Motorola Xoom by harikrishnanithiya


									                                Motorola Xoom

Android v3.0 Operating System 3G & Wi-Fi Enabled 1 GHz Dual-core Processor 5 MP Primary
Camera 10.1 inch TFT Capacitive Touchscreen Adobe Flash Player 10.2 Quickoffice® Viewer
Email, Push Email, IM 32 GB onboard Memory.

The app itself is fairly straightforward, but it did take a little bit of head scratching before we
figured out exactly how to move between voice, chat, and video. Our callers on the other end of
the line said video quality was a bit on the low res side (see the photo above — Xoom up top,
MacBook Pro camera in the corner) even on WiFi. We’re not sure why that would be the case,
but hopefully it can be cleared up with some software tweaking.

Battery life on the Xoom was excellent. Beyond excellent, actually — some of the best
performance we’ve seen on a slate. Running a video on loop with the screen set at 65 percent
brightness, we were able to get playback for nearly eight and a half hours (8:20 to be exact).
Motorola claims up to ten, so we weren’t far off the mark at all. We had a few background tasks
going on, and both WiFi and 3G radios were active. We could easily see maximizing this if
you’re in airplane mode with a slightly lower brightness setting.

There is a ton of promise on the software side for tablets running Honeycomb given the new
access to 3D tools and system tweaking that Android allows, but right now it’s a small island in a
sea of phone titles — and the majority of those titles do not look right on a 10.1-inch screen at
this resolution.

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