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      American                                                                                                                         Fall 2004

      Society of
   ASID Orange County
     Chapter Officers
Beverly Stadler, ASID, CID
                                                                “Labor of Love” Project
Sheila Hupp, ASID, CID
                                                     ASID Community Service at Its Biggest and Best
                                                      Our current ASID Community Service Project,
                                                   the remodel of The Orange County Ronald
                                                   McDonald House, has now become the largest
Linda Leach, ASID, CID
                                                   project scope that our chapter has participated in
                                                   … for a very long time!
PAST PRESIDENT                                        Twenty-eight (28) outstanding Orange County
Sandra Corbitt, ASID, CID                          ASID Interior Designers and seven (7) incredible                             associates have collectively gathered together, in
                                                   both body and spirit, to make an enormous differ-
IP REP TO THE BOARD                                ence in the lives of the families being served by the
Mike Echolds                                       Ronald McDonald House in Orange.                        Library Rendering by Fred Herzog, Allied Member ASID                                  These phenomenal design volunteers dedicated
                                                   to our 12,500 square foot “Labor of Love” project
STUDENT REPS TO THE BOARD                          are:                                                      Guest Suite # 7:
Barbara Belote                                     Project Chair:                                             Jason Titus, ASID                              Kathleen Kaiser-Rifken, ASID                              Guest Suite # 8:
                                                   Entry:                                                    Diane Sparacino, Allied Member ASID
Deirdre Eagles                                     Jamie Namanny, Allied Member ASID                         Guest Suite # 11:                                    Living Room:                                              Terri Hall, Allied Member ASID
                                                   Linda Frese, Allied Member ASID                           Donna Becker
BOARD MEMBERS AT LARGE                             Caitlin Doherty                                           Guest Suite # 12:
Deborah Croll-Bailey, Allied Member ASID, CID      Clair Lickfeld                                            Mary Swift, ASID                                     Lisa Lucas, Student Member ASID                           Guest Suite # 14:
                                                   Library:                                                  Adriel Cogdal, ASID
RoxAnn Johnson, ASID, CID                          Fred Herzog, Allied Member ASID                           Guest Suite # 15:                          Public Restrooms:                                         Bridget Raney, Allied Member ASID
                                                   Debbie Bailey, Allied Member ASID                         Jill Scheetz, Allied Member ASID
Carol Lamkins, ASID, CID, CKD, CBD                 Becky Bailey                                              Guest Suite # 16:                                   Kitchen:                                                  Cathie Correy, Allied Member ASID
                                                   Bunny Sutherland, Allied Member ASID                      Guest Suite # 17:
Jerry McKnight, ASID                               2nd and 3rd Floor Corridors & Landings:                   Wes Hageman, ASID                          Beverly Stadler, ASID                                     Guest Suite # 18:
                                                   Guest Suite#1:                                            Yuri Bast, ASID
Diane Sparacino, Allied Member ASID
                                                   Maryann Shanks, Allied Member ASID                        Joan Ernst, Student Member ASID
                                                   Guest Suites # 2 & # 3:                                   Guest Suites # 19:
                                                   Cory Keith, Allied Member ASID                            Sheila Hupp, ASID
Bunny Sutherland, Allied Member ASID, CID
                                                   Jeri Cunningham                                           Phone Booth, Laundry, Guest Suite #20:
                                                   Guest Suite # 4:                                          Traci DeVore, Allied Member ASID
Beth Whitlinger, ASID, CID, IIDA
                                                   Linda Leach, ASID                                         Mariam Galino
                                                   Deanna Larraway, Student Member ASID                      Sanctuary:
                                                   Carol Richards                                            Michelle Riscalla, Allied Member ASID
                                                   Guest Suite # 6:                                          Debra Wallace, Student Member ASID
                                                   Aleighen Bunkers, Allied Member ASID                                                           Cont. on page 6
               NOW     SHOWING IN OUR NEW              COURTYARD                        Presented by

                                                    DesignersResourceCollection. com
                                                      KennethMcDonaldDesigns. com
                                                          Suppliers to the Trade
                                         In the Stonemill Design Center • Costa Mesa, CA

                          since 1886

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ASID     American Society of Interior Designers

       2 –   design orange county
                            Letter from the President

   “All changes, even the most longed for, have
their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of
    --Anatole France

Dear Members,

    This is my final presidential letter, as my term is officially complete the end of September,
and Sheila Hupp, your new president, will be sworn in at installation on Saturday, September 18th.
It will be a wonderful evening, as we honor those who have served us this year, and welcome Sheila and
her vision for the coming year. The icing on the cake, of course, will be the announcement of our Design
Excellence Award winners. This is graduation and the academy awards all wrapped into one!
    I have truly loved serving you all this past year, and, in many ways, I have wished for more time just for ASID, in
order to fulfill every idea I have thought might improve our service to you, our members. The challenges of attempting
to meet the needs of demanding clients in our current climate of imported goods, diminished quality control, and overex-
tended trades, however, have brought me quickly back to reality. Though I cannot have that extra time, I will leave a part of myself
behind forever with ASID, and I will continue to serve you as past president, as ethics chair, and as part of the nominating committee
for 2005.
    We have been fortunate to have a multitude of our visions for 2003-04 realized. We have enriched our friendships and respect for our
fellow designers, and learned that it is possible to have differing views on legislation and still benefit from the good that we each have to offer
to our chapter; we have enriched our resources through our outstanding fall trade show and our tabletop events; we have enriched our future
though sharing our knowledge and skills with our students at our student career day event; we have enriched our status in the community through
our exposure on TV design shows, our 2004 Design House, and Orange County Home and other local shelter magazines; we have enriched our
knowledge of our profession by learning something new at our programs and sharing our knowledge and sources with one another; we have enriched
our financial success through the opportunities to expand and showcase our practices; and we have enriched our professional status through testing and
advancement opportunities in greater numbers than ever before!
    Clearly, professionalism is on our collective minds, and we, your leaders are cognizant of that and are planning to expand your professional image through
your involvement with ASID. This is the second of our quarterly newsletters to keep you informed, bring you new sources and opportunities, and provide new
venues for your participation. Our newsletter is also available on our website, with interactive ad capability, allowing you to really take advantage of the featured
advertisers who provide web links. The web site itself is currently under re-construction, after a long year of research and evaluation, and promises to provide so
many wonderful services to all levels of membership. If you have not taken advantage of the portfolio feature of the website, you are allowing those of us who have
to enjoy the business that could be coming your way! We will have another tool for you this winter as well, as our directory will be published by a new company,
providing additional income to our chapter, allowing us to offer more services to you, our members, and an additional benefit to our valued IP members.
    By the time you read this, construction will have begun on our new ‘storefront’ ASID office, located between California Style and the new Cisco Brothers showroom
at the Laguna Design Center. While the space is still small, at just under 500 square feet, it will provide a new presence for ASID in a design center that caters to both the
public and the design community. Our visible presence provides a forum for new referrals for our designers, and a vehicle for positive, continuing communication with
our friends and vendors within the center, as well as a convenient place for our committee gatherings. Many thanks to Rita Brown, ASID, who has been assisting us with
this project!
    As I look back on all we have done this past year, I see the faces of all those who have assisted to make the changes possible. I’ve been the cheerleader, they’ve been the
team, and I could not have asked for a better one. My sincere and heartfelt thanks to “THE TEAM”:

Harriet Rogers                Sheila Hupp               Marianne Kreter                Linda Leach               Diane Sparacino           Sandra Corbitt
Debra Croll-Bailey            Carol Lamkins             Bunny Sutherland               Jerry McKnight            Beth Whitlinger           RoxAnn Johnson
Mike Echolds                  Jamie Namanny             Kathleen Kaiser-Rifken         Georgia Walling           Linda Enochs              Tamra Mundia
Susan Wesley                  Jill Scheetz              Mary Swift                     Deirdre Eagles            Barbara Belote            LeAnn Tamaribuchi
Bridget Raney

  Many thanks to all of you for your support throughout the year! Why not join Sheila’s team and see what a difference you can make in your organization this next year?

  Thank You and Warmest Regards,

  Beverly Stadler, ASID, CID
  President, ASID Orange County

                                                                                                                             American Society of Interior Designers        ASID
                                                                                                                                                          fall 2004   –3
                                                             Arizona Tile

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ASID     American Society of Interior Designers

       4 –   design orange county
    Letter from the President-Elect

Dear Members,

   What an act to follow! Beverly has been such a gracious and dedi-
cated leader of our chapter that I look forward to the upcoming Presidency
of our chapter with anticipation and a bit of trepidation!

   During this past year I have had the opportunity to work on a number of chapter projects
including the 2004 Philharmonic House of Design, and both of our community service projects:
the Phoenix Project and the Ronald McDonald House. What has struck me the most while involved
in these projects and the other workings of the chapter is the incredible dedication of our members to their
profession and to our chapter. The adage “If you want something done, ask a busy person” has certainly
proven to be true.

   I know that despite our hectic schedules, those who have taken the time to contribute to the chapter in large and small
ways have benefited in ways they had not anticipated. New friendships have been formed, old friendships have been
strengthened and we all have grown. There are so many rewards for taking an active participation in the chapter. Not only do we
have the opportunity to serve our chapter and the community, the networking done while engaged in these activities is invaluable.
Discussions of common problems, sharing of resources, job leads and even referrals by fellow designers are some of the things that
regularly occur when working closely with our associates.

  To those who ask “What is our ASID chapter doing for me?” remember that what you get out of an experience is usually parallel to what
you put into it. How have you contributed to your chapter this past year? We have such a divergent group of designers with such an incredible
wealth of knowledge to share, I challenge you to take part in your chapter and reap your rewards!

  Do you realize that if each of our professional and allied members gave just two hours a month of their time, we would reap approximately 7,200
hours of volunteer time? This is an incredible amount of time that could benefit others, distribute the burden of work from just a few, and reward us all.

  This upcoming year is going to be filled with many opportunities for you to become active in your chapter. Not only will we be participating in the
2005 House of Design and other showcase events, we will be given an opportunity to present ourselves to the public in many new ways relating to our new
ASID office and its visible presence in the Laguna Design Center. Our new updated website is going to inform and educate our members like never before
and present us to the public as the professionals we are. The new “branding” of ASID and its promise “Where Design Comes to Life” will help us all to grow
and evolve as better designers and stewards for our clients, the profession, society and the environment.

  I look forward this year to meeting our many new members, and to working with all of our dedicated members who give so generously of their time. If you
have not been active in the chapter before, won’t you join us this year, and see how much your organization can give back to you with just a limited invest-
ment of time from you?


Sheila Hupp, ASID,CID
President Elect

                                                                                                                     American Society of Interior Designers       ASID
                                                                                                                                               fall 2004     –5
       “Labor of Love” Project - The Orange County Ronald McDonald House
       Cont. from page 1
          Our project progress, since its official beginning on Valentine’s Day, February
       14, 2004, has been remarkable!
          The color palette, consisting of twelve handsome tones of green, purple, blue,
       yellow and white, was selected by the ASID Steering Committee - Beverly
       Stadler, Bunny Sutherland, Jamie Namanny and myself. The floor products
       were painstakingly selected. The designers and associates took these begin-
       ning pieces of the project puzzle and created magic! They selected their fabrics,
       furniture, light fixtures, and accessories for their individual spaces. They
       introduced their designs on beautiful presentation boards to the Labor of Love
          Later, the these boards were carefully reviewed by The Ronald McDonald
       House Oversight Committee, consisting of Deborah Levy (Executive Director),
       Susan Marty (House Manager), Bill O’Keefe (Original Architect), Mike Harrison
       (Board Member and Original Contractor), Beth Phillips (Original Interior
       Designer), Chuck Lee (Original Superintendent), Linda Paternie (Board
       Member), Debbie Lawler (Vice President and Board Member) and myself.
          Are you exhausted yet? Wait … there's more to the story!                          Jill Sheetz, and Bridget Raney during their presentation at our meeting.
          Not only are our pro-bono Labor of Love Volunteers providing their time,
       designs and specifications, but they are also generously funding, along with the     Décor, Sterling Carpet, Smith Brother’s Floor Contractors, Konni Brooksher,
       House, their spaces! The designers are either personally buying their products       Germaine Peiffer, In-Sink Erator, Brand Source, Treasures, Linen Source,
       or contacting their special vendors and suppliers for in-kind donations or addi-     Brunschwig & Fils, Robert Allen, Bixby Knolls Carpet, Faucets & Fixtures,
       tional discounts. The response has been fantastic! These generous vendors and        Paramount Laminates, Kenneth McDonald Designs, Lois Woodrome,
       suppliers, who have responded to our designers to date, and have risen to our        Sarah Briggs, Jim Foote, Lighting Artistry, Designers Resource Collection,
       opportunity include:                                                                 Treasures, Pacific Coast Drapery, Avalon Designs, Designers Workroom,
          Shaw Contract Carpet, California Cushion & Carpet, Mannington,                    Uni-Lite, Artistic Surrounding, Kravet, Nancy Walters, Becky Bevens,
       Benjamin Moore Paint, Select Comfort Beds, Compass Concepts, Kohler,                 Mary Ann Ford, Becky’s Specialty Quilts & Drapery, Jo Ann Dunn, Lisa

                                                                  California Style

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ASID      American Society of Interior Designers

       6 –   design orange county
Ryhick, Templeton, Parks, Coats, Cumming, Craig, Pettit, Poet, Nadler,              of their time spent on
Boranian, Campbell, Anderson, Brown, Bullard, Mike’s Cabinets, Finer                behalf of this project. I
Fabricators, Pindler & Pindler, Foam ‘N Fabrics, Art & Frame, Lighting              especially wish to thank
Innovations, Mary's Draperies and Dennis Bates, Bedspread Story, Highlights,        Beverly Stadler and
Key Carpet Installations, Corian, Decore-ative Specialtie, The Ivy Guild,           Bunny Sutherland, who
Coastal Murals, Designer's Gallery and GSF Studios, Inc..                           jumped into this project
   During September and October, the implementation of the designers concepts       with both feet to help
will take place. Chuck Lee has been hired by the Ronald McDonald House to           in any way possible,
be our general contractor. He will be overseeing all installations and act as our   particularly to guide and
project manager.                                                                    support one who really
   You may wonder what will happen to those families who need to stay at            needed it! I again wish
the House during this construction period? The Ronald McDonald House                to thank Beverly Stadler,
Board of Trustees has approved to provide residence, almost entirely at their       who, in my opinion,
expense for these families in a nearby hotel from October 6 through November        has been the very best
8, 2004!                                                                            ASID President I have
   Our grand opening party will be November 7 to celebrate the 15th Anniversary     ever had the privilege
of the House!                                                                       to serve with. I know
   On a personal note, as Chair of ASID Community Service and this                  of many times she pulled
project, I would like to take this opportunity to add a note of thanks. Every       “all-nighters” to satisfy
month, since February, our volunteers have been meeting at the House. I would       her voluntary obliga-
like to thank Diane Nelson, who is our volunteer secretary, has been checking       tions and continue satis-
us all into each meeting and asking us to speak up so she could take wonderful      fying her clients! Her
meeting notes! I wish to especially thank Deborah Levy and Susan Marty, who         leadership skills are
have been absolutely the very best partners we could have hoped for in this         tremendous and exemplary! We are extremely fortunate to have her at our
incredible project! They are tremendously hard working, kind hearted and            chapter helm! Finally, and most importantly, I wish to thank our Labor of Love
professional people, who had the great vision to see this project from the very     volunteers. Without you, this project would simply not be possible! You have
beginning! They are the spokespersons to their Board and the ones to find           shown such marvelous charitable spirit for this project, immense generosity and
funding and volunteers! They have become good friends! I also wish to thank         a high standard of professionalism! You are indeed a credit to our chapter and
the Oversight Committee for their time, generous support and guidance. I wish       to our profession! Your wonderful work will serve families whom you will never
to thank our Steering Committee for their generous support and huge amounts         meet but will be eternally grateful to you! Thank you … very much!

                                                                                                             Mikim Home
                                                                                                   Experience Orange County’s newest
                                                                                                   designer showroom, featuring a unique
                                                                                                   and fresh collection of soft contemporary,
                                                                                                   transitional and traditional home decor.
                                                                                                   ◆   Fine Furniture ◆ Antiques
                                                                                                   ◆   Decorative Accessories ◆ Lighting
                                                                                                   ◆   Fabrics and Window Coverings
                                                                                                   ◆   Bedding ◆ Original Art
                                                                                                   ◆   Garden Furniture & Decor

                                                                                                                       Monday — Friday
                                                                                                                      9:00am — 5:00pm
                                                                                                                     Wednesday Evenings
                                                                                                                      5:00pm — 8:00pm
                                                                                                                      1:00pm — 5:00pm

                                                                                                                     3030 Pullman Street
                                                                                                                          Costa Mesa
                                                                                                                  (near 55 Freeway & Baker)

                                                                                                                         American Society of Interior Designers       ASID
                                                                                                                                                    fall 2004   –7
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                                     below and the registration form on page 10?

                           NCIDQ/STEP                                                       C O M I N G S O O N
          Eleven designers participated in the July 2004 STEP class at the Sports Club
       Irvine to prepare for the NCIDQ test on October 1st and 2nd, 2004. Curt
                                                                                               California Dream’n
       Sherman, ASID of the San Diego chapter taught the class, reviewing the multiple
       choice and practicum sections as well as giving tips on how to take the test
                                                                                              Designer Surf n Safari
       and the best use of time.                                                                     Save the Date • October 13th
          The STEP class for the spring NCIDQ will be sometime in February
       2005. The deadline to register for the spring NCIDQ (held on April 1st and                ASID OC Trade Show
       2nd, 2005) is December 1, 2004. Be sure to get your applications in early.
       NCIDQ requires school transcripts, reference letters, and employment                             This year the event is to be held at
       history and takes several weeks to process the applications.                          The Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa
         The exam eligibility requirements are:
         • 4/5 years of interior design education plus 2 years of full time work expe-                 Come Surf for new resources with us
           rience in interior design; or                                                                 Right here in Surf City, USA
         • 3 years of interior design education plus 3 years of full time work experi-                      80 vendors are expected
           ence in interior design: or                                                                  to offer their goods and services
         • 2 years of interior design education plus 4 years of full time work experi-
           ence in interior design
                                                                                                                Join other designers
         Please log on to for more information about the test. For                       Meet new contacts, enjoy great food
       more information about the STEP class in February, call or e-mail Beth Whitlinger,   Include an interesting CEU and win an exciting door prize
       ASID at (949) 766-1093 or
                                                                                                     Circle the date…. Call your friends.
                                                                                                  Make plans to attend this resourceful evening
                                                                                              Please see trade show registration form on page 10

ASID      American Society of Interior Designers

       8 –   design orange county

          EXPECTED                                                      EXTRAORDINARY

                                                      CP Films
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exceptional design, priceless works of art, delicate fabrics and furniture all need VISTA’s protection to block out virtually all the
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• Prompt courteous sales and installations                                     Best Window Tinting Inc. • (800) 272-1700
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• 99.9% UV rejection for fade control
                                                                               F-1 Astro-Eclipse Inc. • (714) 528-2291
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• Cut unwanted solar heat gain                                                 F-1 The Tint Pros • (714) 841-8721
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                                                                               Tomaiko's Sun Control • (949) 248-9700
                                                                               5 Bellcrest • Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

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                                              ASID- Orange County invites you to attend

                                                    "California Dream’n
                                                   Designer Surf’n Safari"
                                                            Industry Trade Show
                                                         Wednesday, October 13, 2004
                                                               4:30-8:30 p.m.

                            Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa
                                                                 Mariners Exhibit Hall
                                                             21500 Pacific Coast Highway
                                                                  Huntington Beach

                                                       Come Surf’n for new resources with us
                                                            Right here in Surf City, USA
                                                       Enjoy great food * Hourly door prizes

                                                             FREE CEU Class 3:00 p.m.
                                                       Benjamin Moore presents "Paint 101"
                                                       With an exciting designer software gift

                                                                                Earlybird                      After
                                                                                Sept.24th                    Sept.24th
                 ASID Members & Students                                         $40.00                       $55.00
                 Non-Members                                                     $60.00                       $70.00
                                                             Valet Parking $10.00 with validation

           Attach business card or fill out                                                       Yes, I will attend

           Name________________________________________________________________                   _____ @$40.00 ASID Members/Stud. by Sept.26

           Company_____________________________________________________________                   _____ @$60.00 Non-members by Sept. 26


           City__________________________________________________________________                 _____ @$55.00 ASID Members/Stud. After Sept. 26

           Phone________________________________________________________________                  _____ @$70.00 Non-Members after Sept. 26


           E-Mail_______________________________________________________________                  Checks payable to – ASID-OC

           Credit Card Information: VISA_________ MASTERCARD_________ Exp. Date__________________

           Card#___________________________________________________Name on card______________________________________________
                                                         Credit card registrations can be faxed: 949-643-5664
                                                                    Mail this form and payment to:
                                                  ASID-OC 23807 Aliso Creek Road, Suite 215 Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

ASID     American Society of Interior Designers

       10 –   design orange county
 Come in and see one of the Most Creative Lines of Custom Wood Floors
                   Exclusively at Floorworks

                      Custom Wood Floors
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                                                                         American Society of Interior Designers     ASID
                                                                                                 fall 2004   – 11
            Two Members Attend Leadership Conference
                   at National Headquarters
       By Sheila Hupp and Marianne Kreter                                                letterhead and many related items. They will also be announcing a new slogan
          In July, Sheila Hupp, President Elect, and Marianne Kreter, President Elect-   "Where design comes to life!" National believes that this emphasis on branding
       Elect, went to Washington, D.C. for four days to attend leader-                                 will reaffirm the Society’s position as a leading resource for knowl-
       ship training at ASID’s National headquarters. Incoming                                               edge and information, place greater emphasis on promo-
       presidents from chapters across the U.S. were invited.                                                   tion and celebrate the many ways that design enriches
       National announced numerous changes and additions                                                         our lives.
       to our public image and to internal governance. What                                                         Another change that was announced and which will
       follows is a brief glimpse of what you will be seeing in                                                 become effective in the 2004-2005 year, includes a
       the future.                                                                                            reconfiguration of chapter boards and the nominating
          For some time, ASID National has been                                                                           committees. Also, beginning in the spring of
       working with a large marketing company                                                                                 2005, all incoming board members will
       to explore ways to strengthen ASID’s posi-                                                                              receive board training at a special spring
       tion in the marketplace and better convey                                                                               leadership conference that will prove to
       to the public the importance of design, the                                                                             be informative, stimulating and fun! This
       full range of talents of its members and the                                                                            will be held in Vancouver, B.C., Canada,
       many ways in which interior design contributes                                                                       a spectacular city to visit!
       to improving the quality of life.
          The decision has now been made to move ahead with
       a concept called "branding." (Think Nike’s swoosh and
       Target’s red and white circles.)
          Thus, on October 1, 2004, ASID will officially launch
       our new BRAND! This will include a new LOGO,

                                                                 Home Lighting

ASID      American Society of Interior Designers

       12 –   design orange county
Student News
                                                                                      ATTENTION STUDENTS
                                                                                      Those of you that are student members can upon graduating
                                                                                      from school roll over into Allied Membership for only $75.00! It’s
                                                                                      easy and there are no lengthy forms to fill out!
             Student Affairs                                                          As a Student member advancing to allied membership, you are
   A new year will be starting for the college students of Interior Design. We
                                                                                      entitled to a substantial savings for the first two years. A regular
say a fond good bye to our student Rep's to the board for this past year and
                                                                                      allied applicant entering ASID pays a:
send a great big "thank you for a great job" to the two wonderful ladies who
represented their student chapters at our board meetings - Barbara Belote
(Saddleback College) and Dierdre Eagles (Interior Designers Institute). Also,         $25 application fee
congratulations to Dierdre on her graduation and advancement to Allied member-        $90 entrance fee
ship. We wish her much luck in her new design career.                                 $260 dues
   During the last year, a third student chapter was officially formed at the Art
Institute of California - Orange County. Welcome to the world of ASID!                Not you! When you advance, you will be charged a $75 advance-
Christian Guadarrama and Sharnico T. Dochtermann are the Co-Presidents of             ment fee in the year you advance. The following year, you will
this new student chapter. Christian will be attending our board meetings to           be charged $75 as well and will not be responsible for dues. You
represent Art Institute.
                                                                                      will pay a total of $150 compared to the regular allied applicant
   Evelyn Johnson is the new President of Saddleback College Student Chapter
                                                                                      paying a total of $625. In your third year, regular dues will apply.
and will be the board representative from her school. Stephanie Fryer will
be serving as the new President of Interior Designer's Institute Student Chapter      What a deal to be able to start networking and receiving all the

with Kathleen Bouvier as representative to our board meetings.                        benefits of all other ASID designers right out of school. Please
   Welcome to the new officers and representatives. We look forward to getting        see application form on page 14 of this newsletter.
to know you.

                                                                                    Experience life in the kitchen
                                                                                                      Reward Your Clients
                                                                                                      with the uncompromising quality
                                                                                                       and style of a Dacor. For
                                                                                                       generations we’ve been building
                                                                                                       innovative         high-performance
                                                                                                       appliances, each hand-crafted
                                                                          Dacor                        with exquisite detail _ the finishing
                                                                                                       touch to compliment your inspir-
                                                                                                       ing designs. Leave your clients
                                                                                                       with a lasting impression they will
                                                                                                       savor for years.

     For more information visit or call 800.793.0093

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                                                                                                                      American Society of Interior Designers      ASID
                                                                                                                                               fall 2004   – 13
ASID     American Society of Interior Designers

       14 –   design orange county
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                                                          OUTDOOR LIFESTYLE FURNISHINGS & ACCESSORIES
Designers’ Resource Collection • Suppliers to the Trade
 Stonemill Design Center • 2915 Redhill Ave., Bldg. E

                                                          THE NEW COURTYARD AT DESIGNERS’ RESOURCE COLLECTION
          Costa Mesa, CA 92626 • 714.754.1577

                                                                                                   Now with the
                                                                                                   Advanced Repel System
                                                                                                   The beauty of DuPontTM STAINMASTER®
                                                                                                   carpet lasts even longer, thanks to the
                                                                                                   STAINMASTER® Advanced Repel System.
                                                                                                   The fibers in STAINMASTER® carpet are
                                                                                                   specially engineered to push away dirt and spills,
                                                                                                   reducing their ability to stick to or penetrate the
                                                                                                   carpet fibers. The result is a carpet that stays
                                                                                                   cleaner, is easier to maintain, and provides beauty
                                                                                                   that lasts. So, of course you’re going to love it...
                                                                                                   it’s a DuPontTM STAINMASTER® carpet!

                                                                                                       BIXBY KNOLLS CARPET
                                                                                                    1011 W. Taft • Orange, CA 92865

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                                                                                                                   American Society of Interior Designers     ASID
                                                                                                                                           fall 2004   – 15
       ASID Launches Fresh, New Look and Philosophy
           To more effectively convey the benefits and strengths of ASID and its member-      task force comprised of leaders and staff to review the current brand and recom-
       ship to the design industry and the public, ASID will launch a multi-year              mend a course of action for strengthening it. After a very thorough process, the
       branding effort on October 1. Members will begin to notice the brand, which            task force selected—and the board approved—Studio 585, Gensler’s award-
       includes a new Society logo, in the fall as it begins to be reflected in ASID publi-   winning brand and design studio, which boasts such clients as Allsteel, Apple
       cations and membership materials. In the months ahead, the Society’s Web site,         Computer, Inc., Design Within Reach and Volkswagen, to assist in the devel-
       ASID ICON and ASID NewsFlash will be re-launched with fresh designs                    opment of the new ASID brand. The board approved the new brand strategy
       and improved content. Throughout the year the brand will be woven into all             and identity in April of this year, and incoming chapter presidents and presi-
       ASID activities, communications, promotional materials and events.                     dents-elect were briefed on the new brand during the Chapter Leadership
           While reaffirming the Society’s position as the voice of the profession and a      Conference in July.
       leading resource for knowledge and information, the new brand places greater
       emphasis on promoting and celebrating the many ways that design enriches
       life through improved function, artistry, expression and inspiration. “At the
       heart of the brand is a vision that truly embodies what ASID is all about: ‘Where
       Design Comes to Life,’ ” says ASID Executive Director Michael Alin, Hon.
                                                                                                      Show Your Colors
       FASID. “Everything ASID does, from the Society’s annual conference and                          (actually, your appellation!!!)
       educational programs to member services and chapter activities needs to reflect            It has come to our attention that several showrooms have complained
       this vision. The Society wants everyone—designers, students, industry and the           that our members do not use their services. We don’t think this is accurate,
       public—to know that if they care about interior design and how it benefits              but rather that the showroom personnel do not know WHO is an ASID
       people, ASID has something to offer them.”                                              member and who is not! One of our many industry perks is having the support
           Focusing on how professional design positively affects quality of life, the         of vendors and showrooms. However, they are not always ready to step up
       brand employs bold colors, textures and photography of people living (working,          to the plate to help us with events when our business seems to be invisible!
       healing, playing, learning and more) in a variety of interior environments, both           As a result, we are asking all members of ASID to begin to use your ASID
       residential and commercial, to convey the passion that designers feel for the           appellation when signing in at any of the local showrooms. In addition, when
       work they do. The new brand favors the “D” in ASID, rather than the “S” (i.e.,          you are visiting a showroom or placing an order with a showroom, please let
                                                                                               the person to whom you are speaking know that you are an ASID member.
       the Society as a professional organization), although it embraces both.                 Let’s let them know WHO we are, that there are many of us and that we do
           As a result of recent opinion research, as well as comments from members            a great deal of business in Orange County!
       and industry, the ASID Board of Directors decided in July 2003 to appoint a

                              Concept II

        E X T R A O R D I N A R Y       C U L I N A R Y      E N V I R O N M E N T S

                                Concepts            LTD.   II
                            Kitchens • Interiors • Design • Renovation

         2915 Redhill Avenue, B-101 • Stonemill Design Center• Costa Mesa, CA 92626                                      ARTISTIC INTERIORS
                  714-545-9550 • Daily 9am - 6pm • Saturday 10am - 4pm                                                9 4 9 . 2 1 5 .4 3 7 4
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ASID      American Society of Interior Designers

       16 –   design orange county
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                                                         That Model Home Look . . . That Model Home Feel
thank                                                            . . . At Don’t-Tell-Your-Friends Prices
                              Publishing & Design Inc.

                             Industry Partner and
                              Publisher for ASID
          Support                  Chapters

          our                     Carolina
          Advertisers           Gulf Coast

                               Orange County
                                 San Diego
                               San Fransisco
                                   Texas                   Your new Favorite source for designer-selected home furnishings, décor
                              Washington State            and accessories is now open in Los Alamitos. It’s all about the best pieces
                                                                at the best prices. So any budget can make a grand splash.

                                                              Inspired by Old World heritage and eclectic West Coast charm, our
 T O         T H E          T R A D E                         rich collection offers distinctive style-at prices you just have to see.

                                                            Debz Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
          For Advertising Information                        WHOLESALE TO THE PUBLIC        HOME FURNISHINGS & ACCESSORIES CLOSEOUTS

972-562-6966 •                                    4450 Cerritos Ave, Los Alamitos • 714-995-5985
                                                          Open Monday – Friday 11:30 - 7pm, Saturday & Sunday 10-6pm. Hours are subject to change.

                               Laguna Waterworks

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                                                                                                   American Society of Interior Designers              ASID
                                                                                                                                  fall 2004     – 17
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                                                               Welcome to the following
                                                                    New Members
                                                              Laura Hanscome Allied Member ASID
                                                              Pamela Lieb Allied Member ASID
                                                              Wendy Ann Miller Allied Member ASID
                                                              Ellen Yang ASID
                                                              Jill Blume Allied Member ASID
                                                              Eve Sebag Allied Member ASID
                                                              Dianna Lindseth Allied Member ASID
                                                              Colleen K. Kelly Allied Member ASID
                                                              Sarah Y. Schmid Allied Member ASID
                                                              Donald Cuellar Allied Member ASID
                                                              Marsha S. Merendino Allied Member ASID
                                                              Sara Jane Arndt Allied Member ASID
                                                              Yon Sim Hardin Allied Member ASID

                                                              A great way to meet other designers is to become involved as a committee
                                                            member. If you are interested please contact our office at 949-643-1549. We
                                                            have several openings.

                                                                               ASID Orange County Chapter’s

                                                                   Featured Volunteers
                                                               Jill Scheetz, Allied Member ASID
                                                              By Jamie Namanny, Allied Member ASID,
                                                              Awards Chair
                                                                 Jill has been affiliated with our Orange County
                                                              ASID Chapter for years and has contributed many
                                                              tireless hours on publicity for ASID’s events and
                                                              activities. Included in her other ASID volunteer
                                                              offerings are: Chaired the Philharmonic House of Design scheduling, Co-
                                                              chaired the Festival of Homes and Gardens and was a participating room
                                                              designer for the 1995/97/98 Philharmonic House of Design.
                                                                 Jill Scheetz is certainly well prepared for her chosen volunteer activities. She
                                                              has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Certificate in Interior and
                                                              Environmental Design. Jill worked for CBS Publications and CBS Studio,
                                                              as well as an editor and journalist for the Register Newspaper. Jill is currently
                                                              the Public Relations Chairperson for Orange County Chapter, ASID and a
                                                              columnist, “Ask the Designer,” on Both Of Jill’s articles and
                                                              design work have been publicized in Orange Coast Magazine, The Register
                                                              Newspaper, Coast Magazine, ASID NewsMagazine, ShowHouses, Signature
                                                              Designer Styles, and The Christopher Lowell Show.
                                                                 Jill has been married for 27 years to her husband, Curt, who owns his own
                                                              business. Her son, Curtis, 22, is studying at the California Culinary Academy
                                                              in San Francisco to become a chef; her daughter, Natalie, 19, is studying
                                                              Communications at the University of California in Santa Barbara. She and
                                                              her husband love to travel and try to visit a new city every year. They travel
                                                              to New York and Maui on a regular basis. Her hobbies all seem to center
                                                              around design! Jill collects photographic art and plans to have a greenhouse
                                                              some day to grow orchids. She strives a balance in her life between family,
                                                              career and fitness. It is getting easier now because she is almost an empty nester!

ASID     American Society of Interior Designers

       18 –   design orange county
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   House of Design
By Marianne Kreter ASID, CID, IDS
Chair, 2004 Philharmonic House of Design
   I hope everyone has seen the wonderful coverage of the 2004 House of Design
that appeared in the August issue of Orange County HOME magazine. Martin
King’s photos are wonderful and the magazine editor chose Martin’s spectac-
ular picture of Lori Hankin’s Dining Room for the cover!!! Congratulations
to all the designers for a really outstanding event and thank you for your commit-
ment of time, energy and tremendous talent! ! I only wish the magazine had
space to feature pictures of ALL of the rooms and ALL the designers. Hopefully
these will be shown in the future.
   I hope our members will save these fabulous pictures so that you can look
at them in the future and savor special details. It is by learning and growing
with each other that we continually raise the quality of design in Orange County.
This House contained special lessons and ideas absolutely everywhere!
   The members of the Philharmonic are now looking for a house for the 2005
season. If you know of an appropriate property, call me and I will get the word
to the chairperson of the search committee. Now is the time to start to think
about getting involved in the NEXT house! I know that this year’s designers
found their participation to be a valuable asset to their business.
   If you have questions about participation in the future, volunteer activities
or a special aspect of the whole project, please call me at (949) 644-8766 or one
of the designers.

           “ What A Difference!”                                                           “ What A Difference!”
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            Fabric Protection & Cleaning                                                Colorless & Clear, Liquid U.V. Glass Coating

                GARD All with Sun ShieldTM                                                SPECTRUM       Anti-Fade TreatmentTM
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                         (949) 515-0171                                                              (949) 515-0171 • (800) WHAT-A-DIF                                  • (877) NO-UV-LIGHT

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                                                                                                              American Society of Interior Designers     ASID
                                                                                                                                      fall 2004   – 19
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                                                                     ASID Joins IFMA as
                                                                   World Workplace Partner
                                                               The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) will participate as a part-
                                                            nering organization in the International Facility Management Association's (IFMA)
                                                            World Workplace conference Oct. 17-19, 2004 in Salt Lake City.
                                                               "ASID is excited to be a partnering organization for World Workplace, the premier
                                                            educational event for facility managers in the U.S.," said ASID President Linda
                                                            Elliott Smith, FASID. "ASID is thrilled with the collaborative relationship that
                                                            the Society and IFMA has developed and looks forward to the opportunity to
                                                            lend expertise to educate attendees of this tremendous event."
                                                                "We're pleased to welcome ASID back as a participant in World Workplace,"
                                                            IFMA President and CEO Dave Brady said. "For ASID to bring its expertise to
                                                            World Workplace 2004 in Salt Lake City will give our mutual conference attendees
                                                            a unique opportunity to experience the freshest, most up-to-date information that
                                                            the design industry has to offer-a beneficial contribution we certainly appreciate."
                                                               ASID will contribute educational sessions to the conference program.
                                                            For the same registration price that IFMA members receive, ASID
                                                            members can attend all World Workplace 2004 events, including the
                                                              welcome reception, keynote addresses, educational sessions and
                                                            EXPO hall. For information about World Workplace 2004, visit

                                                                               ASID Orange County Chapter’s

                                                                   Featured Volunteers
                                                               Rita S. Brown, ASID, CID
                                                              By Jamie Namanny, Allied Member ASID,
                                                              Awards Chair
                                                                  Orange County ASID Chapter is honored and
                                                              fortunate to have Rita Brown as a participating volun-
                                                              teer. Rita is currently overseeing the new Laguna
                                                              Niguel ASID office construction and furniture dona-
                                                              tions. The new ASID office will benefit greatly due to Rita’s extensive back-
                                                              ground in commercial interior design.
                                                                  Rita Brown has an impressive background in experience and education.
                                                              Rita’s current employment is with Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach
                                                              as their interior designer for the medical facility and support offices. Rita is an
                                                              instructor at the Interior Designers Institute in Newport Beach teaching space
                                                              planning, commercial and residential design. Previous employers were Citibank,
                                                              Roy Jorgensen Associates, Union Bank of California, Sheridan Design
                                                              Group and Xerox Corporation. She holds degrees from the University of
                                                              California at Irvine and the Interior Designers Guild of Newport Beach.
                                                                  Rita is associated with ASID, IIDA, IFMA, NCIDQ and is a CID. ASID
                                                              achievements have been Student Liaison (developed Mentor Program), Ethics
                                                              Chair, past Vice President, Strategic Planning Committee, past NCIDQ Proctor
                                                              and Chair and past NCIDQ test grading. Rita’s goal is to become LEED certi-
                                                                  Rita Brown expresses a memorable experience of meeting William Rishebarger,
                                                              who became her mentor and taught her to achieve her best and pursue inte-
                                                              rior design and architecture as an interacting force. He said she should
                                                              always remain true to herself and not compromise decisions to create the best
                                                              design possible. Rita’s greatest reward is in seeing a client’s reaction to the
                                                              completed project.
                                                                  Rita’s interests are reading, needlework, cooking and traveling overseas. She
                                                              wishes to learn to play the piano, paint and to pursue more traveling. She also
                                                              has a future goal to become involved in animal rescue centers. While living a
                                                              very active life, Rita allows time to care for her aging/medically challenged

ASID     American Society of Interior Designers

       20 –   design orange county
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Orange County Home Design
   of Excellence Awards
By Tamra Mundia, Allied Member, ASID
Chair, Orange County Home Magazine Design Awards
   We have received fantastic response to the Orange County Home Design
Awards Competition. The judging will take place at the end of August. We have
secured past presidents for judging from areas as far as Washington/Oregon.
The panel of five will have a tough time this year! Orange County Designers
should be proud of their quality of work.
   We will announce the Platinum and Gold winners in each category at the
installation dinner on Sept. 18th. Don't miss this opportunity to view some
outstanding work, and congratulate your fellow designers!

                  ASID Orange County Chapter’s

       Featured Volunteers
   Kathleen Kaiser-Rifken, ASID, CID
  By Jamie Namanny, Allied Member ASID,
  Awards Chair
      Kathleen recently arrived in the Orange County
  ASID Chapter exuding a dynamic, charming and
  graceful presence. Having joined the O.C. Chapter
  in 2002, she immediately volunteered as the
  Community Service Chair. Without hesitation, Kathleen organized and has
  been coordinating the “Labor of Love” project for the Ronald McDonald House
  in Orange, California. Having taken on such a tremendous task with such
  enthusiasm and purpose, Kathleen Kaiser-Rifken certainly is deserving as a
  Featured Volunteer in our newsletter.
      Kathleen is the Proprietor and Director of Design for Kaiser Rifken Design
  Group in Lake Forest, Rolling Hills Estates and Las Vegas. She was Director
  of Design for Ambienti, Redondo Beach during 1980s. She has been prac-
  ticing interior design for over 25 years in Beverly Hills, Newport Beach,
  Minneapolis and Chicago. Kathleen has developed friendships with many of
  her clients and has worked with high profile clients, such as: actors, celebri-
  ties and professional athletes. Interestingly, Kathleen observed how some
  vendors and the general public react to these celebrities, many of which giving
  them great prices and often free gifts.
      Kathleen has a BA in Interior Design from Iowa State University. She
  was a member of the Los Angeles Chapter of ASID from 1978 to 2001. She
  volunteered as a Board Member, Community Service Chair, participated on
  various committees, and was awarded numerous ASID certificates, including
  the coveted Adele Faulkner Award in 1997. Kathleen was on the Los Angeles
  Ronald McDonald House Board of Trustees and on various committees
  from 1993-1998. Kathleen’s memorable experience was being chosen to be
  on the facility committee and responsible for the interior design of the L.A.
  Ronald McDonald House. She enjoyed meeting the guests of the House and
  seeing them smile through their challenges. Her company name, Kaiser Rifken
  Design Group, was honored with a plaque on the wall as a contributor.
      Kathleen has been married 28 glorious years to her husband, Larry. Having
  no children, the family deems them as the “professional aunt and uncle” to
  all their nieces and nephews. She enjoys walking in the park most every
  morning with Larry and their golden retriever, Kayan, with a good cup of coffee
  in hand. They spend time on their sailboat, “Seaduced,” in Dana Point Harbor
  and enjoy kayaking, traveling and motorcycle riding.

                                                                                                           American Society of Interior Designers     ASID
                                                                                                                                   fall 2004   – 21
       ASID Board Approves Changes to Chapter Structure
        Smaller Chapter Boards Would Reduce Administrative Time and Increase Volunteer Opportunities
          The ASID Board of Directors recently voted to approve a first reading of           would continue to participate in all board meetings. The immediate past pres-
       bylaws changes that would modify chapter governance structure, beginning in           ident would no longer serve on the board but will be chair of the chapter’s nomi-
       October 2005. The proposed changes would create smaller, more manageable              nating committee. The president and president-elect must be professional
       chapter boards to reduce the amount of time spent on governance and admin-            members, but other board members may be any member in good standing—
       istration, as well as to increase leadership and other volunteer opportunities.       professional, allied or Industry Partner—increasing the chapters’ leadership pool.
       Other highlights of the proposed changes include                                                                           The new model is the product of a board
       greater chapter support from ASID headquarters staff,                                                                   and staff team appointed in 2003 to review and
       improved volunteer training for all members of the                                                                      develop an action plan based on the recom-
       new chapter boards, and enhanced chapter tools and                                                                      mendations of several other task forces that exam-
       resources.                                                                                                              ined issues related to member service delivery,
          Under the new model, all ASID chapters will have                                                                     member involvement in chapters, volunteerism,
       a seven-member board of directors, consisting of a                                                                      governance and support for chapters. Members
       president and president-elect; directors with respon-                                                                   of the task force presented the proposed model
       sibility for communications, membership, financial                                                                      to incoming chapter officers during the 2004
       oversight, and professional development and programs;                                                                   ASID Chapter Leadership Conference held in
       and an at-large member who could serve in various                                                                       Washington, D.C., in July. Leaders had an oppor-
       capacities depending on individual chapter need (for                                                                    tunity to ask questions and offer suggestions on
       example, as a director for legislation or Industry                                                                      the model, which were shared with board members
       Partners). These directors may, in turn, oversee commit-                                                                prior to their vote.
       tees or individual volunteers to carry out the work                                                                        The 2005 ASID Board of Directors will
       of the chapter. All directors would have a position that                                                                conduct a second reading and vote on the bylaws
       directly corresponds to a department at ASID head-                                                                      changes during its first meeting in October 2004,
       quarters—“like two pieces of a puzzle coming together to the benefit of the Society   at which time any additional policy changes will be submitted for a vote.
       at all levels,” says Tim Diffley, ASID Associate Director of Chapter Services.        Members who wish to comment on the proposed changes should contact Tim
          According to the new model, the student representative to the board, in those      Diffley, associate director of chapter services, by e-mail at,
       chapters that have them, will no longer be a voting member of the board but           by phone at (202) 546-3480 or by fax at (202) 546-3240.

                               Reel Time                                                                             Fiber Seal
                                                                                                Your Client’s Deserve The Best
                                                                                                The beauty of fine home and office fabrics can
                                                                                                endure when handled properly by those who
                                                                                                have mastered the technology and the art of
                                                                                                preservation. Let us show you why you should
                                                                                                choose Fiber-Seal’s fabric protection and after
                                                                                                care program.

                                                                                                 Fiber-Seal of Orange County – 949-724-8155

ASID      American Society of Interior Designers

       22 –   design orange county
                             Benefits of ASID Membership
RESOURCES FOR YOUR PRACTICE                                              DEVELOPMENT OF YOUR CAREER
 Online Referral Service                                                   ASID Super Campus
 ICON, the Society’s magazine                                              STEP Workshop-preparatory course for NCIDQ Exam
 Client/Designer Selection Service                                         Professional recognition
 Designing Marketing Success                                               Leadership opportunities
 Fax-on-Demand                                                             Professional development courses
 Fax Broadcast
 Design Specialty Network
 “Southern Accents” magazine                                             PROTECTION OF YOUR RIGHT TO PRACTICE
                                                                            A national Legislative Program including licensing efforts in several
 Public relations exposure, both locally and nationally
 Awards program                                                          ASSISTANCE WITH YOUR BUSINESS FORMS
                                                                           Contract documents
                                                                           Low cost group insurance
CONNECTIONS WITH YOUR COLLEAGUES                                           ASID Mastercard available upon applying
 Network on-line ASID
 Membership in your local chapter
 Forums for interaction with the industry                                  Please see membership application form
 Local chapter general educational meetings                                   on page 25 & 26 of this newsletter.
 Local chapter networking
 Local chapter newsletter
 Local chapter on-line referral service

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               Adam Stadler

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                                     RENWES SALES
                                          All Major Appliances
                                     Specializing in Kitchen Built-Ins

           26301 Dimension Drive, Lake Forest, CA 92630
                 (949) 586-3669 • Fax (949) 586-7406                                                DONGHIA
   Store Hours: 8:30-5:30 Tue.-Fri., 8:30-4:00 Sat., Closed Sun./Mon.        2010 Jimmy Durante Blvd #206 • Del Mar 92014 • 858.259.5158
                                                                             8689 Melrose Ave #192-196 • Pacific Design Center • 310.657.6060

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                                                                                                           American Society of Interior Designers      ASID
                                                                                                                                   fall 2004    – 23
                                                                                                              We invite you to
                                                                                                              experience the warmth,
                                                                                                              comfort, and diversity
                                                                                                              of our showroom.
                                                                                                                 • Carpet
                                                                                                                 • Hardwood Floors
                                                                                                                 • Porcelain Tile
                                                                                                                 • Laminate & Stone Floors
                                                                                                                 • Over 7000 sq. ft. Showroom
                                                                                                                 • Everything you would expect
                                                                                                                   and more…

                                             B & B Mill Sales Design Center
                      1700 N. Main, Orange Calif. 92865 • Ph (714) 685-0060 Fax (714) 685-0070

 Chapter Events Calendar
       15th         Board meeting at Glabmans – 4pm
       18th         ASID Installation and Orange County Home Magazine Awards
                    Hyatt Regency Irvine – 17900 Jamboree Road Irvine
       22nd         New Member Event – 5pm-8pm – Further information included in invitations

       2nd          ASID Board Training and Luncheon
       9th          California Codes and Regulations Exam (CCRE)
       13th         2004 Industry Trade Show – The Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach
                    Resort and Spa
       20th         ASID Board Meeting

       5th          Ronald McDonald House 15th Year Birthday Celebration and re-opening. Celebrate this great event with the
                    ASID Designers that so graciously worked on this “Labor of Love”. Time to be announced
       7th          Ronald McDonald House – 15th Anniversary Open House
       17th         ASID Board Meeting

       8th          Luxury Kitchen & Bath Collection – Los Angeles
       15th         ASID Board Meeting
       TBD          ASID Holiday Party

ASID     American Society of Interior Designers

       24 –   design orange county
fall 2004   – 25
ASID     American Society of Interior Designers

       26 –   design orange county
            Danmer Shutters

called him asking for a full page ad

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                                                          American Society of Interior Designers     ASID
                                                                                  fall 2004   – 27
     Showplace South

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