The story of kemuning by MiftakhudinAl-ustadzi


									                           The story of kemuning flower

       In the past, there was a king who had ten daughter. They were all beautiful. The
king was a wise king. Unfortunately, he was so busy to govern his kingdom that he could
not educate his daughter well. The king’s wife had passed away when she bore the last
daughter. This the children were taken care by a nursemaid.

       Almost all of the king’s daughters were naughty and spoiled. They liked playing
near the lake but they did not like studyingor helping their father. Even they often
quarreled each other.

       The king’s daughters were named after colors. The eldest daughter was Putri
Jambon (pink princess). Her younger sisters were Putri Jingga (deep orange princess),
Putri Nila (violet princess),putri hijau (green princess), Puteri Kelabu (Grey Princess),
Puteri Oranye (Deep Orange Princess), Puteri Merah Merona (Light Red Princess), Puteri
Biru (Blue Princess), Puteri Putih (White Princess), and Puteri Kuning (Yellow Princess).
The colors of their clothes and accessories were same as their names. For example Puteri
Biru always wore blue blouse and blue necklace.

       Even though their beauty was almost equal each other, Puteri Kuning had the
different behavior She was not naughty or spoiled. She was always fuendly to other
people. She liked to go together with her nursemaid better than with her sisters. One day,
the king would take a long journey to another place. He called all of his daughter.

“I will leaveallof you for some time. What handicraft do you want me to give to you?”
the King asked.

“I want expensive and luxurious jewels “said Puteri Jambon.

“I like a shiny silk, Father,” said Puteri Jingga. Nine children asked many luxurious
handicrafts to their father Puteri kuning had not yet asked for something.

“Puteri Kuning, what do you want?’ the King asked her.

She was silent for a moment and thought. Then she hold his father’s hand and answered
“Father, I iust want fattier go name sale and sound.” All of her sister laughed and insulted
her, but her father just smiled.

“My little daughter, you are so kind to me. I will go home safe and sound.of course. I will
give you a beautiful present.

The king and some guards then left his palace. After being left by their father, the
princesses went lazier and naughtier. They often ordered their servants rudely to do
everything they wanted. Even they sometimes snapped at the nursemaid. The nursemaid
was so busy doing what the princesses ordered that she had no time to clean the palace
yard. Puteri Kuning was so sad when she saw the dirty square.

“My father loves this yard. I won’t let it be dirty.”

Puteri Kuning took the broom and started to clean the yard. She fell the dry leaves off the
trees, plucked the grass and cut some twigs of trees off. The yard looked nice and
beautiful. At first, the nursemaid forbade her to take care of the yard. but she insisted to
do. His sisters were laughing when they saw Puteri Kuning swept the yard.

“Look, we have a new servant!” one of them said.

“Servant, there is some rubbish left,” the others threw the rubbish.

The yard became dirty anymore. Puteri Kuning was just silent and she swept the yard.
His sister did the same thing repeatedly until she felt tired. She understood how tired the
nursemaid and the servants were as she felt it herself. Finally, she was angry.

“You are so cruel. Father should not bring anything for you all. The only thing you can
do is annoying another people.”

Her sisters were surprised, but then they did not care.

“Just stop it. I feel bored. Let us go to the lake and take a bath,” Puteri Nila said All of
Puteri Kuning’s sisters left her alone. They went to the lake.
However, they don’t stop annoying Puteri Kuning until their father came home. When the
king went home, nine of his daughters were still at the lake Meanwhile. Puteri Kuning
was arranging flowers at the palace. Her father was so sad

“My kind and diligent daughter, I can only give this green-stoned necklace. can not bring
the yellow one, the color that you like,” said the King.

Actually, the King had searched for the yellow necklace all around the country, but he
could never find it.

“please don’t be sad father. The green stoned necklace is also beautiful. Look, father it
matches with my yellow gown. Very beautiful,” said puteri kuning softly. The king was
very glad knowing his daughter’s happiness.

“the most important thing is that father has come same safe and sound. It makes

me happy. Wait a moment, father. I’ll make some tea for you,”

As Puteri Kuning was making tea for the King, her sisters came into the palace. They
cheered and chose each desired present. None thought about Puteri Kuning or talked
about the present for her.

In the morning, Puteri Hijau saw the necklace worn by Puteri Kuning.

“My youngest sister. how beautiful your necklace is, but it should be mine because it is
green,” said Puteri Hijau enviously.

“Father gives it to me, not to you,” Puteri Kuning answered.

Puteri Hijau was so angry hearing his sister’s reply. She met her sisters and tried to
persuade them.

“The necklace is mine, but Puteri Kuning took it from father’s pocket. We have to teach
her how to behave. We must take the necklace from her,”
They agreed to grab the necklace from Puteri Kuning. Not long afterward, Puteri Kunirig
came. Her sisters caught her and hit her head. Unfortunately, Puteri Kuningdied. They
were so regretful.

“Oh no, She’s dead. We must bury her.”

They carried Priteri Kuning’s body and buried her or the yard. Puteri Hijau also buried
the necklace because she did not want it anymore.

The King was very sad. He did not know that Puteri Kuning was dead, His daughters kept
silent when he asked them where Puteri Kuning had gone. He became very angry.

“My guards find Puteri Kuning now!” he said.

Of course, nobody could find Puteri Kuning because she was in the grave. After some
months had passed, Puteri Kuning did not come beack. It was make the King cadder.

“I’m not a good father to my children.”

He thought so hard and finally he decided to send her daughter to a far place. There, tier
daughter would learn the knowledge arid how to behave. His daughter could not refuse
arid they were forced to go there.

One day. a plant grew on the palace yard where Puteri Kuning had been buried. The King
was so amazed.

“What plant is this? The stern is like a princess gown. Tire leaves is round and it shines
like the green-stoned necklace And . the flower is yellowish whire and it sniells hood.”

The King could not stop admiring the plant.

“This plant reminds me to my beloved daughter, Puteri Kuning. I named this plant
“kemuning” (yellow),” said the King.

Kemuning flower had many advantages Kemuning flower can be used for making hair
smell good. Even the wood can be processed into face powder.

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