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Story Of Talaga Color


									                                     Talaga Color

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in West Java. The kingdom is ruled by His
Majesty the King. King was a kind and wise king. The people live in prosperity and

Life in the palace looks perfect. However, King and his queen had no children. This
makes them very sad. They prayed to God every day. Some elderly men and women
suggests the king to adopt a child. However, the King and Queen did not agree.
"We would be better to have our own daughter or son," urged King.

Queen became sadder and sadder by the day. He started to become frustrated. Later, King
decided to leave the palace for a while. He went to the woods. There he prayed to God.
Every day she begged for the child. God felt sorry for her and make her dream come true.
Several months later, pregnant queen. King and Queen are very thankful to God "Thank
you Lord, Thou art the Merciful, the Compassionate."

Everyone in the kingdom that celebrates the queen of pregnancy. They send a lot of
presents to the palace to express happiness mereka.Sembilan months later a beautiful
baby born to the queen was so happy. People in the blessed birth of the princess royal.
They send different kinds of gifts again. They hope that the baby will be beautifui and
good-hearted daughter.

"Your honor, we hope that he will be in the kingdom of our beloved Princess.
Kitaberharap he had a daughter she will be obedient and faithful to God,"
The daughter is an only child in the palace, so the King and Queen oved their daughter so
much. They gave everything he wanted a result, the Princess became a spoiled girl. When
his wish could not be realized, he became very angry. It made his parents sad, but they
can not stop loving her.
The daughters are grown now. She will celebrate her 17th birthday in the following days
only. So, people who go to the royal palace and gathered in front of the gate. They
brought many presents for him. There are many kinds of beautiful gifts.
"My people are very good. They loved my daughter so much," King said cheerfully.
King took his presents and stored them in a special building. Not all prizes will be
awarded to his daughter.

He will take a couple of others for his people needed. King only takes a few emasdan
jewelry. Then he brought them to the goldsmith
Please make a beautiful necklace untukputri me, "commanded the King.
"With pleasure, Your Majesty," replied paratukang gold.
The goldsmith worked hard to create
The most beautiful necklace ever iadibuat.
When the Princess's birthday came,
people from all over the country gathered in the field of the palace. Prabu and queen
appeared, people welcomed and blessed them. King and his wife waved goodbye to their
loved ones.

"God bless you, my people!" In a moment, the princess appeared. She looked so pretty
and charming. It seems she can not compare to him. All the people admired her beauty. "I
never saw a pretty girl like her," someone said.
"He's like an angel," the birthday procession begins. King stands to pick up something. A
woman gave him a small and glamorous pillow. A beautiful necklace on it. King took the
"Dear Daughter, I give you this necklace. This necklace is a gift from people in this
country. Do not make them disappointed because they really love you. You are entitled to
wear this beautiful necklace. Now, please wear this necklace. Make them happy," said
Princess accepted the necklace. He saw the necklace at a glance. Unexpectedly, he did
not say what should be said by a daughter.
"This necklace is very bad. I do not want to wear it," cried the princess.
Then she threw the necklace on the floor. Beautiful necklace was broken. Gold and gems
that are scattered on the floor All the people who gathered were surprised and could not
say anything. They never thought that their beloved princess would do that thing silly and
disrespectful. Suddenly, people heard the queen crying. Every woman felt sad and started
crying too. Then all the people wept. Te voice of the people cries filled the space.

As everyone was crying, the earth miraculously began to cry. The water out without
stopping. Suddenly, spring up from underground. It becomes a puddle of water. The
palace was drowned in a swimming pool. Soon it became a big lake. The lake eventually
drowned the whole kingdom. The lake is now called "Talaga Color". (Lake of Color). It's
located in Puncak, West Java.

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