563-6545 Fax 920-568-3694

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