How to Make a Document for the Kindle by MiftakhudinAl-ustadzi


									                   How to Make a Document for the Kindle

There are limited file formats for documents that are readable on a Kindle.

The Amazon Kindle requires document files that are in the Mobipocket (MOBI), plain
text (.txt), Topaz (TPZ) and Amazon's own format (AZW). Under the AZW format, the
Kindle document file has digital rights management (DRM) restrictions. The easiest way
to make a document for the Kindle is to convert an existing document to the Kindle
format with HTML coding. You can do the HTML coding yourself or use a program like
Mobipocket Creator.

Step 1

Open your web browser and go to the Mobipocket eBook Creator website (in Resources).
Click "Download" to download the eBook creator.

Step 2

Click "Run" and click "Next" on the Setup Wizard welcome screen. Click "I Agree" on
the license agreement page and click "Next" to install the program to your desktop.

Step 3
Click on "Mobipocket Creator" to launch the program. Under "Import from Existing
File," select "MS Word document," "Text document" or "Adobe PDF."

Step 4

Click "Browse" in the Import Wizard, select the file and click "Import." The file will be
created as a publication file in HTML format.

Step 5

Fill in the eBook information, including cover image, table of contents and book settings.
Now your eBook is ready to upload to Kindle.

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