Rawa Pening Legend by MiftakhudinAl-ustadzi


									Rawa Pening Legend

Dizziness swamp is a lake which is one of the water attractions in the District of Semarang,
Central Java. The lake basin is precisely located at the lowest Merbabu, Telomoyo Mountain,
and Mount Ungaran. Dizziness marsh has an area of approximately 2670 acres to occupy the
four districts, namely District Ambarawa, Bawen, Tuntang, and Banyubiru. According to the
story, the lake was formed due to an incident that had occurred in the area. Event is it? Here's the
story within the story Legend of Swamp Dizziness.

Formerly, in the valley between the Mount and the Mount Telomoyo Merbabu there is a village
called Ngasem. In the village lived a couple named Ki Hajar and Nyai Selakanta known
generous and helpful. That is, they are highly respected by the community. Unfortunately, they
do not have children. However, Ki Hajar and his wife have always lived in harmony. Each
encounter problems, they always finish it by consensus.
One day, sitting pensively Nyai Selakanta alone in front of his house. Shortly thereafter, Ki Hajar
came over and sat beside him.
"My wife, why you look so sad?" Said Ki Hajar.
Nyai Selakanta still silent. He apparently still lost in her thoughts that are not aware of her
husband at her side. He only realized after the Ki Hajar holding his shoulder.
"Eh, Kanda," he said with surprise.
"My wife, what are you thinking?" Ki Hajar asked.
"Not thinking about anything, Kanda. Dinda just feel lonely. Especially if Kanda was away. Had
the house is always crying and whining sound of a baby, of course life is not as lonely, "he said
Nyai Selakanta," But, frankly Kanda, Dinda wanted to have children. Dinda to care for and raise
it with loving care. "
The hearts of his wife heard the expression, Ki Hajar sighed.
"Come on, Dinda. Perhaps not the time God gives us children. The important thing is we have to
try and continue to pray to Him, "said Ki Hajar.
"Yeah, Kanda," said Nyai Selakanta tears.
Ki Hajar did not hold back her tears of sadness to see the wife who is very loved.
"Well, Dinda. If it is Dinda really wanted to have children, let Kanda goes ascetic to plead with
the Almighty, "said Ki Hajar.
Nyai Selakanta also meet the wishes of her husband, though hard to separate. The next day, went
to the slopes of Mount Ki Hajar Telomaya. So, stay Nyai Selakanta alone with the lonely heart.
For weeks, even months Nyai Selakanta wait, but the husband had not yet returned from his
hermitage. Her heart began to feel anxious covered in case anything happened to her husband.
One day, Nyai Selakanta look nausea and then vomiting. He also thinks that she is pregnant. It
turned out she was right. Every day his stomach getting bigger. Once it came time, she gave
birth. However, she was surprised that the child was not born a man, but a dragon.
She named him New Klinthing. The name is taken from the name of her husband who had a
spear named New Klinthing. The word "new" comes from the bra, which means descendant of
Brahmin, which is a receipt of a higher position of pastor. While the word "Klinthing" means
Miraculously, though intangible dragon, New Klinthing can speak like humans. Nyai Selakanta
was amazed to see the wonders that mixed emotion. But on the other hand, it is also a little
disappointed. Because, how embarrassed he was when people find out that she gave birth to a
dragon. To cover this, he also intends to alienate New Klinthing to Mount Tugur. But before that,
he must first take care of him until large enough to be on the way to the slopes of Mount
Telomaya a short distance. Of course, Nyai Selakanta New Klinthing care by stealth, without the
knowledge of residents.
Time was passing. New Klinthing grew into adolescence. One day, the boy asked his mother.
"Mom, do I have a father?" He asked innocently.
Nyai Selakanta shock. He really never expected that question out of her mouth. However, it has
made her realize that it was time New Klinthing know who his father.
"Yes, my son. Your father is named Ki Hajar. But your father is currently imprisoned on the
slopes of Mount Telomaya. Go see him and tell him that you are my son, "said Nyai Selakanta.
"But, ma'am. Do not trust me with my father like this? "New Klinthing asked doubtfully.
"Do not worry, my son! Bring a new spear Klinthing heritage as proof, "said Nyai Selakanta,"
Heritage belongs to your father. "
Upon request and receive the blessing of both the inheritance of his mother, New Klinthing set
off towards the slopes of Mount Telomaya. Once there, he came to the cave and found a middle-
aged man is sitting meditation. K-ping arrival seems to disturb the peace of Buru hermit.
"Hi, who is it?" Asked the hermit that he thought was a human being.
"Excuse me, sir, if I was disturbing the peace coming, sir," said New k-ping.
What a surprise when the hermit saw a dragon who can speak.
"Who are you and why you can talk like humans?" Asked the hermit in surprise.
"I'm New Klinthing," New Klinthing replied, "If not know, whether this is true Ki Hajar
"Yeah, I Ki Hajar. But, how do you know my name? Who are you? "Asked the hermit was
Hearing the answer, New Klinthing directly kneel before his father. He then explained who he
was. Initially, Ki Hajar did not believe that she has a child in the form of a dragon. When the
dragon showed him Klinthing New heritage, Ki Hajar began to believe. However, he has not
entirely sure.
"Well, I believe if the inheritance of the New Klinthing it is mine. But that was not enough
evidence for me. If you are really my son, you circle the mountain Telomoyo try this! "Said Ki
To convince her father, New Klinthing with supernatural powers and soon succeeded in
encircling the mountain. Finally, Ki Hajar also admitted that the dragon was his son. After that,
he then ordered his son to be imprisoned in Bukit Tugur.
"Go to Mount Tugur imprisoned!" Ki Hajar said, "Someday soon, your body will turn into a
"Good," said New Klinthing.
Meanwhile, in a village called Pathok, a prosperous village, but its people proud. One time, the
villagers intend to Merti Pathok hamlet (clean village), the alms of the earth after the harvest
feast. To enliven the party, will be held a variety of performing arts and dance. A variety of
delicious food will be served as a meal together and a banquet for invited guests. For this reason,
the residents abuzz Tugur hunt animals on the Mount.
It's almost a day of their hunt, but not a single animal is caught. When going back to the village,
they suddenly saw a dragon was in seclusion, is none other than New Klinthing. They were
rollicking catch and cut the dragon's flesh and bring it home. Arriving at the village, they dragon
meat to be cooked dishes at the party.
When the residents were having a party, there came a boy who was covered with wounds,
causing the stench. Apparently, the boy is the new incarnation Klinthing. By hunger, New
Klinthing also joined the crowd. When he asked for food to the residents, no one was willing to
give. Instead, they swore, and even drove them away.
"Hey, beggars. Get out of here! "Expel the residents," Your body is very fishy smell. "
It's unfortunate fate of New Klinthing. With a rumbling stomach, he staggered to leave the
village. Along the way, he met an elderly widow named Nyi petroleum.
"Hi, young man. Why do not you partying? "Said Nyi petroleum.
"All the people rejected my presence at the party. They disgusted me, "said New Klinthing," In
fact, I'm starving. "
Nyi petroleum generous New Klinthing was invited to his house. Grandma was immediately
serve delicious food.
"Thank you, Grandma," said New Klinthing, "Apparently there is still a good-hearted people in
this village."
"Yes, my grandson. All the people here have the arrogant nature. They were not invited to the
party in disgust at my grandmother saw me, "said Nyi petroleum.
"Then, so. They must be taught a lesson, "said New Klinthing," Where will my grandmother
heard a rumble, immediately prepare the mortar (the boat)! "
New Klinthing brought back to the party with a stick. Arriving in a crowd, he stuck a stick into
the ground.
"Oh, you all. If you feel great, unplug the kutancapkan stick it! "Challenged New Klinthing.
Feeling slighted, people were abuzz about to pull out the stick. At first, the child was told to pull
out, but no one has succeeded. When the turn of the men and women, all of them still fail.
Finally, men are considered to be strong even forward one by one. However, none of them are
able to pull out the stick.
"Ah, you all suck. Repeal could not stick it, "said New Klinthing.
New Klinthing stick immediately revoke it. Because of his power, he was able to pull out a stick
that easily. Once the stick is torn, the clamor was to frighten the whole village. Moments later,
the water gushing out of the former tancapan stick it. The longer the larger the spray of water so
that there was a big flood. All residents scrambling to save its self. However, their efforts have
been delayed because of the flood drowned them. Instantly, the village was turned into a swamp
or lake, which is now known as the Swamp Dizziness.
Meanwhile, after the repeal New Klinthing stick ran to Nyi petroleum was waiting at the top of
the mortar. So, she and her grandmother's selamatlah. According to the story, before storming
from the residents, the New Klinthing had advised them. After the event, New Klinthing back
into a dragon to guard Swamp Dizziness.

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