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                             Spring special
            Results - Advice - Rider Intervews - Book Reviews
                    Points of view and commentaries
The official newsletter of the League of Veteran Racing Cyclists   Spring 2011
 The Veteran Leaguer                                  Newsletter Editor
 is the official                                      Andy Barrett,
 Newsletter of the                                    7 Willow Way, Wing, Leighton Buzzard, Beds, LU7 0TJ
 League of Veteran Racing                             Tel: 07771 508671
 Cyclists                                             email:

Executive Committee 2011
Chairman: Don Parry, Castle Farm Cottage,
32 North Street, Rothersthorpe,
Northampton NN7 3JB
(01604) 831969
Secretary: Peter Wilson 52 Knoll Drive,           I am writing my first editorial at the start of a new racing season.
Southgate, London, N14 5NE.                       Already we have seen some fantastic rides in the first few events.
                                                  Not least some great age-related performances byin Don Parry's
                                                  Nene Valley RT event at Towcester.
Treasurer: Ian Booth, 1 Arden Leys,
Aspley Heath Lane, Tanworth-in-Arden,             You may have noticed that the veteran leaguer has jumped from
West Midlands. B94 5HU.
                                                  Autumn to Winter in one edition. I ran late with the autumn
(01564) 742002
                                                  edition last year and rather than cram
Registrar: Michael Cross, 27 Springfield          two editions in a very tight time frame
Crescent, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 2PP          over christmas I decided to produce this
(01403) 250012
                                                  edition alone.
Events Co-ordinator: Barrie Mitchell, Holly
Cottage, 15 High Street, Marton, Nr Rugby,        I hope you enjoy this edition as I feel
Warwickshire CV23 9RR                             it contains a good balance of results,
(01926) 632948
                                                  coaching articles and general articles.
Press Secretary, Percy Stallard Events            The back end of last year produced
Co-Ordinator and Social Secretary:                some fantastic championship events
Mick Ives (02476) 304009                          producing many worthy winners.
                                                  A particular favourite of mine being
Editor The Veteran Leaguer and                    the introduction of the cyclo-cross
Advertising manager: Andy Barrett,                championship. Anyone who has ever
7 Willow Way, Wing, Leighton Buzzard,             had a go at cyclo-cross racing will
Beds, LU7 0TJ
                                                  appreciate the efforts of all our newest
07771 508671    
                                                  national champions.
                                                                                                      Me racing last summer,
Stock Controller: Steve Watson, 49 Treadwell                                                       bring on the warm evenings!
Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 5JR                     On a personal level I hope that you all
(01372) 752687
                                                  have a great year in which ever type of
                                                  racing you choose to take part in.
Co-opted non-executive members                    Just make sure you do it with a big smile on your face.
One representative from each region
                                                  See you up the road.
President: Alan Rushton
ICF Representative UK: Peter Ryalls
(01246) 413515                                                                       Andy
ICF Representative Belgium: Graham Webb
Webmaster: Jim Golden, Foxglove
Cottage, 18 The Village, Keele, Staffs
(01782) 624631

Website:                          Front cover picture shows the winner of the
                                                  D category cyclo cross championship in December.
                                                  Tim Stowe of Team Jewson showing great skill
 You can see The Veteran Leaguer                  in the very tough conditions.
 on the website in full colour

Page 2                                                                                    The Veteran Leaguer: Spring 2011
From the Chair                                                  Don Parry

Keep Racing on the Roads                     2011 Race Calendar                           the feedback I have received as been
  We have tried without success to             For the second year running we have        positive. I am delighted to note Region
engage with BC in supporting the             a calendar with around 140 races across      1 is now "OnLine" from a member-
conversations they are having with vari-     the whole range of cycle racing. This is a   ship registration point of view. We will
ous government departments on this           fantastic achievement for a completely       do whatever we can to support and
subject. I regret to report it has been      voluntary organisation and as always I       encourage Regions 2,3,and 4 to come
one way traffic with nothing coming          will never tire of saying a huge THANK       OnLine as soon as practical.
back from them except an one update.         YOU to all involved in promoting these          With more and more people register-
We are being kept at a distance and          races. Without you there would not be        ing on line there are a whole host of
our fear is that our input to grass roots    an LVRC. Let nobody say cyclists do not      other services that can be offered to
racing is ignored and therefore our seg-     contribute to the 'big society' and have     members that will potentially enrich the
ment of the sport is at risk of being lost   done for a long time before that phrase      whole cycling experience. For instance
through lack of awareness by govern-         became fashionable.                          every member could have their own
ment. We believe we have considerable          The down side is that the proportion-      profile, record their results, compare
value to add in this area if only we could   ate split of races is heavily in favour of   their results against others and over
be given the opportunity.                    the Midlands and South of England and        time and many more. All this would
  We have an open and constructive di-       the position is slightly worse than last     originate from the OnLine membership
alogue with TLI on this subject and have     year. Enough said last year I think.         number.
cooperated in a number of areas and                                                          Watch this space.
will continue so to do. We collaborated      Your Organisation
in a letter to the last Minister of Sport      We have continued to invest in the
which was not even acknowledged let          web site and I hope you all agree the
alone answered. Where next?                  benefits are there for all to see. All

    Editorial                                                                                     2

    From The Chair - Don Parry                                                                    3
    Announcements, additions, amendments                                                          4
    International Racing                                                                          5
    Proposed Changes to Rules of Racing                                                           6
    Region News                                                                                   7
    Results - August to December 2010                                                         8-12
    Results - 2010 Percy Stallard Series (so far)                                                13
    Percy Stallard Media Release                                                                 14
    Back to the Future - Michael Curran                                                          15
    Tour of Cornwall - Nick Giles                                                            16-17
    Book reviews - Dick Selley                                                                   18
    From the Archives - Dick Selley                                                              19
    Spinning vs Cycling - Debbie Knott                                                       20-21
    Letters                                                                                      22
    Point of View - Tom McCall                                                                   23

The Veteran Leaguer: Spring 2011                                                                                          Page 3
Announcements, additions                                                                              LVRC Public
                                                                                                      Liability Insurance
and amendments                                                                                        For the over 40s this is without
                                                                                                      doubt the best value on the
                                                                                                      market. It covers members for
  Objective of the LVRC                                                                               both social and competitive
  The provision of a programme of competitive and social cycling events for male                      cycling at all times in UK and
  and female members of 40 years of age and over                                                      all European countries except
                                                                                                      Switzerland. Limit of Indemnity:
  To all contributors                                                                                 five million pounds. All free with
                                                                                                      LVRC membership!
  We welcome all contributions from anyone - letter, comments, results, articles,
  reports, pictures, anything as long as it’s not just personal abuse - we can all
  get plenty of that at home.
  Our favourite way of getting material is by e-mail, but we’d much rather have
  it handwritten than not at all. If you can type it or supply it on disk we’re even
  happier. Word, .rtf, or ASCII are all fine.
  If supplying pictures, please leave them separate from the document(s).
  Preferably, photos should be in jpeg format.
  Deadline for next issue:                                             30th May 2011

                                                                                                      However, as the name
LVRC Website                                                                                          implies, this insurance is
There will be a demand for the Veteran Leaguer for a long time yet, and even when                     public liability only. If you
people are on the internet they still like to have hard copy. But the VL is a quarterly,
whereas the website can be updated instantly with current news, results, changes of                   want personal cover, you’ll
date. Whatever you’ve got, webmaster Jim Golden wants it. Contact him on 01782-                       have to arrange your own.
624631 or

 Stop Press
 Following the meeting of your Executive
 Committee on 13th March there will be a
 proposal to increase annual Membership                                                              Bienvenue!
                                                                                        A warm and sunny welcome awaits you.
 fees to £20.00 to reflect the significantly                             Lewis, Mandy & family have opened to everyone their 18th century
                                                                         Provencal Maison in the medieval village of La Colle sur Loup, situated
 increasing insurance costs. The cover                                   fifteen kilometres from the airport of Nice on the Cote d’ Azur, South of
 will be market leading for the UK cycling                               Our aim is to offer a training facility for the competitive cyclist.
 environment from 1st March 2011. The                                    The superb terrain and climate allows you to prepare for the seasons
                                                                         events and sportifs such as the Etape. This area is very popular with the
                                                                         European Pro Teams, Astana, AG2r and Cofidis to name but a few are here
 additional costs will be covered by central                             getting in those all important base miles in ideal weather conditions.

 LVRC funds for 2011. The new membership                                 For those that want to combine training and leisure, the Paris-Nice and
                                                                         Milan-San Remo are two classics not to be missed, right on our doorstep!
 fee will be effective 1st Jan 2012. The                                 The house offers internal garaged safe-keeping for your bike, tools and
                                                                         basic spare parts are readily available.
 executive committee will seek approval                                  We will be reducing our room tariffs for group bookings, please call for
 for this at the 2011 AGM.                                               details or visit our website: - regarding availability,
                                                                         your catering requirements and preferences.
                                                                         We hope to see friends old and new very soon!
                                                                         A bientot
                                                                         Lewis and Mandy Teal
                                                                         For more information please contact:
                                                                         0033 (0) 4 93588635

Page 4                                                                                                   The Veteran Leaguer: Spring 2011
 International Racing 2011
  ICF Road Race Championships
  Sunday 7th August 2011 - Hoofdplaat, Holland
  On the coast due North of Eeklo, Belgium
  From Calais/Dunkerque follow E 40 to Aaalter
  Then North on N44, N58
  60+ start 9am; 50+ 10.30; 40+ 12.30
  Entries on the line will be accepted.
  Peter Ryalls will do a block entry
  Entries on LVRC form (by 5 July please)
  with sae and £8.00 to: 11 Devonshire Close, Dronfield, Derbyshire S18 1QY
  Tel: 01246 413515 Email:
                                                                                                               Date of birth required as condition of entry

  UCI Masters Championships, St Johann Austria
  World Cup Races:                                       20-24 August
  World Masters Races:                                   25-27 August
  Information from the website:              
  or from: Harald Bauman, A-6380 St Johann in Tirol, Postfach 77, Austria.
  Entries on the line accepted.
   UCI abandons Masters Racing
   Following 2010 events at St Johaan it was announced that in future the races would no longer be UCI Masters Championships. The statement from St Johaan was that UCI had abandoned Masters
   racing, UCI have continued to deny that this is the case.
   The facts are that UCI have made changes and Masters Racing no longer features on their web site and is now subsumed in “cycling for All” This follows from a meeting held in Birmingham England in
   June 2010.
   “The UCI Management Committee approved a new concept in the development of cycling for all. Cycling for all, fully in line with the philosophy of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), aims
   to encourage as many people as possible to take part in cycling, whether as a competitive sport, for leisure or as a healthy and environmentally- friendly means of transport. The new concept mainly
   concerns establishing a series of mass-participation events allowing qualification for a final round, both on road (UCI Gran Fondo and UCI Masters Road World Championships) as well as mountain
   Since this announcement there has been no evidence that any National Organisation has volunteered to promote any of the events which would make this concept a reality. You would have to stretch
   the imagination to believe that it will ever happen.
   St Johaan has always been a major European event and ran successfully before UCI involvement.. Bob Maitland and Dave Orford were both World Champions in the days prior to 1992. All that
   happened with UCI involvement was an increase in prices, a change of Championship Jersey from the traditional hoops on white background to hoops on blue background and finally insistence on
   membership of national UCI body (BCF) )
   Previously for world cup races any licence was accepted (LVRC TLI), for the masters world championship a UCI licence was required but this could be purchased as a “Day Licence”
   Arrangements at St Johaan for 2011 are still unclear, particularly the licence issue. The web site indicates that they are forming there own “World Masters Cycling Federation”
   Announcements will be made on

The 2011 Annual General Meeting of the LVRC will be                                                       MANCHESTER VELO CRC & LVRC REGION 4
held on Sunday 9th October 2011 at 2.00pm. Victory
Club, Napton, Warwickshire, CV47 8LT after the TT
championships. Buffet Lunch at 1.15pm.                                                                                Keele University Campus Crits Sunday July 3rd

                                                                                                                             Manchester Velo CRC & LVRC Region 4

                                                                                                                           Newcastle, Staffs from 11am on a closed
                                                                                                                               1 mile circuit inc a short hill.

                                                                                                                         Three races for AB, CD, EFGH of 75 minutes
                                                                                                                                 plus laps subject to entries.
                                                                                                                                Prizes also subject to entries.

                                                                                                                                Headquarters Keele Sports Centre.

                                                                                                                           Entries to Jim Golden, Foxglove Cottage,
                                                                                                                             18, The Village, Keele, Staffs ST55AR.

                                                                                                                               For entries on typed LVRC form with
                                                                                                                                  email details SAE not required.

The Veteran Leaguer: Spring 2011                                                                                                                                                                   Page 5
Proposed changes to Rules of Racing
Listed below are proposed Changes to the Rules of Racing reflecting the reality today and eliminating some historical inconsistencies. By
publishing in this way we intend to give adequate notice to the membership of the proposals to allow for debate, if necessary, at the next
AGM and subsequent approval (or not).

 Current Rule                                       Proposed Rule                                      Reason for proposed change

 1. Approval for a race date shall be obtained      1. Approval for a race date shall be obtained      Adds emphasis to the calendar requirements
 from the appropriate Regional Event Co-            from the appropriate Regional Event Co-
 ordinator. Each Regions applications shall         ordinator. Each Regions applications shall be
 be accompanied by a payment of £20 per             sent to the National Events Co-ordinator no
 event for inclusion in the National Handbook       later than the last week of December
 Calendar of Events and for race Insurance .        accompanied by a payment of £20 per event
                                                    for inclusion in the National Handbook
                                                    Calendar of Events and for race Insurance.

 7. Two result sheets must be sent to the           7. Result sheets must be sent to the               Recognises the current reality
 National Results Coordinator and to all who        webmaster and to all who supply a stamped
 supply a stamped addressed envelope for            addressed envelope for that purpose.
 that purpose.

 9. LVRC policy is that all income from event       9. LVRC policy is that all income from event       Must recognise the lower numbers in older
 entries, less levies and expenses, should be       entries, less levies and expenses, should be       age categories. Incorporates old rule 14 for
 distributed as prizes. As a minimum, prizes        distributed as prizes. As a minimum, prizes        clarity. Rule 14 deleted.
 must be given to the first three in each age       must be given to the first three in each age       Recognises right of older riders in a younger
 category, the only exception being handicap        category, the only exception being a handicap      race to be eligible for prizes.
 races.                                             race and were there are less than 5 riders in
                                                    an age category. Where race finances allow
                                                    the first three in each race should also be
                                                    recognised. When riders choose to ride in a
                                                    younger age group they should be eligible for
                                                    prizes providing an entry fee has been paid
                                                    for that race.

 11 (a). LVRC categories are designated as          11 (a). LVRC categories are designated as          Extra categories recognise reality.
 follows: A, 40-44; B, 45-49; C, 50-54; D, 55-59;   follows: A, 40-44; B, 45-49; C, 50-54; D, 55-59;
 E, 60-64; F, 65-69; G, 70-74; H, 75+.Members       E, 60-64; F, 65-69; G, 70-74;H,75-79: I,80-84:
 will change category on their appropriate          H,85-89:J,90-94: K,95-99.Members will change
 birthday and when entering races must              category on their appropriate birthday and
 quote the age category that they will be in        when entering races must
 on the day of the race.                            quote the age category that they will be in on
 11 (b). Lady members will normally ride            the day of the race.
 in the category appropriate to a man 10            11 (b). Lady members will normally ride in the
 years older (i.e. 2 groups higher), including      category appropriate to a man 10 years older
 championship races.                                (i.e. 2 groups higher), including championship

 12. All members are encouraged to ride in          12. All members are encouraged to ride in          Some riders do enter younger categories and
 a category in which they feel comfortable.         a category in which they feel comfortable.         have been excluded from prizes.
 Therefore those who wish to do so because          Therefore those who wish to do so because
 of varying ability may at any time enter to        of varying ability may at any time enter to
 ride with a different age category (except         ride with a different age category (except
 in the case of championship events). Riders        in the case of championship events). Riders
 competing in an older category shall not be        competing in an older category shall not
 eligible for a prize.                              be eligible for a prize. Riders competing in a
                                                    younger age category will qualify for prizes.

 13. Championship road races will be run            13. Championship road races will be run            Recognises strong feelings of older riders who
 for each category and medals, provided by          for each category and medals, provided by          want to race in a significant ‘bunch’.
 the LVRC, will be awarded to the first three       the LVRC, will be awarded to the first three
 in each category, together with the LVRC           in each category, together with the LVRC
 championship jersey to the winner of each          championship jersey to the winner of each
 category. All categories shall race in separate    category. All categories shall race in separate
 events, except where the number of riders          events, except where the number of riders is
 does not justify it.                               less than 10 and does not justify it.

 22. For stage races, the entry fee shall be at     22. For stage races the entry fee shall be no      Recognises feelings expressed by members.
 the organiser’s discretion.                        more than the standard race fee multiplied by
                                                    the number of stages.

 24. All entries must be accompanied by a           24. All entries must be accompanied by a           Recognises changing electronic world and
 stamped addressed envelope.                        stamped addressed envelope except where            current entry form changes.
                                                    the organiser has agreed to issue start sheets
                                                    by email.

Page 6                                                                                                      The Veteran Leaguer: Spring 2011
Region News
Region 4                                                    established Wednesday series at Hillingdon in 2011. I
   The region will be putting on eight races this year,     suspect it was because he was fed up being asked to run
including a National Championship and a Criterium with      a separate over 60's event. I understand he was reported
£500 prize money.                                           as saying if they want one they can bloody well organise
   Audlem CC are putting on the Championships for the       one themselves. We will still have, in 2011, 56 events of
EFGH championships in June, this is in addition to their    which 13 will be on the road. Only 2 at Fowlmead though
April race which will be the first Stallard of the season,  but with a new road and rail link being reported to be laid
both promoted by Mike Wilson.                               through to the coast in an attempt to open up the East
   As usual, Newcastle RC 2001 are putting on two events,   more riders should make it through to the start line. A
in April and September. At the time of writing Dave         new category I (over 80’s) is being set up nationally with
Farmer had attracted more than 50 riders, including a lot   his own prizes so Spit will be in the money virtually every
of A’s who he reports are first timers which shows that     event he starts. Bloody good luck to him. The bastard.
the LVRC are in a healthy condition.                        Bill Ollis reports that the new Gravesend Cyclepark is
   The other new event, probably unfortunately a one off,   progressing with the circuit being laid out by May/June
is being promoted by Manchester Velo on the campus          2011. The main circuit will be at 2.7 K long but will be
as Keele University in Staffordshire. Local resident Jim    capable of being broken down into four circuits capable
Golden is taking advantage of new roads put in prior to     of holding simultaneous promotions. The pavilion will
new buildings on the campus.                                follow in a year or so. The mind delights contemplating
                                                            simultaneous events for different categories (or even
   The circuit is less than a mile with 90 degree lefthanders
and a short hill between them which should make the         different riders). Bill also reports that arrangements for
riders work hard for the £500 prize money. This is thanks   postal deliveries of ’The Leaguer’ are now excellent as
to a generous offer from a former racer who wishes to       the licking of stamps is carried out by his wife - that's
remain anonymous and to whom a great cote of thanks         Bill Ollis's not Butterworth's - I think I've got who licks
is due to him and his wife.                                 what correct. Peter Wilson reports, from Barbados, that
   It will mean good prizes including primes for the races  the Region has a healthy amount of cash and that on his
on Sunday July 3rd so all we need are the riders. Region    return will allow Fred to spend what's left on new sets of
4 will also be promoting their three Cleansweep races       numbers, flags, boxes for cash, loud halers, klaxons and
at Darley Moor once again sponsored by member Neil          all the must have things for quartermasters. The North
King, president of Abbbotsford Park RC.                     Road Club are welcome new promoters in 2011 with
                                                 Jim Golden an event at Hogg Hill. Dunton (Ford test track) is again
                                                            putting on 8 events and as the circuit is free Region 9
Region 9                                                    will make a donation to the Ford Cycling Club where
  Another season done and dusted. The AGM held after Trevor Mills organises. The Rapha Condor series will
the year's last event at Hog Hill attracted a massive 15 also continue in 2011 when it is hoped the experience
personage from a Mike Cross's reported 523 members gained in this years series will improve their very well
(42 down on last year ). The same committee members meant efforts. The Region has sent its best wishes to
were re-elected but yet again the cry went up that Colin Manakee who has come down with some very
these stalwarts continue to age and that the time nasty vapours. His prognosis is very encouraging and we
fast approaches where new younger and untainted all (us well most) look forward very much to his lining up
blood is required to fill the Region's syringes. Because again next season. A very disappointing complaint was
Region 9 has become centered north of the river it was received by Sid Lovatt regarding his Blackmore Road
suggested, by whom I can't recall, that it would make Race Championships concerning riders urinating in
sense if the Surrey lot joined Region10. Under the new public outside the HQ. We all know this is completely out
arrangements for the National Dinner it is proposed of order and doesn't do us or our sport any favours. Sid
to send Trevor Maddern and Fred Little as our guests must be devastated by this after he and his team put so
in recognition of their terrific efforts for and on behalf much effort into the event. It really must not ever happen
of the Region's continued success. Terry Anderson will again. I would like to be able to report that the culprits
continue his promotion at Hogg Hill incorporating the were ‘invaders’ from other Regions where this practice is
region's Crit Championships but a promoter for the commonplace but I'm afraid I can't. The Region 9 lunch
Road Championships is still required. Trevor has again will again be held at Stapleford Tawney in February 2011.
generously agreed to sponsor the accompanying medals. Details will be made available in due course but it will be
No Percy Stallard event for the Region is scheduled expected that any attending winner of the Region's Crit
but it was suggested that if it were incorporated into or Road Championships will proudly and prominently
Trevor's Hoggenberg event entries could be taken on wear their podium medals and that you losers will ply
the line providing more with a chance to race up ‘the hill’ them with celebratory drinks.
every lap. Bill Butterworth will not be running his long                                                  Richard Wall

The Veteran Leaguer: Spring 2011                                                                                Page 7
Results                                                                     2010
SATURDAY 21st AUGUST – REGION 4                                            G - 1. Derrick Woodings, Team Endura, 2. Ken Haddon, Bush
CLEANSWEEP CIRCUIT RACE No.1                                               Healthcare, 3. Brian Ellis, Port Sunlight Whs, 4. Peter Ryalls, Sheffield
The morning dawned with rain, I was not looking forward to the             Phoenix CC, 5. Nev Ashman, Manchester Velo.
event today having ridden at Darley Moor before in wet conditions.
However my doubts lifted when my travelling companion,Mick Allen,          SATURDAY 21st AUGUST – REGION 9
arrived to pick me up; the sun was now shining and the conditions had      SHAFTESBURY CC CRITERIUMS (incorporating Region 9 Criterium
improved. There was very little wind, unlike yesterday, and conditions     Championship)
were perfect.Richard Cowan had done it again! I did a few laps to          Cat A - 1 David Farrow Eagle RC, 2 Malcolm Jeffries VC Elan, 3 Richard
test out my legs and get a feel for the circuit. I have ridden here for    Norris Velo Schils – Interbike.
several years going back further than I can remember. It is basically      Cat B - 1 Rob Windsor East London Velo, 2 Simon Wright C C
an equilateral triangular motor cycle circuit, with a wide smooth road     Sudbury, 3 Colin Jinks Team Quest.
surfaces, two legs connected by wide smooth bends, the 3rd by a 180        Cat C - 1 Steve Wharton Finchley RT, 2 Paul Reardon API Metrow, 3
degree turn which can be negotiated easily in the dry at fairly high       Steve Barnsley Ciclsti Vecchi.
speeds. As usual even though the wind in the valley was light, this,       Cat D - 1 Ray Whibley San Fairy Ann CC, 2 Chris Edwards Gateway
being a former wartime aerodrome on top of a plateau in Derbyshire,        CC, 3 Roger Hargreaves Kingsnorth International.
south of Ashbourne, there was a stiff south westerly breeze blowing,       Cat E - 1 Terry Devine Ciclos Uno, 2 Alan Williams GS Ciucci, 3 Colin
giving a headwind in the finishing straight, a tailwind in the next and    Mannakee Glendene CC.
a crosswind in the backstraight. Richard had garnered a good field,        Cat F - 1 Barry Jones Cycles Dauphin, 2 Dave Burwood Kingsnorth
coming as it does two weeks before the Championships on the same           International, 3 John McMillan Finchley RT.
course. The usual big hitters were here; Alan Kemp, Don Parry, Lance       Cat G - 1 Mick Curtis Corridori/Specialised, 2 Fred Little Southend
Ravenhill, Mick Allen, to name a few.                                      Whlrs, 3 Richard Wall Lampard RC.
Incidentally Don Parry had had a word with me before the start             Cat H - 1 Mike Brushett Southend Whlrs, 2 Roy Godbeer Southend
concerning these ramblings of mine, alluding to the fact that he           Whlrs, 3 Chas Wilde Eagle RC.
always appeared to be riding a different race from my reports. Well
of course he is right, he always P****s off usually with Alan and leaves   SUNDAY 22nd AUGUST – REGION 10
the rest of us to ride our own race. Sorry Don even I cannot get hyped     NATIONAL ABC&D ROAD RACE CHAMPIONSHIPS MIKE WILSON
up about a two up time trial!The start came with Richard (Cowan)           MEMORIAL RR, SOUTHWICK, HANTS
reporting that he'd had a meteorological report that we would all get      A - 1. Roy Sumner, Port Sunlight Whs, 2. Vince Devine, Finchley RT, 3.
wet before the finish. So 1 hour plus 3 laps: The first 2 or 3 laps were   Conor 0’Brien, Solihull CC, 4. Tim Carter, Virgin Active, 5. Dermot Kealey,
fairly steady with Don and Alan trying some tentative moves which          Finchley RT, 6. John Ashby, Climb on Bikes RT, 7. Richard Whitworth,
were chased down. The big one came after 25 mins. of racing Alan           AD Cycles, 8. David Dalton, Fareham Whs.
attacked down the tailwind section going clear, quickly countered          B - 1. Paul Stubbs, Ferryhill Whs, 2. Richard Binks, Holme Valley
by Don. These two gradually pulling slowly away. With no concerted         Whs, 3. Scott Holmes, Hillingdon CC, 4. Richard Tilley, Ridebike.,
chase being organised, the pair gradually had enough of a gap to           5. Paul Caton, Anders TMG Horizon, 6. Keith Jerrett, Ciclisti Vecchi,
make going across solo impossible. That was it! We settled down to         7. Steve Ferris, Daventry CC, 8. Simon Hime, Finchley RT, 9. Andrew
ride our own race (again).                                                 Heaney, Team TH, 10. Matt Seaton, Mosquito Bikes, 11. Rob Marcus,
                                                                           VC Godalming.
All attacks from our group were eventually neutralised until with          C - 1. Roy Holmes, Team Wallis CHH, 2. Graham Payne, Whitfield
around 15 mins. to go Gordon Smith put in a solid attack gaining           RT, 3. Callum Gough, Onimpex RT, 4. Iain Akhurst, Mosquito Bikes, 5.
100 metres where he dangled bravely for 3 laps, I decided that I had       Nick Giles, Fibrax Wrexham, 6. Martin Hulbert, VC Muedon, 7. Brendan
to make a move and with 3 laps to go I put in a full gas attack in         Heaslip, Kenton RC, 8. Steve Johnson, Birkenhead North End, 9. Jim
the backstraight I managed to get up to Gordon just going into the         Moffatt, Spirit Racing Team, 10. Tom Newman, Westerley CC, 11. Rob
finishing straight. By now the rain which had been threatening for         Cranstone, Ciclisti Vecchi, 12. Neil Vaughan.
some time decided to give us a proper dowsing, turning the road            D - 1. Malcolm Whitehead, Kingsnorth International, 2. Chris
surface into a flood. When I latched onto Gordon's wheel he kept the       Davies, Halesowen A & CC, 3. Steve Jolley, Onimpex RT, 4. Mick Day,
pace up until I recovered, then we went through and off to maintain        Paul Milnes Cycles, 5. Joey Williams, Onimpex RT, 6. Jerry Bromyard,
the gap which was only just manageable. With the road surface like         Royal Navy RMCA, 7. Ralph Keeler, Wheels in Wheels, 8. Terry Meachan,
a skating rink we had to ease up on the corners, but going into the        Coventry Cycle Centre, 9. Dave Scargill, Birdwell Whs, 10. Pete Wilson,
180 degree bend on the last lap Gordon almost lost it, his front wheel     Arrow/Collingwood, 11. Stephen Baker, Kenton RC, 12. Ken Jones,
slid but managing to hold it upright he ended up on the grass. I kept      Omnipex RT, 13. Brian Davison, MI Racing, 14. Martin Russell, Solihull
going, being concerned about the chasers, especially the sprinters         CC, 15. Tony Wilkins, Team Endura, 16. Carol Tilley,,
in my category, but easing back slightly, once Gordon had got back         17. Peter Jeans, Swindon RC.
on my wheel I did the rest of the pull to the finish, where he easily
beat me in the sprint. I was highly satisfied having finished in 4th       WEDNESDAY 25th AUGUST - REGION 9
in the race and 1st in category. I have a great admiration for riders      TEAM QUEST HILLINGDON SERIES
like Gordon who although they can sprint will keep attacking and           Overall winner Vince Halpern
will time trial in front of a bunch even though it seems obvious their     Cat A - 1. Vince Halpern AW Cycles 22, 2. Des Gaylor Kenton RC 14,
efforts are counter productive. In my case I have no alternative as the    3. M.Diggins 5.
G category now contains many rapid finishers.                              Cat B - 1. E Medallin Finchley RC 12. 2. S Holmes Hillingdon CC 11,
My thanks to all who assisted with the event. See you, all being well,     3.T Burke/N Faint Finchley RT 6,
in two weeks. Derrick Woodings                                             Cat C - 1. P Doel Team Quest 11, 2. D Gabellini Rapha/Condor 10, 3.
A - 1. Simon Alexander, 2. Andy Parr, 3. Mark Northover.                   C Piridies Finchley RT 9.
B - 1. Phil Wilkins, Team Endura, 2. Simon Bills, GS Strada – Afford       Cat D - 1. W Thomas Reading CC 17, 2.B Garlinge Team Quest 13, 3.
Rent-a- Car, 3. Paul Stewart, Sherwood Pines, 4. Fred Easton, Doncaster    R Collicate Westerly CC 8.
Whs.                                                                       Cat DEF - 1. R Jackerman SWRC 20, 2. P Jones Hillingdon CC 12, 3. H
C - 1. Mick Perrin, Ashfield CC, 2. Andy Donaldson, Ferryhill Whs (D).     Webb RT316 10.
D - 1. Andy Jones, Wolverhampton Whs, 2. Dave Pollard, New                 A close battle between Vince Halpern and R Jackerman for the overall
Brighton CC.                                                               this year with Wayne Thomas missing the last races due to injury close
E - 1. Alan Kemp, Weaver Valley CC, 2. Don Parry, Corley Cycles            behind. P Doel winning The C cat's only points apart in a tough group.
– Cervelo, 3. Gordon Smith, New Brighton CC, 4. Mike Wilson, Audlem        And E Medallion winning the B's by 1 point from S Holmes.
CC.                                                                        Last race of the season 2010
F - 1. Lance Ravenhill, Coventry Cycle Centre, 2. John Downing,            We have had a dry season as far as the Wednesday Team Quest series
Dinnington RC, 3. Dave Gretton, VC Nottingham, 4. Mark Thompson,           but we were reminded that we do live in England last night.“Very Very
Weaver Valley CC.                                                          wet” .14 brave sols turned up to race which included 5 Hillingdon

Page 8                                                                                                    The Veteran Leaguer: Spring 2011
Results                                                                      2010
fit4life riders which prior already had arranged a beer and curry night     SUNDAY 29th AUGUST – REGION 10
after the event, Two of them had travelled from the Southampton             Newbury RR
area.The race stayed together with attack’s from Vince Halpern              RACE 1 A B C - 1 PAUL CATON B ANDERS TMG HORIZON, 2 MARTIN
,Williams and Holmes but with such a small group no one was going           HULBERT C VC MEUDON, 3 CHRIS PHILLIPS A ABERCYNON ROAD
anywhere. The stronger riders kept the pace as high as possible until       CLUB, 4 BRENDAN HEASLIP B KENTON RC, 5 SIMON WILLIAMS B
the final sprint. Stuart Jackson Team Quest kicked first with Halpern       HILLINGDON CC/FIT4LIFE, 6 VINCENT DAVISON C, 7 ROB MARCUS
and Sherwood reacting but Holmes managed to get his gear moving             B VC GODALMING HASLEMERE, 8 ROBERT CRANSTONE C CICLISTI
and managed to overhaul Halpern to take the final race.                     VECCHI, 9 PETER GRAHAM B READING IC, 10 JAMES PILGRIM-MORRIS
After the race Bill Butterworth held the prize presentation for the         B G S HENLEY, 11 DAVID HAYDON A OXONIAN CC, 12 BRIAN PARRY C
years racing and Vince Halpern collected his Fit4Life vo2 prize as the      SWINDON RC.
King of Hillingdon Circuit.It was a real shame that the weather was
so bad and had put so many riders off coming and missing the final          RACE 2 DEFG - 1 DAVE MCMULLEN D EVANS CYCLES, 2 STEVE
evening.                                                                    BAKER D KENTON RC, 3 TERRY DEVINE E CICLOS UNO, 4 CLIVE PINFOLD
                                                                            E RIDECOV.COM, 5 PETER JEANS D SWINDON RC, 6 PETER WILSON D
SUNDAY 29th AUGUST – REGION 7                                               ARROW/COLLINGWOOD, 7 KEITH BROOKS E CICLISTI VECCHI, 8 RAY
Andy Hardy Memorial RR.Results & EFG race report from Derrick               CC, 10 MICK IVES G TEMA ENDURA-THULE-KINESIS- MI RACING, 11
Woodings                                                                    GLENN SMITH D CICLISTI VECCHI, 12 IAN FRANKLIN E VC MEUDON, 13
I have not got a lot to report today, unfortunately. The organisers         FRED HALE E READING CC, 14 TOM MCGALL F CROYDON, 15 ??? , 16
decided to give us 'G' riders a head start (1min apparently) which was      FRED JEFFCOATE G VICTORIA CC, 17 JOHN JENKINS F OXFORD CITY
painful. There were 5 of us and it was bloody windy, worst of all it took   RC, 18 ADRIAN BUNTING F .
the rest 2.5 laps to catch the 3 of us left (Ken Haddon, Ralph Walker
and me), we had shed 2 early on. When Don Parry, Mick Allen, Martin         SATURDAY 4th SEPTEMBER – REGION 4
Hackley and Phil Etches came up we 3 latched on and it looked very          CLEANSWEEP CIRCUIT RACE No. 2
promising. Ken Ralph and I took a breather, hoping to contribute after      ABCD Report
the finish of lap 3. However the rest started coming across in small        After a few preliminary skirmishes on the windy Darley Moor circuit,
groups until the bunch reformed. Several attacks were brought to            a group of six who eventually took the first six places got away and
heel until an attack by Chris Gunter succeeded in escaping on lap 4,        working well together opened a substantial gap. Counterattacks
This happened without my knowledge. Feeling better on lap 5 I put in        led on both occasions by Ian Noons, Stone Whs egged it back and
an attack on Maidford hill finally getting clear(just) and approaching      eventually seven chasers got together only to be split up in the
the last descent to the finish I and another rider(unknown) scraped         last few laps by Derby Mercury’s Andy Eagers who escaped to take
through a tiny gap wihch a van that didn't leave us any room on the         seventh spot and third B, but not before Adrian Adgar, Dinnington RC
single track road. I thought that this would give us a good gap by          had made sure of victory in the sprint.
impeding the chasers, to hold on to the finish, however my co-scapee        1. Adrian Adgar B, 2. Andy Parr A, 3. David Perry A, 4. Steve Davies
decided to sit up, I persisted and made a foolish attempt to ride off       B, 5. Andy Donaldson C, 6. Mick Perrin C, 7. Andy Eagers B, 8. Andrew
all the sprinters. I got caught approaching the 200m flag as usual and      Whitehead A, 9. Phil Wilkins B, 10. Simon Bills B, 11. Ian Noons B, 12.
finished at the tail of the group(again). Still it was good training for    Phil Rose D, 13. Pete Turner C, 14. Paul Stewart B, 15. Tony Parkinson
the crit champs next Saturday and it stayed dry for another well run        C, 16. Graham Payne C, 17. Andy Jackson B, 18. Ron Plumley A, 19.
event on this testing circuit.                                              Martin Usher A, 20. Neil Clarke C, 21. Andy Jones D, 22. Steve Costello
Result                                                                      C, 23. Nick Scott C, 24. Darren Berrisford A. 25. JimGiblin C, 26. Howard
                                                                            Morton A, 27. Andy Marsden A, 28. Malcolm Fraser D.
A/B Race 1 - 1st Aaron McCaffrey AW Cycles 42 miles in 1hr                  EFG report
50min 27secs 1st A, 2nd Roy Chamberlain Team Corley Cervelo                 Mike Allen and F crit championship runner up Mark Thompson
st 1st B, 3rd Mark Farrar at 1min 56secs 2ndA, 4             made early attempts to get away as did Jeff Hardy. Eventually it was
P.Conneely Witham Whs 2ndB, 5 Greg Ashley Team Endura 3rdA, 6               evergreen Les West who got away, he allowed 0ver 60 crit champion
Dave Watson Spirit RT 3rdB, 7 P.Mann Solihull CC 4thB, 8 J.Beckett          Mike Wilson, resplendent in his jersey, to join him and the two held
Daventry CC 5thB, 9 A.Cox Team MK 6thB, 10 H.Waller Oxford City RC          off Allen and Gordon Smith to take first and second. Wilson said
7thB, 11 G.Baines Team MK 8thB, 12 A.Ward               afterwards:’ Les put in strong turns everytime he thought the thought
4thA, 13 R.Perry Solihull CC 9thB, 14 K.Moseley Stourbridge CC 10thB,       the chasers were getting too close. His efforts left me fighting for his
15 P.Kinch Churnet Valley Velo 5thA, 16 S.Sargeant Team MK 6thA,            wheel.’
17 N.Humphreys Stratford CC 11thB, 18 D.Price Twenty3c 7thA, 19             1. Les West F, 2. Mike Wilson E, 3. Mike Allen E, 4. Gordon Smith E,
S.Parks Spirit RT all st 12thB.                                             5. Derrick Woodings G, 6. Allan Ramsay E, 7. Dave Woods E, 8. John
                                                                            Buxton E, 9. Alan Bullock A, out of category, 10. Bill Cotton F, 11. Mark
C/D Race 2 - 1st Ian Cowan Solihull CC 36 miles in 1hr 35mins               Thompson F, 12. Jeff Hardy F, 13. Stuart Walters G.
40secs 1stC, 2nd Dave Scargill Birdwell Whs 1stD, 3rd Ralph Keeler
Wheels in Wheels 2ndD, 4 T.Meechan Team Coventry Centre 3rdD,               SUNDAY 5th SEPTEMBER - REGION 4
5 P.Cackett Verulam CC all st 4thD, 6 B.Turner Hereford Whs at 1min         CHURNETT VALLEY VETERINARY RR
2ndC, 7 I.Thomas Solihull CC 5thD, 8 S.Watson Epsom CC 6thD, 9              Cat A - 1ST Andy Tinsley Kuota, 2 Michael Clark Wheel Guru, 3 Jon
K.Corbett Wakefield CC 7thD, 10 R.Coleman Stourbridge CC 8thD, 11           Eddolls Birkenhead North End, 4 Mark Farrar
H.Jones Epic Cycles RC 9thD, 12 P.Freeman Alpha RC 3rdC, 13 C.Luggeri
Ashwell CC 4thC, 14 M.Colclough Sleaford Whs 5thC, 15 G.McDermott           Cat B - 1ST Steve Davies – Omnipex, 2 Alan Cooper Wolverhampton
Climb on Bikes 10thD, 16 C.Dixon BRCC 11thD, 17 N.Burns St Ives CC          Whls, 3 Steve Ferris Daventry CC, 4 John Cosgrove Omnipex.
all st 6thC,                                                                Cat C - 1ST Keith Jones Deeside Olympic, 2 Graham Payne Whitfield
                                                                            RT, 3 Phil Thomas Liverpool Mercury, 4 Robert Whitfield Whitfield RT.
E/F/G Race 3 - 1st Don Parry Team Corley Cervelo 30 miles in 1hr
20mins 1stE, 2nd Chris Gunter Team Corley Cervelo st 2ndE, 3rd Phil         CAT D - 1ST Dave Cuming Kuota, 2 Steve Jolley Onimpex, 3 Joey
Etches Witham Whs at 1min 3rdE, 4 L.Ravenhill Team Cov CYCR at 1min         Williams Onimpex, 4 Steve Horsey Whitfield RT.
30 secs 1stF, 5 M.Hackley Team Endura MI Racing 4thE, 6. K.Haddon
                                                                            CAT E - 1ST Allan Ramsay Road Peace, 2 Gordon Smith Newbrighton
Bush Healthcare 1stG, 7. D.Woods CC Luton 5thE, 8 D.Brown CC Luton
                                                                            Abesco, 3 Dave Woods CC Luton, 4 Mike Wilson Audlem CC.
6thE, 9 P.Cooper PM 7thE, 10 B.Richards Solihull CC 2ndF, 11 J.Hardy
PM 3rdF, 12 J.Buxton Cycling Bargains 8thE, 13 R.Walker Macclesfield        CAT F – 1ST Les West, Team Afford Rentacar, 2 Brian Sunter Condor
Whs 2ndG, 14 M.Allen Pro Cycle Hire Mallorca 9thE, 15 M.Wilson              RC, 3 Pete Matthews Liverpool Mercury, 4 Hugh Canning Mammoth
Audlem CC 10thE, 16 P.Atherton Witham Whs 11thE, 17 D.Woodings              Cycles.
MI Racing/Endura/Thule 3rdG, 18 M.Stack Kenilworth Whs 12thE, 19
S.Walters Kettering CC all st 4thG,
The Veteran Leaguer: Spring 2011                                                                                                            Page 9
Results                                                                          2010
SUNDAY 5th SEPTEMBER – REGION 9 – MSTINA JERSEY SERIES                          Broadway E st, 14 Roly Crayford G st, 15 Roger Jackaman E st, 16
EVENT 10 - FINSBURY PARK CC RR (Incorporates Region 9 Road                      Shay Giles F st, 17 Arnold Russell G st, 18 David Williams E st, 19 Dave
Race Championship)                                                              Burwood F st, 20 Gavin Garrett E st, 21 Fredie Jefcoate G @ 4.42, 22
Race 1 (A & B) - 1 Jason Edwards A Winner,                                      Tom McCall F @ 4.45, 23 Terry Whalley E, 24 Stan Franklin G, 25 Dave
2 Ashley Holding B @ 00:02.3, 3 Martin Meads B st, 4 Simon Wright               Whybrow G, 26 Chas Wilde H, 27 Roy Godbeer H, 28 Richard Wall G,
B st, 5 Barry Neal B st, 6 Martin O'Grady B st, 7 Simon Williams B st, 8        29 Ken Evans G, 30 Eugene Bardwell G, 31 Derek Stacey G, 32 Norman
Paul Caton B st, 9 James Conway B st, 10 David Farrow A st, 11 Robert           Bright G.
Windsor B st, 12 Des Gaylor A st, 13 Gareth Welch A st, 14 Trevor Burke         E Cat Result
B st, 15 Peter Elms A st, 16 Andy Defrates B st, 17 Phil Murrell A st, 18       1 Ray Palin, 2 Dave Brown, 3 Reg Smith.
Chris Beales B st, 19 Mike Lane D st, 20 James Pilgrim-Morris B st, 21
Mike Inder B st, 22 Trevor Whittock B st, 23 Andrew Meilak A st, 24 Paul        F Cat Result
Smitherman A st, 25 Paul Vann A st, 26 Steve Green B @ 00:14.4, 27              1 Andy Hicks, 2 Tony Woodcock, 3 John Duckworth.
Malcolm Jeffries A st, 28 Mario Manelfi B st, 29 Andrew Beaman B @              G Cat Result
00:18.3, 30 David Francis B @ 00:28.9, 31 Paul Addison C @ 01:47.5, 32          1 R Crayford, 2 Arnold Russell, 3 Fredie Jefcoate.
Alan Cope C @ 02:22.9, 33 Andy Boxall C @ 02:28.3, 34 Chris Taylor B,           H Cat Result
35 Mark Orphan B.                                                               1 Chas Wilde, 2 Roy Godbeer,
A Cat Result
1 Jason Edwards, 2 David Farrow, 3 Des Gaylor.                                  SUNDAY 26th SEPTEMBER – REGION 6
B Cat Result                                                                    ENVILLE RR.
1 Ashley Holding, 2 Martin Meads, 3 Simon Wright.                               DEF race
                                                                                A cold blustery day saw the riders leave Bobbington Village hall for
(C & D)                                                                         3.75 laps of that famously demanding circuit. First time up the main
1 Paul Doel C Winner, 2 Brendan Heaslip C @ 00:02.8, 3 Ian Akhurst C            climb, at quite a fast pace, about three quarters way up Don Parry and
@ 01:24.9, 4 Martin Hulbert C st, 5 Peter Jeans D st, 6 Peter Matcham           Alan Kemp attacked hard with Dave Rutherford in close attendance.
C st, 7 Max McCalla D st, 8 Richard Kemp D st, 9 Colin Bateman C st,            Tony Woodcock and Les West got across to the front three by the time
10 Chris Edwards D st, 11 Richard Turner D st, 12 Vincent Davison C             they turned left on to the A458 and gone another 800 meters making
st, 13 Paul Reardon C st, 14 John Haygarth C st, 15 Paul Cackett D st,          a leading group of five. A number of others including Bob Richards,
16 Johnnie Hall C st, 17 Richard Fraczek D st, 18 Graham Pearl C st, 19         Clive Pinfold, Barry Jones all tried to get up to this group but did not
Chris Stone C st, 20 Roger Hargreaves D st, 21 John Iszatt C st, 22 Mark        quite make it.
Harris C st, 23 Paul Bird C st, 24 Dave Boakes C st, 25 Steve Barnsley          The front group of five then worked solidly to build the break on
C st, 26 Nigel Burns C @ 01:40.0, 27 David McMullen D @ 01:44.6, 28             the tough undulations of the road to Enville and by the start of lap
Steve Wharton C @ 01:55.6.                                                      three had an unassailable lead. They stayed together for the whole
C Cat Result                                                                    race with nobody missing a turn and Les West encouraging ‘calmness’
1 Paul Doel, 2 Brendan Heaslip, 3 Ian Akhurst.                                  whenever somebody felt a little too frisky.
D Cat Result                                                                    On the deceptively long and tough finishing climb Alan Kemp led out
1 Peter Jeans, 2 Max McCalla, 3 Richard Kemp.                                   never to be bettered, Parry was clear second until West with a very
                                                                                strong last burst got past him on the line. Tony Woodcock was fourth
(E,F,G & H Category)                                                            and Dave Rutherford 5th. Terry Devine won the bunch sprint for 6th
1 Ray Palin E Winner, 2 Dave Brown E @ st., 3 Reg Smith E st., 4 Oliver         a good few minutes later.
MacPherson E st., 5 Alan Williams E st., 6 Chris Gunter E st., 7 Eddie          Another very well organised, supported and marshalled race and
Adkins E st., 8 Andy Hicks F st., 9 Tony Woodcock F @ 0.47, 10 Terry            thanks to Jonathan Davies and all his helpers
Devine E @ 4.37, 11 Dick Naylor E st, 12 John Duckworth F st, 13 Chris
                                                                                SUNDAY 17th OCTOBER – REGION 9 - MSTINA JERSEY SERIES
                                                                                EVENT 11 - FESTIVAL DOUBLE POINTS FINALE
                                             Cycle Tramonto                     Event 1 A/B
                                                                                1. Paul Caton, Anders TMG Horizon (B), 2. Ashley Holding VC
                                                                                Meudon (B), 3. Colin McDermott, Festival RC (A), 4. Martin O'Grady,
                                             An affordable training camp        Team Toachim (B), 5. Michael Staines, Team Corridori (A), 6. Simon
                                            situated between the Adriatic       Williams, Hillingdon CC/fit4life (B), 7. Stephen Blackmore, GS Civicci
                                             coast and the rugged Sibillini     (A), 8. Jason Edwards, VC Meudon (A), 9. Paul Smitherman, Medway
                                            mountains in Le Marche, Italy       Velo (A), 10. Robert Marcus, VC Godalming & Haslemere (B).
                                                                                A - 1. Colin McDermott, 2. Michael Staines, 3. Stephen Blackmore.
                                                                                B - 1. Paul Caton, 2. Ashley Holding, 3. Martin O'Grady.
 Italy is a cycle-friendly country and the sport comes a close fourth to
 football, food and women as a passion for Italian men! This means that         Race 2 C/D
 on the road you are respected and given the space you need to ensure           1. Iain Akhurst, Mosquito Bikes (C), 2. Ray Palin, Mark Pickford Cycles/
 safe riding and this, along with the challenging terrain, makes our training   Eye Level (D), 3. Martin Hulbert, VC Meudon (C), 4. Ralph Keeler, Wheels
 camp a perfect investment for your racing season.                              In Wheels (D), 5. Malcolm Whitehead, Kingsnorth Int Whs/Nico (C), 6.
                                                                                Robert Cranstone, Ciclisti Vecchi (C), 7. Les Liddiard, Endura/Thule/MI
 From rides beside the Adriatic sea to the long climbs up to the numerous       Racing (C), 8. Peter Jeans, Swindon RC (D), 9. Mick Lane, Kent Cycles (D),
 hilltop towns, your stamina and climbing techniques will be tested and         10. Ray Whibley, San Fairy Ann CC (D),
 the many and varying descents will enable you to perfect your skills           C - 1. Iain Akhurst, 2. Martin Hulbert, 3. Malcolm Whitehead.
 needed for safe and fast riding when racing.                                   D - 1. Ray Palin, 2. Ralph Keeler, 3. Peter Jeans.

 For more information contact:                                                  Race 3 E/F
 David Freeman                                                                  1. Terry Devine, PCA Ciclos Uno (E), 2. Keith Brooks, Ciclisti Vecchi
 (0039) 334 184 2720                                                            (E), 3. Dick Naylor, San Fairy Ann CC (E), 4. Barry Jones, Cycles Dauphin                                                      (F), 5. David Williams, Kingsnorth Int Whs (E), 6. Dave Woods, CC Luton
 or visit our website:                                                          (E), 7. Olivier McPherson, Dunfermline CC (E), 8. Vic Butler, Eastbourne                                                          Rovers (F), 9. Fred Hale, Reading CC (E), 10. Ian Franklin, Cycleworks.
 The house is also available to rent as a
 holiday destination in the summer                                              E - 1. Terry Devine, 2. Keith Brooks, 3. Dick Naylor.                                                           F - 1. Barry Jones, 2. Vic Butler, 3. Bob Oliver.

Page 10                                                                                                        The Veteran Leaguer: Spring 2011
Cyclo-Cross Results                                                                                                2010
SUNDAY 20th NOVEMBER – REGION 7                                             SUNDAY 19th DECEMBER – REGION 7
Glebe Farm Warwickshire                                                     The veterans once again, displayed dedication, and guts to brave
50 minutes + 1 lap                                                          the elements of cyclo cross, when other younger riders would have
Overall Classification                                                      staed in bed. In temp of minus 12 , and with 6 inches of snow, over 40
1st Dave McMullen, 2nd Mark Garrett, 3rd Pete Smith, 4th Dave               riders contested the LVRC National Championships at Glebe Farm ,Nr
Perry, 5th Steve Taylor, 6th Mark Farrar, 7th Tim Stowe, 8th Vic Barnett,   Wellesbourne.
9th Martin Stevens, 10th Pete Cooper, 11th Clive Pinfold, 12th Matt         Runaway winner overall was former British Senior and Veteran
Rowley, 13th John Gabriel, 14th Ruth Eyles, 15th Steve Loader, 16th         Champion, and Ex Nat Mt Bike Champion,Steve Knight--Team Endura-
Daoe Walker, 17th Peter Jeans, 18th Mick Ives, 19th Damien Largent,         -Thule--Kinesis--M.I.Racing, from the promoting Club. Knight won by
20th Martin Hackley,21st Stuart Hocknell, 22nd Murray Kirton, 23rd          a massive margin ,making the very slippery conditions look easy. in
Ian Howell, 24th Mick Gray, 25th John Griffin.                              2nd place was Jonathan Marshall--Zepnat, and a brilliant ride for 3rd
                                                                            place came from Triathlete Brian Tear--Team Endura--M.I.Racing. Prize
Categories                                                                  List was over £350 plus Championship Jerseys and Medals.
Cat A Dave Perry                                                            Age Group Champions were
Cat B Mark Garrett                                                          Cat. A - 1st Steve Knight Team Endura – Thule, 2nd Jon Marshall
Cat C Pete Smith                                                   RT, 3rd Brain Tear Team Endura – Thule.
Cat D Dave McMullen                                                         Cat B - 1st Mark Garrett Coventry RC – Ride, 2nd Chris Beales Sigma
Cat E Pete Cooper                                                           Sport, 3rd Dave Walker Elizabethan CC.
Cat F Vic Barnett                                                           Cat C - 1st Tim Stowe Team Endura – Thule, 2nd Pete Smith Team
Cat G Mick Ives                                                             Endura – Thule, 3rd Mick Perrin Ashfield RC.
Cat H Mick Gray                                                             Cat D - 1st Dave McMullen Evans Cycles, 2nd Andy Jones
Lady Ruth Eyles                                                             Wolverhampton Wheelers, 3rd Steve Loades LVRC.
                                                                            Cat E - 1st Phil Cooper LVRC, 2nd Barrie Mitchell Team Endura
                                                                            – Thule.
                                                                            Cat F - 1st Vic Barnett Welland Valley CC
                                                                            Cat G - 1st Mick Ives Team Endura – Thule, 2nd Ian Small Zodiac
                                                                            Cat H 1st John Dowell LVRC, 2nd Tony Summerfield Elizabethan CC
                                                                            Overall Results
                                                                            1st Steve Knight, 2nd Jon Marshall, 3rd Brian Tear, 4th Dave McMullen,
                                                                            5th Tim Stowe, 6th Pete Smith, 7th Lorenzo Buratti, 8th Mick Perrin,
                                                                            9th Mark Garrett, 10th Andy Jones, 11th Steve Taylor, 12th Vic Barnett,
                                                                            13th Phil Cooper, 14th Barrie Mitchell, 15th Chris Beales,16th Dave
                                                                            Walker, 17th Steve Loades, 18th Mick Ives, 19th Carl Keen, 20th John
                                                                            Dowell, 21st Ian Small, 22nd Tony Summerfield.

The Veteran Leaguer: Spring 2011                                                                                                        Page 11
 TT Champs Results                                                                                                  2010
SUNDAY 10th OCTOBER - REGION 7                                D - 1. Greenwood, 2. Malcolm Whitehead 46.03, 3.
NATIONAL TIME TRIAL CHAMPIONSHIPS                             Simon Greenland 47.24, 4. Phil 0'Dell 49.32.
The promoting club's Mick Ives took his 70th national
title with his victory in the Over 70's.                      E - 1. Graham Truelove 47.56, 2. Dave Rutherford
                                                              49.14, 3. Dave Williams 50.34, 4. John Gabriel 50.44, 5.
Fastest - 1. Kevin Tye, B 42.36, 2. Simon Edney C 43.29,      Malcolm Church 51.34.
3. Jim Moffatt C 43.47, 4. Michael Ellerton B 43.49, 5. Roy
Chamberlain B 44.03, 6. Pete Greenwood D 44.10, 6.            F - 1. Barry Jones 50.08, 2. Edmund Spurgin 53.05, 3.
Andrew Meliak A 44.19.                                        John Duckworth 54.36, 4. Mike Gomersall 55.42.

A - 1. Andrew Meliak, 2. Jason Gurney 44.27, 3. Pete          G - 1. Mick Ives 50.22, 2. Vince Jenkins 51.03, 3. Tony
Georgi 44.46, 4. Simon Canning 45.47, 5. Stefan Harrison      Meliak 51.25.
46.20.                                                        H - 1. E. Palmer 1.00.21, 2. Mick Gray 1.02.18.
B - 1. Tye, 2. Ellerton, 3. Chamberlain, 4. Nigel Stephens    Ladies - 1. Liz Clayton 52.04, 2. Linda Hubbard 52.32,
44.59, 5. Ian Greenstreet 45.13, 6. Ged Millward 45.24.       3. Alison Holmes 55.25, 4. Louise Georgi 56.28, 5. Sally
C - 1. Edney, 2. Jim Moffatt 43.47, 3. Phil Bull 45.35, 4.    Edney 57.01.                                                'C' cat TT Podium line-up -
                                                                                                                                spot the scouser!
Pete Smith 45.55, 5. Ian Cowan 46.23, 6. Mike Amery

 Track Champs Results
SUNDAY 17th OCTOBER –                                                        Points Race
LVRC TRACK CHAMPIONSHIPS 2010 - RESULTS SUMMARY                              A Gold John McClelland Silver Peter Georgi Bronze Gerry Bowditch
                                                                             B Gold Johannes Roux Silver William Fotheringham Bronze Ian
Individual Sprint                                                            Greenstreet
A Gold John McClelland Silver Phil Houlton Bronze Andrew Tranter             C Gold Trevor Bradbury Silver Keith Jones Bronze Geoff Davison
B Gold Steve Pulford Silver Neil Stainthorpe Bronze Will Robbins             D Gold Steve Davies Silver Chris Davis Bronze Jayne Paine
C Gold Steve Cronshaw Silver Keith Williams Bronze Simon Schmidt             E Gold Graham Truelove Silver David Rutherford Bronze Geoff
D Gold Steve Davies Silver Barrie Bailey Bronze Paul Austin                  Brandt
E Gold Geoff Brandt Silver Sandy Wallace Bronze Ian Lewis                    F Gold Bill Cotton Silver Roger Hornsby Bronze John Mason
F Gold Geoff Cooke Silver Dave Rowe Bronze John Mason                        G Gold Derrick Woodings Silver Arja Scarsbrook Bronze Victor
G Gold Arja Scarsbrook Silver Brian Newton Bronze Victor Possee              Possee

                                                                             Scratch Race
                                                                             A Gold Oliver Davies Silver Ian Cooper Bronze John McClelland
                                                                             B Gold Steve Clayton Silver Trevor Burke Bronze Adrian Adgar
                                                                             C Gold Keith Jones Silver Trevor Bradbury Bronze Geoff Davison
                                                                             D Gold Steve Davies Silver Brian O'Kelly Bronze Martin Bush
                                                                             E Gold Edwin Demery Silver Sandy Wallace Bronze Graham
                                                                             F Gold Geoff Cooke Silver Dave Rowe Bronze Bill Cotton
                                                                             G Gold Victor Possee Silver Len Jones Bronze Derrick Woodings

                                                                             Overall Champions
                                                                             A John McClelland
                                                                             B Trevor Burke
                                                                             C Keith Jones
                                                                             D Steve Davies
                                                                             E Geoff Brandt
                                                                             F Geoff Cooke
Time Trial 750m / 500m                                                       G Victor Possee
A Gold John McClelland Silver Phil Houlton Bronze Andrew
Elderfield                                                                   Team Pursuit
B Gold Trevor Burke Silver Steve Clayton Bronze Steve Pulford                Gold Cardiff Jif Silver Giant CC Bronze Ferryhill Wheelers
C Gold Steve Cronshaw Silver Keith Williams Bronze Simon Schmidt
D Gold Dave Smith Silver Barrie Bailey Bronze Debbie Capewell                Team Sprint
E Gold Geoff Brandt Silver Ian Lewis Bronze Sandy Wallace                    Gold Dave Rowe & Phil Houlton
F Gold Geoff Cooke Silver Dave Rowe Bronze John Mason                        Silver Steve Cronshaw & Tony Brooks
G Gold Victor Possee Silver Gordon Johnston Bronze Ben Porter                Bronze Keith Williams & Brian Fudge

Individual Pursuit 3 km / 2 km                                               Kierin (non championship
A Gold Peter Georgi Silver Oliver Davies Bronze Gerry Bowditch               event)
B Gold Trevor Burke Silver Ian Greenstreet Bronze Steve Clayton              A John McClelland
C Gold Chris Vasey Silver Keith Jones Bronze Ian Cowan                       B Steve Pulford
D Gold Chris Davis Silver Steve Davies Bronze Geoff Dingley                  D Andrew Donaldson
E Gold Kevin Gill Silver Graham Truelove Bronze David Rutherford             E Sandy Wallace
F Gold John Mason Silver Roger Hornsby Bronze                                F Geoff Cooke
G Gold Derrick Woodings Silver Gordon Johnston Bronze Victor                 G Victor Possee

Page 12                                                                                                    The Veteran Leaguer: Spring 2011
Percy Stallard Series 2010
19/09/2010 - PLASDISTRIBUTION, ST IVES STALLARD REPORTS                    own, at which point the race was halted, with Caton being declared
AND RESULTS, HUNTINGDON                                                    the winner, Stephenson second, and Graham still riding hard but
AB Results                                                                 several minutes down, as third. Only six riders finished.
1 Simon Hime Finchley RT B, 2 Phil Wilkins Private Member B, 3
Jon Stephenson Team Endura B, 4 Giles Pidcock Epic Cycles RT A, 5          Race 2 (C/D 50-59 age group) - 6 laps 48m
Tim Booth Newark Castle CC B, 6 Sean Sumner Spiuk Racing UK A,             This was a highly animated group, but with a "no prisoners" mentality
7 Paul Verlander Spiuk Racing UK A, 8 Malcolm Smith St Ives CC B,          apparent from the off, the peloton was soon split in to several groups.
9 Steve Ferris Daventry CC B, 10 Darren Otter Rutland CC A, 11 Paul        It eventually came down to a hard core group containing Ian Akhurst,
Conneely Witham Wheelers B, 12 Jonathan Hall Private Member B, 13          Malcolm Whitehead, Jim Moffatt, Ralph Keeler, Steve Jolley and Marcus
Sean Murphy Peterborough CC A, 14 Pat Kinch Churnet Valley Velo/           Walker. Akhurst led them home in a very tight finish from Whitehead
Churnet Valley Veterinary Clinic A, 15 Graham Galvin East London           at a mere 0.167 secs (!) - thank goodness for transponders - with Steve
Velo A, 16 Adam Ward A, 17 Peter Robinson              Jolley third. Andy Donaldson came in on his own over 3 mins down,
Team Cycle Studio A, 18 Andy Defrates Braintree Velo CRC B, 19             with Pete Jeans and Ken Jones soldiering on in determined fashion to
Michael Donnelly MI Racing B, 20 Mike Inder RT316 B, 21 Ian Noons          the finish. Ten riders finished
Stone Wheelers B.                                                          Race 3 (E/F/G -60-75 age group) - 5 laps 40m
C/D Results                                                                If race 2 was animated, race 3 was "on fire" - dominated by those
1 Jim Moffat Spirit Racing Team C, 2 Malcolm Whitehead Kingsnorth          classic hard men of the LVRC - Alan Kemp, Don Parry and Tony
International - NICOSPORT D, 3 Steve Johnson Birkenhead C, 4 Martin        Woodcock. Another war of attrition and some hard riding up through
Russell Solihull CC D, 5 Steve Jolley Bioracer RT D, 6 Geoff Davison       the finishing climb on every lap did the damage. On the final climb
Wakefield CC C, 7 Tony Williams Leamington C&AC D, 8 Stephen               Kemp applied the pressure at the 200m to go flag and pulled clear of
Baillie FP Mailing Cycle Team C, 9 Andrew Donaldson Ferryhill/             Parry by six seconds, followed by Woodcock at 15 seconds. Gordon
Mountain High C, 10 Kenneth Corbet Wakefield CC D, 11 Paul Lilley          Smith battled on well for fourth at 2 mins 38secs. All three G's had
Fenland Clarion C, 12 John Hadfield Rutland CC C, 13 Ralph Keeler          signed on but only wily old Peter Ryalls was left at the end - with Jeff
Wheels in Wheels D, 14 Keith Middleton VC Lincoln - Pygott&Crone/          Hardy coming home at 25 mins 35 secs. Only eight riders finished
B&O Impsport/SPS/C-shop C, 15 Terry Meechan Team Coventry Cycle
Centre D, 16 John Gyte Dinnington RC C, 17 Steve Macklin Star Bikes        PERCY STALLARD 2010 FINAL OVERALL
RT D, 18 Steve Collins Wakefield CC C, 19 Carmelo Luggeri CC Ashwell       The LVRC would like to thank Velotech UK, / Spiuk for their excellent
C, 20 Steve Barnsley Ciclisti Vecchi/Amtec C, 21 Philip Skogstad           support of the series---which is now the ONLY NATIONAL ROAD RACE
Cambridge CC D, 22 Ken Jones Onimpex RT - Bioracer D, 23 Nick              SERIESFOR VETERAN RIDERS IN THE U.K.
Giles Wrexham Road Club C, 24 Mark Colclough Sleaford Wheelers/            After eight seasons,it is going from strength to strength ,so much so
Chandlers Mitsubishi C, 25 Tony Parkinson Onimpex RT - Bioracer C          that entries for the series events close three weeks before the race.
26 Ian Harvey Dinnington RC C, 27 Geoff Saxon Kilo to Go C, 28 Callum      All Race series winners receive a Special Winners Jersey ,presented by
Gough Onimpex RT - Bioracer C, 29 Robert Whitfield R Whitfield Race        Velotech U.K.--in addition to their Championship awards.
Team C, 30 Roger Hargreaves Kingsnorth International - NICOSPORT           Cat A -40-44 yrs
D, 31 Joey Williams Onimpex RT - Bioracer D, 32 Ray Whibley San-           Winner Darren Otter--Rutland--24 points, 2nd--Giles Pidcock--Epic
Fairy-Ann CC D, 33 Ivor Thomas Solihull CC D.                              Cycles--17, 3rd--Michael Clark--Wheelguru--8, 4th equal--Mike Jones-
E/F/G Results                                                              -Paramont--6, Paul Bell --6, D.Haydon--Oxonian--6.
1 Alan Kemp Weaver Valley CC E, 2 Don Parry Team Corley Cycles/            Cat B 45-49 yrs
Cervelo E, 3 Tony Woodcock Kingsnorth International - NICOSPORT            Winner--John Stevenson--Team Endura--M.I.Racing--22, 2nd--Phil
F, 4 Andy Hicks South Western RC - Evans F, 5 Gordon Smith                 Wilkins--Team Endura--M.I.Racing--18, 3rd--Neil Higgins--Preston C C
NewBrighton/Abesco/Cruden E, 6 Clive Pinford E, 7             --9, 4th--Mark Hammersley--Wheelguru--8, 5th equal----Simon Day-
Dave Brown CC Luton E, 8 Ken Haddon Bush Health Care G, 9 Barry            -Sherwood Pines--6, Paul Stubbs--Ferryhill Wh--6, P. Caton--Andres
Jones Cycles Dauphin F, 10 Peter Ryalls Sheffield Phoenix CC G, 11         TMG Horizon--6
Chris Gunter Team Corley Cycles E, 12 Dave Woods CC Luton E, 13
Paul Griffiths Alford Wheelers E, 14 Jeff Hardy Private Member F, 15       Cat C 50-54 yrs
Terry Devine Ciclos Uno E, 16 John Buxton Cycling Bargains E, 17           Winner--Andrew          Donaldson--Kingsnorth--20,     2nd--Tony
Mike Allen Pro Cycle Hire Mallorca E, 18 Tony Mendham Witham               Parkinson--Onimpex RT--11, 3rd--G.Payne-- 9, 4th- equal---Mark
Wheelers E, 19 Mike Parkins Bourne Wheelers F, 20 Chris Broadway           Robinson--Hull Thursday --8, S.Ballie--F P Mailing C T --8, 6th--R
Braintree Velo RT/ Conservatories E, 21           Whitfield--Whitfield R T --7
Keith Brooks Ciclisti Vecchi/Amtec E, 22 Alan Williams G S Ciucci E,
                                                                           Cat D 55-59 yrs
23 Martin Hackley Team Endura - MI Racing E, 24 Phil Etches Witham
                                                                           Winner Malc Whitehead--Kingsnorth--27, 2nd--Steve Jolley-
Wheelers E, 25 John Downing Dinnington RC F, 26 Jack Watson Team
                                                                           -Bioracer--25, 3rd--Mick Day--Paul Milnes Cycles--17, 4th--Steve
Endura - MI Racing G.
                                                                           Macklin--Star Bikes RT--14, 5th--Joe Williams--Onimpex RT--9, 6th
                                                                           equal--Dave Cuming--Kuota Biemme--7, Gaz Hill--Dinnington--7
Race 1 (A/B 40-49 age group) - 7 laps 55m                                  Cat E 60-64 yrs
A small group of riders started in steady rain just after 10:00. Shortly   Winner--Alan Kemp--Weaver Valley--30, 2nd--Don Parry--Corley
after de-neutralisation, Paul Caton tested the others legs but was         Cycles--22, 3rd--Gordon Smith--New Brighton--15, 4th--Mick Holmes-
quickly caught. In a classic counter attack, Reading CC's Peter Graham,    -Batley CC--9, 5th--Dave Rutherford--Solihull--7, 6th--Dave Woods--
put in a strong attack and quickly got a significant gap over the field.   Luton CC--6.
The race speed increased as the bunch worried about the size of
Graham's lead. With the second lap being completed in a ferocious          Cat F--65-69 yrs
20 minutes, Richard Bremner and David Haydon were shelled out of           Winner--Andy Hicks--S.W. Road Club--30, 2nd--Jeff Hardy--
the back - though persevered to the finish. Graham was then caught.        LVRC--19, 3rd--Tony Woodcock--Kingsnorth--16, 4th--Les West--G S
The next few laps were calm, with the race proceeding at a steady          Strada--12, 5th--Brian Sunter--Condor RC--9, 6th equal--Trev Horton-
22 minutes per lap. Jon Stephenson, and then Matt Reader put on            -Warrington--6, John Downing--Dinnington--6, Pete Matthews--
the pressure on the climb to the finish line on successive laps. The       Liverpool Merc.
cumulative effect of this was to shell Graham out of the back on the       Cat G--70 plus
climb with three laps to go. This left just three riders together at the   Winner--Ken Haddon--Bush Mobility--27, 2nd--Jack Watson--Team
front. Unfortunately Reader punctured, rejoining the race in last place.   Endura-M.I.Racing--17, 3rd--Pete Ryalls--Sheffield Ph.--15.
This left Caton and Stephenson who looked very evenly matched.
Shortly after crossing the line for the bell, Stephenson punctured,        Mick Ives --Percy Stallard National Road Race Co-Ordinator.
though rejoined some 90 seconds or so later, leaving Caton out on his

The Veteran Leaguer: Spring 2011                                                                                                        Page 13
Percy Stallard Media Release
            Onimpex Percy Stallard Series
            ME DIA R E LE AS E
            Date 21st December 2010

            T IT LE Onimpex / Bioracer to back Stallard Series

            Leading independent importer Onimpex and innovative Belgian cycling
            clothing manufacturers Bioracer are to sponsor the UK’s agship road racing
            series for veterans in 2011.

            The duo will back the Percy Stallard Series, the jewel in the crown of the
            League of Veteran Racing Cyclists. The series has grown spectacularly
            over the past few years as the upsurge in interest for the sport has seen a
             ood of riders returning to racing with the LVRC, encouraged by their open
            age category regulations.

            “It’s a privilege for Onimpex and Bioracer to back the series,” states Ken
            Jones of the north western importers, “ I have been involved in the LVRC
            for many years. It’s full of life and superb racing and long may it continue!”

            The Percy Stallard Series is the only national road racing series for veteran
            riders of 40 years and over and bears the name of the legendary Percy
            Stallard, a founder member of the British League of Racing Cyclists and
            champion of mass start road racing during the 1940’s.

            The series attracts amateurs and former professionals alike with names like
            Les West, Mick Ives and Sid Barras as well as a number of older rst time
            racers over 10 rounds throughout the UK providing short course action on
            some of the toughest routes in the country.

            “Cycling has become huge in the UK since the British successes on the
            track began but there is a whole world of inspirational racing out there for
            those of us who enjoy the high level competition but can’t be Mark Cavendish
            anymore,” continues Ken Jones, “It’s a great series and I’m proud we
            are involved”


            C ontact: S pokes men Ltd      +44 7720 3293 61       info@ s pokes

Page 14                                                      The Veteran Leaguer: Spring 2011
Back to the Future
With Michael J Curran, Mid-Shropshire Wheelers

Dear old Tony Willday (LVRC) member drew out the                  coupled with speed, endurance and an attitude that would
information for me on local manufacturers, Wearwell Cycles        take him to the top as some readers may possibly remember
and Viking Cycles, both from Wolverhampton. Where It              also.
catapulted me back to my days in Wolverhampton 1955                  Hello Mick Ives, your name was popping up with the
to 1960. When my mate said forget Wolverhampton                   seniors, so you must have been doing something right, at
Wanderers and S. Cullis, B. Williams and Billy Wright, who,       an early stage of your career.
then where my beloved role models. Let’s try racing on               1959 saw me showing a little promise as a junior as did
these sit-up-and-beg bicycles. He supported team Viking,          some “Veteran Leaguer” readers at the time, I imagine.
Ian Steel, Bob Thom plus, independents, and I was for                1960 I rode about 9 or 10 races against 2nd and 3rd
Wearwell. Fred Williams, Mac Cotterill, Trevor Fenwick, Les       category riders, where I enjoyed placings and a win, which
Scales, John Pottier. David hoped he’d get a Severn Valley        for me are quiet unforgettable moments, all of which were
road race frame, but I think he ended up with a Mile eater.       done with youthful enthusiasm, a natural talent at this level,
Meanwhile I moved 3 miles to Bilston, living down the road        and a fair amount of luck! But the major slap in the face
from a modest good humoured cycling champion, Joe                 was riding against 1st category riders. O.k in the first half
Gilkes.                                                           of an event, however after the initial 50 – 60 miles I got
  Every week I went to the library to read the publication        shelled out and packed ignomiously Despite being club
‘Cycling’ and the exploits of our Brit heroes, Bill Brady, Stan   road race champion I decided to retire at the end of the
Brittain, Reg Harris, Billy Holmes , Ray Booty and John           season. That year in the “South Staffs GP” Derek Rowlands,
Geddes spring to mind.                                            Derek Evans, slugged it out, but a bunch sprint was won by
  After school and all day Saturday I worked in “Hines            Frank Hogdkiss, So what! you say, I say, that was the year
of Bilston” bike shop, a top lightweight dealer, run by Mr        Percy Stallard invented the Veteran Road Racer by finishing
Hines, who was one of the old school, he was a good boss          in the bunch aged about 50! I found him an avuncular
and a genuinely great guy, I was earning 15/- a week, but         type with a friendly word to a keen lad like me, however
10/6 was deducted to pay for my dream bike, a 10 speed            I’ve been told he also had a rhumbustious, intransigent side
Norman Invader, manufactured from all British components,         – don’t we all!
including the Simplex Front Changer, which
looked like it was suffering from peyronie’s
disease (look it up after 9pm)
  Believe it or not, to get your road bike in
magenta pink, you get respect and admiration,
Mr Hines was a retailer or Raleigh bikes,
Raleigh Lenton being a big seller, Claud Butler,
Hercules, B.J. Flavell. A local bloke, George
Elrick and Dawes were also big sellers. One of
the mechanics took me to Wolverhampton RCC
where Ray Holliday, Frank Hodgkiss, Johnny
Webb were top riders.
  Watching the Gornal GP a bloke told me
about the reformation of Wolverhampton CRA,
and asked if I would be interested in joining?
Tour of Britain Judge Derek Tolley this was one
of the new organisers at at the time.                               Returning in approx 1998, LVRC National Championships
  A lot of clubs had volume membership, but alot would            event, with Pete and Mick getting Gold and Silver, I thought
decline due to the popularity of the motorcar.                    mistakenly, that my school of hard knock strength would
  Rock ‘n’ roll was hitting the streets, but that’s chronicled    carry me through – Wrong! I’ve been struggling ever since
elsewhere.                                                        for the secret formula, possessed by the likes of Ralph, Mick,
  A generous uncle helped me get a Wearwell Tour de               Pete and Ken, maybe by 2012 I’ll be in the 70+ group trying
France frame and I was ready for the “Fancote Trophy Road         to beat the non-dodderers pushing a 53/15 with ease.
Race” which I think was won by Geroge Halls, this was two           Those late 50’s early 60’s produced considerable talent
days after leaving my much disliked Grammar school,               and champions in the Wolverhampton area, H. Porter, J.
where as a lad I was introduced to Bill Painter of Gornal         Gilkes, B. Painter, B. Spence, M. Stallard, Bill Radford, Derek
Wheelers, their club had talent and the “black country”           Rowlands, Ray Holliday, Derek Evans all achieved at the
sense of humour in spades.                                        highest levels.
  Hugh Porter had hit the sport with a ferocious sprint,

The Veteran Leaguer: Spring 2011                                                                                        Page 15
Tour of Cornwall
by Nick Giles
Before I start I would like to thank the following people for       thing about Boscastle is the Pyrenean like climb out of the
making the inaugural Fibrax Wrexham r.c. 4 day 250 miles ‘Tour      village, a 5km at 8% grade, which was not ideal after a filling
of Cornwall’ a great success.                                       lunch, it was tough, and once at the top we had a difficult
  Rob & Sue McDonald, Roger & Aaron Squire, Malc Giles,             headwind to hinder us the 30+ miles back to Newquay (thank’s
Susan Seller, Dave Spencer, Warren Giddins, John Mills, Howard      for the reminder Rob). Both groups were heading back on the
Galloway, Martin Hackley, Mike McCann, Andy Hill, Philip            same roads, to meet at an allocated point for the start of the
Cooper, Andy Parr, Antony Lear, Marcus Walker, Tony Rowell,         planned ‘training segment’ an 8km team time-trial. With just
Neil Eddy, David Cracknell, Jason Beever, John Allen, Alison        15 miles to Newquay and close to the t.t.t start, the support car
Galloway, Viv Bray and not forgetting the fantastic support         came back to tell me that the overwhelming decision of the
crew, Alex Giles (driver), Tim Giles (Photo + Vids) and Chloe       B riders was, I quote “they are all knackered and were going
Giles (food drinks + flags).                                        straight back to the hotel”…what could I do, but go with the
                                                                    decision! (t.t.t. changed to last day)
Day 1: Newquay-Boscastle-Newquay…85 miles                              We all arrived back at the hotel with 85 very tough miles
This was perhaps the hardest day of all the 4 days, with over       completed and everyone had a sense of achievement, relaxing
1500m of climbing. Worry coupled with a little trepidation was      with a nice cup of coffee deeply satisfied they had completed,
seen at the breakfast table, but soon the mood changed when         perhaps the hardest day! WELL DONE TO ALL.
the stunning view out the breakfast room window, showed a
spring like day, which was just what was needed on this tough       Day 2: Newquay-Penzance-Newquay…70 miles
day ahead.                                                          Today, the route was taking-in the stunning views of the south
   After a hearty meal courtesy of Alex & Will at the Quies Hotel   coast. Personally, I thought this day was as hard as day 1, but,
of the usual coffees, teas, fruit, porridge and cooked breakfast    with the slightly less miles, I suppose it was a little kinder!
all the riders were fuelled and eager to set-off. Two groups, A &   Once again the weather greeting us was fine and spring like,
B, were on slightly different outward route, with the B’s guided    so the riders were happy and keen to get going, albeit still
by Tony (Tri-Logic team) avoiding the unforgiving hills of the      finding their legs heavy after yesterday’s epic. The breakfast
north coast, while the A’s guided by Nick (fwrc), took that route   was again plentiful, which certainly helped keep the riders
which entailed climbing virtually from the start. The idea was      energy topped-up. Setting-off as per day 1 in two groups
the two groups should meet at the Millars Café in Boscastle         10 or so minutes apart, the B group were again missing the
within 10/15mins of each other!                                     brutal initial hills of the south coast and hopefully meet at the
   All went to plan, with no mishaps apart from the normal          picturesque village of Portreath for a ‘team’ photo. Luckily, the
re-grouping and the support car reporting no incidents.             rides were going smoothly, with the struggling riders helped
The riders were finding the opening route tough, with some          along as much as required to enable the groups to stay
suffering more than others, but with a little easing of the pace    together. Of course there were times when the splits amongst
and some helpful pushing on the hills, everyone survived and        the riders were quite large, but with the wide range of abilities
within 5 miles of the café the inevitable speed-up happened         and the nature of the terrain in Cornwall, this was expected,
and it was a case of getting to café in your own small groups.      but the support crew doing a fabulous job, driving back-and-
After 50 miles, the riders were welcomed at the café with           forth within the groups, making sure everyone was safe and
complimentary bananas and coffees, which just hit the spot          able to carry on…top job!
while the main food orders were been taken. The setting was            The script couldn’t have been written better and just as
fabulous, all made even more beautiful by the warm weather,         the A group were descending into the last few miles toward
albeit a little eerie with the few reminders of the famous floods   Portreath, the B group came-up from behind, fantastic, and
that hit Boscastle in August 2004!                                  with the speed high it was once again a ‘flyer’ into the village.
   Once fed and watered, the B group began the ride back               Here we had a short break to take a group photo, with its
leaving the café 10/15mins ahead of the A group. The cruel          stunning sea backdrop, then, it was matter of the last real steep

Page 16                                                                                        The Veteran Leaguer: Spring 2011
climb of the day out of Portreath onto the café stop at Penzance.       (Sprinting for the back of group to front on small gear…high
Both groups followed the rest of the coast route together, and          cadence). Riding in one group to allow plenty of rest between
just short of Hayle, Aaron had one of a few mishaps endured             sprints, the first passage was, to say, erratic, the second passage
by the Squire’s. This time his bike totally packed-up with the          was better although the group pace was too slow causing
gearing mechanism breaking, making it impossible for him to             bunching, the third and final passage was great, with everyone
carry on, so, reluctantly he had to do the rest of the route in the     sprinting well, it was good to watch (I’m sure no would mind
support car (1st incident). Just out of Hayle to two groups split,      if I mentioned Andy Parr taking the flag at the finish, arms
while the B group headed directly to the café stop the A group          aloft…good effort).
took a slight ‘dog leg’ route towards St Ives, a fairly hilly ride of      Luckily, it was only a short downhill ride to Newquay, ideal
an extra 5 miles or so.                                                 to spin-out the previous efforts! Again, coffee and chat at the
   The café was situated on the beach with a spectacular view           hotel, before going different ways for the evening…Valentines
of St Michaels Mount. It was a little breezy with few riders            Day for some! WELL DONE TO ALL
taking shelter inside the small ‘shack’ like café, while others
(mainly A group late arrivals) had to sit outside, but no moans
thankfully, and the food was fantastic…oh, and Roger doing a
demolition job in the café, with a shelf full of trinkets taking a
nose dive onto the floor!
   After lunch was the planned ‘training segment’ of the day, the
16km group power training (riding big gear, 100rpm on front
then change, staying seated at all times). We all rode together,
albeit it seemed like cyclocross, with muddy lanes and tracks
to take us to the start back near Hayle. The decision was to start
in small groups of 4 or 5 riders to prevent congestion on the
road. It nearly was text book effort by all, but for the local ‘plod’
stopping some of the riders to read the riot act regards riding
in a safe manor (on a course which is used all summer for time-
trials…yeh right). We all eventually got to the chequered flag,
with some teams arriving successfully all-together and some
teams splitting or taking the slip road too early!
   From here, it was a matter of a supposedly easy ride back,
so as not to ruin the effect of the training, but alas, the nearer
we got, the faster it went, but truth told, everyone just enjoyed       Day 4: Newquay circuit…30 miles
the moment!                                                             At breakfast, some riders decided to not ride today, due to
   Arriving back, it was again a matter of a sit down and a             tiredness or just wanting to travel back home early.The weather
welcome cup of coffee and chat about the day’s riding…all               was not so good today, with heavy intermittent showers, so it
good! Once again WELL DONE TO ALL                                       was decided to shorten the ride and stay quite local. So, with
                                                                        a dozen riders setting off we headed out of Newquay to ride
Day 3: Newquay-St Mawes-Newquay…60 miles                                the short but undulating route, culminating with an 8km t.t.t.
Tired legs was the call of today, but spirits were still buoyant as     (high cadence medium gears 53 x 17-14). The pace was nice
once again the weather was favourable. Today the routes took            and steady with the group staying together until Aaron had
us inland, from north to south coast & back with a stunning             his final incident, a rear wheel puncture. I rode back to meet
café stop at the St Mawes hotel. The routes again were slightly         him but he was already in the car, calling it a day, leaving me to
different on the outward leg with the B group taking a slightly         retrace up the hills once again to catch the group back.
easier direction but roughly the same distance. It was a case              Arriving at the start, and with the weather closing-in it was
of tempo today over the rolling roads of mid-Cornwall, which            unanimous vote to ride the t.t.t. as one big team…so be it…
made everyone happy as sore legs were making riding at speed            with the support car setting-up at a lay-by 8km’s away, just
a tough proposition. A few showers greeted us on the way, but           shy of the Newquay welcome sign, we set off, all looking good
were short lived, and we all arrived at the quaint fishing village      with every rider doing a turn and powering through, only to
with the sun shining and a good 30 miles completed. The café            split on the one and only hill on the course. Slowing slightly to
was very nice with a buffet style lunch awaiting the riders,            allow all to get back-on we were soon up-to-speed touching
bacon butties, chocolate/plain croissants to satisfy even the           52kph and really moving, it was fantastic and once we saw the
hungriest rider, which as it happens wasn’t the riders but the          flag the speed went up again…motoring!
support crew, or more direct, Alex & Tim, polishing-off several            A nice relaxed 2 mile spin to the hotel was ideal and perfectly
butties each!                                                           timed, as by the time we were entering the hotel car park the
   Setting off for the highlight of the day, the King Harry ferry       heavens opened and stayed the same for the rest of the day.
crossing (top 10 in the world) we stopped at St Mawes castle               The remaining riders sat down in the games room, the usual
for another group photo and then rode the 3 miles or so down            coffees in hand and chatted freely about their epic 4 days of
to the ferry, which unbelievable was already waiting on our             intense riding over some of the toughest terrain in the UK.
side. The crossing is slow, but that is the whole point, to allow          I realise I didn’t mentioned particular riders on the rides,
people to take in the view and take photos. While on the ferry          except for a few incidents, but I think that is how it should be,
we had a hail deluge which was stinging, but once on the other          BUT, I will take this opportunity to say, that I was overwhelmed
side, sun was out and it was warm again…incredible!                     with every rider, with their determination, spirit and effort to
   The return back to Newquay was quite hilly, but with a short         complete 4 very hard days riding. I couldn’t have asked for a
stop in Truro to admire the awesome cathedral no one was                better group of riders, all of which made the ‘Tour of Cornwall’
worried and just got on with it. Nearing Newquay, it was time           a great success. WELL DONE AND THANKS. Hopefully see you
for today’s ‘training segment’, 3 x 2km’s back to front sprints         all next time.
The Veteran Leaguer: Spring 2011                                                                                                 Page 17
Book reviews                                                     By Dick Selley

Brian Robinson: Pioneer                     in the mixed Luxembourg team, Ferdi          there are no easy roads, everywhere
by Graeme Fife                              Kubler, who taught Brian how to              the grippy surface and the constant
If memory serves me well, Graeme Fife       descend, a very important lesson, Tony       climbing and descending produce
was once a member of the North Bucks        Hoar, the TDF lanterne rouge.                riders of exceptional skill and ability
Road Club. This was some time ago              It is marvellous to read the nuts and     in an environment that is supportive
and he probably won’t remember me           bolts of his races, so much more than        and used to be inspirational when
but may recall Frank Allcorn, our chief     the newspaper cuttings of the time and       the best riders in the world arrived to
“meeter and greeter” or Goz Goodman,        the items in Cycling, which, although        compete in Manx Week each year, alas
now our enthusiastic President. But         penned by enthusiastic reporters             no longer on the fixture list.
that is by the way, to get back to the      could not hope to achieve the detail
book.                                       that comes from a participant.
   The story of Brian Robinson is long         For instance Brian’s third place in the
overdue and is a welcome addition           1957 Milan San Remo, he was “on song”
to my bookshelves. This is a man I          and at the front on the run in when
read about when I was at school,            his team manager reminded him that
an Englishman riding in the Tour de         he had to ride in support of Poblet,
France! Unheard of and very exciting.       who was also on a Rapha-Geminiani
In 1956 and 1957 he was certainly in        bike and was an established star. Brian
the results with some top ten placings      had to hold back when possibly.....
before his 1958 and 1959 stage wins.        maybe.....he could have won it? Had
   We did not know how good Brian was       he done so, his career would have
and that is where the book explains all.    been so different and so much more
Graeme has visited, phoned, ridden          remunerative.
with Brian and also stirred his memory         I hope I have whetted your appetites,
of his pro career.                          it is a book worth getting for yourself, I
   Brian, luckily for us, has a very good   must stop now as I promised to lend it
memory and the book is a fascinating        to Goz, I know he will enjoy reading it.
account of his exploits.                    Brian Robinson:Pioneer by Graeme
                                            Fife       ISBN 978-1-874739-57-9
                                            available from Sport and Publicity

                                           “Pocket Rocket”                                  Steve writes well and gives us chapter
                                           The Autobiography of Steve Joughin            and verse of a noteable career during
                                           with Richard Allen                            which he had his share of success and
                                           I was recently in Phil Corley’s excellent     near misses. He honestly chronicles his
                                           Milton Keynes shop (with it’s new             slide into alchoholism as he tried to
                                           counter), looking at the gleaming ranks       keep the sensation of winning races
                                           of Cervelos and Pinerellos; I ended up        after retiring by over use of the amber
                                           buying a couple of inner tubes, when          nectar.Thank goodness he was strong
                                           my eye was attracted to a pile of books       enough to haul himself out of the pit
                                           on the aforementioned counter. They           and today is successful in business and
                                           were “Pocket Rocket” Steve Joughin’s          has held on to his links with the world
                                           recent autobiography.                         of racing and his old team mates and
                                              “Have you read this Phil?” I asked, “Is    rivals.
                                           it good?, Are you mentioned in it?”“No”          I recommend this pocket sized
                                           he exclaimed with some passion,”And           edition, a good account of a fairly
                                           he has also cropped me out of the             recent racing history, it doesn’t seem
  From the 100 mile clubruns through picture of the finish of the 1984 Pro               that long ago that Phil Bayton was
to National Service, when the RSM Championship where I was seventh,                      ringing me up to get his mate, who
greeted him on his return to camp finishing strongly up the left hand side               helped him with motor paced training,
with “Did you win?”      .....”Fourth!.... of the road.                                  into the support race to my pro crit at
Fourth!....guard duty, on the double!”   .    So much for old mates! I think I will      MK. Or when I went out with Phil C,
The Hercules team followed and Brian leave him out of my book”                           Ian Banbury and Phil Galloway on a
was living the dream, but always with         The short but powerfully built             Wednesday, surprisingly dropped as
his feet on the ground. To him the Manxman was the prophet to the                        soon as the road went up! All these
racing was a job, an opportunity to put later arrival of the Cav, the island has         heroes get a mention in the book and I
bread on the table by competing in a been and still is so beneficial to the              am confident you will enjoy the read.
sport that he loved.                       development of good riders that               “Pocket Rocket” by Steve Joughin
  The names keep coming, Bob some pros are moving back there for                         ISBN 978-0-9564092-2-5
Maitland, Charly Gaul, a team mate their pre-season training. Evidently
Page 18                                                                                      The Veteran Leaguer: Spring 2011
From the Archives                                                                   By Dick Selley
Isn't it great! When you happen to mention   past Whipsnade Zoo when I remarked            cables and saddle roll, those were the
an unfortunate incident when you crashed,    on the wallabies cavorting on the hillside    days!
and a clubmate takes the trouble to draw a   above us. The next second I am polishing        Frank Allcorn was an accomplished
cartoon of your misfortune to remind you     the road with my body.                        artist and this picture combines his talents
and your friends of it for posterity.           You will be able to date the crash by my   of "water colour" and "pen and ink".
  On this particular day we were riding      kit! Toeclips and straps, shoeplates, brake

    Our French Home
    Ideal cycling country.
    1 hour south of Bordeaux and Bergerac airports.
    Excellent wine and food area.
    Comfortably sleeps 6 in 3 bedrooms + more if required on sofa beds.
    All usual facilities in the property.
    Region 33 - Gironde, Acquitaine.
    Special super rates for LVRC members.

    Visit the website for more details:

    or contact Russell on 07768 320784

The Veteran Leaguer: Spring 2011                                                                                             Page 19
Spinning vs Cycling
by Debbie Knott
It’s cold, wet and dark outside, normally   needs and a lower strain on the              cyclists this is a very short amount of
a sign of winter! For many cyclists,        cardiovascular system, it also means         time, this time includes both warm
there is a choice of cross training         you're using a higher amount of fast-
activities or for some to continue to       twitch muscle fibers, burning more
cycle outside. Others, would like an        carbs as a fuel and depleting muscle
alternative and have included indoor        glycogen stores, all at a slightly lower
cycling or spinning to their training.      rate of exertion.This is described by the
   This article will help you understand    highly scientific term "gear-mashing",
                                                                                                Typical Gym spinning Bike
some of the differences between             and is highly contraindicated for time
cycling outdoors (or indoors) on your       trialists and triathletes.
bike and cycling on a spin bike.               So in conclusion, there is a high
   The heaviest part for the spinning       degree of muscular and physiological
bike is the flywheel, weighing about        specificity between the two modes            up, intervals and warm down.
30-40lbs dependant on model, so             of cycling. The best of both worlds            Remember that most spinning
when you stop pedaling with your            would be to teach your legs to achieve       classes are made for people who
legs the pedals will keep turning. Your     a high cadence without the use of            are not very familiar with cycling
hamstrings will naturally respond to        the flywheel. Some spinning bikes            training. Therefore, I suggest you do
this added circular momentum by             now use a freewheel. If you don't            a quick warm-up before you enter the
contracting at the top of the pedal         have access to such a bike, then be          spinning room in order to get more
stroke to decrease momentum,                sure to supplement your off-season           training time.
resulting in an "eccentric contraction"     spinning with 1-2 skill based sessions         Ask the instructor if the Spinning
or lengthening of the muscles               on a freewheel system to practice your       Studio can be opened 10 – 15 mins
responsible for slowing hip flexion.        high cadence.                                earlier than the planned start time.
So your hamstrings work harder on              Word of caution on spinning:              Some instructors arrive before and
a spinning bike. You'll also find that      Instructors are different; find a class      normally use this to setup.
the added flywheel momentum                 taken by a cyclist as you will notice the
                                                                                         2. Drink water with electrolytes and
encourages a higher overall cadence,        class design can be quite different. The
resulting in an increased strain on         non cyclist instructor will introduce
                                                                                         In spinning classes you tend
the cardiovascular system. This is why      the aerobic phase, using jumps and
                                                                                         to sweat more, due to the high
your heart rate is typically higher in      running, which is not really needed, as
                                                                                         temperature and high humidity.
spin class vs. an indoor turbo training     these can be dangerous to the Knees
                                                                                           Some people believe that they sweat
session. As you’re spinning rate            and Backs, but can be used as a warm
                                                                                         more at spinning lessons because they
increases, you use a higher degree of       up tool! Whilst the cyclist trained
                                                                                         work harder. And this is not true. You
slow-twitch muscle fibers, burn more        instructor will use planned sessions
                                                                                         sweat more because of the climate,
fat as fuel and have a higher perceived     adapted for cycling specific routines,
                                                                                         not because you work harder than
rate of exertion.                           e.g. pyramids, aerobic sessions, hill
                                                                                         normally. I will recommend you to
   In contrast, the freewheel drive train   sessions etc.
                                                                                         drink water with electrolytes and
system on your Road Bike requires a
                                                                                         carbohydrates to maintain a high
greater degree of hip flexor activity       How to Achieve Better Results                level of performance during the whole
and quadriceps activity to generate         with Spinning                                session.
momentum at the top of the pedal
                                            1. Warm up before spinning
stroke. As there is no flywheel helping                                                  3. Choose intervals carefully
                                            Gym spinning classes can vary in
you spin, cadence is typically lower.                                                    Spinning instructors plan their lesson
                                            length, 30 mins to 45 mins. For trained
While this means less oxygen shuttling                                                   to be interesting and challenging for

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Page 20                                                                                      The Veteran Leaguer: Spring 2011
a wide range of riders. Most of them            Commons Questions asked pedal is pointing forward. This results
train spinning only 2 to 3 times week,          about Spinning          in a position where the knee is slightly
so they can use all their effort in this                                                      bent when the leg is extended with the
short period. Specification                     How many miles do you ride in a               foot resting at the bottom of the pedal.
  If you do not like the program made           Spinning session?                             Handlebar height can be adjusted
of the instructor, consider to use your         This depends on the type of session,          for comfort; less experienced riders
own program it is possible to ride              as a rough guide if the spin session is       may want to set them higher to ease
one of these programs without telling           hills:-12 – 13 miles and for Intervals: -     lower back discomfort. A reasonable
the instructor. Just remember to stand          15 miles plus, these figures have been        reference point is to set it in level with
up and sit down when the instructor             taken for a 45 mins spin class.               the seat. Not the case for Tall people.
tells you to (and ignore his commands                                                         You may find that you my need to ride
about pacing strategy).                         How many calories do you burn in              with a shorter Handlebar position.
4. Remember rest days                           a session?
                                                For a 45 mins class you can burn              What Heart Rate Zones used for
You can’t train your body at the same
                                                between 400-600 calories                      Spinning?
intensity everyday; some days should
                                                                                              As a guide the instructor should advise
be easy days. If you go for a ride in the
                                                Is the spin bike setup the same as a          what zone you should be using in the
spinning class on one of these days,
                                                road bike of TT Bike?                         spin class.
please remember your goal with the
                                                Spin bikes have been designed on the            Warm up – 50 % - 60 %
training. Try not to go over 60 % Max
                                                Road Bike                                       Main Session – 65 – 92 %
Heart Rate
                                                                                                Warm Down – reducing 50 -60%
5. Warm Down                                    How do I setup the spin bike?                   If you are feeling unwell your Heart
You may find you may need longer to             Qualified spin Instructors should be          Rate may not rise or may take longer.
warm down, dependant on whether or              able to this. But to avoid injury it          Use your initiative, especially if you
not there is another class scheduled.           is important to make sure the seat            are returning from illness or Injury.
                                                position is right for the participant's       Don’t work to the level until you know
6. Advise the instructor                                                                      your body can cope, at the end of the
                                                height. The height of the seat should
Advise if you are pregnant, Injured or                                                        day, you know your body, and the
                                                be in level with the hip when the
ill or new to spinning, the instructor                                                        instructor doesn’t!
                                                participant is standing next to the
should ask!                                                                                                            Debbie Knott
                                                cycle. Horizontally the seat should be
   The above 6 recommendations can                                                                 Star Trac Level 2 Spin Instructor
                                                set in order for the knee to be straight
also apply for Turbo Sessions.
                                                over the palm of the foot when the

                                           Basso Diamante             Basso Devil Donna womens             Basso Konos TT/Tri

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                            and custom fit bike builds
                                                            CUSTOM FIT STUDIO
                                                            Imagine owning a custom
                               trained race mechanics       fitted bike, one that has been
                                                            specifically measured and set
      An extensive range of components, accessories,        up to suit your individual needs
              clothing, cycling shoes are available All     and requirements. At Spirit we
                              leading brands supplied       are passionate about delivering
                                                            excellence in custom bikes. Choose from our custom range of bikes
                                                            and components in our contemporary, by appointment only, studio
                                                            using the basso ‘taylor bike’.
                                 Lake cycling shoes
                                                            Everyone has different biomechanics, so a one size fits all approach
                                                            is not ideal if you want the best product with the best balance of
                                                            comfort and technology.

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The Veteran Leaguer: Spring 2011                                                                                               Page 21
Letters Page
John Galliano v
Jeremy Clarkson
   For top fashion designer, John
Galliano, to be sacked by top fashion
house, Christian Dior, is absolutely
right and proper. And with his anti-
Semitic remarks being captured on
video he could face jail.
   The clip allegedly shows Galliano
telling two women in a Paris café: “I
love Hitler. People like you would
be dead today – your mothers your
forefathers would be gassed”    .         We're All Going On A                         The rides were well organised
   With such remarks being totally        Summer Holiday                            and as previously mentioned
unacceptable and unlawful, what              Having read Sam Bills Holiday          over roads that would be hard to
should the so called civilised world      Feature in The Veteran Leaguer            find even if you were lost, or had
now make of Top Gear presenter,           Summer Special, I too went to the         a good map. We were meet every
Jeremy Clarkson’s, anti-cyclist           cycling Mecca that is Mallorca,           day by Gert-Jan who took the
remarks?                                  however, slightly differently to Sam      groups and on most days we had
   There have been numerous               Bills visit. I decided that having        arranged to meet for a lunch stop
instances where he’s said or written      visited the Island on many many           in one of the many welcoming
the likes of, cyclists deserve to be      occasions alone I would this time         villages. It transpires that Fullfit can
‘cut-up’, or that he would have no        go with a Cycling Operator. I must        cater not only for the old gits like
hesitation in running them over,          say that I really thought I knew          me, but having spoken with Gert-
or squashing them under his (car)         the Island well having stayed and         Jan during our rides, for Pro Tour
wheels. There’s even been an              ridden on most parts it, but how          Teams also. Gert-Jan now works
instance were he’s called for other       wrong you can be. Although I              with Milram who visit the Island
drivers to run them (cyclists) down.      booked my own flights, I used www.        regularly for training programmes
Is the latter not inciting hatred and for my accommodation           with him. Toni Colom-Katusha &
death? How many morons might              and training plan. Although Fullfit       Vincente Reyes-HTC are residents
have acted on this?                       is a Dutch Company they do have a         of the Island as is Olympic Silver
   Shouldn’t Clarkson face the            UK website which        medallist Toni Tauler all of who you
same rejection and punishment as          reads in typical broken English,          will no doubt get see on one of the
Galliano?                                 but what a revelation. Ex Tour de         manyvaried rides.
   We are in an age where half the        France King of the Mountains and             Although       Puerto      Pollenca
world’s population (3 billion) live       Alpe D'Huez stage winner Gert-Jan         seems to be a popular location
   in abject poverty, on less than        Theunisse organises the training          it is somewhat of a pain to get to
£1.50 per day, and can’t even buy         rides and let me tell you; nobody         from the airport and can prove to
a litre of petrol, let alone a car. The   knows the Island like him. To be          be an expensive transfer also. We
gap between rich and poor is said         honest, even if you take Sam's            had no need to hire a car and our
to be greater now than it’s ever          advise in a) buying a good map with       transfers were arranged including
been, so how many billion in total        all the small roads and b) ignoring       bikes for very reasonable rates.
can’t afford a car?                       the Germans; you won't find better        With the weather being idyllic
   Also the biggest threat to mankind     rides and roads than those that           everyday, there was no excuse for
is its production of CO2, and not so      Gert-Jan knows and you don't get          not getting out and riding the bike.
much from mankind as a whole, but         to see any Germans either, so how         We managed 600 miles during our
more from wealthy, inconsiderate          bad is that.                              stay and at a good pace too. Again,
jerks like Clarkson, who believe in          Our Hotel was absolutely perfect       unlike Sam's trip, we managed to
destructive excesses, regardless of       for our stay on the South East            avoid the football in the local bars
the hardship it imposes on others.        coast, it is very cycling friendly with   or the Hotel, thank goodness. If I
   Christian Dior has done right.         superb bike storage facilities and        too could give a couple of tips to
Why don’t the BBC?                        excellent food on a buffet style          anyone going to Majorca for the
                        Allan Ramsay      basis, so even after the long days        first time or indeed for a return
                                          (150-160kms) there was enough             trip, it would be a) forget the maps
                                          food that everybody left the table        and give fullfit a go and b) don't
                                          more than satisfied.                      acknowledge the Germans.
                                                                                                               Paul Dodd
Page 22                                                                                 The Veteran Leaguer: Spring 2011
Point of view                                   by Tom McCall

   It’s that time of year when those of    to be a social thing. Again, I know      the job done. For a few years now, he
us who are still active are attempting     of a few people who do this, who         has promoted an LVRC race in Kent,
to focus on the approaching season         swear by it, but it all seems a bit      which has always been a memorial
- hoping that those doors will open        freaky to me. In my book, you get        to several people. Now, I hope the
onto sensational form. I must steady       fit by putting a workload through        race will continue, and that his name
myself here and keep on the right          your legs that will gradually result     will be added to that illustrious list.
side of realism!                           in increased strength and fitness        Through the years, Dave has been
   The weather has been bad enough         (hopefully). There are some benefits     an absolute stalwart, with his work
in the South, but worse in the North.      of spinning, however. You can wear       at Herne Hill track, particularly
Down South it is often possible to         all your trendy gear, and you never      with youngsters. He was a founder
ride on main roads that have been          get wet or dirty, and you never have     member of the VCL, and a life-long
treated. You have the traffic round        to fight the wind. Mind you, the         member of Polhill RC. He will be
your ears, but it is better than not       marmottes in Alpe d’Huez are keen        missed.
getting out. Round my way, I will          on it, and look how they get about,         I have discovered a copy of an old
usually have at least half an hour         so maybe it has some foundation          booklet produced by Currys called
of traffic-laden roads to deal with        after all!                                                                .
                                                                                    “Cycling - Strange but True” I will
before I get out anyway, so it is not                                               share some entries with you.
that bad. However, in country areas,                                                   Apparently, in 1920, a man invented
it must be much more difficult.                                                                          .
                                                                                    a “Bump Cycle” A cyclindrical tank
   The only logical cycling alternatives                                            containing air was fastened to the
are Cyclo Cross, Turbo Training, or                                                 seat tube. This in turn was connected
Spinning. From conversations I have,                                                to a tank on a rear carrier containing
I know a lot of you use Turbo Trainers,                                             oil, which was then connected to
of which there is a huge and varying                                                a water motor mounted over the
range available. I have a basic one at                                              rear wheel. The bumping of the rider
home, which has only been used on                                                   compressed the air, forced oil into
a few occasions, but I just cannot get                                              the water motor, which then drove
on with it. After about 15 minutes, I                                               the back wheel. The mind boggles
am brain-dead. I have tried watching                                                - probably OK for overweight people
cycling videos, or listening to music                                               like that big climber in the pic
as I rode, but that just does not work.                                             above!
I don’t really know what the problem                                                   An epitaph carved in stone
is, but, somehow, for me, it just cannot     The other thing you have to watch      apparently stands in a remote spot
substitute for actually riding on the      when you are in pre-season training      in Devon. It reads:- “On this spot
road. I know of a guy who has one          is to make sure that your power to       at 9pm, after watching the glorious
of these top of the range systems          weight ratio is good. Some people        sunset of August 3rd 1904, Thomas
complete with full surround screen.        are naturally lean, but others have      Gilbert Smith, aged 56, fell dead from
Apparently, you can dial up any one        to work to get those kilos off. Either   his bicycle. Thunder and lightning
of a range of major European climbs,       way, if you have any pretensions at      immediately followed.” This man
see the actual road as you ride, and       all of being a climber, make sure you    must have had connections!
the gradient will translate itself into    don’t eat too many doughnuts like           Finally, it is strange who you bump
the relevant resistance through the        this overweight climber!                 into in remote places these days.
pedals. The last information I have                                                 Answers on a post card please, but
on him is that he lives in a self-                                                  no prizes!
contained air-conditioned suite, and
he is fed his meals through a hatch.
He hasn’t been seen on the road for
months, as he is obviously locked
away in his own world of virtual
   Spinning is another strange
phenomenon. Like a lot of things
that have embraced the cycling
market, it comes from America, and           A word now, about Dave Creasy,
there are a few individuals who have       who departed this world not long
become very rich on the back of            ago. He went quite suddenly, which
the whole philosophy of it. In the         is very sad. I have known Dave for
States, it is seen as trendy, and a lot    many years, and, although he had
of people come together for regular        a reputation for being a bit fussy
group spinning sessions. It seems          about some things, he always got
The Veteran Leaguer: Spring 2011                                                                                  Page 23
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