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									                                                  How to Have a Diaper Drive
                                                                     Make it fun!

Find us:
                                 A central collection area decorated with baby items is a great way to keep the drive
On the                           in everyone’s mind. A playpen, crib, or large box covered in baby gift-wrap works
web:www.thediaperbank.org        great.
                                                   Get drive started with a high profile kick-off event!
On Facebook:

https://www.facebook.com/pa      Give us a call if you have any questions and when your drive is completed.

On Twitter:
                                                Collect pennies or other coins. Some schools collect all kinds of
On YouTube                                      change, but sometimes it's fun to restrict the collection.

Diaperbankct                                    Have Events. Many middle schools opt out of collecting diapers,
                                                but opt in for having a dance, bake sale or other event, with
By Mail:                                        proceeds going to The Diaper Bank
The Diaper Bank
                                                Hold a Contest. Contests & challenges work between classes,
P.O. Box 9017
                                                between grades, and from faculty to students.
New Haven, CT 06532
                                                Use the concepts of poverty and philanthropy in your lesson
Our Office:                                     plans. Discuss the cost of raising a family, minimum wage, the cost
370 State Street                                of diapers and other necessities as part of a family budget, and
North Haven, CT 06473                           the importance of education.
                                                Teach your kids about how they can make a difference in the life
Phone:                                          of someone they don’t even know.
203-934-7009                                                               Companies
                                                    Have inter-departmental competitions. Give the winning
Fax:                                                department a pizza party.
                                                    Advertise in your company newsletter. Send out fliers,
Email:                                              paycheck stuffers.

Text ‘diaperbank’ to 228-28 to
join our mailing list.
Find us:
                                                   Have a Virtual Diaper Drive
On the                           We are so excited to be able to offer individuals and groups the option of a
web:www.thediaperbank.org        Virtual Diaper Drive!
On Facebook:                     Virtual diaper Drive is an internet-based diaper drive which allows you to
https://www.facebook.com/pa      make monetary donations to The Diaper Bank so that we can purchase
ges/The-Diaper-                  diapers in bulk at a reduced rate.
                                 Why host a virtual diaper drive? The answer is simple - to get more diapers
On Twitter:
                                 for your money. Since we purchase diapers in bulk, our dollars go farther than
@thediaperbank                   yours would at your grocery store or outlet.
On YouTube
                                 It's fast. It's easy. It's fun, and it helps more people in need . . . give us a call
                                 to host your own Virtual Diaper Drive!
By Mail:
                                 Here’s what it looks like:
The Diaper Bank
P.O. Box 9017
New Haven, CT 06532

Our Office:
370 State Street
North Haven, CT 06473




Text ‘diaperbank’ to 228-28 to
join our mailing list.
                                                      Host Agreement
    I agree to contact The Diaper Bank with the following information pertaining to the drive I am hosting:
     Date(s):      ___________________________________________________
     Time(s):      ___________________________________________________
     Location(s): ___________________________________________________

    I agree to advertise and promote my diaper drive.
     Let people know the what, when, where, why, and how to join you in helping families in your community!

     What goal (diapers and/or dollars) are you setting for your drive?
     Diapers: _______________
     Dollars: _______________
     IMPORTANT: The Diaper Bank does not have a minimum required donation.

    I agree to collect the names and email addresses of donors so that we can thank them too! The Diaper Bank
     does NOT share contact information.
     Use the contact sheet within the Diaper Drive Kit to easily record this information.

    I agree NOT to share donor contact information except with The Diaper Bank.

    I agree to track the number of diapers and dollars collected during my drive.
     Use the tally sheet within the Diaper Drive Kit to easily record this information.

    I agree to track the number of hours I spend performing diaper drive tasks.

    I agree to return all donations and drive information to The Diaper Bank within one week of my diaper drive.

    I agree to become a “Diaper Bank Ambassador,” promoting its mission and encouraging people to contact The
     Diaper Bank for more information about its vision and opportunities to help.

Host’s First and Last Name (please print clearly)

Host’s Signature
If host is under the age of 18, please have parent/guardian sign.

Host’s Email and Phone Number
If host is under the age of 18, please include parent/guardian’s email.

            KEEP US INFORMED!

     Name   Email               Address   Phone









                     Diaper Tally Sheet

 Diaper                                                     2T-     3T-      4T-
  Size         Pre   NB    1   1-2   2    3   4   5     6   3T      4T       5T
# of diapers   EXAMPLE:              36           104
per package


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