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					Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward
Sheneka Spencer
954-462-4850 ext. 136

Gift Cards to Publix or Wal*Mart (any increments)

Canned Foods

Unwrapped new toys for kids of all ages

Unwrapped new family board games
New Clothes for all ages (typically 5-15yrs old)

Sports Equipment (Footballs, Basketballs, Soccer Balls etc)

Books for Children of all ages

Broward Meals on Wheels ( must be received by 12/19/11
Sheneka Spencer
954-462-4850 ext. 136

Bows/Ribbons (50)

Scotch Tape (20)

Holiday Gift Wrapping Paper (25 rolls)

Unscented Lotion
Unscented Underarm Deodorant


Tooth Brushes (soft)
Wash Clothes

Bath Towels
Unscented Bath Soap
Hair Combs
Hair Brushes
Paper Towels (2 pack)
Toilet Paper (4 pack)
Dishwashing Liquid
Laundry Detergent
Supermarket Gift Cards

Center for Hearing and Communication
Sheneka Spencer
954-462-4850 ext. 136

Clothes, shoes & socks for baby boy size 6-8 months

Publix gift cards

Baby toys 6+ months (boy) (e.g. crawling mat, activity/play mat, etc.)

Boys toys for 5 yr +
Toys for girl 2 yr +

Target gift cards

Broward County Transit fare/passes
Toiletries (eg. Toilet paper, deodorant, soap, paper towels)
Household & kitchen items (e.g. bath towels, medium size rugs, picture frame, pots & pans, baking
dishes, etc.)
Cleaning supplies (e.g. Fantasik, Bleach, Mr. Clean, toilet cleaner, broom, mop)
Gas gift cards
Books for children
Baby supplies (e.g. wipes, diapers size, onesies size, neutral blankets, wash cloths, bath time soap,
Disposable cameras for family photos
Non-perishable foods & can openers
Winn Dixie gift cards

Wal Mart gift cards
Clothes for girl 3 years old
Clothes for boys 18 months
Bed sheets for full size, twin size
Blankets & comforters
Metro PCS gift cards
Laundry supplies (e.g. baskets, soap, dryer sheets)
Jackets/coats BOYS 6 months, 5 years, 7 years. GIRLS 2 years, 3 years
Children's Harbor
Sheneka Spencer
954-462-4850 ext. 136

Publix Gift Cards (any increments)

Visa/Amex Gift Cards ($25 increments)

Target/ Walmart Gift Cards ($25 increments)

Babies R Us Gift Cards (any increments)
Bedding- Twin Size Sheets

Bedding- Twin Size Comforters

Bedding- Pillowcases
brand new underwear (all ages up to 18)

brand new socks

Kids In Distress
Sheneka Spencer
954-462-4850 ext. 136

Infant development toys (ages 2 and under)

Watches, wallets for teenage boys

Jewelry, perfume for teenage girls

Board games
Gift cards to Pubix or Walmart any increments

Gift cards to Target or Kmart any increments

Clothes for boys 2T - 12
Clothes for teens 13-18 (boys and girls)

juice boxes
individually wrapped snacks
LifeNet4Families|Cooperative Feeding Program
Sheneka Spencer
954-462-4850 ext. 136

Disposable Razors


Brut after shave

Underware for adult man and women
Gift cards to Pubix, Target or Walmart in increment of $20


Canned foods

Unwrapped toys for kids all ages

Lighthouse of Broward
Sheneka Spencer
954-462-4850 ext. 136



Kitchen sink

Paper goods
Gift cards to Pubix or Walmart any increments

cleaning supplies

Office desks

Desk chaires
classroom table and chairs
side or conference room chairs
office waste baskets reg and recyclable

N.E. Focal Point Senior Center
Sheneka Spencer
954-462-4850 ext. 136

cookies/sugarfree cookies

punch/diet beverage

Holiday Napkins for parties

bingo prizes for seniors
raffle prizes for holiday raffle

to decorate senior center for holidays

to decorate tree for senior center
to perform any musical type entertainment

to help prepare for holiday party

PACE Center for Girls Broward
Sheneka Spencer
954-462-4850 ext. 136

Sponsor(s) for holiday luncheon for the girls

Gift cards to Pubix or Wal-Mart any increments
Incentive/motivational teen girls items (make-up, jewelry, hair products, nail
polish, hand bags, wallets, etc.)

Hygiene products – shampoo/conditioner, body wash, deodorants, lotions, etc.
Books for the PACE library--teen appropriate
School Supplies: lined paper, poster board, rulers, erasers, folders, fun pencils,
highlighters, graphing paper, backpacks, purses
Career Clothes for girls 15-18: slacks, blouses, skirts, accessories,
folder/portfolio for interviews
For PACE Emergency Food Pantry for Families
Canned foods: vegetables, tuna, pasta sauce, soups;
Dry foods: cereals, pasta, rice, breakfast bars,
peanut butter & jelly, peanuts, ramen noodles

SOS Children's Villages - Florida
Sheneka Spencer
954-462-4850 ext. 136

unwrapped toys for kids all ages

personal hygiene items (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.)

gift cards - walmart. target, publix

movie, bowling, mini-golf passes (any recreation)
towels & washcloths


sheet sets & comforters (twin)
alarm clocks

pots & pans
electric brooms

South Florida Hunger Coalition (SFHC)
Sheneka Spencer
954-462-4850 ext. 136
CANNED GOODS: tuna, chicken, stew, chili, soup, fruits, vegetables, beans,
nuts, tomato sauce, tomato products, v-8 juice, powdered milk, coffee
GRAINS: cereal, rice and rice mixes, pasta, dried beans, oatmeal, grits,
cream of wheat, bread and muffin mixes, pancake mix, crackers, granola
bars, graham crackers
FRUITS: fruit cups, dried fruit (raisins, plums, cranberries), applesauce,
100% juice boxes
STAPLES: peanut butter, mustard, ketchup,mayonnaise, honey, sugar,
vegetable oil, salad dressing, syrup
KID FRIENDLY ITEMS: pudding cups and mixes, popcorn, animal crackers
BABY PRODUCTS: Similac, diapers, wipes, formula, infant cereal
HYGIENE ITEMS: feminine products, hand sanitizer, soap, toothbrushes,
toothpaste, shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, kleenex
PAPER PRODUCTS: toilet tissue, paper towels, etc.
GIFT CARDS: Publix, Winn Dixie, Walmart any increments

Sheneka Spencer
954-462-4850 ext. 136

3-5 Laptops

2 Video Cameras

Donations of Food for Youth Groups (Pizza etc.)

Cases of bottled water
Gift cards to Publix or Walmart any increments

Cases of chips, Cartons of Juice Boxes

Gift cards to Best Buy, HHGregg etc.
Game Systems and Games for Youth Room

Board Games for Youth Room
Projection Televison for Youth Room
Wifi Printer for Youth Room

Susan B. Anthony Center
Sheneka Spencer
954-462-4850 ext. 136


Daily Devotional/ Journal

Scented Body Lotion

Costume Jewelry
Purses/ Women's Wallets

Picture Frames
Shoes/ Sneakers for Infants & Children

Clothes for Infants & Children
Gift Cards for Publix or Wal-Mart any increments
Gift Wrap
Gift Bags
Clothes for teens 13- 18
Unwrapped toys & games for kids all ages
Unused underwear for Children & Women
Shoes/ Sandals for Women

Jackets for Infants, Children & Women
Bed in a Bag for Children ( Twin Beds)
Bed in a Bag for Women ( Twin Beds)
Coffee Pots
Pots & Pan
Sheets - Twin
Shower Curtains

TaskForce Fore Ending Homelessness, Inc.
Sheneka Spencer
954-462-4850 ext. 136

Cases of bottled water

Breakfast Bars

Back packs for adults

Gas Cards ($5 or $10)

Hygiene Products (small sizes)

Sanitary Napkins
Face cloths
New underwear

Women In Distress of Broward County, Inc.
Sheneka Spencer
954-462-4850 ext. 136

Ham and Turkeys (Thawed not frozen)

Pre-packaged pies and desserts

rolls and butter

Turkey Gravy (can or Jar)
Canned Vegetables

bottled water and juices

plastic shopping bags
Aluminim Foil

Grocery store gift cards
plastic utensils
paper plates
stuffing, rice, instant potatoes
Toys for boys & girls ages infant-12
Teen gifts for boys & girls ages 13-17
Gifts for moms: Children will select
special gifts to give to their moms.
Gift Wrap
Gift Cards

WoodHouse 1
Sheneka Spencer
954-462-4850 ext. 136

Gift cards to local movie theaters
12 XL Twinbed sheets

12 XL Twinbed Comforters

Eight light weight jackets for men(2-XL, 3-M, 3L)
Gift cards to Target or Walmart any increments

Gift cards for Wendys, BurgerKing, McDonalds

Wii games
tolietries for men and women

Outdoor paint for the facility
Patio Furniture
Barb Q Grill

YMCA of Broward County
Sheneka Spencer
954-462-4850 ext. 136

Children's Books

Dolls/Stuffed animals

School Supplies

Board games
Gift cards to Pubix, Walmart, Gas (any increments)


Clothes for ages 5 - 18
canned foods

back packs for kids ages 5 and up
unwrapped toys for kids all ages
Spanish, English, Creole Dictionaries

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