How to Reset Printer Canon

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					                            How to Reset Printer Canon

Okay this time I will give some tips on how to reset printer canon IP brands, particularly
Canon IP 3680. These tips I write from personal experience I've ever experienced when
Canon IP 3680 printer that I use the work in the cafe is broken.

Damage to Printer Canon IP 3680 when it was out warning INK absorb Full, maybe these
tips can also be used for Canon IP 3680 Printer damage the other.

Immediately, he nih tips on how to reset Canon IP 3680 which I will explain:

The bottom line before reset the printer Printer Canon IP 3680 or the other, we must be
signed in to safe mode do the following:

A. Turn off the printer without having to first remove the power cord.
2. Press and hold the resume button and press and release the power button to resume the
3. While still pressing the power button and press the resume button 2x after that release
the power button and the resume simultaneously.
4. If the sign is gone blinking indicator lights are normal mean flame is in a state of safe

The next step we have to reset it in software resetter Canon IP 3680:

A. After you download the file extract it first and then run the file IP3680.exe Service
2. Press the Reload button, then select the type of printer and usbnya.
3. Put some paper in the printer to process .. kemuaian resetnya Main button, wait until
the process is complete ngeprint.
4. Then press the Clear button to erase EEPROM EEPROM.
5. EEPROM and then press the printer will perform again ngeprint process.
6. Then turn off the printer (sometimes you have to press the power button twice to turn
off) and turn it on again.
7. Turn on the printer and tara ..... deh finished and the printer is ready for use again.