Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

       If you have been in business for more than 2 years, you may be able to borrow up
to $450,000 under our No Doc Program. You can be approved with no documentation
whatsoever. You can be able to borrow up to $1,000,000 (or more) under our Full Doc

The interest rate varies depending on your Credit History and the Lender we place your
financing with. The normal range of interest Lines of Credit is 6.25% to 11%. Actual
interest rate you receive may be higher or lower and the better your Credit History, the
better the rate you will get - Your rate could be as low as 6.25%.

       A Line of Credit is a lot more efficient than a Loan because the payments are
lower and it gives you more flexibility to charge and pay back as you please.

The amount of money you can borrow will depend mostly on the strength of your Credit
History, but will also take into account the amount of time you have been in business, and
whether or not you can show Income and Asset Documentation.

                               Program Highlights
       •   No Collateral

       •   No Tax Returns

       •   No Business Plans

       •   No UCC Filings

       •   Interest Rates starting at 6.25%

       •   No Doc to $450K

       •   Full Doc to $1MM
           Basic Requirements For Our Program

Personal FICO:
           •   700 minimum score. 720 is preferable for best results.
           •   No Derogatory accounts, bankruptcies or public records in any
           •   Low inquiries are preferable. Multiple inquiries in last 6
               months can have bad result.
           •   Low debt to credit (revolving debt should be no more than
               40% of available credit)
           •   Good Personal Net Worth Preferable for best results

Business Credit:
           •   No derogatory accounts, bankruptcies or public records in any
           •   Low debt to credit (revolving debt should be no more than 40%
               of available credit)

Business Structure:
           •   Minimum 2 yrs in business
           •   Principals that will go on the application must match those on
               their respective Secretary of State Website Business searches.
           •   Home based business is okay but should have dedicated
               business phone line and separate office area (site surveys are
               usually required)
           •   For any loan amounts above $200,000 up to 3 Months of Bank
               Statements may be required. This will drastically improve how
               much you can borrow. Cash flow on the statements must match
               with annual sales.
    Loan checklist:
                   o Copy of recent credit report. You may use
                     Creditchecktotal.com or Truecredit.com and send us
                     login info.
                   o Two copies of id, one picture (license or passport) and
                     one other (credit card…).
                        o Corporation filling papers (proof that applicant owns
                        o Up to 3 months business bank statements for loans over
                        o FULLY completed and signed application.
                        o All questions must be answered

For more information on our financial services please give us a call toll
free at 866-838-7084 or contact us at information@dfscorp.com

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