Celebrity by huangyuarong


									                                        So you want to be a celebrity!!
Choose your celebrity

   1. Use Internet Explorer to find a picture

Internet Explorer
Type www.google.com into the address bar
Type the name of your celebrity into the search box
click on one of the sites and navigate to find an appropriate picture

Right click on the picture and select copy

   2. Open paint shop pro

Paint shop pro


   3. Paste the picture you have copied
Paste as new layer

 Paint shop pro treats each layer separately which allows you to edit , colour, reshape etc each layer in turn
 before making a composite picture. At this stage the open image has two layers
 A blank background and the copied picture. We will be adding another layer. Imagine each layer as a
 different acetate on an overhead projector. You can see all of the layers listed on the layer toolbar.
         Click in the box next to layers toolbar

    4. Adding your photograph to the picture
Take a photograph of yourself using a digital camera
Plug the lead into the back of the computer ( It will only fit in one place)
Put the jack into the camera and switch the camera on

   5. Return to Paint Shop Pro

Import _- From camera - Configure
Select ‘Casio QV10’

Import - From Camera - Access
In the bottom frame click preview and then use the arrows to navigate to the Photo you want to use
Click open in PSP
This will make a new image which you can cut and select as appropriate.
    6. Zoom in on this image to make selecting easier
Zoom in by 1…..repeat this if necessary

     7. Select your face (or your face and hair whichever you anticipate being easier)
click on the ‘select by hand’ tool (The one that looks like a lasso)
Left click on the starting point hold the mouse button down until you have completed the selection.
(If you make a mistake get rid of the selection by choosing selection –none or use the undo button)

Click on the image taken from the internet
Paste as new layer

( In the layers toolbox you will now see 3 layers)

In order to see and adjust each layer in turn you need to hide the ones you do not want to work on.
In layers toolbar click on the glasses icon for the layers you do not want to work on . The glasses are then crossed
out. (This is a toggle button so clicking on them again to see the layer)

   8. Changing the size and shape of layer of your face to fit the picture

Make sure in the layers toolbar that you are working on the correct layer
Select the ‘deformation’ tool on the toolbar (a square with boxes on the corners)
Click on ‘your face’
Boxes appear round the face. Use these to change the shape and size. In the centre is a tool to change the
orientation so you can tilt the face to match the picture. Once you are happy with the shape click on the arrow
tool and you will be asked if you want to save the deformation. Choose yes.

    9. You may also need to change the colour and hue of ‘your face’ to match the picture.
On the top menu bar choose colour
There are a number of choices here to change the colour of the picture. You will need to experiment. I have
found RGB (changing the amount of Red Green Blue) easiest to use .
click on proof to check the result before

 You cannot easily use a colour replace when working with photographs as there are
 variations in shade and density.


    10. Changing formats
If you are going to use the picture on the internet it will need to be a jpeg or gif.

Save As
Change the box at the bottom of the save frame to jpeg ( further up the list!)
You are then told that this will merge the layers to one complete picture.

If you want to do more work on the picture save it as a psp. file first

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