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					Extra Credit due Tuesday, Nov 8, 2011:         The Egg Experiment

Let’s demonstrate Osmosis with 2 eggs. Did you know that the simple egg is a single cell?
Yup, it’s true. We can use it to demonstrate osmosis. You can get EXTRA CREDIT if you do
this at home.
PROBLEM: What would happen if you were to place a shell-less egg in a cup of water and
another shell-less egg in a concentrated sugar solution like Karo Syrup?

MATERIALS: 2 fresh(uncooked-RAW) eggs, vinegar, 2 plastic cups (or clear glass), camera

Make a hypothesis and predict the outcome of the experiment.

                                    PART I: REMOVE SHELL

1. Place 1 egg with shell in each cup.
2. Pour vinegar in each cup until eggs are covered (did it float??).
3. Cover and place in area that your parents will allow.
4. Wait 6-8 hrs , carefully pour off vinegar, add fresh vinegar, soak for another 8 hrs(like
5. It gets real tricky now: clean each egg carefully by wiping shell off egg as you gently rinse
each with water.

                                  PART II: THE ‘EXPERIMENT’

6. Rinse out cups. Add water to one cup (label cup ‘water’) and add diluted karo syrup(half and
half, water:syrup) to other cup (label ‘sugar’). Place an egg in each cup.

7.. Measure diameter of each egg(‘BEFORE’), take a picture of each, and cover with plastic

8.: Let stand for >24hrs, and record observations(‘AFTER’)
       a. measure diameters again,
       b. take a picture.

      Write a report and include the following:
      a. Pictures of eggs without shells clearly labelled, before and after soaking in water and
Karo syrup
      b. Recorded observations before and after in a data table
      c. Explain your observations based upon your knowledge of osmosis. What was your
hypothesis? Did you accept your hypothesis? Be sure to use your new vocabulary about

              So, get going. This is due Tues, Nov 8. No late work accepted!!!!

GRADING: In order to receive extra credit, you should complete the report with all of the
required elements. Your summary and conclusions must be logical and written clearly in your
own handwriting. Late work will not be accepted!

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