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The main events of a story are called
the plot. Plot is also the order in
which the author puts the events in a
story. There are usually five parts in
the plot.

• Exposition
  The exposition, or beginning, of the
  plot is usually the first thing that we
  read in a story. It introduces the
  characters and the setting in which
  the story takes place.

• Conflict
 The conflict of the plot basically outlines
 the problem or obstacle that the
 characters must overcome.
Rising Action

  Rising Action
   The rising action of the plot occurs after
   the conflict has been introduced. It
   usually includes details about what the
   character does after realizing what
   his/her obstacles are.

   Climax
    The climax occurs right after the rising action.
    It is the part in the story that the most exciting
    and interesting action takes place. It is also
    where the character directly confronts the
    conflict in the story.
   Resolution
    The resolution comes right after the
    climax. It explains how the conflict is
    resolved and what happens to the
    characters after the story ends.
   Subplot
    A subplot is composed of secondary
    events of a literary work. It is a secondary
    plot subordinate to the main plot of a
    fiction or drama. The subplot of a story
    involves a secondary conflict often
    occurring at the same time as the main
   Parallel Episode
    A parallel episode is a situation that occurs at
    the same time and mirrors the main plot.
    Examples of parallel episodes include a mad
    scientist frantically trying to bring a corpse to life
    while his faithful assistant tries to revive a dead
    ivy plant that he had been caring for or the
    knights of a kingdom battling a fierce dragon
    while the peasants of the village fight a corrupt
    king who has been wreaking havoc on their

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