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					Past Participle

 As the adverbial
   Find four examples in the
 reading passage that use the
past participle as the adverbial
• Worried about the journey, I was unsettled
  for the first few days.
• Well-known for their expertise, his parents’
  company …..
• Confused by the new surroundings, I was
  hit by the lack of fresh air.
• Exhausted, I slid into the bed and fell fast
发生的背景或情况,其等同于一个状语从句。vt 过去
完成,vi 过去分词表示状态或动作的完成。

Heated , water changes into steam .
The professor came in, followed by a group of
young people .
1 作原因状语,等于as / since / because 引导从句
Moved by what she said ,we couldn’t help crying .
= ( As we are moved by what she said …

 2 作时间状语,等于when 引导时间从句,如果分词表
 while / until 等使时间意义更明确。
 When heated , water can be changed into steam .
 Seen from the hill ,the park looks very beautiful .=
 ( When the park is seen from the hill…
3 作条件状语等于 if / whether 引导从句
Given more attention , the cabbages could have
grown better .= ( If they have been given more
attention ….
Compared with you , we still have a long way to
go = ( If we are compared with you …

4 作方式或伴随状语
The actress came in , followed by her fans .
She sat by the window , lost in thought .
5 作让步状语
Much tired ,he still kept on working .=(Although
he was tired ,) he ….
 6 独立主格结构: 当分词的逻辑主语不是主句主语时,
 The boy rushed into the classroom , his face
 covered with sweat .
 All things considered ,your article is of great
 value than hers .
 Rewrite with proper conjunctions
• Example : United we stand, divided we fall.
 If we are united, we will stand, but if we are
   divided,we will fall.
  1 Asked what had happened, he told us about it.
 → When he was asked what had happened, …
 2 Well known for his expert advice, he received many
 invitations to give lectures.
 →      Because he was well known for his expert
        advice, …
3 Given more time, we would be able to do the
  work much better.
   If we were given more time,
4 Once translated into Chinese, the book became
  very popular among Chinese teenagers.
   Once it was translated into Chinese,
5 Deeply interested in medicine, she decided to
  become a doctor.
 Because she was deeply interested in medicine,
6 Left alone at home, Sam did not feel afraid at all.
         Although he was left alone at home,
Seeing these pictures, I couldn’t help
   thinking of those days when I was in
   Beijing .____ from the top of a thirty-
   storeyed building, Beijing looks more
   magnificent. (see)
• 选择现在分词还是过去分词,关键看主句
• 的主语。
• Used for a long time, the book looks old.
• 由于用了很长时间,这本书看上去很旧。
  Using the book, I find it useful.
• 在使用的过程中,我发现这本书很有用
 _____ in thought, he almost ran into the car
 in front of him. ( lose)
Dressed in white, she looks more
 beautiful.( dress)
•   be lost in
•   be dressed in       •   be caught in the rain
•   be interested in    •   be seated in
•   be devoted to       •   be prepared for
•   be supposed to      •   be determined to
  generally speaking 一般说来
  strictly/ frankly speaking 严格地说/坦白地说
   judging from 从…判断
   all things considered 从整体来看
   taking all things into consideration 全面看来
 例如:Judging from his face, he must be ill.
Generally speaking, dogs can run faster than pigs.
总的来说,狗比猪跑得快。 (speaking 不是dogs
• 1. Complete each sentences using the P.P. of
  the right verb.
  build frighten   trap    follow   shoot   see   examine

1 Frightened by noises in the night, the girl no longer
dared to sleep in her room.
2 The lady returned home, ________ by two policemen.
3 After having been _________ carefully, the room was
locked again.
4.______ in 1949, the exhibition hall is over 50 years old.
build frighten   trap   follow   shoot   see   examine

5 _____ from a distance, the Opera
  House looks like ship sails.
6 If _____ in a burning building, you
  should send for help.
7 Although ______ in the leg, he
  continued firing at the police.
1D____ time ,he will make a first-class tennis
player .
A Having given B To give C Giving D Given
 ___in 1636 ,Harvard is one of the most famous
universities in the United States .
A Being founded         B It was founded
C Founded               D Founding
3 Unless __to speak ,you should remain silent at
the conference .
A invited        B inviting
C being invited D having invited
 ___,but he still couldn’t understand it .
A He had been told many times
B Having been told many times
C Told many times
D Although he had been told many times
5 When first ___to the market , these products
enjoyed great success .
A introducing B introduced
C introduce    D being introduced
6 There seemed to be nothing C
                             ___to do but
___for the doctor .
A leave / send      B left / to send
C left / send       D leaving / send

  作介词but ,expect ,besides 的宾语,前面又有实意动词

7____everywhere , the wolves had no where
___themselves .
A Hunting / hiding     B To hunt / to hide
C Hunted / hiding      D Hunted / to hide
 8 . The ___ morning, the father came into the
lonely house, ___ by his naughty boy.

A. following, following   B. followed, followed
C. following, followed    D. followed, following

9. Mrs. White was glad to see the nurse ___
after her son and was pleased to see the boy
well ___ care of in the nursery.
A. looked; taken          B. looking; taken
C. looked; took           D. looking; taking
10. The murderer was brought in, with his
hands ___ behind his back.

A. being tied            B. having tied
C. to be tied            D. tied

11. ___ more attention, the trees could have
grown better.
A. Given              B. To give
C. Giving             D. Having given

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