Application of DMZ by xuyuzhu


									            Application of connecting with IP Sharing device

The application is for user whose network environment is behind IP Sharing device. It
is said VoIP device is connected to the IP Sharing device.
An example such as ADSL network is in the following.

                                  ATU-R ADSL Modem

                                 WAN ①

              IP Sharing device⑤

                             LAN③                      LAN ②

         Wellgate 35xx ④                                       PC

① The WAN IP Address obtained from ADSL has two kinds of methods.
  One is fixed IP Address, while user applies for one or more fixed IP Addresses.
  Another is dynamic IP Address while user applies for dial-up connection way.

   Select one method and configure in IP Sharing device, it will work like the PC
   to connect to the Internet.

② The LAN IP Address of User’s PC can be set as DHCP client in order to gain an
  valid one.

   Generally, set the PC to automatically get an IP Address.
   (In Network setting, select TCP/IP)

③ Anther IP Address for Wellgate 3502 must be set as an fixed one in order for that
  IP Sharing device pass forwarding the relevant information from WAN to LAN.
  Besides, a valid IP Address which meets the IP Sharing device (LAN site) is the
   If the LAN configurations of IP Sharing device is
   IP Address:
   Default Gateway:
   Then a valid IP Address meet the LAN configurations is range at
   ~ Wellgate 3502 can choose one of the range as its IP address.

④ Wellgate 3502 must enable the IP Sharing function for the fixed / dynamic WAN
  IP Address.
  Fixed IP Address – usr/config$ ifaddr –ipsharing 1
  Dynamic IP Address –usr/config$ ifaddr –ipsharing 1

   With Dynamic WAN IP Address, a valid Gatekeeper is necessary for Wellgate
   3502 to register on. It is said only GK mode is working in dynamic WAN IP
   If the WAN IP Address is a fixed one, peer to peer mode is allowed to make

⑤ IP Sharing device must support a particular function which is often called DMZ
  to do IP / Port mapping from WAN to LAN. This is because H.323 IP packets do
  not go put through well-known port.

    For example, if WellGate 3502 is at, IP Sharing device has to
    enable DMZ function to transfer all packets from WAN to

    Configurations are not all the same in different brand IP Sharing devices.
    Please refer to its manual for detail.

1. Not only VoIP Device must enable IP-Sharing command, but the DMZ function of
   IP Sharing device is necessary to work as well.
2. Only one VoIP Device is allowed behind IP Sharing device due to DMZ function
   is limited.

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