Eternal flame Mrapen by MiftakhudinAl-ustadzi


									                                Eternal flame Mrapen
Eternal flame Mrapen Located on the edge of the highway Purwodadi - Semarang, within
26 miles. From the city Purwodadi. Precisely in the village district manggarmas Godong.
In this complex there are some freak of nature you can enjoy the everlasting fire: the
charm arising from keluarya fire from the ground which was never extinguished even
though it rained.

And there's one more rumor that developed in the weight of the stone mrapen, it is
believed that anyone who managed to lift this stone, sitting his life will be glorious and
all permintaanya would come true.

Whether the rumors are true or false because it is not certain to occur as well.Stone
Weight Mrapen

From this place also drawn fire for the lighting of the torch in the activities of an
international sports event (Ganefo i) on 1 november 1963. It can use to light the eternal
flame torch Ganefo which opened on 10 november 1963 in Jakarta, as well as national
sports week (pounds) and for the Vesak Day ceremony.

Dudo spring: a spring that is located near the eternal flame, where the water always looks
hot but not boiling water bursts it will light a fire when hit well above the natural

Ground location is the fief was held by his descendants supo masters who reside there
until now. Based on the story develops, the place in antiquity is a master besalennya
supo. The eternal flame is a place to burn the iron, the water source is to "gild", is a stone
weight for forging a keris place. This supo khabarnya masters are the masters of the
Majapahit empire that also moved to Demak. In this mrapen every Friday night Kliwon
always visited by the pilgrims with a specific purpose other than a cruise, of course.

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